Super Floating City

Super Floating City

Eminent Student Of Buddha 53 2018-12-24

5 Negative
4 Neutral
46 Positive

Legendary Alchemist Steven was sentenced to be imprisoned at the void's edge for eternity for trying to find a way to break through the mortal chains and become truly immortal through forbidden Abomination research.

On route the fleet escorting him encountered the Space-Time Turbulent Flow. He barely managed to escape the flow by detonating all his equipment stored in his demiplane and lost almost all his power in the process. He didn't forget to grab a mysterious golden oak seed floating alone in the flow on the way.

He landed on a rather strange world and now has to start over from scratch. As a former Legendary level Alchemist he should not have a problem finding his way again, but there is something very wrong with the way things are done on this planet. All the while there is a terrible feeling of impending doom coming from overhead.

-Super Floating City is a very loose sequel to Abyss Domination with its own plot in the same universe. It is not necessary to read Abyss Domination. It is a Dungeons & Dragons based universe.

King of the Online Game's Three Kingdoms

King of the Online Game's Three Kingdoms

Wishing for a Pillow to Sleep With 52 2018-10-09

4 Negative
6 Neutral
47 Positive

A game called [World] has changed the world. Yang Tian, who hadn't been very well off in the game, suddenly woke up a year back to when it first started. Or with the game's setting, a full ten years back.

Who said those who have left their names in history must be the most amazing?

Who said system influences couldn't be shaken?

Who said this world would eventually be ruled under the name of Sima?

Who said China couldn't dominate the world with a marine superiority?

Salted Fish of Marvel World

Salted Fish of Marvel World

Ant Descending the Mountain 52 2018-11-18

24 Negative
4 Neutral
41 Positive







Rebirth of the Super Thief

Rebirth of the Super Thief

Yuandian yigediao 52 2017-05-30

17 Negative
7 Neutral
30 Positive

Let go of your burden and chase the footsteps of your predecessors from the shadow.

Blinded in the past life, hence train the body to locate enemy by sound.

Upon rebirth, using the future information, obtain the best equipment! Purgatory transcript on strategy! The strongest thief skills!

With a dagger in my hands, slaughter the world of those who oppose me.

Traditions does not die only fade away

Virtual World: Unparalleled Under the Sky

Virtual World: Unparalleled Under the Sky

Shi Luo Ye 50 2017-02-25

14 Negative
3 Neutral
31 Positive

Lu Chen was one of the ranked players on CGL Hall of Fame for the VRMMORPG , and his in-game name Fallen Dust was resounded throughout China.

When , a new VRMMORPG released by the same game producer as , was released, he, along with thousands of other players, decided to have a brand new start on the highly anticipated game. Then, the guild master of his previous guild on , He Yi, suddenly decided to create a game studio and dragged him along. Thus began the journey of the legend of an unparalleled player, Fallen Dust…

Artifact Planting Space

Artifact Planting Space

Creativity Twining at the Fingertips 49 2018-11-28

16 Negative
13 Neutral
40 Positive

Ye Tian is known as a genius throughout Lava Town. He opened his public region sea at the age of 10 years of age, and historically, can be said the first genius to do so. Later in Mo Academy, his awakened talent is just a most waste field [Black Soil Space Field].

But he found that his black space is not simple: Anything from Dans to artifacts, he just need to plant in the black soil on the line, and he can get more than a dozen pieces of same Dan or Artifact with an upgrade as fruits…

Marquis of Grand Xia

Marquis of Grand Xia

Quick Drizzle 49 2018-03-30

19 Negative
4 Neutral
38 Positive

“The palace doors are like an endless abyss, once through the barrier between that life and this, I can be nothing more but a stranger.”

A shy teen’s life is forever changed when he finds himself in a different world one day; a world similar to his own except for the existence of True Qi and the Martial Path.

However, before that he has to deal with his impending castration and life as a fake eunuch in the 1000 year old empire of Grand Xia!

Watch as Ning Chen battle the Mongol Horde, fight through the depths of Hell and take on God himself with the aid of the mysterious Heavenly Scrolls as the awe-inspiring Marquis of Grand Xia.

Will this shy teen remain as innocent and carefree as before or will the hardships of war forever scar him and perhaps cost him his very life?

Heaven Awakening Path

Heaven Awakening Path

Butterfly Blue 48 2018-06-21

4 Negative
2 Neutral
33 Positive

Infusion, Sound, Qi, Pivot, Strength, Essence, Excellence

Soul’s seven forces.

Perception of these seven souls has produced countless strong people.

However, in an ordinary courtyard, a youngster was facing a crisis of banishment.

Pivot of the Sky

Pivot of the Sky

Sir Xu Shengzhi 48 2017-11-03

3 Negative
1 Neutral
32 Positive

It’s a story that happened long, long ago, in a continent far, far away, about gods and mortals, sword and magic, war and peace, and of course love and hatred.

Amon was a poor miner’s son in a remote town in the kingdom of Hittite. Along with the discovery of a marvelous gem, his fate was changed. People in this continent called it Gods’ Tear. But wait, what were the gods? It was said that the gods created the world. Then who created the gods?

Forced by the tantalizing fate, Amon had to struggle to find out the truth behind this world of magic and gods……

My Immortal Big Missy

My Immortal Big Missy

Humble Family 47 2018-07-31

15 Negative
4 Neutral
33 Positive