God Rank Hero

God Rank Hero

Big Ashtray 72 2017-11-30

35 Negative
7 Neutral
58 Positive

Hero is an ultimate strength body existence. The troops that he leads will follow him as he become stronger and stronger divine existence. , a global online game that is jointly developed by America, China, Europe, Russia, India, Japan and Korea , consists genres of fantasy, adventure, war, entrepreneurship, territory construction, navigation, battle, and leisure.

The players from the whole world are obsessed with this game. Every country sends their top professional gamers to participate the world tournament to demonstrate their talent. Da Fei once was an expert in treating every kind of severe internet addiction. After leaving the game for many years, he targets Hero Creates Legend’s unlimited business potential.

Above the Skies

Above the Skies

Watching Chess 71 2018-10-09

6 Negative
4 Neutral
44 Positive

Wang Xiong regains the memories of his past life. Regaining control of the human realm, he leads a mighty army and returns to the Immortal Realm on a conquest against the Divine Immortals.

Changes begin, chaos arises.

Super Floating City

Super Floating City

Eminent Student Of Buddha 71 2018-12-24

7 Negative
6 Neutral
53 Positive

Legendary Alchemist Steven was sentenced to be imprisoned at the void's edge for eternity for trying to find a way to break through the mortal chains and become truly immortal through forbidden Abomination research.

On route the fleet escorting him encountered the Space-Time Turbulent Flow. He barely managed to escape the flow by detonating all his equipment stored in his demiplane and lost almost all his power in the process. He didn't forget to grab a mysterious golden oak seed floating alone in the flow on the way.

He landed on a rather strange world and now has to start over from scratch. As a former Legendary level Alchemist he should not have a problem finding his way again, but there is something very wrong with the way things are done on this planet. All the while there is a terrible feeling of impending doom coming from overhead.

-Super Floating City is a very loose sequel to Abyss Domination with its own plot in the same universe. It is not necessary to read Abyss Domination. It is a Dungeons & Dragons based universe.

Pokemon Court

Pokemon Court

Sound of Gently Flowing Stream 69 2018-11-18

19 Negative
6 Neutral
64 Positive


Mad Cultivator

Mad Cultivator

Small Barbarian King 69 2018-11-26

18 Negative
9 Neutral
47 Positive

The Mad Cultivator follows the tale of Ye Kong, a rude and vulgar thug from modern day China. While collecting protection fees, he was sent to another world! By the time he realized what was going on, he was possessing the body of an idiot. Watch as Ye Kong struggles against fate to climb the road to immortality!

The First Order

The First Order

The Speaking Pork Trotter 69 2019-12-23

1 Negative
3 Neutral
55 Positive



Myriad Realms Store Owner of Harry Potter

Myriad Realms Store Owner of Harry Potter

Viscount's Blue and White Porcelain 69 2020-02-18

9 Negative
2 Neutral
49 Positive

Ten years have passed since crossing over to the United Kingdom in 1981.

Initially, I thought I could exploit my future knowledge after being reborn in the past, achieving financial freedom before turning 30.

The result was that on the day of my 11th birthday, within my mind emerged a 'ding' sound.

"Myriad Realms Convenience Store has opened, requesting the store owner to accept the first mission."

Apparently, an entirely new and unknown future is unfolding.

However, what the hell is with this Hogwarts Acceptance Letter in my mailbox? σ(°△°—)

I Can Upgrade Infinitely

I Can Upgrade Infinitely

Shrimp Needle 69 2020-03-01

14 Negative
2 Neutral
30 Positive

You are cultivating Iron Shirt. You feel that it is insufficient, Iron Shirt +1

Iron Shirt has upgraded to 'Copper-Skin Iron-Bones Art'. You still feel that it is lacking, Copper-Skin Iron-Bones Art +1

Copper-Skin Iron-Bones Art has upgraded to Invincible Vajra God Art, you continue to upgrade.

You have upgraded to Three Zhang Golden Body realm. You continue to upgrade and have successfully achieved Inextinguishable Golden Body realm.

You have seen the Severing Water Three Blades, Severing Water Three Blades +1

You have upgraded to Scarless Three Blades...Lithe Three Blades...Tyrant Blade...Exterminating Heaven Blade.

You have seen the Taichi Fist, Taichi Fist +1

You have upgraded to Taichi Fist Scripture...Profound Taichi Art...Yin-Yang Taichi Art...True Taichi Sutra.

You have seen the Raging Inferno Art, Raging Inferno Art +1

You have successfully cultivated the Raging Inferno Art. It has upgraded into the True Sun Sutra.

If I give you have foundation merit law, you can blow up a star system!

Technology Communication System

Technology Communication System

Elder Bro is Third Child 68 2019-04-02

16 Negative
4 Neutral
25 Positive

In the system scanning, the program is loaded, the unknown energy system is discovered, the advanced human transformation technology is found, the deep scanning is being performed, and the system is analyzed..." "The host gene defect is found, and the host five-star imbalance is caused by unknown reasons. The development of the host brain domain is too low, does it increase the development of the brain domain, does it complement the five elements?

Fantasy World Transmigration

Fantasy World Transmigration

辰一十一 68 2019-07-31

8 Negative
1 Neutral
30 Positive

When fantasy becomes reality, Will the heavenly blessed youth be able to make his way to the end of the deity’s road?

Chen Ang who has the ability to transmigrate found himself in the fantasy world.

In the “Never Ending” world, He obtained the wisdom of a superhero.

In the “Super Body” world, He glimpsed into the mysteries of godhood.

From the world of ‘’Proud Jianghu” onwards, He practiced internal strength, evolving his body.

Through the “Calamity of Python Madness”, He obtained the key to longevity.

Superhero serum, Impasse drug, Factor X, Spider gene, And the lizard drug.

He consumed these illegal drugs to reach the end of the deity’s road, Such a road is long and full of slopes.

After facing the difficulties and danger to spy on God’s forbidden region,

He doesn’t have any regret doing so!