About Project and Donations

What is purpose of all this, and how can you help


First of all, welcome on this little project.

I am full-time software engineer who as a hobby reads Chinese WNs, sometimes through MTL, and once upon a time it struck me down that I can make life less painful for me and others, by writing page such as this one.

I wish to be honest, so I will begin by spelling it outright; I write this site in my free-time in which normally I would chill out and rest out my heavily strained brain. That's why I won't lie that money are not an issue, and to spend time on developing this project, I wish to obtain gratification in the form of money, to buy things that will help me rest in different way (getting piss drunk always helps take off the edge).

I have almost non-existent knowledge of mandarin, nor my English prowess are good enough to claim that I could translate anything.

Purpose of this whole project is mostly to make it easy to read MTL of WNs.

Why is this site named LNMTL if it translates WN?

Mostly because of ignorance of author (meaning, me).

Each light novel could be originally posted as web novel, but not each web novel is a light novel. In case of series that are translated on this site, they are without a doubt, chinese web novels.

Now this name will last for eternity and will each time remind where ignorance and lack of research leads.

Why would you wish to read MTL of WNs?

There are several reasons, such as:

How can you help?

For now, the biggest issue is money, so biggest help I can obtain is in getting money through donations.

Currently, the biggest expense is monthly bill for server meant for hosting this website.

You can also help by:

How can you donate, and what will it give you?

It's simple. Anywhere on website, simply push on donate button, and use your PayPal account.

As for benefits:

Do I claim any rights to content on the site?

Obviously, no.

Whether you are proper translator that wishes to pick up series that has MTL here, or you are one of those who polish MTLs, then feel free to pick up those series!

If it isn't obvious, then you can also can copy MTL from here and polish it out.

Those LNs aren't written by me, nor are they properly translated by me, so why would I claim any rights?

In case of glossaries that community will create, those are free to use too since nobody should claim right to proper translations/terms/words/nouns out of dictionaries. We will leave such jobs for the apple.