The Villainous Young Master Just Wants to Live a Laid Back Life 反派少爷只想过佛系生活

The villainous young master Darke Dymon finally remembered his previous life's memories during the middle of the Dueling Academy's courtyard-allocating ceremony. The galgame world that he was reborn into could be rated to be quite the mixture of oddities. His role in this game was to be the final boss, the final villain——Demon God of the Seven Deadly Sins! Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, Lust! If any of these seven indexes broke through the critical point, he would irreversibly transform into the greatest Demon God! In the era of Saint Mary, where all Demons have perished and Demon Kings have entered eternal sleep, there's no such thing as heresy surviving!

"Eh? Then in that case, won't things be fine as long as I don't transform into the Demon God?"

Renounce Pride, renounce Wrath, renounce Greed, renounce Gluttony, renounce Lust, renounce Envy, renounce Sloth.

Dake Daemon just wants to live a laid-back life.

"And so, can you, the original protagonist and his harem, stop shamelessly sticking close to me and sending me flowers?"

Essential elements:【Harry Potter】【Yu-Gi-Oh!】【Digimon】【Pokemon】and keywords:【Card Game】【Duels】【Experiments】【Bookworm】【Bystander】and so on.

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