Endless Debt 无尽债务

"Hello, my name is Beirrogo Lazarus, a debtor."

The wound on Beirrogo's face was healing at a speed visible to the naked eye. The blood on his face flowed backwards and his skin spliced back together, as if rewinding time.

Facing the frightened demon who was about to die, he whispered.

"This is my 'gift', the 'debt' I owe."

Sixty-six years ago, with the end of the Wrath of the Scorched Earth, the Oath City-Orpheus rose from the ruins of the Holy City.

Sixty-six years later, the two behemoths which spanned across the continent plotted another war to engulf all things; they were the Koergadell Empire and the Rhine Alliance.

The Bureau of Order, the King's Secret Sword, the Order of Truth, the Cult of Scarlet Rot, the Order of the Secrets.... existences lurking in the shadows of history joined in this grand revelry.

Beneath the curtain, the Devils enjoyed the suffering of mortals, tasting the value of their offerings, played with fate, and bestowed curses and blessings.

Watching the mortals, who are supposed to be of the same kind, hating and killing each other...

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