Top Student Doesn't Need Superpowers 优等生不需要超能力

《The Quintessential Quintuplets》+《We Never Learn》+《Hensuki》 Superpowers go out of control, what do I do when girls change into strange creatures? Waiting online, it's urgent!

"Asakawa Naoki you bastard! How dare you think of us five doing that sort of thing with you, it's not good even if it's in a dream! As expected, I need to use that firewood axe to chop you into five pieces!" ——《What am I supposed to do when I dream of enjoying the quintuplets》

"Quickly change my oppai back! Do you believe that I'll break it off!" ——《The perverted girl transformation plan, if I can't change them to become smart, then I can change their bodies》

"I've become stronger and smarter, but my shoulders ache, how tiring~." ——《We never learn, but we can change our bodies》

"Onii-chan, did you drop these white panties or these pink panties~?" ——《My Little Sister Can't Be This Perverted》

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