Perfect World

Perfect World

Chen Dong 230 2016-02-04

25 Negative
13 Neutral
164 Positive

A speck of dust can fill an ocean. A blade of grass can destroy the sun, moon, and the stars. A flick of a finger can turn the world upside down. Groups of heroes rise, and innumerable clans stand together. Various saints fight for power and the entire world goes into chaos. I ask the boundless Mother Earth: Who decides the ups and downs? A young man walks out of the barren wilderness, and everything starts from there

Shrouding the Heavens

Shrouding the Heavens

Chen Dong 116 2017-10-09

10 Negative
5 Neutral
72 Positive

In the cold dark reaches of space, nine huge dragon corpses are pulling a large bronze coffin giving off an aura of ancientness. This image was captured by an unmanned space probe in the depths of the cosmos.

Did this mean the return to the ancient era? Or did it mean reaching the other side of the stars?

A vast world filled with bizarre and mysterious immortals. A world where hot blood erupts like volcanoes. A world where passion surges like the vast ocean. A world filled with an endless abyss of desires. On the road to ascending heaven witness a melodious journey, a journey that would shroud the skies.

Sacred Ruins

Sacred Ruins

Chen Dong 90 2018-06-27

6 Negative
8 Neutral
54 Positive

To rise from defeat; to revive amidst the dissipation.

As the vast oceans turn to dust and the thunder and lightning fade away,

That strand of spiritual mist once again approaches our great world.

With the shackles that bound our world now severed—

A whole new world of mystery and wonder awaits,

As we turn the corner…

Beyond Space

Beyond Space

Chen Dong 12 2021-09-28

2 Negative
0 Neutral
5 Positive

In the vastness of the universe, the birth and death of a galaxy is just a momentary muddled flash of light.

Looking up at the starry sky, there is always a type of sadness that the end has been predetermined. Where will you and I be in a hundred thousand years? Homeland, civilization fire, the Earth? All are just a single grain of dust in space.

A thousand years for humanity is but a single instant amongst the stars.

Insects cry for their entire lifetime that is but a single harvest. You and I are the same, striving to continue on.

What is there at the furthest ends of space?