Matchmaker This Thing, I Refuse 做媒这一块,我谁都不服

"The new couple entered the room, the matchmaker threw over the wall."

"I'd rather believe that there are ghosts in the world than a matchmaker's mouth."

"It is better not to be a medium, not to be a bailiff, not to be a matchmaker for three generations!"

From the above three sentences you can see how awkward the status of the matchmaker in the eyes of the country.

Jiang Feng, who had just graduated from college, suddenly had the magical ability to see marriage match values, so he returned to his rural hometown and began his magical journey as a professional matchmaker.

Under Jiang Feng's matchmaking, one couple after another became a model couple in the eyes of the public.

In less than half a year, Jiang Feng became the most famous matchmaker in ten miles and eight villages, receiving red envelopes and gifts every day.

As Jiang Feng's reputation as a matchmaker became more and more famous, many stars, rich people, officials and celebrities came to visit Jiang Feng's door and invited him to be a matchmaker for them or their relatives.

Many years later, Jiang Feng, who was already at the top of the industry, looked back and found that he had unknowingly changed the world's view of matchmakers and greatly improved their status in the industry.

This book is also known as "the world's first matchmaker", "the strongest matchmaker in history", "the ceiling of the matchmaker", "matchmaking can also make a fortune", "I want to be the matchmaker admired by millions of people", "want to fly up to the sky with the moon elder shoulder to shoulder" and so on.

With this book, I wish all the lovers in the world will finally be married!

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