My Girlfriend is an Evil Woman 我的女友是恶女

[Don't play with your phone while charging!]

[Don't play with your phone while charging!]

[Don't play with your phone while charging it - stressing the important thing three times!!!]

[Kita Hidenori's personal experience, this is how he was electrocuted to death.]

[It's just that after his death, he inexplicably occupied the body of a Japanese high school student, so... he planned to study hard, enter a prestigious school, and set a high starting point for this life.]

[It's a pity that ideals are beautiful, and reality is skinny. It's really hard to learn quietly...]

[The grumpy and hateful enemy for life, the lovely sweet but deeply resentful girl next door, and the always childish super idiot squeezed into his life in confusion.]

[When he looked back, he realized that things were out of control.]

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