Happy Little Scholar 逍遥小书生

A 21st century engineer transmigrated to the ancient times to become a poor scholar. His brain actually contains a library with all kinds of knowledge! In this life, regardless of being a feudal lord or a court minister, I can also become a big official, right?

Facing the rising sun, Li Yi made a grand wish and bravely took his first step in this world.

"Stand still!"

On top of the tall horse, a beautiful woman dressed in martial clothing, carefully sized him up, and lightly waved her white hands: "Tie him up!"

The vicious mountain bandits behind her rushed up ......

On the night of the wedding, Li Yi looked at the stunning woman who pushed the door in...... Li Yi's ambition has changed a little.

What is a first grade official?

The feudal lord worships the minister, no meaning!

However, I want to become the king of mountain thieves' ------ husband!

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