God Level Demon

God Level Demon

Lamu 869 2018-02-10

37 Negative
16 Neutral
772 Positive

Passerby 1: “Xia Ping!!!! You robbed my martial arts, snatched my immortality and even took my fiancee bastard, you and I aren’t over.”

Passerby 2: ”He’s martial arts scum.”

Passerby 3: “Demon! Ugh, even childrens’ lollipop weren’t spared. ”

Martial artists of Yan Huang couldn’t help but dream about breaking Xia Ping bones into a million pieces and drink his blood.

Xia Ping stroking his chin: ”System with so many hate points, which holy immortal or peerless martial arts, or heavenly artifacts should I choose.”

I Really Just Want to Die

I Really Just Want to Die

Lamu 46 2020-04-19

7 Negative
3 Neutral
25 Positive

My name is Gu Yuan. I transmigrated into another world and got a system that makes me stronger after every death of mine. If I die, I become ten times stronger! I could die countless times!

I was overjoyed, so I kept dying and looking for trouble. I acted recklessly when meeting with formidable enemies. I would not die no matter what I did.

Finally, I found out that I was invincible, and no one could ever kill me.