Bloodline Wizard of Hogwarts 霍格沃茨之血脉巫师

When others cross over into the world of Hogwarts their souls usually go into a baby's body and then they have sufficient time to prepare. Sadly, Ivan crossed over directly at the beginning of the Sorting Ceremony.

What? Did I study dark magic in the past? My home is in a Knockturn Alley Dark Magic Shop? My mother is an evil Dark Witch?

While Ivan was worried about the future and his status reveal when going home, as well as the accompanying bones being pulled out and skin being flayed, he then obtained a method to fuse with the bloodline of magical creatures.

Why do Phoenixes always help the head of the Dumbledore Family? Why did the fat little Peter Pettigrew try to run away in the night crying?

What is the secret behind Voldemort's snake-like face?

The Image of a Unicorn that can walk both the physically and metaphysical. The petrifying gaze of Basilisk Eyes. This foreign world's Power of the Phoenix represented by their control over flames... This collection of bloodlines is revealed before Ivan.

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