Obscure Spirit Hunter 奥灵猎人

The bizarre and all-embracing Obscure Spirit Labyrinth divides the world into two sides: the inner side is a human purgatory illuminated by holy light, and the outer side is a demonic purgatory cooped up by the abyss. Confession of the holy light: "I love humanity, civilization, and prosperity ......" The incitement of the abyss: "Eat and be done with it! Treat everything inorganic as a snack and everything organic as a staple! Everyone is both food and eater, come, don't be polite, be eaten first, and then eat others!" The response of the monsters: "Roar." The spirit of the knight: "Live as a man of the Church, die as a soul of holy light." The culture of the hunter: "Hello, I have gained power from the World of Dreams, therefore, may I ask where is the prey?"

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