Great Dao Commander 大道争锋

Treading the path of the Great Dao was lonely and filled only with one word “struggles”.

The path to immortality was merely walking on the dark path to plunder various fortunes and robbing the threads of the profound heavenly secrets.

Human, Gods, all were tempered through tribulation…

For every step treading throughout the realm, was full of strives and struggles…

A teenager, because he had great fate and inherited a great fortune, was taken as a son-in-law by a very powerful family to only bitterly find out their greed. They wanted to seize his fortune, as he tried to return a favor for the family, he helped their daughter cultivate a peerless cultivation method.

A piece of remnant jade that contained profound heavenly secrets accidentally fell down to the barren mountain causing great disputes as Zhang Yan then died in a battle to finally be reborn in the body of the teenager. He refuses to let his destiny be controlled by another’s hands, as he raised his spirit to fight and took an oath to tread his own path, belonging only to himself. He began to walk on the Great Dao of Immortality.

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