Great Tang Idyll

Great Tang Idyll

Pastoral Idyll 111 2018-01-29

6 Negative
5 Neutral
97 Positive

The Great Tang countryside with the warm sunlight, the golden wheat, and white herons in flight.

Zhang Xiaobao: “I didn’t think my ability could change any great events. My thinking was simple—to change my family’s living conditions. But oftentimes, things don’t happen according to how you think it will. As I was working to improve my family’s living conditions, a lot of things happened. How do you say, hmm… Simply put, it was the butterfly effect? No, no, no, this metaphor is a bit too flashy. Crudely put, I am the rat turd dropped inside the pot.”

Wang Juan: “Ever since I came to this era together with an International Criminal Swindler, I declare that this world no longer has any swindlers.”

Spiritual Qi Collides with the Starry Skies

Spiritual Qi Collides with the Starry Skies

Pastoral Idyll 11 2021-08-29

0 Negative
0 Neutral
4 Positive

During the instant when Gongsun Murong's spaceship carried out a space leap, an accident occurred and caused him to drop into a strange planet.

While he was on this planet, he began doing his best to cultivate in order to return home......

The one who accompanied him on this thorny journey was......a little girl that he had picked up along the way.