Your Majesty, Please Don't do This 殿下别这样

After a tedious journey, you have finally undone the curse of the Evil Queen and arrived at the tower where the Sleeping Princess is being held at.

You gasped at how beautiful the princess is and gently raise her head. What will you do?

[A. Gently kiss the princess and wake her up. You will embark on a romantic journey with the princess that the emperor is against with. Completion rewards: Princess x1, Coin Pouch x1]

[B. "I'm sorry, Princess. I'm here under the employment of the Evil Dragon." Completion rewards: Dragon's Treasure x1, Permit to Fly the Dark Dragon x1]

[C. Gently carry the Princess up and sacrifice her to the Evil Queen. Completion Rewards: Sexy Queen x1, Proof of Cuckolding the Muggle's King x1, Magical Kingdom of Sorrento x1]

Louis frowned and pondered for a moment.

In the end, he lowered his head to kiss the princess, then carried her to the Evil Queen's bedroom and said, "I'm sorry, Princess. I'm here under the employment of the Evil Dragon."

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