This Text Adventure Game is Totally Poisonous 这个文字冒险游戏绝对有毒

It all started when the protagonist downloaded a game called "The Fool (Internal Beta)". Since then, his life has changed.

A simple text adventure game with no pictures, no music, only lines of text and countless options, but every option in the game will affect the player's fate, because on the opposite side of the game is a real unknown world!

Players cannot enter the other world, nor can they see the sight of the other world. They can only feel what the game characters see and hear every step of the other world in the form of words.

As the game goes on, not only the rewards in the game can be realized in reality, but also various abnormal creatures in the game begin to appear in reality.

Until one day, the global public beta of the game.

An era of exploration and treasure hunting in different worlds by the whole people through "text adventures" quietly unfolds!

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