TTAGITP :: Volume #8

#735: Stops the past events ( 5 ) fleeting time

Three days......” “三天……” Looks at the Lin Xue firm vision, Mu You hesitant the moment, finally nods. 看着林雪坚定的目光,沐游犹豫了片刻,最终还是点了头。 Ok, but, this time must be in my vision at times.” The Lin Xue present condition, has possibility quiet disappearance anytime, he must be able to feel relieved in her side momentarily. “可以,但,这次一定要时时处于我的视线范围内。”林雪现在的状态,随时有可能悄无声息的消失,他必须随时在她身边才能放心。 Good. I comply.” “好。我答应。” ...... …… Over the following three days, Lin Xue the bed training, Mu You was also still accompanying her as usual, but this time has not opened the mouth to disturb again, making her own adjust. 接下来的三天,林雪仍旧卧床修养,沐游也照旧陪着她,只是这次没有再开口打扰,让她自己调整。 In three days, Lin Xue basically is at the condition that half dream partly awakes, sometimes brow suddenly tight pressed, sometimes will expose the smile bewilderedly Yin, the condition clear uncertain. 三天内,林雪基本都处于半梦半醒的状态,有时眉头会忽然紧蹙,有时候又会莫名其妙展露微笑,状态阴晴不定。 Until three days later, Lin Xue opens eyes again, the facial expression was really better, has been able to get out of bed to take a walk normally. 直到三天后,林雪再次睁开眼,气色果然好了许多,已经可以正常下床走动。 Mu You is also worried about her at first in the strong brace, but observed for quite a while, has not seen the least bit difference obstinately, as if has really adjusted the normal state. 沐游起初还担心她是不是在强撑,但观察了半天,愣是没看出半点异样,似乎真的已经调整回了正常状态。 Was really all right?” Mu You still somewhat worried. “真没事了?”沐游仍有些担忧。 Lin Xue smiles, did not answer, was only the double bracelet around his neck, the pecking of standing on tiptoes foot under on his lip, later coquettish look such as silk looks at him, the meaning was very clear: Said that many are again pale, yourself feel. 林雪笑了笑,不答,只是双臂环绕着他脖子,踮脚在他嘴唇上啄下,随后媚眼如丝的看着他,意思很明白:说再多都是苍白的,你自己来感受。 Mu You was also brought back the flame by this sudden one, hugged her around the middle. 沐游也被她这突然的一出勾起了火苗,将她拦腰抱了起来。 ...... …… After a night is tangled up, the Lin Xue volt in the Mu You bosom, the finger draws a circle around his chest, looks at him smiling: Now believed?” 一夜缠绵过后,林雪伏在沐游怀中,手指绕着他的胸口画圈,笑意盈盈看着他:“现在相信了?” Un......” “嗯……” Mu You truly can determine, Lin Xue really restored, from inside to outside, changed the former healthy condition. The present smile no longer was also like before, was that smiling that is hiding the concern, but untied the heart knot truly, after feeling relieved the relaxedness. 沐游确实可以确定了,林雪真的恢复了过来,从内到外,都变回了从前的健康状态。眼下的笑容也不再和之前一样,是那种藏着心事的笑,而是真正解开了心结,如释重负后的轻松。 How do you adjust?” Mu You asked. “你是怎么调整的?”沐游问。 Must know that the psychological issue, may compared with many of true actual pain difficult processing, nearly let her nervous breakdown couple days ago the worry, unexpectedly was really adjusted by her in just three days, how Mu You is very curious she to achieve. 要知道心理上的问题,可比真正的实际病痛难处理的多,一个前几天险些让她精神崩溃的心病,居然真被她在短短三天内自我调整了过来,沐游很好奇她是如何做到的。 But reply of Lin Xue on a few words: Because, I thought through.” 林雪的回答就一句话:“因为,我想通了。” What thinks through?” “想通什么?” For these days, I have been inquiring repeatedly an own issue: If one day, we suffered some non-solution difficult position, I must two between you and child choose one, can make your one live, how at the appointed time will I choose?” Lin Xue said. “这几天里,我一直在反复的询问自己一个问题:如果有一天,我们遭遇了某种无解的困境,我必须要在你和孩子之间二选一,才能让你们其中一个活下来,到时我会如何选择?”林雪说。 Three days, I not to stop is thinking this issue, regardless all false with the shackles that self- conceals, thinks deeply about that conceals in my heart true result......, but finally, I got the answer......” “三天来,我在一刻不停的想着这个问题,抛开一切虚伪与自我隐瞒的枷锁,思索那个藏在我心底的真正结果……而最后,我得到了答案……” Lin Xue looks to Mu You: Is you.” 林雪看向沐游:“是你。” Between you and child, I chose you, you are to I more important that.” “在你和孩子之间,我选择了你,你才是对我更重要的那一个。” However it is precisely for this reason, our children instead do not need to worry again, because the god of death theocracy will only take away the person who I most care about, I am very definite, that person is you, therefore our children will not have an accident.” “而也正因如此,我们的孩子反而不需要再担心,因为死神的神权只会带走我最在意的人,我很确定,那个人是你,所以我们的孩子不会出事。” Some Mu You loving dearly looks at Lin Xue. 沐游有些心疼的看着林雪 A child is self-evident regarding mother's component, that is truly the flesh and blood that falls down from oneself, but lets her forcefully as mother, makes such brutal choice, finally chose him...... Mu You not to know how unexpectedly should return her affection. 一个孩子对于母亲的份量不言而喻,那是真正从自己身上掉下的骨肉,而让她强行以母亲的身份,做出这样残酷的选择,最终竟还是选择了他……沐游不知该如何回报她的这份深情。 ...... …… The light day is continuing, Lin Xue did not mention child's matter, two people resumed the past life, the time under the date digit unceasingly accumulation of memorandum, passed in a hurry. 平淡的日子继续着,林雪再不提起孩子的事,两人恢复了以往的生活,时光在记事本的日期数字不断累加下,匆匆流逝。 A year...... 一年…… Two years...... 两年…… Ten years...... 十年…… 100 years...... 一百年…… ...... …… In 1000...... 一千年…… ...... …… In an instant, is two people since the time prisoner's cage in 1784. 转眼,已经是两人进入时间囚笼的第1784年。 Before 1000 that setback, nearly made their journey interrupts, was good because of them, but this setback not totally was also useless, two people sentiments as if obtained some type to quenching in that crisis, cause over the following 1000 years, they passed quite smooth. 一千年前的那场挫折,险些令他们的旅途中断,好在他们挺了过来,而这场挫折也并非完全无用,两人的感情似乎在那次危机中得到了某种淬炼,导致接下来的1000年,他们度过的相当顺利。 Two people daily life like a bright and beautiful clear spring, filled the peace of taking care of your pennies and dollars will take care of themselves. 两人的日常生活就像一条娟娟清泉,充满了细水长流的安宁。 Mu You even felt sometimes, he and Lin Xue had actually jumped over the conjugal relation, was in some brand-new stage. 沐游有时甚至觉得,他和林雪其实已经跳过了夫妻关系,进入了某种崭新的阶段。 The Lin Xue volt in the Mu You bosom, calmly is listening attentively to his heartbeat, suddenly asked: Mu You, do you love me?” 林雪伏在沐游怀中,静静倾听着他的心跳,忽然问:“沐游,你爱我吗?” Does not know that......” Mu You shakes the head. “不知道……”沐游摇头。 If before were 1000, he can nod to say the love without hesitation, but now, he thought that the component of this character is too shallow, is not enough to describe their present relations. 如果是一千年前,他可以毫不犹豫的点头说爱,但现在,他觉得这个字的份量已经太浅,不足以形容他们现在的关系。 What only determination is, in my life has been able do without you.” “唯一确定的是,我的生命中已经不能没有你。” I am also......” “我也是……” ...... …… These 1000 was extremely ordinary in 1000, was actually in 1000 of two people sentiment real sublimation. 这一千年是极其平淡无奇的一千年,却又是两人感情真正升华的一千年。 When the fervor removes, after the cosmetics washes, two people affections under the precipitation of years river, gradually become reserved, implicit, is purer, like aging good wine, product Yuechun. 当激情褪去,铅华洗尽之后,两人的爱意在岁月长河的沉淀下,逐渐变得内敛,含蓄,却更为纯粹,如同陈年的美酒,越品越醇。 However the good time also has the end finally. 然而再美好的时光也终有尽头。 These in 1000 looked like some node, when the fervor dissipation completely, void and followed close on lightly is raiding to two people. 这一千年就像是某种节点,当激情消散殆尽,空虚和平淡紧跟着袭向两人。 Among 1000, two people already all that attempted to think, came as far as possible maintained the curiosity, now is difficult to find the brand-new thing to stimulate their exhausted souls. 一千年间,两人已经尝试遍了能想到的一切,来尽可能的保持新鲜感,如今再难找到全新的事物来刺激他们疲惫的灵魂。 The time prisoner's cage, started to play its might in this time truly. 时间囚笼,也在此时开始真正发挥出了它的威力。 Two people realized finally arid feeling that the Vivian initial feeling, that living might as well die, key aridness is also not the gentle rise, but shows the growth of exponential order along with the year passage. 两人终于体会到薇薇安当初的感觉,那种生不如死的枯燥感,关键这种枯燥还并不是平缓上升,而是随年份推移呈指数级的增长。 Two people living together frequency natural start is frequent, from once per month, to once a week, again to three days one time, two days one time, a day a time...... 两人的同居频率自然的开始频繁起来,由一月一次,到一周一次,再到三天一次,两天一次,一天一次…… Without the means that by this time, except for liking wanting, other cannot make them raise the interest matter, many before helped them wear down lots of time's matters, now have arrived one time have bumped to feel that the situation of disgusting gastric disorder, did again forcefully can only play the reaction. 没办法,到了这个时期,除了爱欲,已经没有其他能让他们提起兴趣的事,很多以前帮他们消磨了大量时间的事,如今已经到了碰一次都会感觉恶心反胃的地步,再强行去做只会起反作用。 Mu You, started obviously to feel ill, but he never displayed, because he knows that Lin Xue was worse than his condition. 就连沐游,都开始明显感觉到了不适,但他从未表现出来,因为他知道林雪比他的状态更糟糕。 Mu You before entering here, has adapted to the day in innumerable turn back time having pasted, these experiences have not wasted, in silence his mental forging tenacious like iron. 沐游在进入这里之前,已经适应了无数次时间回溯中流转的日子,那些经历没有白费,在无声中将他的心智锻造的坚韧如铁。 But Lin Xue may not have such opportunity, her first experience such long time baptism, can insist that until now this situation, had made Mu You admire very much. 林雪可没有这样的机会,她还是第一次经历这样漫长的时间洗礼,能够坚持到如今这个地步,已经让沐游很是佩服。 Because really has nothing to do, two people start frequent stalemate to implant to decide the condition, mutually according to depending on, sits on the bench of park is in a daze, beyond spiritual patrolling day, is one time most of the day. 由于实在无事可做,两人开始经常的陷入一种入定状态,互相依靠着,坐在公园的长椅上发呆,精神神游天外,一次就是大半天。 Does not need to speak, two people were also clear, this is the state of mind borders on the one performance of limit. 无需明言,两人也都清楚,这是精神状态濒临极限的一种表现。 Even so, two people no one have easily spoken to give up, continue to do everything possible, in continues to station in this piece, perishes, crashes, floats to the nihility...... 但即便如此,两人谁也没有轻言放弃,继续想尽办法,在这片止界里继续驻留,沉沦,坠落,漂向虚无…… How long has not known. 不知过了多久。 , Liked wanting also to start gradually not to have the feeling. 渐渐地,就连爱欲也开始没有了感觉。 An indescribable void, multiplies to germinate in two will of the people bottoms. 一种难以言喻的空虚感,在两人心底滋生发芽。 Sorry, I have not thought, I was of holding back...... perhaps, let before initially Little Ya and you come to be better together......” the window of study room, Lin Xue somewhat feeble by before the Mu You body, the ear is pasting his chest, is listening the powerful heartbeat, only had this, can make her feel that she is also living. “对不起,我没有想到,我才是拖后腿的那个……或许,当初让小雅和你一起进来会更好……”书房的窗前,林雪有些病弱的靠在沐游身前,耳朵贴着他的胸口,听着其中有力的心跳声,唯有这样,才能让她感觉到她还活着。 Mu You shakes the head, said comfortably: What said? Time that we insist here, is historically some people have never arrived at the length, some people cannot do well compared with you.” 沐游摇了摇头,宽慰道:“说什么呢?我们在这里坚持的时间,已经是历史上从未有人到达过的长度,不会有人能比你做得更好。” Lin Xue smiles, approached, presses the weight of whole person on him, said worn out: „The present is, how many years?” 林雪笑了笑,又凑近了一些,将整个人的重量压在他身上,有气无力道:“现在是,多少年了?” Before, Lin Xue had been in the suffering stage of experiencing one day like a year for a long time, under this condition the frequent attention time will actually increase her spiritual burden. 早在许久前,林雪就已经进入了度日如年的煎熬阶段,这个状态下频繁的注意时间反而会增加她的精神负担。 Therefore Mu You undertook the work of recorded time on own initiative, but Lin Xue rarely in attention date, but felt occasionally time confused time, will ask his one. 所以沐游主动承担起了记录时间的工作,而林雪则很少在关注日期,只是偶尔感觉时间错乱的时候,会问他一声。 „In 4107.” “4107年。” Mu You strokes the Lin Xue profile, the gentle voice is comforting saying: We had passed 4/5 distances, only remains finally this little segment path, will insist again, the misery day will pass quickly.” 沐游抚摸着林雪的侧脸,柔声安慰道:“我们已经度过了五分之四的路程,只剩最后这一小段路,再坚持一下,苦难的日子很快就会过去。” Lin Xue actually bitter and astringent shaking the head of: Deceived people.” 林雪却苦涩的摇了摇头:“骗人。” Un?” Mu You attempts to play the fool. “嗯?”沐游尝试装傻。 Fool, you in lying, the eyebrow corner/horn meets unconscious downward.” Lin Xue said with a smile. “呆瓜,你在说谎的时候,眉角会不自觉的向下。”林雪笑道。 Yes?” Mu You touched the eyebrow subconsciously, this he has really not known, teased: I will pay attention next time, was not looked as far as possible by you.” “是么?”沐游下意识摸了摸自己眉毛,这个他还真不知道,打趣道:“那我下次注意,尽量不被你看出来。” Lin Xue strenuous turning the head, by the window, looked at this time to an faucet under park, suddenly said: Now, should be in 2107?” 林雪这时费力的转过头,透过窗台,看向下方公园中的一处水龙头,忽然道:“现在,应该是2107年吧?” „? Originally do you remember the time?” Mu You is somewhat surprised. “哦?原来你记得时间?”沐游有些意外。 Lin Xue shakes the head, the vision is looking under the faucet an float water drop: „The object of this world is not totally stay still, but infinite was put slowly, this water drop is when we in 1700 about started to crash, according to its these year of whereabouts altitudes, with here one second of proportion that was equal to 1000, the present time should in 2100 about, the digit that in addition you said a moment ago, that mostly will be in 2107......” 林雪摇了摇头,目光望着水龙头下悬浮的一滴水:“这个世界的物体并不是完全静止不动,只是被无限慢放了,这滴水是在我们1700年左右的时候开始坠落的,按照它这些年下落的高度,和这里一秒等于1000年的比例,现在的时间应该在2100年左右,再加上你刚才说的数字,那多半就是2107年了……” Sometimes, really hopes that you can the stupid point......” Mu You smile helplessly, really to hide the truth from her is not easy, the guessed year is exactly right. “有时候,真的希望你能笨一点……”沐游无奈一笑,果然想瞒过她没那么容易,猜的年份分毫不差。 Lin Xue reveals self-satisfied smiling, in the heart actually does not have any happy feeling, instead full is bitter and astringent, because this is one can make her have the desperate number: She had reached the limit, true limit, but they linked half of time unable to pass unexpectedly...... 林雪露出一个得意的笑,心中却没有任何开心感,反而满是苦涩,因为这是一个能让她心生绝望的数字:她已经到了极限,真正的极限,可他们竟然连一半时间都没能度过…… The time prisoner's cage, lives up to reputation. 时间囚笼,名不虚传。 Mu You, I possibly, could not support......” 沐游,我可能,撑不过去了……” Lin Xue grabbed the hand of Mu You suddenly, entreated: „Are we leave together good...... as for the digestion of theocracy, after going out, we try to find other solution again......” 林雪忽然抓住了沐游的手,哀求道:“我们一起离开好不好……至于神权的消化,出去后我们再想别的办法……” Mu You said with a smile: You first go out well, relax, the rest of the time I can walk.” 沐游笑道:“你先出去就好,放心吧,剩下的时间我能走完的。” This Mu You boasts extravagantly actually not, but really somewhat is self-confident. 这倒不是沐游夸海口,而是真有些自信。 When present he already and starts different, now he had the love, had the responsibility, is Lin Xue is only waiting for him outside’ this faith, enough supports him to take the remaining roads. 现在的他已经和开始时不同,如今他有了挚爱,也就有了责任,光是‘林雪在外面等着他’这个信念,就足够支撑他走完剩下的路。 Lin Xue sighed: That considers as finished, I continue to accompany you.” 林雪叹息一声:“那算了,我继续陪着你。” She knows that the tolerance of Mu You to time is very strong, is much stronger than her, but she does not dare adventure, Mu You was too important to her, if loses him, she will be certainly insane. 她知道沐游对时间的忍耐力很强,比她强得多,但她不敢冒险,沐游对她太重要了,如果失去他,她一定会疯的。 Little Xue, actually you do not need......” Mu You hesitant, wants to persuade. 小雪,其实你不必……”沐游犹豫了一下,想要劝说。 Lin Xue actually shakes the head to break him immediately, grabs his hand to say tightly seriously: Complies with my Mu You, do not do anything to attack suddenly, otherwise I will really hate you!” 林雪却立即摇头打断他,紧抓着他的手严肃道:“答应我沐游,不要搞什么突然袭击,否则我真的会恨你!” Even if some day I really could not support must walk, that still certainly after passing through me agreed that you can begin!” “就算有一天我真的撑不住了要走,那也一定是在经过我同意之后,你才能动手!” Un, this point I guaranteed.” Mu You kissed Lin Xue, gave her a relieved look. “嗯,这一点我保证。”沐游亲吻了林雪,给了她一个安心的眼神。 Lin Xue stared at his eye to look for a long time, confirmed that he is not lying, this felt at ease gradually, the eyelid actually started to fight: I was somewhat stranded......” 林雪盯着他眼睛看了许久,确认他不是在说谎,这才渐渐安心下来,眼皮却开始打架:“我有些困了……” That rests, we most do not lack is the time......” “那就睡吧,我们最不缺的就是时间……” In the comfort sound of one's beloved, under the warm sunlight, the Lin Xue feeling of weariness raids, could not bear close the eye. 心上人的安慰声中,温暖的阳光下,林雪倦意袭来,没忍住闭上了眼睛。 ...... …… A palpitation feeling made Lin Xue awaken suddenly, heaving in sight was actually Mu You already the palm that lifted. 一阵心悸感令林雪猛然惊醒,映入眼帘的却是沐游已经抬起的手掌。 Wait! Mu You, does not want...... you to promise me......” “等等!沐游,不要……你答应过我的……” Lin Xue instantaneous had anything clearly, subconscious puts out a hand to stop. 林雪瞬间明白发生了什么,下意识的伸手想要阻拦。 What a pity already late. 可惜已经晚了。 Little Xue, you should leave......” 小雪,你该离开了……” With this elongating sound, the hand of Mu You covered in the Lin Xue chest front. 伴随着这道拉长的声音,沐游的手盖在了林雪胸前。 An intense crash feeling raids suddenly, Lin Xue only felt oneself as if fell down in a bottomless abyss, body week a lot of things, changed to the distortion the space and time remnant shadow to pass over gently and swiftly from her side unceasingly. 一阵强烈的坠落感骤然袭来,林雪只感觉自己仿佛掉下了一道无底的深渊中,身周大量事物,化作扭曲的时空残影不断从她身边掠过。 ...... …… Lin Xue fierce awakens, opens eyes, discovered oneself are lying down on the floor, pleasant is the familiar study room, the room that the scene layout and she placed a moment ago is almost identical, but also many slight changes. 林雪猛的惊醒过来,睁眼,发现自己正躺在地板上,入眼是熟悉的书房,场景布局和她刚才身处的房间几乎雷同,但也有不少细微的变化。 The insect warbler of downstairs noise and out of the window called to raid one after another with the automobile bellow, these should very normal daily noise, to this just in quiet stopped stayed in 2000 the person, actually just like heavenly thunder crack. 楼下的嘈杂声、窗外的虫鸣鸟叫和汽车轰鸣声接连袭来,这些本该很正常的日常噪音,对她这个刚在静谧的止界中呆了两千年人,却犹如天雷般的炸响。 Lin Xue stuffy snort/hum, the subconsciousness covers both ears, is adapting to the new circumstances diligently, simultaneously staggers along to run to the window. 林雪闷哼一声,下意识捂上双耳,努力适应着新环境,同时跌跌撞撞跑向窗户。 As expected, out of the window wind blows leaf Dong, the bird accompanies to fly, the cool breeze caresses the face, exceptionally neat, the consciousness of Lin Xue almost solidification seems like by the baptism general, glowed the new student/life fast. 不出所料,窗外风吹叶动,鸟儿结伴飞过,久违的清风扑面,异常的清爽,林雪几乎凝固的意识像是被洗礼一般,快速的焕发了新生。 She returned to the real world finally! 她终于回到了现实世界! The exciting feeling has not maintained for a half second, follows close on is one type that is raiding is then scared and vacant: But, why will she return to the pet shops directly? She was repelled to stop by Mu You, shouldn't first appear in the heart of time? 兴奋的感觉还没维持半秒,紧跟着袭来的便是一种恐慌和茫然:可是,为什么她会直接回到宠物店?她被沐游排斥出止界,不应该是先出现在时间之心中吗? Happen to at this time, the entrance heard the knock. 正好这时,门口传来敲门声。 Big Sister Xue? All right? Probably how to hear the sound that you threw down?” 雪姐?没事吧?怎么好像听到了你摔倒的声音?” The familiar sound conveys together, is Little Ya! 一道熟悉的声音传来,是小雅 Before Lin Xue quickly rushes to the gate, opens the door. 林雪急忙冲到门前,打开门。 Little Ya really stands in the entrance, looks that her appearance has a scare immediately: Has an accident? Big Sister Xue your complexion good difference......” 小雅果然站在门口,看着她的样子顿时吓了一跳:“出了什么事?雪姐你脸色好差……” Lin Xue actually cannot attend to these, quickly grabs her hand to closely examine: „Are Little Ya, you brings the heart of my time? How long did I rest?” 林雪却顾不得这些,急忙抓着她的手追问:“小雅,是你把我时间之心带回来的?我睡了多久?” Mu You? Teacher Vivian, they now where?” Lin Xue is inquiring anxiously. 沐游呢?还有薇薇安老师,他们现在在哪儿?”林雪焦急的询问着。 However the reply of Little Ya made her somewhat desperate. 然而小雅的回答却令她有些绝望。 Mu You? Teacher Vivian? The heart of time? What Big Sister Xue are you saying? Is the character in game?” 沐游薇薇安老师?时间之心?雪姐你在说什么?是游戏里的人物吗?” „......” “……” Looks at vacant on Little Ya face, Lin Xue dull same place, an extremely ominous premonition raises from her heart. 看着小雅脸上的茫然,林雪呆愣原地,一股极其不祥的预感从她心底升起。 Do not crack a joke! I mean Mu You, your boss, is the owner in this pet shop!” Lin Xue grab the arm of Little Ya tightly, questionings that the sounds shiver. “别开玩笑了!我是说‘沐游’啊,你的老板,也是这家宠物店的主人!”林雪紧抓着小雅的手臂,声音颤抖的追问。 Little Ya by painful that she pinches, not only puts in great inconvenience and worries looks at Lin Xue: Big Sister Xue, did you forget? The boss in this pet shop...... is I......” 小雅被她捏的生疼,既委屈又担忧的看着林雪:“雪姐,你忘了吗?这家宠物店的老板……一直是我自己啊……”
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