TTAGITP :: Volume #8

#730 Part 3: Our time( under big result)

Thinks through all, Mu You also sighs with emotion sighs: Initially in the story of seductress/evil spirit queen, that naive immature, whatever the outcomer humiliated young boy, has grown has the courage and wisdom to have the wise man of strategy, from this point, divine nature system to source beginning the world was also good. 想通一切,沐游也不由感慨一叹:当初妖精女王的故事中,那个天真稚嫩,任由外来者欺凌的‘小男孩’,已经成长为一个有胆识有谋略的智者,从这一点来说,神性体系对源初世界也有好处。 If not the arrival of divine nature system, this world is almost very difficult to awaken and grow, the world will maintain will be abstaining from forest deep place that even color not to have for a long time, extremely monotonous simple condition. 如果不是神性体系的到来,这个世界几乎很难觉醒和成长,世界将在很长时间内保持着戒林深处那种连色彩都没有,极其单调简单的状态。 But under the pressure of divine nature system, world will not only awakened, is changing fast, abstains from the forest from inside to outside, layer by layer gradually becomes brilliant varied is the best proof: Beginning source the will is also pursuing, becomes by oneself is diligently more interesting and beautiful. 而神性体系的压力下,世界意志不但觉醒了,也在快速做出改变,戒林由内到外,一层一层逐渐变得绚烂多姿就是最好的证明:源初意志也正在追赶,努力让自己变得更加有趣和美丽。 Crash-bang......” “哗啦……” Mu You jumps out from the lake water, falls in the sand beach. 沐游从湖水中跳出,落在沙滩上。 Surroundings countless savages kneel to bend down in the place, looks at him devotionally, is waiting for his admonishing. 周围无数野人跪伏在地,虔诚的看着他,等待着他的训诫。 I announced that...... dismisses!” Mu You opens the mouth. “我宣布……解散!”沐游开口。 The savages visit him at a loss, looking at each other in blank dismay, does not understand is what meaning. 众野人茫然的看着他,面面相觑,不太懂是什么意思。 „, Goes various home respectively , to continue the normal life the meaning, Yuehu said that this year abstains from the forest to meet the good crop weather, everyone does not need to be worried.” Mu You has to supplement. “咳,就是各回各家,继续正常生活的意思,月湖说了,今年戒林会风调雨顺,大家不用担心。”沐游只好补充。 Savage hears word is then excited, quickly obeys the order, the happy talks and laughters rushes to the family/home. 众野人闻言这才兴奋起来,急忙听从命令,欢声笑语奔回家中。 The scene is reminded of dear ones who have left instantaneously, only then the savage head of the clan has not walked, he saw Mu You also conceals, when Mu You goes out, quickly runs to inquire carefully: Actually did Yuehu say what?” 现场瞬间人去楼空,只有野人族长还没走,他看出了沐游还有隐瞒,待沐游走出,急忙跑来小心询问:“月湖究竟说了什么?” „Do you really want to know?” Mu You looked at his one eyes with a smile. “你真想知道?”沐游笑着看了他一眼。 „............” Head of the clan is if possible awkward. “呃……如果可以的话……”族长尴尬。 Yuehu asked my question.” “月湖问了我一个问题。” What issue?” “什么问题?” Now, you are this world helmsman, this world's future trend option, control in your hands. Then, told me, how will you choose?” Before this is Mu You just before leaving, machinist generation of Yuehu inquired about his issue. “现在,你已经是这个世界的‘掌舵人’,这个世界未来的走向选择权,掌控在你手中。那么,告诉我,你会如何选择?”这是沐游临走前,机械师代月湖询问他的问题。 The head of the clan is somewhat vacant, but asked subconsciously: How did you reply?” 族长有些茫然,但还是下意识问:“那你怎么回答的?” Does not know.” “不知道。” Doesn't know?” The head of the clan is more vacant. “不知道?”族长更茫然。 Naturally does not know, the 1 million years later matters, who can determine?” “当然不知道,百万年之后的事,谁能确定?” Mu You smiles: In brief now, was our Fool time just to start.” 沐游笑了笑:“总之现在,属于我们愚者的时代才刚刚开始。” ( The book ends)( this chapter ends) (全书完)(本章完)
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