TTAGITP :: Volume #8

#731: Stops a world of past events ( 1 ) person

In the room places a round table, the round table above is spreading a red flannelette. 房间内摆放着一面圆桌,圆桌上方铺着一层红色绒布。 Above the flannelette, was chocked up small goods by Mu You, the abacus, the ladle, the silver piece, the clock and watch, the bamboo flute, the jade pendant wait/etc. 绒布之上,则被沐游摆满了一圈小物品,算盘,勺子,元宝,钟表,笛子,玉佩等等。 These prepare the good grasping week goods, each type has the different implications. 这些都是准备好的抓周物品,每一种都有不同的寓意。 Yes, today is his daughter's one th birthday, K City actually not stresses the week custom popularly, their not too letter/believes, but the basic ceremony feeling is no matter how proper. 是的,今天是他女儿的一周岁生日,K市这边其实不怎么流行抓周习俗,他们一家也不太信这个,但不管如何基本的仪式感还是要到位。 Mu You prepared the thing early, put up the camera, placed after all was neat, the daughter hugs on the table. 沐游早早准备好了东西,架好了相机,将一切摆放齐整后,将女儿抱到了桌上。 little bathe looks at full table the toy spirit, the mouth exudes giggle the laughter, has not thought deeply about, asks for front thing one to embrace in the bosom. 小沐灵看着满桌的玩具,嘴里发出咯咯笑声,没怎么思索,伸手就要将面前的东西一把全揽在怀里。 „, Valuable LaBelle, not choosing one most to like.” Mu You supple sound said. “不不,宝贝儿,选一个最喜欢的。”沐游柔声道。 bathe Lingwen said that holds the finger at a loss looked to him, as if only chose one in the determination? Shouldn't all want? 沐灵闻言,含着手指茫然的看向他,似乎在确定只选一个?不该是全都要吗? Mu You is insisting on the nod, otherwise has not stressed the week the significance. 沐游坚持着点头,否则就没有抓周的意义了。 The small spirit obedient opening eye, looks around, looks for itself most to like diligently. 小灵儿听话的睁大眼睛,东张西望,努力寻找自己最喜欢的。 The small hands brandish in the midair, finally fell on blade on. 小手在半空挥舞一圈,最后落在了一把‘刀’上。 That is an exquisite sickle, naturally is only the toy of plastic system, the small girl the knife in the hand, then entertains holds appreciatively, are not many to other things looks at one. 那是一把小巧的弯刀,当然只是塑料制的玩具,小丫头将小刀拿在手里,便自娱自乐的把玩起来,对其他东西再不多看一眼。 Mu You shakes the head funnily: You also are really with mother......” 沐游好笑摇头:“你还真是随妈……” Also does not know that is the abundant god of death bloodlines influence in within the body, usually saw Lin Xue to grasp the appearance that the sickle brandished, one bunch of small toys, unmarried girl very obvious most is interested to the thing that this most was close to the sickle shape. 也不知道是体内的过于充裕的死神血脉影响,还是平时见惯了林雪手持镰刀挥舞的样子,一堆小玩具,闺女很明显的对这个最接近镰刀形状的东西最感兴趣。 Mu You had considered, thinks the means imitation god of death sickle, builds a divine tool to the small girl, making her use in the future. 沐游已经考虑,是不是想办法仿照死神镰刀,给小丫头也打造一把神器,让她将来使用。 However the small girl is also only three minutes of heat degree, grabbed the toy blade to hold appreciatively the moment, soon had no interest, cast aside the toy in the one side, crawled toward Mu You, outstretched both hands to act like a spoiled brat: Father...... hugs......” 不过小丫头也只是三分钟热度,抓着玩具刀把玩了片刻,很快没了兴趣,将玩具撇在一旁,朝沐游爬了过来,伸开双手撒娇:“爸爸……抱抱……” Slightly mounts the worldly person.” “小黏人精。” On the Mu You mouth complained, actually first hugged the daughter. 沐游嘴上抱怨,却还是第一时间将女儿抱了起来。 Small girl skilled lying down in the Mu You crook of the elbow, curls up the four limbs, the eye bends, expression that enjoys safely. 小丫头熟练的躺在沐游臂弯,蜷起四肢,眼睛弯起,一副安心享受的表情。 Do not see the daughter today just reach one year old, because of the beforehand energy commutation, now the body growth is two -year-old condition, in addition as the child of theocracy, Physique was strong in the average man, in fact already and normal three -year-old children are similar, can run to jump. 别看女儿今天刚满一周岁,但因为之前的能量代偿,如今身型发育已经是两岁的状态,再加上身为神权者的孩子,体质本就强于常人,实际上已经和正常三岁的孩子差不多,能跑能跳。 However this was only refers to the body condition, the intelligence and experience actually also placed just one -year-old condition, therefore seemed like a 2 or 3 years old child, was still actually familiar with stick together the parents like the little darling. 不过这只是指身体状态,智力和经历方面其实还维持在刚一岁的状态,所以看起来已经是个两三岁的孩子,却仍旧习惯像小宝宝一样黏着父母。 Father...... the father......” Mu You is preparing to coax to rest the daughter, the small girl eyah eyah called suddenly. “爸爸……爸爸……”沐游正准备哄睡女儿,小丫头忽然咿咿呀呀叫了起来。 Father, how?” “爸爸在呢,怎么?” Father...... mother...... in...... did not leave...... small girl to say together off and on, obviously wanted to express anything, because actually the language enhancement was not skilled, cannot express. “爸爸……妈妈……在一起……不离开……”小丫头断断续续的说着,明显想要表达什么,却因为语言能力还不熟练,表达不出。 Mother? The parents will not separate.” Looks on the small girl face the anxious look, Mu You quickly comforts. “妈妈怎么了?爸爸妈妈不会分开的。”看着小丫头脸上焦急的神色,沐游急忙宽慰。 The small girl worry, the mouth eyah eyah is shouting: „...... The mother sad...... mother does not cry......” 小丫头却更加着急,嘴里咿咿呀呀喊着:“……妈妈伤心……妈妈不哭……” Simultaneously extends both hands, tried to find out toward the Mu You face on. 同时伸出双手,朝沐游脸上摸索。 Mu You is somewhat perplexed, is preparing the belt/bring daughter to look for Lin Xue, making Lin Xue listen to the small girl to express anything. 沐游有些不明所以,正准备带女儿去找林雪,让林雪听听小丫头想表达什么。 At this time the small girl touched his chin, two small hands hold his face, a gentle energy gushed out from her hand. 这时小丫头摸到了他的下巴,两只小手捧着他的脸,一股柔和的能量从她手中涌出。 Mu You felt suddenly at present one ignorant, looking at dumbly on the spot. 沐游忽然感觉眼前一懵,呆立在原地。 Dust-laden in the memory of his innermost soul, starts to become less crowded along with the washout of this energy. 一段被尘封在他灵魂深处的记忆,开始随这股能量的冲刷而松动。 Scenes appear in his brain...... 一幕幕的场景浮现在他脑中…… ...... …… Mu You chaotic wakes up from one piece, opens eyes looked, he is located in a business street. 沐游从一片浑沌中醒来,睁眼一看,他正位于一条商业街上。 The path of heavy traffic, the two sides are crowded, look very lively. 车水马龙的道路,两边人来人往,看起来很是热闹。 But all these actually fall into a strange tranquility, the surrounding all things are at the static condition, no matter the person and thing, the bird in sky, the insect fly, all looks like the picture to be common, was framed in the picture. 但这一切却陷入在一种诡异的宁静中,周围的万事万物都处于静止状态,不管是人、物、还是天空中的飞鸟,虫蝇,全都像照片一般,被定格在画中。 The whole world only has Mu You to be able the normal act. 整个世界只有沐游自己可以正常行动。 After short vacant, Mu You recovers quickly, he and Lin Xue just entered the heart of time together, here obviously is the scene of time prisoner's cage. 短暂的茫然后,沐游很快回过神来,他和林雪刚刚一同进入了时间之心,这里显然就是时间囚笼的场景。 He at this moment has restored is the average person condition, no longer has any superpower quantity. 此刻的他已经恢复为普通人状态,不再具备任何超能力量。 Mu You goes round the pedestrian, went out of the business street, toward leading the way, front familiar two little building appears in him at present —— Oddities Pet Store. 沐游绕开行人,走出了商业街,往前行出一段,前方熟悉的二层小楼出现在他眼前——奇趣宠物店 Looks entrance takes a break the license, Mu You goes forward, flips on the body, takes out the key, ripe winds opens the door to walk into. 看着门口‘打烊中’的挂牌,沐游上前,在身上翻了翻,取出钥匙,熟络的开门走入。 In family/home empty, no one, only then various pets of rows of raising in cage, is staying the static condition. 家里空空荡荡,没有人,只有一排排饲养在笼中的各类宠物,也都保持着静止状态。 Mu You directly soars the entrance calendar, the urgent matter must first determine the specific time of this scene. 沐游直奔门口日历,当务之急是要先确定一下这个场景的具体时间。 On May 27 , 2014, the time is noon 12 : 55. 2014年5月27日,时刻则是中午12:55。 Mu You knew fairly well, in 2014, he is still going to college, the parents are also in good health, the parents are not at home today, should go to side the pet care base in suburb to stock with goods. 沐游心中有数了,2014年,他还在上大学,父母也都还健在,二老今天不在家,应该是去了边郊的宠物保育基地进货。 Mu You flips in home, all cell phone computers and other electronic devices are unable to use, the picture was all framed in the time static flash. 沐游在家中翻了翻,所有的手机电脑等电子设备都无法使用,画面全都被定格在时间静止的这一瞬间。 In addition the automobile is unable to start, Mu You has to ride a bicycle to ride instead of walking. 此外汽车也无法发动,沐游只好骑了辆自行车代步。 Was used to the body of ultra those who are able, at this moment suddenly changed into ordinary Physique, Mu You has somewhat not adapted, puffs and blows puffing and blowing to tread two hours of bicycle, finally side rushed to the care field in suburb. 习惯了超能者的身体,此刻忽然换成普通的体质,沐游还真有点不适应,吭哧吭哧蹬了两个小时自行车,终于赶到边郊的保育场。 The care field entrance big group of pet merchants are really lining up, this place Mu You following parents have also come to several times, the going in location that at this time winds ripe, several heads seek. 保育场门口果然大堆的宠物商人在排队,这地方沐游也跟着父母来过数次,此时熟络的进去场地,数着人头寻找。 Looked for several hours, basically the person half factory turned, finally found his parents in a corner. 找了数个小时,基本将半个厂子的人翻了一遍,终于在一处角落找到了他的父母。 At this time before parents accounting stage, the look is excited, is arguing anything with the book keeper loudly. 此时二老正在记账台前,神色激动,和记账员大声争论着什么。 Sees the parents, Mu You is somewhat sigh with emotion, nearby moved a chair to sit down, accompanies the parents to say the little while words, described a pet shop afterward situation. 看着老爸老妈,沐游有些感慨,就近搬了张椅子坐下,陪二老说了会儿话,描述了一下宠物店后来的情况。 Because the weather will not change, his also very difficult judgment time, in the entire scene the sea of people, actually the peaceful falling needle may hear obviously, only then he alone is speaking, strangeness that could not say. 由于天色不会改变,他也很难判断时间,整个场景中明明人山人海,却安静的落针可闻,只有他一个人在说话,说不出的诡异。 Mu You poured out a while, could not be justified quickly, even in the heart has a being scared feeling faintly. 沐游倾诉了一会儿,也很快说不下去了,甚至心中隐隐有一种发毛的感觉。 Before Mu You, enters has stopped, but basically is in the fights, without the thoughts pays attention other, usually rotates continuous the top, be only the short ten seconds, then ended suddenly, will not have anything to feel. 沐游以前也进入过止界,但基本都是战斗中,没心思关注别的,平时转动不休陀螺,也只有短短十秒,眨眼便结束,不会有什么感觉。 Until now, in stopping stayed alone for more than ten hours, he to stops this word, had the clear experience. 直到现在,亲身在止界中独自呆了十多个小时,他才对‘止界’这个词,有了真切的体会。 The whole world, only then his living person, seems one only belongs to his world, this feeling just started is very indeed novel. But depression also imagination is quicker. 整个世界,只有他一个活人,仿佛是一个只属于他的世界,这种感觉刚开始的确很新奇。但压抑感也比想象中来的更快。 Mu You stopped outpouring promptly, moves back to the two old the room, places on the sofa to sit down, this left the care base. 沐游及时的停止了倾诉,将两老搬回屋内,放在沙发上坐下,这才离开了保育基地。 No matter how, these saw the parents, calculates that untied a heart knot. 不管如何,这一趟见到了父母,也算解开了一个心结。 Then should look for Lin Xue. 接下来就该找找林雪了。 He and Lin Xue come in together, but initial active, only then he, he needs first to find Lin Xue, drags into to stop her, can start the life of two people. 他和林雪一同进来,但初始能动的只有他,他需要先找到林雪,将她也拉入止界,才能开始两个人的生活。 Mu You rides a bicycle to start off, directly soars the Lin Family direction. 沐游骑车上路,直奔林家的方向。 „Did words say this time, Lin Xue should unable already externally?” On the road Mu You cannot bear the whisper. “话说这个时期,林雪该不会已经在国外了吧?”路上沐游忍不住嘀咕。 Present he is only an average person, this world most transportation vehicles have not been able to use, Lin Xue must really externally, mean that he must first arrive at the overseas by two legs, do't that can wear out? 现在的他只是个普通人,这个世界大部分交通工具还都无法使用,林雪要真在国外,意味着他得靠两条腿先走到国外,那不得跑断腿? Is good because, his luck is good. 好在,他的运气不错。 Mu You rides a bicycle to rush to the Lin Family yard, successfully found Lin Xue in the back garden of Lin Xue’s grandmother. 沐游骑车赶到林家大院,顺利在林雪奶奶家的后花园中找到了林雪 Lin Xue wears the faint yellow one-piece dress, wears the sola topi, is grasping the spray can water flowers before the flower-bed. 林雪穿着淡黄色连衣裙,头戴遮阳帽,正手持喷壶在花坛前浇花。 Lin Xue of this age is only 19 years old, regardless of the appearance or the makings, is shyer than Lin Xue in his mind. 这个年代的林雪只有19岁,无论容貌还是气质,都比他印象中的林雪更加青涩一些。 Confirmed Lin Xue position, Mu You also felt relieved. 确认了林雪的位置,沐游也就放心了。 Then he has not awakened Lin Xue immediately. 接下来他并没有立即唤醒林雪 The awakened process is irreversible, the time prisoner's cage after all is prisoner's cage, Lin Xue wakes up early a point, must many by one point of crime. 唤醒的过程是不可逆的,时间囚笼毕竟是‘囚笼’,林雪早醒来一分,就要多遭一分的罪。 Therefore is best is he himself first supports some time as far as possible, when really could not support, then awakens Lin Xue. 所以最好是他自己先尽量多撑一段时间,什么时候实在撑不住了,再来唤醒林雪 Then Mu You returned to the pet shop, prepares for that lived alone for a long time at home. 接下来沐游返回了宠物店,做好了长期在家里独居的准备。 First most important is the recorded time, did not have the day to rise the moonset in this type, the time in the static world, the hold time feeling was extremely forever important, has the explicit time keeping to have the hope of pass. 首先最重要的就是记录时间,在这种没有日升月落,时刻永远静止的世界里,保持时间感极其重要,有明确时间记录才有度过的希望。 In this space, by the death thing that he contacts, will restore to revolve temporarily, but many limits, for example all electronic devices are unable to use. His contact as if cannot let electricity this kind of the energy without the entity revolves. 在这片空间中,被他接触到的死物,都会暂时恢复运转,但也有诸多限制,比如所有电子设备都无法使用。他的接触似乎并不能让‘电’这类没有实体的能量运转。 Mu You goes to outside watch and clock shop, looked for one pile of mechanical watches, selected best wearing on the wrist, henceforth showed does not leave the body. 沐游去外面的钟表店,找来了一堆机械表,挑了一块最好的戴在腕上,从此表不离身。 Afterward prepared many memoranda and diaries, maintains writes the diary every day the custom, while convenient record date. 随后又准备了很多记事本和日记本,保持每天写日志的习惯,顺带记录日期。 Next is the regular life. After having the clock and watch, Mu You according to the custom of normal person, the strict early rising, rests at sundown every day. 其次是规律的生活。有了钟表后,沐游按照正常人的习惯,每天严格日出而作,日落而息。 Finally is pure in heart. In this no one safeguards in the world that and restrains, all takes responsibility by oneself, the will of the people does not meet independently from emits many evil thoughts, for example the destruction desire, kills the desire, the lust wait/etc. 最后是清心寡欲。在这个没有人看管和约束的世界里,所有的一切都由自己做主,人心会不自自主的冒出很多邪念,比如破坏欲,杀欲,色欲等等。 But cannot ignores these evil thoughts multiply, once something spilled the openings, the spiritual level will be corroded slowly, has the first time, has certainly the second time, repeatedly, until spiritual thorough rotten that day. 但绝不能放任这些邪念滋生,有些事情一旦开了口子,精神层面就会慢慢被腐蚀,有第一次,就一定有第二次,更多次,直到精神彻底腐烂的那一天。 In 5000, being doomed is a long journey, the regular life and insipid desire, yes guaranteed oneself gradually the trend do not degenerate must the condition, after all he here is not pure dull enough in 5000 was enough, in this period must consistently stay the state of mind to be stable, once the san value reduces to certain situation, will be swallowed by the prison, the opportunity of again not having left. 五千年,注定是一个漫长的旅程,规律的生活和寡淡的欲望,是保证自己不逐渐走向堕落的必须条件,毕竟他在这里可不是单纯呆够五千年就行了,期间还要始终保持精神状态稳定,一旦san值降低到一定地步,就会被囚牢吞噬,再也没有离开的机会。 Then Mu You then started the stable life at home, during the daytime reads to work, at night rests, three meals a day does not fall, here food simply does not have the flavor although, but he will not have full belly to feel or the sense of hunger, but should have the ceremony feeling that unable to be few. 接下来沐游便在家里开始了稳定的生活,白天看书干活,夜晚休息,一日三餐一顿不落,尽管这里的食物根本没有味道,而他本身也不会有饱腹感或饥饿感,但该有的仪式感不能少。 Even if Mu You has disguised as far as possible oneself in normal life, but void in quicker arrival compared with imagination. 即便沐游已经尽可能假装自己在正常生活,但空虚感还是比想象中更快的降临。 Vivian said right, the time prisoner's cage most terrifying place, does not lie in loneliness solitarily, but handles anything here, does not have the significance. 薇薇安说的没错,时间囚笼最恐怖的地方,不在于只身一人的孤独感,而是在这里做任何事情,都没有意义。 Family's book, even the book of entire city, only then these he has read personally the part has the content, remaining is the blank, even if he wants to read, still can only time after time retake courses these him already thing skillfully. 家里的书,甚至整个城市的书,只有那些他亲自阅读过的部分才有内容,剩下全是空白,就算他想看书,也只能一次次复读这些他已经滚瓜烂熟的东西。 Simultaneously computer, network, cell phone anything does not need to think. 同时电脑,网络,手机什么的更不用想。 Even Mu You wants to exercise, the body will not have any change, because of the Physique data of this world, was locked from the beginning, the exercise is long, will not increase the least bit muscle to him. 甚至于沐游想要锻炼身体,身体也不会有任何变化,因为这个世界的体质数据,从一开始就是被锁定的,锻炼再久,也不会给他增加半点肌肉。 Handles anything not to have in the situation of regeneration, merely one year passes by, Mu You then felt the bored bursting. 做任何事情都没有正反馈的情况下,仅仅一年过去,沐游便感觉无聊爆棚了。 He tries hard to scatter the negativity, attempts by sleeping or sitting in meditation to contemplate to kill the time. 他努力驱散负面情绪,尝试靠睡觉或打坐冥想来消磨时间。 But the quick discovery is this, heart within, more are difficult to calm down. 但很快发现越是这样,心中越是难以平静。 Book that all can read, was turned more than ten by him, looked will again have the gastric disorder feeling. 所有能看的书,也都被他翻了不下十遍,再看都会有种反胃感。 The good news is, no matter what now the goods in the world he spends freely. 好消息是,现在全世界的物品任他挥霍。 Mu You therefore suspended studying, changed the life style, starts to farm and build the house. 沐游于是暂停了读书,换了种生活方式,开始种田和盖房子。 What a pity, the seed that in plants will not take root to germinate. 可惜,地里种下的种子并不会生根发芽。 Simultaneously the cement is unable to take shape here, Mu You can only look for the brick and lumber builds the crude construction, built opened, opens built. 同时水泥在这里也无法成型,沐游只能找砖头和木材搭简陋的建筑,搭了又拆,拆了又搭。 Pointless, but can kill the time after all. 没有意义,但总归能消磨时间。 However these things he also only insisted three years, is unable to be redundant, can only continue to switch over newly work...... 不过这些事情他也只坚持了三年,便无法再重复下去,只能继续切换新的‘工作’…… ...... …… Absent-minded, Mu You arrives at he entered stops the tenth year. 恍恍惚惚中,沐游来到了他进入止界的第十个年头。 On this day, before Mu You arrived at the body of Lin Xue, again. 这天,沐游再一次来到了林雪的身前。 Looks at the front keeps static, but the whole body is brimming with the young blood young girl, Mu You swallowed a saliva, the lonely heart causes trouble faintly, driving him to put out a hand toward Lin Xue slowly...... 看着前方保持静止,但浑身洋溢着青春活力的少女,沐游咽了口唾沫,孤独的心隐隐作祟,驱使着他朝林雪缓缓伸出了手…… But finally the time, Mu You receives to stop. 但最后时刻,沐游还是收住了手。 It is not because he has the strength in meditation, because he knows, the 10 years of if merely beginning have made him unable to withstand, want to complete 5000 the long-term journey, radically are not possible. 不是因为他多么有定力,而是因为他知道,如果仅仅开头的十年就已经让他承受不了,想要完成5000年的漫长旅程,根本就是不可能的。 He needs to test oneself limit carrying capacity, if this carrying capacity lowest standard cannot be achieved continually, that might as well gives up sooner, so as to avoid Lin Xue follows he to suffer hardship. 他需要测试出自己的极限承受力,如果这个承受力连最低的标准都达不到,那还不如早些放弃,免得林雪跟着他受罪。 Mu You left Lin Family, even left K City. 沐游离开了林家,甚至离开了K市 He gave himself to arrange a vast round-the-world trip. 他给自己筹备了一场浩大的环球旅行。 Since the familiar place cannot treat, that changes an environment, would bringing some curiosities. 既然熟悉的地方待不下去,那就换一个环境,总会带来些新鲜感。 However the actual situation made Mu You be greatly disappointed, had nothing round the world, the outside world imagined him is much smaller. 然而实际情况令沐游大失所望,根本没有什么‘环球’,外部世界比他想象中小得多。 This world, will only produce then his he has visited personally the region and city, but he of this age, simply has not left the province, therefore the outside world only has K City and peripheral several urban districts has the thing, other places all is a pure white space. 这个世界,只会生成当时的他亲自他踏足过的区域和城市,而这个年代的他,根本没有离开过省,因此外界仅有K市和周边几个市区有东西,其他地方全是一片纯白空间。 In that anything no space, instead is easier to lose. 待在那种什么都没有的空间里,反而更容易迷失自我。 15 years later, the place that Mu You can walk goes all over, returned to K City. 十五年后,沐游将能走的地方走遍,又回归了K市 In the following dozens years, he does not have to leave again, keeps in K City , to continue to think that various means kill the time. 接下来的几十年间,他没有再离开,就留在K市中,继续想各种办法消磨时间。 In this period, Mu You innumerable standing in front of Lin Xue. 期间,沐游无数次的站在了林雪面前。 Recent time, his finger has almost touched Lin Xue, but every bore receive one time. 最近的时候,他的手指已经几乎碰触到林雪,但每一次都忍住收了回来。 On this day, Mu You like common, mechanical getting out of bed, the numb breakfast, the numb record diary, the numb start does not have the work of significance...... 这一天,沐游像寻常一样,机械的起床,麻木的早餐,麻木的记录日志,麻木的开始没有意义的工作…… Until some moment, Mu You detected suddenly, on own shoulder a ray is emitting, but his figure is also becoming over the time illusory. 直到某一刻,沐游忽然察觉,自己的肩膀上点点光芒正在散溢,而他的身形也正在随时间变得虚幻。 Mu You one startled, hurried calm with rapt attention, the stable spirit, emitting of luminous spot then stops, his illusory figure also again congealing reality. 沐游一惊,急忙定心凝神,稳定精神,光点的散溢这才停下,他虚幻的身形也再次凝实。 Mu You is startled cold sweat. 沐游惊出一头冷汗。 He then understands, in stopping, the real nervous breakdown is could not feel, before such as him, that self-sensation that type incomparably void, wants to awaken Lin Xue to accompany his time crazily, sign that instead do not collapse. 他这才明白,在止界中,真正的精神崩溃是感觉不到的,如他之前那种自我感觉那种无比空虚,疯狂想要叫醒林雪来陪伴他的时刻,反而不是要崩溃的迹象。 The real collapse is the present this, does not have any omen, the quiet start, finally finished all in the dreariness. 真正的崩溃就是现在这样,没有任何预兆,悄无声息的开始,最后在沉寂中结束一切。 ...... …… After several hours, Mu You arrived at Lin Family again, stands in front of Lin Xue. 数小时后,沐游再次来到了林家,站在林雪面前。 ‚The 76 th year's 155 th day. ‘第76年第155天’。 Looks the time that the diary this on records, Mu You sighs. 看着日志本上记录的时间,沐游叹了口气。 Actually his original expected time has supported alone for 100 years, now only insists 3/4. 其实他原本的预期时间是独自撑过一百年,如今只坚持了四分之三。 But does not have the means that this is his limit of present, does not stabilize the san value, when referred to being uncertain vanishes quietly. 但也没办法,这就是现在的他的极限,再不稳定一下san值,指不定什么时候就悄无声息的消失了。 Mu You puts out a hand toward Lin Xue once again. 沐游又一次朝林雪伸出了手。 This time has not stopped, touched on her directly...... 这次没有停下,径直触碰到了她身上……
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