TTAGITP :: Volume #8

#732: Stops the past events ( 2 ) shy forbidden fruit

„......” “哐……” The canteen falls to the ground, the water-drop part of splashing sprinkles in the Lin Xue skirt displays, part of float midair, were stopped the limits standard. 水壶哐啷落地,溅出的水滴一部分洒在林雪裙摆上,一部分悬浮半空,被止界定格。 If originally in the picture the person concentrates generally vertical Lin Xue, goes out from the picture quietly, the eyelash moves slightly, revives. 原本如画中人一般凝立的林雪,悄然从画中走出,睫毛微动,苏醒过来。 The Lin Xue vision from the delay to nimble and resourceful, looked at Mu You before body, has a look at own dressing up, periphery has a look at familiar actually the strange environment again. 林雪目光从呆滞到灵动,看了看身前的沐游,看看自己的装扮,再看看周围熟悉却又陌生的环境。 After short vacant, she comes quickly suddenly. 短暂的茫然后,她很快恍然过来。 Right, we entered the time prisoner's cage together......” “对了,我们一起走进了时间囚笼……” Therefore here is......” “所以这里就是……” Lin Xue novel looked at about the eye, has recognized this is the back garden of her paternal grandmother family/home, moreover looks at the condition to be several years ago time. 林雪新奇的看了眼左右,已经认出了这是她奶奶家的后花园,而且看状态应该是几年前的时候。 Lin Xue is somewhat joyful, looks up again to Mu You, actually that wipes the vicissitudes that notices in his eye not to diverge completely, immediately stares: How long did your one person stay here?” 林雪有些欣喜,再次抬头看向沐游,却注意到他眼中尚未完全散去的那一抹沧桑,顿时一愣:“你一个人在这里呆了多久?” 76 years......” Mu You has not concealed, informs truthfully. “76年……”沐游没有隐瞒,如实告知。 Such long......” “这么久……” Lin Xue covered the mouth surprisedly, the heart said that own position did have is so difficult to look? 林雪惊讶掩嘴,心说自己的位置有这么难找吗? But immediately she understands, is not her position is remote, but is Mu You had not awakened her, will be wants to delay probably as far as possible, making her in the future the time in prisoner's cage shorter. 但随即她就明白过来,不是她的位置偏僻,而是沐游一直没有唤醒她,大概是希望尽量拖延,让她将来在囚笼中的时间短一些。 You too reluctant, actually do not need such......” Lin Xue sighed, shakes the head. “你太勉强自己了,其实不必如此的……”林雪叹息一声,摇了摇头。 She knows that Mu You is the good intention, but she from deciding to follow Mu You to come to start together, completed accompanied him to arrive at the plan of tail together from the beginning. 她知道沐游是好意,但她从决定跟随沐游一起进来开始,就做好了陪他一起从头走到尾的打算。 No matter how, I can relax some now.” Mu You feels relaxed smiles. “不管如何吧,我现在是能放松一些了。”沐游释然一笑。 The feelings of two people, are really different. In awakening the Lin Xue flash, his whole person like lives suddenly, the mind that flees the capital exhaustedly instantaneously becomes changed beyond recognition, to novelty of life, returned to the body again. 两个人的感觉,果然不一样。在唤醒林雪的一刹那,他整个人就像突然活过来一样,疲惫蒙尘的心灵瞬间变得焕然一新,对生活的新奇感,也再次回归了身体。 Actually if no Lin Xue, Mu You from the beginning is a person, could persist in being longer, because there is Lin Xue this hope, whenever felt lonely time, will awaken Lin Xue this thought such as the spell to be the same, will circle in his brain unceasingly, weakened his willpower on the contrary indirectly. 其实如果没有林雪,沐游一开始就是一个人,或许可以坚持得更久一些,但因为有了林雪这个‘希望’,每当感觉孤单的时候,‘唤醒林雪’这个念头就会如魔咒一般,不断在他脑中盘旋,反倒间接削弱了他的意志力。 Then? You plan to stay here,......” Mu You asked the opinion of Lin Xue. “接下来呢?你打算留在这里,还是……”沐游询问林雪的意见。 They must pass in 5000 here, this crossed for less than hundred years, but also some are the time must be together, is always impossible to live apart two place respective life, significance that has not come in together. 他们要在这里度过5000年,这才过了百年不到,还有的是时间要相处,总不可能分居两地各自生活,那就没有共同进来的意义了。 Lin Xue has not worried to reply, first passes through the garden, went to the direction of main room. 林雪没有着急回答,先走过花园,去了正屋的方向。 Under the coolness before front door, the Lin Xue paternal grandmother sits on the rocking chair, in the hand takes the rush-leaf fan, position that the direction that the gentle smile, the vision looks at wear a look, Lin Xue stood a moment ago. 正屋门前的阴凉下,林雪的奶奶坐在摇椅上,手里拿着蒲扇,面带慈祥的微笑,目光望出的方向,正是林雪刚才所站的位置。 Lin Xue arrives at side the white hair old man, partly squats, both hands hold full of old person are the fold palms. 林雪走到白发老人身边,半蹲下来,双手抓住老人的满是褶皱的手掌。 Was silent is accompanying the paternal grandmother moment, Lin Xue set out, looks to Mu You: Walks, I go to that side you with you.” 沉默着陪了奶奶片刻,林雪才起身,看向沐游:“走吧,我跟伱去你那边。” Then Lin Xue packed in home simply some clothing and personal things, Mu You rides a bicycle, carries her to return to the pet shop. 接下来林雪在家中简单打包了一些衣物和私人用品,沐游骑车,载她回了宠物店里。 On, Mu You had said this period of time experience with her along the road simply. 沿路上,沐游已经和她简单说了这段时间的经历。 After going home, Lin Xue must these diaries that came him to record, said that wants to look from beginning to end, this was can integrate his way of life most quickly. 回家后,林雪又要来了他记录的那些日志,说想从头到尾看一下,这是能最快融入他的生活的方式。 Thick one pile of memoranda were piled to the table on, Mu You uses up a itself/Ben every year, now has piled up enough seven Seventeen books. 厚厚的一摞记事本被堆到桌上,沐游每年用掉一本,如今已经堆积了足足七十七本。 Lin Xue puts on the eyeglasses, on the desk before window, page after page, sunlight careful reading, before sensing Mu You , the daily state of mind is changing. 林雪戴上眼镜,在窗前的书桌上,一页一页,就着阳光仔细的阅读,感悟沐游之前每一天的心境变化。 Must read seven Seventeen this diaries is not a small project. 要看完七十七本日志也不是个小工程。 However two people do not worry, here they most do not lack is the time. 不过两人都不着急,他们在这里最不缺的就是时间。 In the normal world, the waste time is ignominious, but here, the waste time instead is a moral excellence, slows down the rhythm of life, in various wearing down time quietly, goes on living unknowingly here the necessary quality. 在正常的世界,浪费时间是‘可耻’,但在这里,浪费时间反而是一种美德,放慢生活节奏,在各种不经意间悄然的消磨时间,是在这里活下去必备的素质。 These every day only then the simple diary of few line of records, Lin Xue looked the entire three months. 这些每天只有寥寥几行记录的简易日志,林雪看了整整三个月。 Mu You is not anxious, during this , to continue to press the beforehand rhythm life, every day the daytime working, rests as usual at night fixed time. 沐游也不急,这期间继续按自己之前的节奏生活,每天照常白天工作,夜间定时休息。 But now repeats monotonous after-working hours, he also had the new pleasure, observes Lin Xue. 而现在重复单调的工作之余,他又有了新的乐趣,就是观察林雪 During two people during the daytime, will stay in downstairs hall, handles various things respectively, rarely exchange, but did not talk every day even, the light looked at occasionally each other, thinks that this world also had a person to accompany, till that type the alone feeling of bringing then met natural elimination. 两人‘白天’期间都会留在楼下大厅中,各做各的事情,很少交流,但每天就算不对话,光是偶尔看一下彼此,想到这世界还有个人陪着,那种止界带来的孤寂感便会自然的消除。 Three months later some day, Lin Xue crossed the last page, about in beginning the memorandum, shouted the tone, took off the eyeglasses, in the eye is somewhat sigh with emotion, good seems true|really accompanied Mu You to pass through that 76 years of general. 三个月后的某天,林雪翻过最后一页,合上了手中记事本,呼了口气,摘下了眼镜,眼中有些感慨,好似真的陪沐游走过了那76年一般。 Non- review?” Opposite of the table, Mu You handed over one cup of coffee to come. “不点评一下?”桌对面,沐游递了一杯咖啡过来。 Your idea is very correct, the regular life helps stay the state of mind.” “你的想法很正确,规律的生活有助于保持精神状态。” Lin Xue is stroking gently the memorandum seal, tastes content that these days is seeing: Moreover, the place that including many details, are I do not experience...... temporarily me who is very difficult to think of unable to find out anything to supplement actually.” 林雪摩挲着记事本封皮,回味着这些天看到的内容:“而且,其中有许多细节,都是我不实际经历很难想到的……暂时我也想不出什么可以补充的地方。” Lin Xue thinks it over, discovered that the set of life system of Mu You present, seems the optimal solution of single condition here life. 林雪思来想去,发现沐游现在的这套生活体系,似乎已经是单人状态在这里生活的最优解。 But this, I still only insisted even less than hundred years...... the time prisoner's cage really lives up to reputation.” Mu You said with a sigh. “但就算这样,我也只坚持了不到百年……时间囚笼果然名不虚传。”沐游叹息道。 That is your situation, the words of two people, were completely different, survives in this myriad things static world, the most important factor is to make the change. But two people, the light is person and the spoken language of person exchanges, then can be born the infinite possibility.” “那是你一个人的情况,两个人的话,就完全不同了,在这片万物静止的世界中存活,最重要的因素就是制造变化。而两个人,光是人与人的言语交流,便可以诞生出无限的可能。” Lin Xue was saying, an tone revolution, the line of sight had swept Mu You quietly, wavers fast, long hair that two are holding appreciatively the chest front, if has referred said. 林雪说着顿了顿,语气一转,视线悄悄扫过沐游,又飞快游移开来,两手把玩着胸前的长发,若有所指的说。 In addition, the words of two people, usually can also make some...... a more interesting matter...... to take the adjustment......” “此外,两个人的话,平时还可以做一些……更有趣的事……来作为调剂……” More interesting matter......” “更有趣的事……” Mu You meditated, looks at opposite young girl, swallowed a saliva: „Do you refer to?” 沐游默念了一遍,看着对面的少女,咽了口唾沫:“你是指?” For example...... takes advantage of this opportunity, our two, together......” “比如……趁这个机会,我们两个,一起……” „...... Studies stops the rule together, how?” Before Lin Xue, half a word hesitates, latter half a word suddenly proper face. “……一起研究一下止界的规则,如何?”林雪前半句犹犹豫豫,后半句忽然正经脸。 „......” “……” What's wrong? You how probably very disappointed appearance?” Lin Xue tilts the head to look, some appearances of doubts. “怎么了?你怎么好像很失望的样子?”林雪歪头看过来,有些疑惑的样子。 „, It‘s nothing......” “咳,没什么……” The Mu You hollow laugh, he acknowledged, Lin Xue this little ambiguous words, coordinated her manner a moment ago again, succeeded made him crooked. 沐游干笑了一下,他承认,林雪刚才这句有点暧昧的话,再配合她的举止,成功的让他想歪了。 At this time he must rejoice Lin Xue in this has not read the plan, otherwise must be awkward. 此时他得庆幸在这里面林雪没有读心术,不然得多尴尬。 Stops rule, I have certainly to study......” “止界的规则,我当然也是有研究过的……” Some notes that before Mu You sets out the book shelf to turn looks, conveniently records. 沐游起身去书柜翻找以前随手记的一些笔记。 Has not actually noticed, rear Lin Xue looks the back that he leaves embarrassed, spits the tongue, shows a cunning happy expression. 却没有注意到,后方林雪看着他窘迫离开的背影,吐了吐舌头,露出一个狡黠的笑意。 Stops the rule they are not strange, but the time prisoner's cage is not the strict sense stops, here time is actually flowing at an extremely slow speed, therefore the rule can also with proper stops is different. 止界的规则他们俩并不陌生,但时间囚笼并不是严格意义的止界,这里的时间其实在以一个极其缓慢的速度流动着,因此规则也会和正经的止界有所不同。 For example all related to the installment of electricity, is unable here by them resurrecting, but mechanism actually, so long as is not too greatly the too complex instrument, after their direct contact, then restores to revolve. 比如所有涉及电的装置,在这里都无法被他们‘复活’,而机械装置却可以,只要不是太大太复杂的器械,与他们直接接触后,即可恢复运转。 With the help of Lin Xue, two people tested more careful rules quickly: For example most chemical reactions, will not become effective here, but also some transient responses are the exceptions. 林雪的帮助下,两人很快实验出了更多更细致的规律:比如大部分化学反应,在这里不会生效,但也有极少数瞬时反应是例外。 For example the power-driven device is unable to light again here, flame that but can burn with this world, ignition matches or wooden club type of actual combustible substance. 再比如火机在这里无法点燃,但可以用这个世界正在燃烧的火苗,引燃火柴或者木棍这种实际可燃物。 Simultaneously all combustion, must, when they will conduct close to combustion, when can only be one group by the flame that stops, the disciple has its, will not send out the heat. 同时所有的燃烧,也必须在他们靠近燃烧物的时候才会进行,否则只会是一团被时停的火焰,徒有其型,不会散发热量。 In addition is to their research. 此外就是对他们自身的研究。 The goods and static person of this world, after being destroyed, is unable to recover, but their two actually. 这个世界的物品和静止的人,被破坏后都是无法复原的,但他们两个却可以。 If they are injured, according to the injury grave circumstance, the wound several seconds to one hour will recover in slowly, the injury of even if being on the verge of death, can still quickly restore such as beginning. 如果他们受了伤,根据伤势严重情况,伤口会在几秒钟到一个小时内慢慢复原,即便是濒死的伤势,也可以很快恢复如初。 Therefore in this world, commits suicide with the method of physics is not possible, here cause of death nervous breakdown, was then dispelled this type by the prisoner's cage rule. 所以在这个世界,用物理的方法自尽是不可能的,这里的死法只有精神崩溃,然后被囚笼规则消解这一种。 Is doing to study this aspect, Lin Xue many that Mu You is more specialized. 在做研究这方面,林雪沐游专业的多。 Short three days, two people had then tried to find out the rule of this place near perfect, discovered before many Mu You, has not paid attention to detail rule, and developed some good usages. 短短三天,两人便已经将这地方的规则摸索了个八九不离十,发现了不少沐游之前没注意过的细节规则,并且开发出了一些不错的用法。 In brief, the arrival of Lin Xue, was the Mu You arid life brought about the extremely numerous changes, since Lin Xue appeared, that void then did not appear again, every day as if some novel things waited for him to be done. 总之,林雪的到来,为沐游原本枯燥的生活带来了极多的变化,自从林雪出现,那种空虚感便再未出现,每天似乎都有许多新奇的事情等着他去做。 little building of Lin Xue by Mu You lived, a building repair, transforms the residence style that oneself like. 林雪沐游家旁边的小楼住了下来,将楼房一番装修,改造成自己喜欢的居所样式。 Two people started to stop the life as neighbor. 两人就此以邻居的身份开始了止界生活。 Two people calibrated the clock and watch time, every day in the morning on time gets out of bed, the breakfast, then goes out respectively, is itself to like or plan the good matter, for example studies and goes to the city to collect the serviceable property and cleaning up home scrap wait/etc. 两人校准了钟表时间,每天‘清晨’按时起床,早餐,然后各自外出,做自己喜欢或规划好的事,比如读书、去城市中收集可用物资、清理生活垃圾等等。 In this world, the artificial changed all things are unable to recover, therefore usually presented the trash to want first to process, otherwise the entire city will become chaotic one piece quickly. 在这个世界,被人为改变的一切事物都是无法复原的,所以平时出现了垃圾要第一时间处理掉,否则整个城市很快就会变得乱糟糟一片。 A comfortable neat environment, helps stabilize their moods. 一个舒适整洁的居住环境,同样有助于稳定他们的心情。 Two people hardly have too many exchanges during the daytime, rarely disturbs each other matter. 两人白天几乎不存在太多的交流,也很少打扰彼此的事情。 When at night, two people in downstairs open-air restaurant set, will prepare the dinner every day together, and in a dinner time share each other day of experience. 只有在每天‘夜晚’的时候,两人会在楼下的露天餐厅集合,共同准备晚餐,并在晚饭时间分享彼此一天的经历。 This day after day, one year passed quickly, two people were used to here life gradually, was used to each other existence. 就这样日复一日,一年的时间很快度过,两人都渐渐习惯了这里的生活,也习惯了彼此的存在。 In addition, but also a little makes Mu You pleasantly surprised very much: As Lin Xue joins to stop, the whole world may read the books quantity to increase dramatically. 此外,还有一点很让沐游惊喜:随着林雪加入止界,整个世界的可阅读书籍数量大幅增加。 The Lin Xue usual reading and knowledge reserve quantity, is much bigger than Mu You, the reading range is to make him stares dumbfounded, astronomical geography, chemistry medicine, mechanical physics, even the flowers and plants bonsai, the costume design and so on assorted divisions/disciplines, she has browsed. 林雪平时的阅读量和知识储备量,都比沐游大得多,阅读范围更是令他瞠目结舌,天文地理,化学医药,机械物理,甚至花卉盆栽,服装设计等等杂七杂八的学科,她都有所涉猎。 It can be said that a Lin Xue person then brought a library for this city, inside overwhelming majority are Mu You has not looked at the contents, the light is these books, then enough makes him kill the quite long time. 可以说,林雪一个人便为这座城市带来了一座图书馆,里面绝大部分都是沐游没看过的内容,光是这些书籍,便足够让他消磨掉相当长的时间。 Two people days such ordinary is crossing, like one bowl of clear water, light also brings several points of sweetness. 两人的日子就这么平淡无奇的过着,如同一碗清水,平淡中却又带着几分甘甜。 A year...... 一年…… Two years...... 两年…… Three years...... 三年…… ...... …… In long-term being together, two people detected slowly, their unexpected being in harmony: Two people are the sane and mature person, the mood are stable, even if had the friction occasionally, can still restrain mutually, each other makes concessions, therefore has almost not presented any big contradiction. 长期的相处中,两人都慢慢察觉,他们的性格意外的合拍:两人都算是理智而成熟的人,情绪稳定,就算偶尔有了摩擦,也都能互相克制,彼此退让,所以几乎没有出现过什么大的矛盾。 Simultaneously the long time is similar to the clear spring, has washed two people mind, in two people personality is only the crevice , the washed out each other circle melts, flawless. 同时漫长的时间如同清泉,洗涤过两人的心灵,两人性格上仅有的一些裂隙,也被冲刷的彼此圆融,天衣无缝。 Gradually, the relations of Mu You feeling and Lin Xue become subtle, two people press close neighbor's relations to live as before, except for sooner or later regards, will not disturb, mutual non-interference, each other left fully the private, when two people lived alone, has never had anything contact. 渐渐的,沐游感觉和林雪的关系变得微妙起来,两人依旧按近邻的关系生活着,除了早晚的一些问候,互不打扰,互不干涉,给彼此留足了私人空间,两人独处时,也从未有过什么过界的接触。 But Mu You will actually often feel, if from the angle of view of bystander, they are more like a pair of sentiment to sublimate to the given up affectation old couple now, a lot they have not even needed to say a word the exchange, a look movement, then can understand the demand of opposite party. 沐游却时常会感觉,如果从外人的视角看,他们现在更像是一对感情升华到已经返璞归真的老夫妻,很多事情他们甚至已经无需言语交流,一个眼神一个动作,便能理解对方的需求。 He believes that some Lin Xue also similar feelings, a dim mood, takes root in two people of hearts gradually, but two people as if by prior agreement has not brought to light it, whatever it germinates the growth in the heart, in the surface is still maintaining old friend's relations. 他相信林雪也有类似的感觉,一种朦朦胧胧的情绪,在两人心中渐渐生根,但是两人都不约而同的没有挑明它,任由其在心底发芽生长,表面上依然维持着老朋友的关系。 The time has delimited like the running water. 时间如流水般划过。 Five years...... 五年…… Ten years...... 十年…… 30 years...... 三十年…… ...... …… The relations how to be in harmony again, maintained irrevocably the entire 30 years, two people also finally start to feel bored. 再怎么合拍的关系,一成不变的维持了整整三十年,两人也终于开始感觉到无聊了。 Until one day, Lin Xue took the lead to break this tranquility. 直到某一天,林雪率先打破了这种平静。 On this day in the evening, two people dine before the table as usual, Mu You as usual, was telling with Lin Xue story that yesterday just compiled. 这天‘傍晚’,两人照例在餐桌前就餐,沐游像往常一样,和林雪讲述着昨天刚编写的小故事。 This is two people one year ago one new pleasure that discovers, two people then write some stories or the novels once in a while respectively, then shares to give each other. 这是两人一年前发现的一种新乐趣,每隔一段时间两人便各自写一些故事或者小说,然后分享给彼此。 In narration sound that in Mu You smiles pale, Lin Xue is bored to death, the knife and fork is provoking a beef steak in plate, beyond the patrolling day. 沐游淡笑的讲述声中,林雪百无聊赖,刀叉拨弄着盘中的一块牛排,神游天外。 When narration of Mu You comes to the end, when is one's turn the Lin Xue speech, Lin Xue holds the chin suddenly, looks at Mu You, the unexpected happening asked a he unexpected question: „Do you have, have lifted other girls' skirts?” 沐游的讲述告一段落,轮到林雪发言时,林雪忽然托着下巴,看着沐游,鬼使神差的问了他一个猝不及防的问题:“你有没有,掀过其他女孩的裙子?” The Mu You complexion slightly was strange, he knows in the Lin Xue mouth girl, refers to stopping these by the time static female. 沐游脸色略微古怪了一下,他知道林雪口中的‘女孩’,指的是止界中那些正被时间静止的女性。 Mu You quick tranquil shaking the head: No.” 沐游很快平静的摇头:“没有。” Really no?” “真没有?” Lin Xue looks the doubt. Absolutely does not have the regulatory and restraint world in such a, on the avenue the innumerable beautiful women lets Monarch to pick, is very difficult to imagine has the man to bear this seduction for a long time, over a hundred years never cross the border. 林雪面露狐疑。在这样一个完全没有监管和约束的世界,大街上无数美女任君采撷,很难想象有男人能长期忍住这种诱惑,上百年从未越界。 No.” “没有。” Mu You shakes the head confidently, this really does not have, he has honorable gentleman how actually not, but is he understands, indulging the lust is the first step that the mind degenerates. 沐游坦然摇头,这个是真没有,倒不是他有多么正人君子,而是他明白,放纵色欲是心灵堕落的第一步。 Stops handles this matter seemingly to have no consequence, but every time under accumulation certain guilty conscience in heart. 止界中做这种事情看似没有任何后果,但每一次都会在心中积累下一定的负罪感。 But this matter looks like the narcotics to be common, so long as begins, is very difficult for day of stop, even if the guilty conscience each time slightly may not check, accumulates, will turn into one to crash the mind sooner or later sufficiently the strength. 而这种事又像毒品一般,只要开了头,就很难有停止的一天,哪怕每次的负罪感微不可查,积累起来,也迟早会变成一股足以压垮心灵的力量。 Therefore Mu You from entering stops starts, has been restraining own various evil thoughts strictly, as far as possible throughout maintains by oneself at a low desire Buddha is under the condition. 所以沐游从进入止界开始,就一直在严格克制着自己的各种邪念,尽量让自己始终保持在一种低欲望的佛系状态下。 Guilty conscience......” Lin Xue is playing with food, thinking aloud, no longer closely examines. “负罪感么……”林雪玩弄着食物,自言自语着,不再追问。 Mu You looked under the watch at this time: Time arrived, good today to come here.” 沐游这时看了下手表:“时间到了,好了今天就到这里吧。” 8 : 00 pm, is the going home relaxation time that respectively they stipulate. 晚 8 点,是他们规定的各自回家休息时间。 Ripe two people wind tidied up the tableware, reorganizes cleanly the table, the trash pack is good, each other after saying good night, then walks toward two sides in respectively. 两人熟络的收拾了碗筷,将餐桌整理干净,垃圾打包好,彼此道了晚安后,便各自朝两边家中走去。 Mu You arrives at the pet shop entrance, just opened the door, suddenly feels anything, turn head looks. 沐游来到宠物店门口,刚刚推开门,忽然感觉到什么,回头一看。 Lin Xue is following in him behind, lowers the head, is drawing his lower hem corner single-handedly. 林雪正跟在他身后,低着头,一手拉着他的衣角。 Little Xue?” 小雪?” „Do you think that...... has a look really......” “那你想不想……看看真的……” Lin Xue lowers the head, the bangs blocked the face, but Mu You penetrates a round of tree top the slit, saw by Lin Xue the dark red root of the ear. 林雪低着头,刘海挡住了脸,但沐游还是透过发梢的缝隙,看到了林雪两边殷红的耳根。 Un?” Mu You has not a little understood for a while. “嗯?”沐游一时还有点没明白。 In the situation in soliciting the bride's side agreeing with...... on...... will not have the guilty conscience......” Lin Xue saying that sound getting smaller. “在征得女方同意的情况下……就……不会有负罪感了吧……”林雪说着,声音越来越小。 If not periphery is peaceful enough, after Mu You possibly cannot hear clearly, half a word. 如果不是周围够安静,沐游可能根本听不清后半句。 „......” Mu You looks at Lin Xue. “……”沐游怔怔的看着林雪 Among two people silent, the surroundings fall the needle to hear, instead even more complements the breath and heartbeat that two people aggravated simultaneously. 两人之间沉默了下来,周围落针可闻,反而愈发映衬出了两人同时加重的呼吸和心跳声。 In atmosphere of fluttering flags, Mu You put out a hand suddenly, grabbed the hand of Lin Xue. 一阵旖旎的气氛中,沐游忽然伸手,抓住了林雪的手。 The hand of Lin Xue trembled, has not actually rejected, to the strength of this hand, led into her the room. 林雪的手颤了一下,却没有拒绝,任由这只手的力量,将她带入了屋内。 The front door closes immediately...... 屋门随即关上……
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