TTAGITP :: Volume #8

#733: Stops past events ( 3 ) to ask, but can not the thing

In the morning, Mu You was awakened by noise by the watch orderly tick. 清晨,沐游被手表有规律的滴答声吵醒。 Opens eyes, the dazzling ray throws, the weather of this world forever is high noon. 睁眼,刺眼的光线投来,这个世界的天色永远是正午。 Front cotton-wadded quilt sticks out one group, as his arm moves, inside resounds a protest ying to warn immediately. 面前的棉被隆起一团,随着他手臂移动,里面立即响起一声抗议的嘤咛。 Mu You lifts by the mouth, a pleasantly warm tender body is rolling up in his crook of the elbow, the breath is long, like only sleeps soundly the kitten, slightly disorderly long hair hanging loose recklessly before two people, sent the tree top the delicate fragrance to transmit, making his mind ripple. 沐游掀开被口,一具温软娇躯正蜷缩在他的臂弯里,呼吸悠长,像只熟睡中的小猫,略显凌乱的长发肆意的披散在两人身前,发梢的清香传来,令他心神又荡漾了一下。 Mu You caresses in the bosom lightly the flesh of person, in the heart is raising a feeling of satisfaction. 沐游轻抚着怀中人的肌肤,心中升起一股满足感。 Last night two people were not the spur-of-the-moment fervor, but after has experienced the long years, the successful emotion revealed. 昨夜两人并不是一时冲动的激情,而是经历过漫长岁月后,水到渠成的情感表露。 Two people originally by the somewhat exhausted soul that the time suffers , the weary condition in that night blending completely goes, glowed the new student/life. 两人原本被时光折磨的有些疲惫的灵魂,也都在这一夜的交融中疲态尽去,焕发了新生。 To Mu You, 30 years ago awakens Lin Xue, is his energetic rebirth, but now two people confirm the relations with practical action , a time is thorougher new student/life. 沐游来说,三十年前唤醒林雪,是他的一次精神重生,而现在两人用实际行动确认了关系,又是一次更加彻底的新生。 After today, no matter to the following life, is to each other attitude, all will be different, this novelty, is this forever in the irrevocable world the scarcest thing. 今天之后,不管是对接下来的生活,还是对彼此的态度,一切都将大不一样,这种新奇感,是这个永远一成不变的世界里最稀缺的东西。 ......” “唔……” Lin Xue seemed to be awakened by his petty action, is yawning comes soberly, raises head to look to Mu You, actually to the line of sight that on he stares, complexion one red: What's wrong, looks at me like this?” 林雪似乎被他的小动作惊醒,打着呵欠清醒过来,仰头看向沐游,却正对上他直勾勾的视线,不由脸色一红:“怎么了,这样子看着我?” Mu You shakes the head to say with a smile: It‘s nothing, but some have not thought that you yesterday suddenly initiative......” 沐游摇了摇头笑道:“没什么,只是有些没想到,你昨天会忽然主动……” Mentioned this, Lin Xue as if suddenly had some resentment, pinched on his arm, the tip of the nose wrinkled slightly, rebuked saying: „Does your fool, you know, the woman has boiled, will be cooked down the bittern...... I look at you am intentionally!” 说起这个,林雪似乎突然有了些怨气,在他的胳膊上掐了一把,鼻头微微皱起,嗔怪道:“你这个呆瓜,你知不知道,女人一直熬,也是会被熬成卤水的啊……我看你就是故意的!” What is intentionally?” Mu You has not a little understood. “什么是故意的?”沐游有点没明白。 Also plays the fool? 30 years, I will keep the gate to you every night, but you never know that the driving time...... does not have the means that has I initiative......” Lin Xue to say. “还装傻?三十年了,我每晚都会给你留门,可你从来不知道主动一次……没办法,只好我主动了……”林雪说。 Mu You hears word very delay several seconds. 沐游闻言很是呆滞了数秒。 These years he indeed in the relaxation time, noticed that frequently the Lin Xue main house gate is opening wide, even if closed/pass is still only unlatched, would keeping some slits. 这些年他的确经常在休息时间,看到林雪家门敞开着,即使关了也只是虚掩,总会留些缝隙。 However this world does not have others, only then their two, closing without the difference, Mu You , there would be no to care. 不过这个世界也没别人,只有他们两个,关不关门的没有区别,沐游也就没在意。 Only then, he is suddenly enlighted: „, That is the gate that you keep intentionally, I also think......” 直到此时,他才恍然大悟:“哦,原来那是你故意留的门,我还以为……” What do you think?” Lin Xue looks curiously. “你以为什么?”林雪好奇看过来。 I think that is you in the expression to my trust......” “我以为,那是你在表达对我的信任……” „......” “……” Even Lin Xue, share that at this time only then had nothing to say in reply. 即便是林雪,此时只有无言以对的份儿。 I do not do! In any case is your mistake, was you harms me to wait painstakingly for 30 years, you must compensate well! Over the following one day, no, one week, do not want to leave this room......” “我不管!反正是你的错,是你害我苦等了三十年,你要好好补偿!接下来的一天,不,一周,你都别想离开这间屋子……” ...... …… A week later. 一周后。 The window of room was opened by Mu You, the beautiful sunlight projects in the room again. 房间的窗户被沐游打开,明媚的阳光再次投射进屋内。 Mu You is stretching oneself to the sunlight, only feels refreshing, originally the limbs and physical strength of some sour bulges rapidly are restoring. 沐游对着阳光伸了个懒腰,只感觉神清气爽,原本有些酸胀的肢体和气力都在快速恢复。 In this world, the person conducts some high-intensity practical training continuously is will also be tired, but is similar to the injured self-recovery, stamina of practical training consumption in a short time will also restore. 在这个世界,人连续进行一些高强度劳作也是会累的,不过和受伤自愈类似,劳作消耗的体力也会在很短时间内恢复。 Lin Xue sits before the rear dressing table, is handling the makeup to accommodate to the mirror. 林雪坐在后方的梳妆台前,对着镜子打理妆容。 This week two people anything proper business has not done, the original program arranged to be thrown by them one side, rare had a false to oneself. 这一周两人什么正事都没做,原本的日程安排被他们抛到了一边,难得的给自己放了个假。 Naturally is not harvestless, at least two personal testimonies understand, in this world, even if excessive does not control, the body will not be in debt...... 当然也不是毫无收获,至少两人证明了,在这个世界就算过度的不加节制,身体也不会亏空…… Initially tastes the forbidden fruit, two people somewhat get a taste of blood, but two people eventually are the sane people, restrained the desire of developing promptly. 初尝禁果,两人都有些食髓知味,但两人终究都是理智的人,及时克制住了滋长的欲望。 After having indulged one, then naturally returned to the normal rhythm of life, every day getting out of bed of rule, work, exchange, rest. 放纵过一番后,便自然的回归了正常的生活节奏,每天规律的起床,工作,交流,休息。 But before what is different, daytime time they will not separate again, does own matter respectively, but always sticking in the same place, no longer evades each other, the work of all people, turned into two people. 但和以前不同的是,白天的时候他们不会再分开,各自做自己的事,而是无时不刻的黏在一起,不再避讳彼此,所有一个人的工作,都变成了两个人。 On the desk, Mu You crossed the page in hand, looks at side by his shoulder, must pull Lin Xue that his crook of the elbow is willing to read, smiles. 书桌上,沐游翻过手中的书页,看着身旁头靠在他肩上,一定要挽着他臂弯才肯看书的林雪,不由笑了笑。 Lin Xue detected immediately, raised the head white his eyes: What's wrong? Suddenly laughs foolishly......” 林雪立即察觉,抬头白了他一眼:“怎么了?突然又傻笑……” It‘s nothing, felt suddenly, you and in the imagination were not quite same......” Mu You to say. “没什么,就是忽然感觉,你和想象中不太一样呢……”沐游说。 Where different?” Lin Xue is curious. “哪里不一样?”林雪好奇。 Originally thinks, you will be more independent aloof some, even if with the intimate person, will still want to maintain some privates, but......” Mu You is in fact saying, looks body that the eye two people stuck. “本来以为,你会更独立更高冷一些,即便和亲近的人,也会希望保持一些私人空间,但实际上……”沐游说着,看了眼两人紧贴的身体。 To be honest, Lin Xue these days performance really surprised him, originally was grim goddess Fan's Lin Xue, confirmed after the relations, suddenly became the timid young girl inspiring tenderness , when was together the initiative and warm that displayed, making Mu You some not adapt for a while, probably wished one could for day 24 hours to paste on him. 老实说,林雪这几天的表现真让他挺意外,本来一直是冷面女神范的林雪,确认关系后忽然就变得十分小鸟依人,相处时所表现出的主动和热情,让沐游一时都有些不适应,好像恨不得一天24小时贴在他身上。 Lin Xue hears word hesitant, said: „Do you want to listen to the truth?” 林雪闻言犹豫了一下,才道:“你想听实话吗?” Naturally.” Mu You nods. “当然。”沐游点头。 Truth is, actually I am such person, I who you usually see, is only I in year to year growth environment, the routine camouflage that fosters, real I actually like relying on others, likes acting like a spoiled brat , many concubine thoughts, will be jealous will be sensitive, hopes the person attention of liking stays on oneself forever......, but this real I, when facing very close person, the convention reveal comes out, here is intimate, even my parents and Little Hai they are unqualified, in the past only then before the paternal grandmother, I can development of nature. Has real side.” “实话是,其实我本来就是这样的人,你平时看到的我,只是我在常年的成长环境中,所养成的习惯性伪装,真实的我其实非常喜欢依赖他人,喜欢撒娇,也有很多小女人心思,会吃醋会敏感,会希望喜欢的人注意力永远停留在自己身上……但这个真实的我,只有在面对非常亲密的人的时候,才会展露出来,这里的‘非常亲密’,甚至连我父母和小海他们都不够格,过去只有在奶奶面前,我才能自然的展现出真实的一面。” But now, can make me show really my person also to be many......” the Lin Xue one breath saying that looks to Mu You. “但现在,能让我展现真我的人又多了一个……”林雪一口气说完,看向沐游 „......” Mu You has heard to be startled at this time. “……”沐游此时已经听得怔住。 Looks at Mu You to look at dumbly the lost appearance, Lin Xue asks carefully: „Do you...... will think that I am very troublesome?” 看着沐游呆立出神的样子,林雪小心问道:“你……会不会觉得我很麻烦?” Naturally cannot......” “当然不会……” Mu You recovers, shakes the head with a smile, a kiss on her forehead. 沐游回过神来,笑着摇了摇头,在她额头上一吻。 „...... Rather liked.” “……不如说更喜欢了。” ...... …… Stops the life is continuing, is tranquil and sweet. 止界的生活继续着,平静而甘甜。 Two people later have not stayed together directly, maintains is living apart the condition as before, because two people discussed, believes, the matter of men and women was too frequent was not good, was very easy to indulge. 两人之后并未直接住在一起,依旧保持着分居状态,因为两人商量后都认为,男女之事太频繁了也不好,很容易让人沉溺其中。 Must know the desire the threshold value, once promotes, is very difficult to drop again, but has to acknowledge, the happiness of physical body, the person who with most loves together, is the joyful experience of highest rank in this world. 要知道欲望的阈值一旦提升,就很难再回落,而不得不承认,肉体的欢愉,还是和最爱的人一起,在这个世界属于最高等级的快乐体验。 Therefore needs to restrain, otherwise was used to this feeling, handles other things becomes insipid. 因此更需要克制,否则习惯了这种感觉,做其他一切事情都会变得索然无味。 Two people discussed, finally decided, in January/one month lives together to arrive twice, treats as the reward this matter, usually is little crosses the border as far as possible. 两人商量后最终决定,一月同居一到两次,将这种事情当做奖励,平时还是尽量少越界。 As no matter how, the change that two people relate, life suddenly no longer tasteless, some arid thing, now also became delightful. 不管如何,随着两人关系的改变,生活忽然不再乏味,一些本来很枯燥的事物,如今也变得甜美了起来。 The time passes day-by-day slowly, sometimes Mu You will even feel, such day actually does not go bad. 时间一天天慢慢流逝,有时候沐游甚至会觉得,这样的日子其实也不坏。 Treats in this static world, the person who only then he and Lin Xue two people, most loves in the side, does not need to care about others' vision, does not have the pressure of reality, without the birth and death worry, two people can hold hands to walk out of the door at any time, goes to any them to go to the place that such day, pass that let alone in 5000, 50,000 years, as if he can still endure gladly even. 就这么待在这片静止的世界里,只有他和林雪两个人,最爱的人就在身边,不用在意别人的眼光,也没有现实的压力,没有生老病死的烦恼,两人可以随时牵着手走出家门,去任何他们想去的地方,这样的日子,别说五千年,就算是五万年,似乎他也可以甘之如饴的度过。 Naturally, Mu You knows that definitely so will not be actually smooth. 当然,沐游知道实际肯定不会这么顺利。 The time can dilute all, including love. 时间可以冲淡一切,也包括爱情。 Now they just establish the relations, all also in new time, but the love also has the tired time, three years of pain, seven-year itch anything. 现在他们只是刚刚确立关系,一切都还在新鲜期,但爱情也是有倦怠期的,三年之痛,七年之痒什么的。 Mu You does not dare saying that he and Lin Xue will not go through these periods completely, only wants really to have the words of tired time, can be slightly gentler, making two people have the space to deal. 沐游不敢说他和林雪就完全不会经历这些时期,只希望真有倦怠期的话,能稍微平和一些,让两人有空间应对。 During this disturbed waiting, they live is continuing as usual. 就在这种略带忐忑的等待之中,两人生活照常继续着。 A year...... 一年…… Two years...... 两年…… Ten years...... 十年…… 100 years...... 一百年…… ...... …… The time is passing at the unobservable speed, suddenly, is Mu You enters stops the 403 rd year. 时间以难以察觉的速度流逝着,眨眼间,已经是沐游进入止界的第403年。 Removes that 76 years that Mu You started to pass alone, two people also had lived together for more than 320 years in this, but does not know that was because two people was too calm, in imagination tired time, has not arrived. 排除沐游开始独自度过的那76年,两人也已经在此共同生活了320多年,但也不知是不是因为两人情绪都太稳定了,想象中的‘倦怠期’,始终没有到来。 More than 300 years of being together, two people relations, not only does not have to be light, instead is even more intimate, to can contain all of opposite party intimately. 300多年的相处,两人的关系非但没有平淡下来,反而愈发亲密,亲密到可以包容对方的一切。 Arrived this stage, Mu You also felt relieved finally, two people personality enough is really in harmony evidently, will not have the common tired time. 到了这个阶段,沐游也终于放心下来,看样子两人性格真的足够合拍,不会有寻常的倦怠期。 But what makes Mu You not think, the tired time has not waited, actually first came an unexpected trouble. 但让沐游万万没想到的是,倦怠期没等来,却先来了一件意想不到的麻烦。 Mung bean soup how?” “绿豆汤怎么样?” In that morning, Mu You as usual prepared the breakfast before the table. 这天早上,沐游照常的在餐桌前准备早餐。 Un, good......” “嗯,好……” The Lin Xue smile nods, before walking the table, as usual naturally sits down, but in the smile that vague hesitation, has not actually escaped the eye of Mu You. 林雪微笑点头,走来餐桌前,像往常一样自然坐下,但微笑中那一丝隐晦的迟疑,却没有逃过沐游的眼睛。 What's wrong?” Mu You strange looks to Lin Xue. “怎么了?”沐游奇怪的看向林雪 Lin Xue hesitant, has not concealed: Mu You, I...... I was pregnant probably!” 林雪犹豫了一下,没有隐瞒:“沐游,我……我好像怀孕了!” Un?” “嗯?” Mu You hears word is startled, in the heart is completely vacant, is pregnant? Here? 沐游闻言一怔,心中满是茫然,怀孕?在这里? Stops in their body condition to be locking, how to be pregnant? By theory could not convince. 止界里他们的身体状态应该是锁定的,怎么可能怀孕?从原理上根本说不通啊。 Really......” “是真的……” The Lin Xue surface present anxious look, feels the lower abdomen: I can feel getting more and more obvious to...... this feeling recently......” 林雪面现愁容,摸着自己小腹:“我能感觉的到……最近这种感觉越来越明显……” Mu You quickly sits down by her, touches to her belly, finally had not naturally felt that has any change. 沐游急忙在她旁边坐下,也摸向她的肚子,结果自然是没感觉出任何变化。 Examines to be pregnant the stick, has tried?” “验孕棒,试过了么?” Tried, without response......, but that possibly is because, stops is unable to reappear the hormone antigen to respond that......” Lin Xue said. “试了,没有反应……但那可能是因为,止界里无法复现激素抗原反应……”林雪说。 Mu You also knits the brows, looked appearance that Lin Xue pretends to be serious, does not seem like the pure misconception. 沐游也不由皱眉,看林雪这么煞有介事的样子,不像是单纯的错觉。 But here electronic device is also unusable, they also do not have the strength, for a while has not really been able to determine that is really the false. 而这里电子设备又都不能用,他们又没有外界的力量,一时还真无法确定是真是假。 Over the following year, two people are watching the Lin Xue situation silently. 接下来的一年,两人都在默默关注林雪的情况。 The trend that what a pity one year later, the belly of Lin Xue has not increased, the appetite changes, the morning sickness responded that anything also never appears. 可惜一年下来,林雪的肚子始终没有变大的趋向,食量变化,孕吐反应什么也从未出现。 So observed for a year, two people basically determined, is pregnant anything obviously is only the misconception. 如此观察了一年,两人基本都确定了,怀孕什么的明显只是错觉。 No rush, the child would, after waiting, you want to live several us to live several......” Mu You to comfort somewhat disappointed Lin Xue. “别急,孩子总会有的,等出去以后,你想生几个我们就生几个……”沐游宽慰着有些失望的林雪 How long Lin Xue does not have to be sad, quickly restored the smile, and seizes the chance to entangle Mu You, forcing him to hand over several days of tax grains continuously. 林雪也没有伤心多久,很快恢复了笑颜,并趁机缠着沐游,逼迫他连续交了几天的公粮。 After sexual intercourse, two people mood also following calm after the storm, the life restored the past tranquility. 云雨过后,两人的心情也跟着雨过天晴,生活恢复了往日的平静。 The Mu You itself/Ben thinks that this matter passed. 沐游本以为这件事就这么过去了。 Until several days later, Mu You gets out of bed to go downstairs in the morning, sees Lin Xue to turn away from him to sit in the hall, in the hand seems to be embracing anything, thinking aloud in a soft voice. 直到几天后,沐游清晨起床下楼,就见林雪背对着他坐在大厅里,手中似乎怀抱着什么,正在轻声的自言自语。 Mu You strange approaching looked, is actually shocked immediately. 沐游奇怪的走近一看,却顿时愣住。 In the Lin Xue hand, is one is wrapped the baby in swaddling clothes unexpectedly, is maintaining is sleeping soundly the stance, falls into static. 林雪手中,竟是一个被包裹在襁褓中的婴儿,正保持着熟睡中的姿态,陷入静止。 Mu You, you came, comes to see quickly, our children.” On the Lin Xue face has the unusual affection happy expression, demonstrates the baby in bosom to him. 沐游,你来了,快来看看,我们的孩子。”林雪脸上带着异常慈爱的笑意,向他展示怀中的婴儿。 „......” “呃……” Mu You complexion strange, he knows certainly that this possibly is not the Lin Xue fresh child, but is she outside, does not know that which family/home holds baby —— that from this piece, like by the static baby is not being known has many. 沐游脸色古怪了一下,他当然知道这不可能是林雪生的孩子,而是她在外面,不知从哪家里抱来的婴儿——在这片止界里,像这样正被静止的婴儿不知道有多少。 What kind of? Lovable?” Lin Xue anticipates looks to him. “怎么样?可爱吧?”林雪期待的看向他。 Un, cute......” Mu You has to nod to echo. “嗯,可爱……”沐游只好点头附和。 Is a girl, the name I think that two, named bathe spirit, named bathe heart, you thought which is of pleasant to hear?” The Lin Xue gentle voice asked him. “是个女孩呢,名字我都想好了两个,一个叫沐灵,一个叫沐心,你觉得哪一个更好听?”林雪柔声问他。 That...... bathe heart.” Mu You smiled bitterly, finally chose coordinated her, only considered Little Xue to hoping for a year of child, asked one that but did not get mediated the way. “那就……沐心吧。”沐游苦笑了一下,最终还是选择了配合她,只当是小雪对期盼了一年的孩子,求而不得的一种排解方式。 The following time, two people life, turned into one three life. 接下来的时间,两人的生活,变成了一家‘三口’的生活。 This child as if one turned into Lin Xue pendant, where regardless on can bring, the daily work were also many several, for example goes to the major clothing stores to choose the children's clothing, every day is changing the pattern appearance to the daughter, for example again always enjoys is drawing Mu You, to the daughter the plan in the future, wrote all over several memoranda...... 这个孩子似乎一下变成了林雪身上的挂件,不论上哪儿都会带着,每天的工作也多了几项,比如去各大服装店挑选儿童服装,每天给女儿变着花样打扮,再比如乐此不疲的拉着沐游,给女儿规划未来,写满了好几个记事本…… At first Mu You has also coordinated Lin Xue patiently, is thinking and other this fosters the pleasure to abate, naturally can return to the life. 起初沐游还一直耐心配合林雪,想着等她这股养成乐趣消退,自然会回归生活。 However over time, is dozens years passes in a flash, in this period Lin Xue not only had no interest retrogression, instead wallowing even more parent-child acted game in this, every day fulfilled duty acts mother's character that fulfilled responsibility, but he has also been acted as the father by drawing. 然而随着时间推移,一晃便是几十年过去,期间林雪非但没有消退兴趣,反而越发的沉迷于这场‘亲子扮演游戏’,每天尽职尽责的扮演一个母亲的角色,而他也被拉着一直充当父亲。 Then Mu You finally starts to feel not quite right. 这下沐游终于开始感觉到不太对了。 However long time, he has not pierced hesitant finally. 不过犹豫多日,他最终还是没有戳穿。 Mu You can understand the Lin Xue feeling indistinctly. 沐游隐约还是能理解林雪感受的。 Two people relations are even more fiery in these years being constantly together, now has arrived at a bottleneck, then according to the normal flow, they need by the pure lover, to transform into the father mother, can complete the sublimation of relations , to continue to go forward on the path of life. 两人的关系在这些年的朝夕相处中愈发火热,如今已经走到了一个瓶颈,接下来按正常流程,他们需要由单纯的情侣,转变为父亲母亲,才能完成关系的升华,继续在人生的道路上前进。 But this process, was actually stopped stops. 但这个过程,却被止界生生截停了。 In stopping they are impossible to give birth to the child, means that their relations were deadlocked in this upper limit. But two people energetic demands will actually not stop there, will also constantly accumulate with the lapse of time. 在止界中他们不可能生出孩子,也就意味着他们的关系被锁死在了这个上限。但两人的精神需求却不会就此停止,还会随着时间的推移不断积累下去。 Before Lin Xue to the seeing things of pregnancy, was expects one manifestation of pinnacle from the child probably. 之前林雪对怀孕的幻视,大概就是对孩子期望到极致的一种体现。 The demand cannot obtain to satisfy for a long time, the spirit is as easy to be demolished. If such character acts now, can make Lin Xue feel better, Mu You is also willing to accompany her to develop. 需求长期得不到满足,精神同样容易被摧垮。而如果现在这样的角色扮演,就能让林雪好受一些,沐游也愿意陪她演下去。
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