TTAGITP :: Volume #8

#739: Stops the past events( end) welcome to come back

Before extending the forest of thousand li (500 km), the group's extreme speed from the plain of distant place fly, is under a blonde man's leadership, files, vanishes in the forest and plain common border. 延绵千里的森林之前,一行人从远方的平原上极速飞来,在为首一名金发男子的带领下,鱼贯而入,消失在森林与平原的交界。 „The B region surveys, safe!” “B区域探测完毕,安全!” Zone E does not have the issue......” “E区也没问题……” ...... …… After a half hour, listens sound that in communication is resounding in turn, blonde man in front void. 半小时后,听着通讯器中依次响起的声音,金发男子在面前虚空一点。 A float broken hidden appears in the mechanical helmet of midair, spreads the familiar mechanical sound: Will not be wrong, according to searching of space instrumentation decides, the final space and time wave length vanishes in this nearby.” 一具漂浮在半空的机械头盔破隐显现,其中传出熟悉的机械音:“不会错,根据空间检测仪的探定,最后的时空波长正是在这附近消失的。” In other words, that two people at this moment in this forest?” The emperors knit the brows to ask. “也就是说,那两个人此刻就在这片森林里?”天子皱眉问。 Yes, according to the time reckoning that the wave length vanishes, two people should not have the time to flee the forest.” “是的,按照波长消失的时间推算,两人应该还没有时间逃离森林。” Very good, everyone, acted as scheduled.” The emperors ordered in communication. “很好,所有人,按原计划行动。”天子在通讯器中下令。 Works with a sense of urgency...... mother pursued for a half year, this time must seize these two goods!” “都抓紧干活……妈的追了半年了,这次一定要逮住这两货!” The sound of devil and smile resounds from communication in turn. 恶魔和微笑的声音依次从通讯器中响起。 Everyone pays attention to be lower-key, here is the fairy domain, arranges the trap time, do not destroy the trees casually, will provoke the hatred of fairy.” “大家注意都低调些,这里是精灵的地盘,布置陷井的时候,不要随便破坏树木,会招惹到精灵的仇恨。” Four people of one group, should not be separated, has god skin is opening, no must guarantee that has Wind Discipline magic to prepare on hand at any time, once receives the Eva warning, immediately turns on the wind wall!” “四人一组,不要分开,有神皮的都开着,没有的也务必保证手边有风系魔法随时准备着,一旦接到艾娃警报,立即开启风墙!” Understood!” “明白!” Several hundred people of player teams responded, was busy at work in various forest places. 数百人的玩家队伍纷纷回应,在森林各处忙活了起来。 Words said how these two people did go into the fairy domain suddenly?” “话说,这两个人怎么突然跑到了精灵的地盘?” Who knows......” “谁知道……” ...... …… Two people assign good quest, is chatting, in communication resounds a pitiful yell suddenly. 两人分配好任务,正闲聊着,通讯器中忽然响起一声惨叫。 „......” “啊……” Does not wait for this to yell falls, is consecutively three sound resounding continuously. 不等这声大叫落下,又是连续三道声音此起彼伏的响起。 What's the matter?” The devil is busy at asking. “怎么回事?”恶魔忙问。 „The coordinates R area 145,265, four members encountered the enemy to attack, died at the scene!” Eva reports. “坐标R区145,265,四名成员遭遇敌人袭击,当场死亡!”艾娃汇报。 How possibly? Doesn't let your momentarily warning?” “怎么可能?不是让你随时警报么?” Combat zone has not presented the space and time wave length to respond that...... the enemy approached our members with other methods.” Eva said. “战斗区域并未出现时空波长反应……敌人是用其他手段靠近了我们的成员。”艾娃说。 Other methods?” The people are one startled, their group of people may be the fully-armed elites . Moreover the ability is highly supplementary, the general method will not be effective, can achieve at present this effect, only has the theocracy. “其他手段?”众人都是一惊,他们这批人可都是全副武装的精英,而且能力高度互补,一般的手段都是不会奏效,能达到眼下这种神不知鬼不觉的效果,唯有神权。 In other words, did the opposite party two people have the new theocracy these days? 也就是说,对方两人在这段时间又掌握了新的神权? On the scene is the elites, immediately realized, this enemy runs suddenly Forest of Fairies, is it possible that in view of their one time trap, wants to entice them to come, then instead kills their one wave to revenge using the difference of information? 在场都是精英,立即意识到,这次敌人忽然跑来精灵之森,莫非是针对他们的一次‘陷阱’,想勾引他们进来,然后利用信息差反杀他们一波报仇? Space and time responded that presented............ the opposite party situated in no man's land...... Eva's report to resound in the shift position again. “时空反应又出现了……位于无人区域……对方在转移位置……”艾娃的汇报再次响起。 All members, enter the defense pattern immediately, the battleline contract inward.” The emperors ordered toward communication, simultaneously turned on the god skin, full speed flushed away toward the accident position. “所有成员,立即进入防御模式,阵线向内收缩。”天子朝通讯器中下令,同时开启神皮,全速朝事发位置冲去。 The emperor calm voice of let the people intense mood metastable. 天子沉稳的声音让众人紧张的心情暂时安定了一些。 However next second, is several pitiful yells resounds one after another, mixture also has the sneering sound of men's together. 然而下一秒,又是接连几道惨叫响起,夹杂其中的还有一道男子的冷笑声。 Hehe, late!” “呵呵,晚了!” The forest edge somewhere, the Z traveler/ascetic looks at front tragic death four player corpses, gestures toward the red sleeve of distant place, is preparing to continue to go to the next place. 森林边缘某处,Z界行者看着面前惨死的四具玩家尸首,朝远处的红袖打了个手势,正准备继续前往下一处地点。 The flank sound raids together air-splitting suddenly. 侧方一道破空声骤然袭来。 The Z traveler/ascetic wrinkled under the eyebrow, has not cared, subconscious pressing down finger, surroundings time natural static. Z界行者皱了下眉,并未太在意,下意识的按下手指,周围时间自然的静止下来。 Stops opening, turning the head that the Z traveler/ascetic has victory in the hand, who wants first to have a look to dare to be initiative to sneak attack own petty people are. 止界开启,Z界行者胜券在握的转头,想要先看看胆敢主动过来偷袭自己的鼠辈是谁。 However has turned the head, greets his is actually the sickle blade edge that a not and time stagnates. 然而转过头,迎接他的却是一柄并未并时间凝滞的镰刀刀锋。 !” “噗!” The blade light flash, has left behind together the blood line before the Z traveler/ascetic neck, along with the blood spatters in all directions together, the soul of Z traveler/ascetic. 刀光闪过,在Z界行者颈前留下一道血线,随鲜血一同迸溅而出的,还有Z界行者的灵魂。 Opposite, the Lin Xue body surface, the god of death empty shadow the earliest possible time has reappeared, puts out a hand to pass over gently and swiftly the in the air that group of souls, swallows. 对面,林雪的体表,死神的虚影已经第一时间浮现,伸手掠过空中的那团灵魂,一口吞下。 Stops naturally relieves. 止界自然解除。 No!” “不!” The sad call of women's resounds, not far away detected that the incorrect red sleeve dashes about wildly to come, actually one step, can only look late helplessly husband's body loses the vitality, falls to the ground straightly. 女子的悲呼声响起,不远处察觉到不对的红袖狂奔而来,却还是晚了一步,只能眼睁睁看着丈夫的身体失去生机,直挺挺倒地。 The red sleeve delay on the spot, partly makes a sound cannot recover. 红袖呆滞原地,半响都没能回过神来。 After ten several seconds, she raised the head again, is staring at Lin Xue stubbornly, both eyes are red, the facial features become twist: I want you dead!” 十数秒后,她才再次抬头,死死盯着林雪,双目通红,面容变得扭曲:“我要你死!” The red sleeve grasps the god of death chains to clash toward Lin Xue. 红袖手持死神锁链朝林雪冲来。 Lin Xue is only static looks at her, similarly both hands gripped the sickle. 林雪则只是静静的看着她,同样双手握住了镰刀。 Stops actually opens in this time suddenly. 止界却在此时突然开启。 The red sleeve was stagnated in same place, falls into the time static, but in the abdomen that she sticks out a creeping motion, on the belly reveals a face of baby, lodges in left mound of red sleeve child reincarnation. 红袖被凝滞在原地,陷入时间静止,而她隆起的腹中一阵蠕动,肚皮上露出一张娃娃的人脸,正是寄宿于红袖孩子转生的左丘。 This face looks at opposite Lin Xue at this moment, actually shows the extremely panic-stricken look, the death of Z traveler/ascetic had made him understand anything a moment ago, where also dares to go forward to fight, quickly is controlling the angry controlled red sleeve, turns around to flee to go toward the distant place. 这张人脸此刻看着对面的林雪,却露出极其惊骇的神色,刚才Z界行者的死已经让他明白了什么,哪里还敢上前战斗,急忙操控着被愤怒支配的红袖,转身朝远处奔逃而去。 The red sleeve just left, front not far away had presented an oval-shape transmission opening. 红袖刚刚动身,前方不远处已经出现了一道椭圆形传送口。 But in the red sleeve will soon step into teleportation array, a blade edge pricked from the red sleeve behind, passed through her abdomen, the baby who will not have taken shape brought. 但就在红袖即将踏入传送阵之时,一柄刀锋从红袖身后刺入,贯穿了她的腹部,将其中尚未成型的婴儿带了出来。 The left mound whole body is the blood was been state-of-art in the sickle by the puncture, the facial features twist because of the pain, the whole body vitality dissipates quickly. 左丘浑身是血的被穿刺在镰刀尖端,面容因痛苦而扭曲,浑身生机很快消散。 At the point of death before, looks below unemotional woman, in his heart is also maintaining the final question: Why, this place appearance time observer...... 临死之前,看着下方面无表情的女人,他心中还保持着最后的疑问:为什么,这个地方会出现时间观测者…… ...... …… What? You said that the fight had ended?” “什么?你说战斗已经结束?” Yes, presented another group of players on the spot, the opposite party should ambush ahead of schedule again, in a short time second killed two a moment ago...... not, was three enemies.” “是的,现场出现了另一批玩家,对方应该是提早埋伏再次,刚才在很短时间内秒杀了两名……不,是三名敌人。” „......” “……” ...... …… Is listening to communication Eva's report, one group of people who the emperor and monarchial power god give, catch up quickly from the four sides eight law, the crime scene will assemble. 听着通讯器中艾娃的汇报,天子和君权神授的一群人,很快从四面八法赶来,将案发现场围聚了起来。 But just an appearance, the people saw the ground three corpses, a man and a woman baby, in which woman abdomen open wide, in the abdomen the embryo vanishes into thin air, but the woman whole body dies of old age probably fast general, turned into the white-haired whole body withered old person, bringing extreme being unwilling with die panic-stricken. 而刚一到场,众人就看到地上的三具尸体,一男一女一婴儿,其中的女人腹部洞开,腹中胎儿不翼而飞,而女人浑身则像是快速老去一般,变成了满头白发浑身枯槁的老人,带着极度的不甘和惊恐死去。 This moment people actually have no free time to pay attention to these three corpses, but is critical situation looks keenly in the field only also to stand the person's shadow. 此刻众人却没空理会这三具尸体,而是都如临大敌的紧盯着场中唯一一个还站着的人影。 That is a body draping a red band robe, grasps the woman of sickle, looks pale, looks somewhat feeble, the eyes cover entirely the blood threads, the dark pouche is extremely strong, as if very long has not gone to sleep. 那是一个身披红袍,手持镰刀的女人,面色苍白,看起来有些病弱,双眼布满血丝,黑眼圈极其浓重,似乎已经很久没有入睡。 Although this woman seems like the appearance that is seriously injured, at this moment actually no one dares to be close to her at will, god of death god skin can/but who after all on others floats is not the ornaments. 虽然这女人看起来像是受了重伤的样子,此刻却没人敢随意接近她,毕竟人家身上漂浮的死神神皮可不是摆设。 The people look at each other in blank dismay, somewhat is shocking. 众人面面相觑,都有些震惊。 Looking from the situation, these three people obviously die in this woman hand, must know that this couple was they chased down more than half a year, the enemy who cannot go well...... the people were very curious, the strength of this woman actually strong? 从现场情况看,这三人明显都是死在这女人手中,要知道这对夫妻可是他们追杀了大半年,都没能得手的敌人……众人都很好奇,这个女人的实力究竟有多强? Little Xue!” 小雪!” Big Sister Xue!” 雪姐!” Lu Yao and Little Ya went out from nearby jungle at this time, ran up to side Lin Xue quickly, actually is also somewhat panic-stricken looks to Lin Xue. 陆瑶小雅这时从旁边的丛林中走出,快步跑到了林雪身边,却也都是有些惊骇的看向林雪 Now is they arrive at the fairy forest the fourth day, four days ago, when Lu Yao hear of Lin Xue said that then when must ambush ‚the Z traveler/ascetic here, she has prepared fierce battle, but after all this Z traveler/ascetic the present world most-wanted, mysteriously appears and disappears all day, some lots of players were killed in the opposite party hand. 如今已经是她们到达精灵森林的第四天,四天前,当陆瑶林雪说,接下来要在这里伏击‘Z界行者’时,她已经做好了恶战一场的准备,毕竟这个Z界行者可是现在世界头号通缉犯,整日神出鬼没,已经有大量玩家丧生在对方手中。 Finally, when begins truly, Lin Xue made her use the relic to help go into hiding a figure, then approached the enemy alone, later when everyone does not know had anything, has completed second to kill. 结果,真正动手时,林雪却只是让她用遗物帮忙隐匿了一下身形,便独自靠近了敌人,随后在所有人都不知道发生了什么的时候,就已经完成了秒杀。 Coughs...... several beautiful women, do you have a grudge with these two?” “咳……几位美女,你们也和这两人有仇啊?” Opposite, after the monarchial power god gives one group are silent, by most is good at the human relations smile representative the people opens the mouth. 对面,君权神授一行人沉默过后,由最擅长交际的‘微笑’代表众人开口。 Opposite these three solved the Z traveler/ascetic, properly speaking should not be an enemy, but on this female is maintaining the god of death god skin...... 对面这三位解决了Z界行者,照理说应该不是敌人,可偏偏这个女子身上又保持着死神的神皮…… Must know that the god of death may be the Z traveler/ascetic side that partner's symbol, in the half year they have also conducted many research to the god of death specially, has not actually thought that now emits a new god of death agent, this makes the people somewhat unable to distinguish clearly the enemy and ourselves for a while. 要知道死神可一直是Z界行者身边那个同伙的标志,这半年来他们对死神也专门进行过不少研究,却没想到现在又冒出一个新的死神代理人,这让众人一时都有些分不清敌我。 Position and time that recombination female comes , the people had guessed correctly, before the Z traveler/ascetic two people changed the direction to come Forest of Fairies suddenly, the goal is looks for this woman mostly. 再结合这女子现身的位置和时间,众人已经猜到,之前Z界行者两人忽然改变方向来精灵之森,目的多半就是来找这个女人。 Is the personal enemy......, but this time, the person who I must find truly is you.” Lin Xue looks suddenly to the emperor. “算是仇人……但这次,我真正要找到的人是你。”林雪忽然看向天子。 The people stare, simultaneously looks toward the emperor. 众人都是一愣,齐齐朝天子看去。 Does not know that what matter your excellency does ask me to have?” The emperor complexion is tranquil, responded to Lin Xue, while fast exchanged in the brain and Eva, let the Eva nosing Lin Xue status. “不知阁下找我有什么事?”天子面色平静,一边回应林雪,一边快速在脑中与艾娃交流,让艾娃查探林雪的身份。 Suddenly, numerous materials of Lin Xue on Earth then has presented in the emperor at present. 眨眼间,林雪在地球上的众多资料便已经呈现在天子眼前。 The emperors read these materials actually both surprised and vacant, what is surprised is the Lin Xue status is very ordinary, the conduct is quite low-key, has not thought that the Heavenly Dynasty folk also hidden has this expert. 天子看着这些资料却既惊讶又茫然,惊讶的是林雪的身份很普通,行事极为低调,万万没想到天朝民间还隐藏有这种高手。 Vacant is, he really could not see that the Lin Xue status background and he has anything to happen together. 茫然的则是,他实在看不出林雪的身份背景和他有什么交集。 „The entrance of dreamland world is you seals up?” Lin Xue asked. “梦境世界的入口是你封闭的吧?”林雪问。 Is I right.” Emperor nod. “是我没错。”天子点头。 Very good, I need you to help me open the entrance, I must enter the dreamland world......” Lin Xue to say weakly, the figure somewhat sways, by nearby Little Ya quick of eye and hand supporting. “很好,我需要你帮我打开入口,我要进入梦境世界……”林雪虚弱的说着,身形有些摇晃,被一旁的小雅眼疾手快的扶住。 „...... Is regarded as, I help the reward that you strike to kill these three issuing a warrant for arrest personnel.” Lin Xue added. “……就当做是,我帮你击杀这三个通缉人员的报酬。”林雪补充道。 Emperor hears word knit the brows, looked at three people of ground, had a look at Lin Xue again: Why can I ask?” 天子闻言皱眉,看了眼地上的三人,再看看林雪:“我能问问为什么吗?” What he asked was why the opposite party must enter dream, as far as he know in that the present is the world of nightmare beast, no value of exploration. 他问的是对方为什么要进梦界,据他所知那里面现在已经是梦魇兽的天下,没有什么探索的价值。 For saves a person.” “为了去救一个人。” Whom saves?” “救谁?” My lover, is the Savior in this world.” “我的爱人,也是这个世界的救世主。” This saying, makes opposite one group of people hear to frown. 这话一出,却让对面一群人听得直皱眉头。 Savior? 救世主? Beautiful woman whether to say is clearer? Savior what meaning? Without his world will destroy?” The devil knit the brows to ask. “美女可否说的明白些?救世主什么意思?没有他这个世界就会毁灭?”恶魔皱眉问了出来。 Yes, this is a hopeless world, because the Savior cannot be born, causing this world line the history to deviate the track, human will lose to bite the god beast many years later finally, and exterminated in the hundred years later plague discipline.” Lin Xue speeds up the language as far as possible fast, but quick and is not chaotic, she knows that does not talk clearly something, is very difficult to make the opposite party believe her. “是的,这是一个没有希望的世界,因为救世主没能诞生,导致这条世界线的历史已经偏离了轨道,人类最终将在多年后败给噬神兽,并在百年后的大灾纪中灭绝。”林雪尽量加快语速,但快而不乱,她知道不说清楚一些东西,很难让对方相信她。 People hears word look at each other in blank dismay, the complexion is stranger. 众人闻言面面相觑,脸色更加古怪。 This matter, how do you know?” Some people questioned. “这种事情,你怎么会知道?”有人质疑。 Because, I am not the person of this space and time, but came from another world line —— that correct world line.” Lin Xue said. “因为,我不是这个时空的人,而是来自另一个世界线——那条正确的世界线。”林雪说。 „Ah?” “啊?” First voices the question is actually not the people who the monarchial power god gives, but is Lu Yao and Little Ya, two people are the shock vacant looks at Lin Xue. 先发出质疑的却不是君权神授的众人,而是陆瑶小雅,两人都是震惊又茫然的看着林雪 But the monarchial power god gives the people to see the opposite party three people of performance, feels more impervious, doesn't sentimental your own companion know the circumstances of the matter? How can make them believe? 而君权神授众人看到对方三人的表现,都觉得更不可理喻,感情连你自己的同伴都不知情?要让他们如何相信? Then the people connected to inquire Lin Xue some so-called another world many details, Lin Xue one by one answered. 接下来众人又连接询问了林雪一些所谓的‘另一个世界’的诸多细节,林雪一一作答。 But in listening to her speaking of a on world, the emperor and monarchial power god gave to lose to others, when the city of city order Lord also changed into others, the devil first has sneered to make noise: Nonsense, you said that the emperor does lose to others? How possibly? I do not believe in this world some people more outstanding than the emperor!” 但在听她说到上一个世界,天子和君权神授败给了别人,秩序之城城主也换成了别人时,恶魔已经第一个冷笑出声:“胡扯,你说天子输给别人?怎么可能?我不相信这世上有人会比天子更优秀!” Lin Xue has not replied the devil, but looks to the emperor, said earnestly: You are very outstanding, but is very regrettable, you are not correct person, the again great strength that you cultivation, had the leadership again, the integration the entire world human, you could not save the world.” 林雪没有回答恶魔,而是看向天子,认真道:“你是很优秀,但很遗憾,你并不是‘正确’的人,你修炼的再强大,再有领导能力,统合了全世界人类,你也拯救不了世界。” „Can you what person save the world in the final analysis?” Some people asked. Listened to Lin Xue to disparage the leader continuously, the people heart had the anger. “那你说到底什么样的人能拯救世界?”有人问。听林雪连续贬低首领,众人心头都有了火气。 „The child of time.” “时间之子。” Lin Xue said a specious answer. 林雪却说出了一个似是而非的答案。 „The child of time?” “时间之子?” What ghost......” “什么鬼……” Opposite people shout thoroughly, thought that this woman in nonsense, no one letter/believes her words. 对面众人彻底嚷嚷起来,都觉得这女人是在胡言乱语,没有一个人信她的话。 Actually when the emperor, continuously in the tranquil ponder, until just Lin Xue said ‚the child of time, his look suddenly changes, somewhat accidental/surprised looks to Lin Xue. 倒是天子,一直在平静的沉思,直到刚刚林雪说出‘时间之子’时,他神色忽的一变,有些意外的看向林雪 Did not have the time, must open dream immediately, otherwise, I do not know how long he can also support!” Some Lin Xue suddenly urgings worrying. “没有时间了,必须立即开启梦界,否则,我不知道他还能撑多久!”林雪忽然有些着急的催促。 „Won't emperor, you really believe her words? This woman obviously is a lunatic, in nonsense! The dreamland world we may pay the enormous price to block initially, how can unseal casually?” The devil looked that persuaded to the emperor. “天子,你不会真信了她的话吧?这女人明显是个疯子,在胡言乱语罢了!梦境世界我们当初可花了极大的代价才封锁住,怎么可以随便解封?”恶魔看向天子劝说。 „Can a lunatic, help us solve us to chase down the enemy who a half year could not hold?” The emperors asked back. “一个疯子,能帮忙我们解决我们追杀了半年都抓不住的敌人?”天子反问。 Devil by speech of choking. 恶魔被噎的说不出话。 Others also somewhat blush. 其他人也都有些脸红。 Without the means that others scores really on the swayed at present, the people are speechless. 没办法,人家实打实的战绩就摆在眼前,众人无话可说。 The emperors look to Lin Xue: Since rushes to time very much, comes with me.” 天子看向林雪:“既然很赶时间,就跟我来吧。” The lunch first flies toward the deep woods. 说完便当先朝森林深处飞去。 Lin Xue looked that the emperor was persuaded, relaxes finally, lets Little Ya and Lu Yao brings, followed the opposite party. 林雪看天子被说动,总算松了口气,让小雅陆瑶带着,跟上了对方。 The person who other monarchial power gods give looked at each other one, hurried half step with. 其他君权神授的人对视了一眼,也急忙快步跟了上去。 The group across teleportation array, arrived at the emerald city quickly again, under the tree of the world. 一行人穿过传送阵,很快再次来到了翡翠城,世界之树下方。 This time has not stopped, makes Ent allow to pass directly, but only the emperor, Lin Xue, Little Ya and Lu Yao were permitted the landing world tree. 这次莱莉没有阻拦,直接让树人放行,但只有天子、林雪小雅陆瑶被允许登陆世界树。 I believe you, is not because you helped strike to kill the two......” “我相信你,不是因为你帮忙击杀了那两人……” In process that wooden elevator marches forward, the emperor opens the mouth to explain suddenly. 木制‘电梯’行进的过程中,天子忽然开口解释。 But because I had also once had some confused feelings in the past, particularly after I inherit the order city Lord, the association/will often felt, now this status is not very real, probably should not be me, but another person......” “而是因为我过去也曾产生过一些错乱感,尤其是在我继承秩序城主之后,总会时常觉得,现在这个身份很不真实,好像原本不该属于我,而是另一个人……” I can have a premonition, continues only to walk, the world will move toward the result that I am unable to process eventually......” “我能够预感到,继续这样走下去,世界终究会走向一个我无法处理的结局……” The emperors seem thought aloud that is saying, the rear three women did not say a word is listening. 天子好似自言自语的说着,后方三个女人也都一言不发的听着。 In brief, I cannot let the future destruction of this world in my hands...... for this reason, I am willing to bet one......” “总之,我不能让这个世界的前程毁灭在我的手中……为此,我愿意赌一把……” The emperors then turn head, look straight ahead to Lin Xue: Therefore, that person who if some really you said...... brings to come back him, this world returns to original state into it should appearance......” 天子这才回头,直视向林雪:“所以,如果真有你说的那个人……把他带回来,将这个世界还原为它原本应该的样子……” Many thanks, my meeting.” Lin Xue earnest nod. “多谢,我会的。”林雪认真的点头。 She rejoices now very much the order city lord in this world is an emperor, otherwise, changed others, even believes her words, can be willing to give away this ‚the first person position, acts others 's green leaf, must form a big question mark. 她现在很庆幸这个世界的秩序城主是天子,否则,换了其他人,就算相信了她的话,能否甘愿让出这个‘第一人’位置,去充当他人的绿叶,要打个大大的问号。 After the moment, four people arrived at the crown, arrived at world tree the place of core under leadership, among the sinking dreams. 片刻后,四人到达了树冠,在莱莉的带领下来到了世界树的核心之地,沉梦之间。 Among the sinking dreams at this moment, all around wall had been covered by dense and numerous order rune/symbol writing, these isolate two seals. 此刻的沉梦之间,四周墙壁已经被密密麻麻的秩序符文覆盖,这些都是隔绝两界的封印。 The emperors take out the pen of order, before beginning, looks to Lin Xue: First reaches an agreement, although I believe you, but will not set at this world not to attend.” 天子取出秩序之笔,动手之前,又看向林雪:“先说好,我虽然相信你,但也不会置这个世界于不顾。” To avoid real world by nightmare beast invasion, after opening the entrance puts you to go, I immediately again close entrance.” “为了避免真实世界被梦魇兽入侵,在打开入口放你进去后,我就会立即重新封闭入口。” In other words, if you die in the dreamland world, will really die, the opportunity without.” The emperors look at Lin Xue, the complexion reiterated the risk of this operation seriously. “也就是说,如果你死在梦境世界,就会真的死去,没有回来的机会。”天子看着林雪,面色严肃的重申了这趟行动的风险。 I understand, starts.” “我明白,开始吧。” Lin Xue nods. She from entering here starts, does not have the plan to come back again. 林雪点了点头。她从进入这里开始,也就没有打算再回来。 Big Sister Xue......” 雪姐……” At this time behind Little Ya and Lu Yao were look to Lin Xue that worried. 这时身后的小雅陆瑶都是担忧的看向林雪 Some Lin Xue also apologies looks to two people: Sorry, really did not have the time to explain, I must embark immediately...... sorry......” 林雪也有些歉意的看向两人:“抱歉,真的没时间解释了,我必须立即出发……对不起……” This world she felt guiltiest is Lu Yao and Little Ya, two people helped her many for these days, but she even explained without enough time clearly the situation......, although explained they will also forget under the strength of revision quickly. 这个世界她觉得最愧疚的就是陆瑶小雅,两人这几天帮了她许多,可她甚至连情况都来不及说明清楚……虽然说明了她们也会很快在修正之力下遗忘。 In an instant, that side the emperor has wielded the writing brush, as order rune/symbol writing on wall surface flows, an opening of oval-shape takes shape among crowded rune/symbol writing gradually. 转眼间,天子那边已经挥动毛笔,随着墙面上的秩序符文流动,一个椭圆形的口子渐渐在密集的符文中间成型。 The emperors nod to Lin Xue. 天子对林雪点了点头。 Before the Lin Xue half step runs up to a wooden bed, lay down, closed the eye. 林雪快步跑到一张木床前,躺了下去,闭上了眼睛。 A dream butterfly natural hovering in her forehead...... 一只梦蝶自然的悬停在她额头…… ...... …… When Lin Xue opens eyes again, has appeared in the dreamland world. 林雪再次睁眼时,已经出现在梦境世界中。 But present dreamland world actually and in impression entirely different, the world of fairy tale style, was actually proliferating the dense and numerous shadows at this moment. 但眼前的梦境世界却和印象中大不相同,原本童话画风的世界,此刻却遍布着密密麻麻的黑影。 This contour like the Shadow Ghost common thing, is the so-called nightmare beast. 这种外形如同影鬼一般的东西,就是所谓的梦魇兽。 They in this unmanned the world of control, have multiplied did not know many generations, at this moment takes a broad view to look, surroundings dense one piece, is this type of thing. 它们在这个无人管束的世界,已经繁衍了不知多少代,此刻放眼望去,周围黑压压一片,全是这种东西。 A recent nightmare beast soon discovered Lin Xue, roared to throw toward her. 最近的一只梦魇兽很快发现了林雪,咆哮着朝她扑来。 Lin Xue quickly had to appear the god of death sickle, divided together, the nightmare beast cut off around the middle, changes into the black air/Qi to dissipate. 林雪急忙具现出了死神镰刀,一道劈出,梦魇兽被拦腰斩断,化为黑气消散。 This thing as if compared with imagination in frail, but cannot support the quantity too to be really many, even if struck to kill, the black air/Qi will still condense the formation in nearby position quickly again. 这东西似乎比想象中脆弱,但架不住数量实在太多,而且就算击杀了,黑气也会很快在附近的位置再次凝聚成型。 The surrounding nightmare beast was awakened by here sound, more shadows throw, Lin Xue rushes to continue to brandish a blade, strikes to kill another nightmare beast unceasingly. 周围的梦魇兽被这里的动静惊醒,更多的黑影扑来,林雪赶忙继续挥刀,不断击杀一只又一只的梦魇兽。 However looks that at present looks at scene not to the end densely, in the Lin Xue heart also raised a despair. 然而看着眼前黑压压看不到头的景象,林雪心中也不由升起了一股绝望。 Goes to the heart of time in the dreamland world, must first think at heart this place, then persisted in walking for one day and one night, the heart of time will appear. 在梦境世界里去时间之心,必须先在心里想着这个地方,然后坚持行走一天一夜,时间之心才会出现。 In other words, then she must here the moment uninterrupted fight entire 24 hours...... 也就是说,接下来她必须在这里一刻不间断的战斗整整24个小时…… Lin Xue drags along the exhausted body to brandish a blade diligently, scatters the surrounding several shadows, feels the eyelid heavy awfully. 林雪努力拖着疲惫的身躯挥刀,驱散周围的几只黑影,却觉得眼皮沉重的要命。 If usually were also even, but before her, had boiled a 4~5 night continuously, the body to the extreme, must then continue very intensive fight tiredly for one day and one night, can she really be able to achieve? Her that has certainly the sufficient power and perseverance, but something, are not have willpower is enough spatially...... 如果是平时也就算了,可她之前已经连续熬了四五个夜晚,身体早已困乏到了极点,接下来要继续高强度的战斗一天一夜,她真能做得到么?她当然那有足够的动力和恒心,但有些事情,不是空有意志力就行的…… In the Lin Xue feeling somewhat despairs, together the emerald green brilliance landing on her, cured her wound at the same time, but also made her spirit and stamina inspires simultaneously. 就在林雪感觉有些绝望之时,一道翠绿的光辉降落在她身上,治愈了她伤口的同时,还令她精神和体力同时一振。 Turning head of Lin Xue surprise, sees behind, Little Ya does not know when also appeared in the dreamland world. 林雪诧异的回头,就见身后,小雅不知何时也出现在了梦境世界。 On her only wore the frail clothing, in the hand has to appear wand reluctantly, is maintaining magic with effort. 她身上只穿着单薄的衣物,手中勉强具现出了一柄魔杖,正在费力的维持着魔法 Little Ya, you......” 小雅,你……” Lin Xue is startled, really has not thought that Little Ya will follow she to come in unexpectedly. 林雪吃惊,实在没想到小雅竟会跟着她进来。 She enters here is must go to the heart of time to retrieve the love with all one's heart, comes not to think, but Little Ya? 她进这里是一门心思要去时间之心寻回挚爱,进来就没想过出去,而小雅呢? No matter she because of anything, so long as here, then did not have the escape route. In other words, in that moment of going to sleep, she has prepared sacrifice here...... 不管她是因为什么,只要进了这里,便没有了退路。也就是说,在入睡的那一刻,她已经做好了牺牲在这里的准备…… Thinks through these, Lin Xue is not only moved and sad looks at Little Ya, for a while does not know should say what good. 想通这些,林雪既感动又难过的看着小雅,一时不知该说什么好。 Little Ya adapted at this time finally gradually had the present rule, condensed more clothing on the body, looked that said with a smile to Lin Xue: Big Sister Xue you do not need to rebuke oneself, this is my own decision , there is nothing to do with you.” 小雅此时终于渐渐适应了具现的规则,在身上凝聚了更多的衣物,看向林雪笑道:“雪姐你不用自责,这是我自己的决定,与你无关。” „The emperor opened the dreamland entrance moment a moment ago, I feel suddenly am familiar, really comes in until this time, I even more determined, I had certainly come to here......” “刚才天子开启梦境入口的一刻,我忽然感觉非常熟悉,直到此时真的进来,我越发确定,我曾经一定来过这里……” The Little Ya corner of the eye looks with tears to Lin Xue, the smile said: Big Sister Xue, that to your I very important person, you must lead to come back him, this is also my desire!” 小雅眼角含泪看向林雪,微笑道:“雪姐,那个对你我都很重要的人,你一定要将他带回来,这也是我的愿望!” She just said, Lin Xue sticks out suddenly suddenly, threw the one side her, rear area the danger avoided a nightmare beast. 她刚刚说完,林雪忽然暴起,将她扑到了一旁,险险躲开后方袭来的一只梦魇兽。 But their falls to the ground, actually gave the more nightmare beast opportunities. 但两人这一倒地,却给了更多梦魇兽机会。 The perimeter only recent shadow sees so the good opportunity, was insane general threw toward two people. 周围数只最近的黑影见到如此良机,都是疯了一般的朝两人扑来。 But when two people will soon be killed, the rear several fireballs pound, accurately hit several shadows. 但就在两人即将丧命之时,后方数枚火球砸出,准确命中了几只阴影。 Lu Yao?” 陆瑶?” Lin Xue looks acquaintance who rear area just came, once again is surprised. 林雪看着后方刚刚现身的熟人,又一次惊讶。 Day, was this place rule so troublesome? How teaches me to have the present relic quickly!” “日,这地方规则怎么这么麻烦?快教教我怎么具现遗物!” Rear Lu Yao was foul-mouthed. 后方陆瑶骂骂咧咧走来。 After, two people inquired the vision that to, Lu Yao flexure scratched the head, said awkwardly: Aiya, don't think so my okay or not? I am not cruel enough to look that you two one after another brings death, for a while above with, actually my his mother now regrets must die! How to come to go crazy with you together......” 靠近之后,对上两人询问的目光,陆瑶挠了挠头,尴尬道:“哎呀,别这么看我行不行?我也就是不忍心看着你们两个一个个送死,一时上头就跟着进来了,其实我他娘现在后悔的要死!怎么就跟你们一起进来发疯了……” Lu Yao is explaining, the peripheral more shadows have thrown. 陆瑶解释着,周边更多的阴影已经扑来。 Three people can only suspend the exchange, rushes to release magic back to back, scatters nearby shadow one by one. 三人只能暂停了交流,赶忙背靠背释放魔法,将附近的黑影挨个驱散。 Hey, Little Xue, illuminates your view, so long as said you that person rescues, the world will be revised the right track, when the time comes we will also live, right?” “喂,小雪,照你的说法,只要将你说的‘那个人’救回来,世界就会被修正回正轨,到时候我们也会重新活过来,对吧?” While the fight gap, Lu Yao inquired. 趁着战斗的间隙,陆瑶询问。 Un, naturally!” Lin Xue nods hastily. “嗯,当然!”林雪连忙点头。 That is good......” “那就好……” Lu Yao relaxes, feels relaxed to say with a smile: Otherwise, our three same places die here, the people from now on will burn paper resembling money mutually do not have, hahaha......” 陆瑶松了口气,释然笑道:“否则,我们三个一起死在这里,今后连个互相烧纸的人都没有,哈哈哈……” „......” “……” In the Lin Xue heart is moved, cannot say the grateful words, only knows reason that this action cannot be defeated, many two. 林雪心中感动,说不出更多感激的话,只知道这一趟行动绝不能失败的理由,又多了两个。 ...... …… Had two people joining, the difficult distance one was more relaxed. 有了两人的加入,原本艰难的路程一下轻松了很多。 Lu Yao soon learned to have the present relic, under the concealment function of her relic, three people of fight frequencies was drastically reduced. 陆瑶很快学会了具现遗物,在她遗物的隐匿作用下,三人的战斗频率被大幅减少。 So, finally is successful in the innumerable nightmare beast group, has insisted for one day and one night. 如此,终于是成功在数不清的梦魇兽群中,坚持过了整整一天一夜。 Next day, is Lin Xue arrives at this world the 35 th day, that made the city of her long-awaited time, appears in her again at present. 第二天,也就是林雪来到这个世界的第三十五天,那座令她朝思暮想的时间之城,再次出现在她眼前。 The dreamland forest before city gate, had been as if gnawed the food by the nightmare beast gate completely, the front door of heart of time, such direct wide open in the front dense fog. 城市门前的梦境森林,似乎已经被梦魇兽门啃食殆尽,时间之心的大门,就这么直接的敞开在前方的迷雾中。 Lin Xue exhausted of body had arrived at the extreme at this time, but is supporting the spirit, staggered along to run to that city gate. 林雪此时身体的疲惫已经到达了极点,但还是强撑着精神,跌跌撞撞跑向了那座城门。 But until close to the city gate, she realized that behind two people with, have not then looked, discovered that Little Ya and Lu Yao already by nightmare beast impediment in rear area, was almost submerged by the tide of shadow. 但直到接近城门,她才意识到身后两人并没有跟来,回头一看,发现小雅陆瑶都已经被梦魇兽阻隔在了后方,几乎被黑影的浪潮淹没。 Lin Xue subconscious wants to rescue, the distant place two people are actually go all out to wave, hint her not to come, hurry to complete this matter of doing. 林雪下意识的想去救援,远处两人却都是拼命挥手,示意她别过来,赶紧去完成该做的事。 Lin Xue bites the lip, turns head cruel-heartedly, faster running to the city gate, rushed to that brokenhearted and place of origin...... 林雪咬了咬嘴唇,狠心回头,更加快速的跑向了城门,奔向那个心碎和缘起之地…… ...... …… In the room, Mu You opened the eye slowly, in the eye flashed through the strong sigh and vicissitudes color. 房间中,沐游缓缓睁开了眼,眼中闪过浓重的叹息和沧桑之色。 Recollection pictures well up, he remembered him and Lin Xue finally thoroughly is at that between experience 2000. 一幕幕的回忆画面涌上心头,他终于彻底想起了他和林雪在那两千年间的经历。 In front , the daughter was still trying to find out his beard, the mouth eyah eyah is calling: Mother does not cry, mother does not cry......” 面前,女儿还在摸索着他的胡须,嘴里咿咿呀呀叫着:“妈妈不哭,妈妈不哭……” Relax and ensure cannot make your mother cry again......” “放心吧,保证不会再让你妈妈哭了……” Mu You happily sees the daughter, hugs her, impatient rush out. 沐游欣慰的看着女儿,抱起她,迫不及待的冲出了门。 In second floor study room. 二楼的书房中。 Lin Xue sits under the sunlight of window, in the hand illuminates the course to hit one yarn. 林雪坐在窗台的阳光下,手中照着教程打着一团毛线。 Footsteps sound, Mu You is hugging the daughter, suddenly pushes the door to enter. 脚步声响起,沐游抱着女儿,忽然推门而入。 Lin Xue stares, looks at his look hurried appearance, is good to say with a smile: What matter worries? Now person who you become the father, must be steadier......” 林雪一愣,看着他神色匆忙的样子,不由好笑道:“什么事这么着急?你现在可是当爹的人了,要更稳重些啊……” Little Xue, I came back!” Mu You made noise suddenly, broke her. 小雪,我回来了!”沐游忽然出声,打断了她。 Lin Xue is startled, raising the head surprise looks to Mu You. 林雪一怔,抬头诧异的看向沐游 Looks at his affection the vision, once that incomparably familiar feeling returned to the body again, Lin Xue soon realized anything, eye instantaneously moist, only felt that in the heart one has thousand grievance to him to tell. 看着他深情的目光,曾经那无比熟悉的感觉再一次回归身体,林雪很快意识到了什么,眼睛瞬间湿润了下去,只感觉心中一下有千般的委屈想要对他诉说。 In the grievance actually mixes with many are being gratified and pleasantly surprised, finally changes into a smile of belt/bring tears entirely. 委屈之中却又夹杂着许多欣慰和惊喜,最后统统化为一个带泪的微笑。 Un, welcome back.” “嗯,欢迎回来。”
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