Strange Realm's Ruler 诡境主宰

Steampunk, magic and mystery, month of righteous gods, favor of bizarre realms, these are the keywords of this new world.

Time is hurriedly approaching the end of the 18th century, the book of time is flipped to the final page on this epic saga.

Under the sky enshrouded in thick fog, a transmigrator opens his eyes filled with confusion.

The world tree is still young, the steam industry is deeply rooted within the three kingdoms;

The Gemini Imps arrive in the human world, hidden within shadows and the sounds of muttering, their eyes brimming with malice as they spy on the world;

The undead lurk hidden beneath the surface of cities, looking up at the ash-gray fog enshrouded sky, sighing at the wasted life of the innocents;

After the True Phantom sits up, it stays unmoving, waiting for the final day to come;

Above, on the stage of destiny, the shadows of people flicker, the leading role unknown;

A stranger looks up at the double-moon, watching angels and demons dance in the skies;

The hero holds the holy sword in his hand, lamenting the advent of the catastrophe;

The uncrowned king hides in the shadows, secretly manipulating the changes in the world;

The clock strikes midnight, a kitty jumps onto the shoulder of a man wearing a black trench coat.

Ahead is the road to an unknown future.

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