My eRaised Girlfriend 我的云养女友

“eRaising” is a new type of entertainment.

Generally, it refers to when someone is unable to raise a cat, dog or other house pet due to their circumstances. By using the internet, these people then raise these pets remotely in order to receive joyful emotions.

During the process of this “raising”, these people can send food, or send a gift, to participate in the raising of this pet. It's really like you own this pet.

However, professional gamer Chen Yang sent out a message, accidentally saying that he would play a game of 【eRaised Girlfriend】.

So long as one sends food to your eRaised girlfriend or sends things she likes, they can immediately obtain 【Ten Times Cash Back】.

By raising the favorability degree, one can also obtain all kinds of 【Mystical Objects】, or can directly “enter”?

It is obviously a very romantic “dating sim”, but Chen Yan doesn’t take the usual route. He just plays the game to send and receive money to fuel his career.

Chen Yan, “How is a girlfriend good? Is it smelling her fragrance or holding her soft waist? How can it be as fun as brushing money!”

And the eRaised Girlfriend…

“In order to give me a surprise, he spent so much time on this thought and spent so much money, he must deeply love me”

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