Winners of current survey, new post-translation and new propositions for survey

The votes in survey were artificially raised up, but since they weren't deleted in time, and someone raised the bar of 100$ in donations, then I will bend the rules slightly this one time.

In 36 hours I will add Chaotic Sword God and Heavenly Jewel Changes.

Also, I want to write new thing which I call "post-translation". Currently before translating chapter in third-party's translator I pre-translate it with terms of glossary. Now I want also replace (fix) some terms after receiving translated chapter from the third-party's service.

It is supposed to be less intrusive, and mostly fix "Country Code" like "US", "France", "Canada" etc.

Because of that I need your help in creating list of those mistakes - if you remember any mistake of that kind, post original chinese character and what you think it should be replaced be (optionally you can also post how it was mistranslated for fun).

Last thing - I am waiting for propositions for next survey. I will only on those propositions that are proposed the most.

BTTH and DE, winners of pre-christmas survey

So as I have announced previously, we have 2 winners (more precisely 2700+ chapters), which are Battle Through the Heavens and Desolate Era.

I was thinking if I should bend a rules slightly and add 3 winners, but finally decided against it, simply because doing only those 2 sapped my strengths enough.

So, there you have it. Two new series.

I am waiting for additional propositions to the survey, you can post them under the news

One-time deal is still in place. If you wish to bribe me before 1st of January to translate additional novels you can do it now. More information you will find there New Survey and christmas amount of winners

New Survey and christmas amount of winners

Everybody does have a calendar, and nobody needs me to point it out that christmas break is incoming. As everybody, I also would like to spend this time by dilly-dallying and reading novel from time-to-time.

That's exactly why I have thought that this time, prior to this break, survey will have 2 or 3 winners instead of only 1. Upper limit of sum of chapters to translate will be 2000 chapters. If it will be used up by two top positions of survey then there will be 2 winners, otherwise there will be 3 winners.

And additionally I would like to propose for now, one-time offer. If someone will be bored prior to the end of current year, and will want to read any of novel which is listed in survey, then he can force me by incentive through donations to do it in 2 days time tops. Rule will be simple - if someone donates 100$ he chooses himself what to translate, if the 100$ will be reached by multiple donators - then current top position of survey will be translated.

I am slightly worried that server won't survive higher traffic during christmas, so as counter-measure I am trying to accumulate funds to be able to change server if it were needed.

Ah~ I would forget. The part "has glossary" in survey mean, that someone (I don't remember who and hope that he will show up himself and claim his due credit) posted on chat 3 glossaries, which he said were created while reading whole novels (meaning they are complete). So I guess it would make sense to choose them, but I won't force anyone.

Future Vote, What to pick up next. Propose yourself!

As I have stated in previous news, I am currently wondering of what to pick up next, and that implicates I have to compose survey and fill it with possible vote options.

Currently I am not sure If I wish to just fill missing gaps in previous votes, or compose it from scratch. I will think that based on your response. So think wisely~!

In two days vote will be added, so you have not too much time to propose what to add to survey. I will obviously prioritize propositions posted under the news, but in case of doubt I might also analyze propositions on chat.

I might also add survey about "Whether you wish for to add ability to bind me to add novel by incentive me through dotations?", and under this news you have unique chance to kick that idea out of my head early.

Rules of bribing would be either:

  • There is a donation threshold and after community reaches it by group effort it I will have to add winner of vote.
  • There is the same donation threshold and if person reaches it on his own, then he chooses what to pick up next, regardless of vote results and vote itself.


  • Each 1$ buys for example 1 more voting rights in survey (it would be dynamic and depend on size of community so that it would be fair even after community grows larger).

In both cases after reaching threshold I would be bound to add series in 36 hours after threshold were broken.

Maybe there would be mix of both systems, I don't know for now, and it's unimportant since it's finger-writing on surface of the water.

Also don't take me wrong. It's perfectly fine if you early kick that idea out of my head (At least for now! It's not like I will give that easily, phi~)

It will merely slightly slower down development of the website, but novels will be still added (I guess most probable amount would be 3 novels in 2 months time on average).

That's all folks! Now raise your weapons, scroll down and let's the war begin!

Peerless Martial God, Way of Choices and what's next?

As I have stated in FAQ, there will come, and has come such time when I expose my selfishness.

Peerless Martial God has won thereby it has been added, but additionally Ze Tian Ji has been added too, since I really wished to read it (or more like to continue reading it on platform, since I am on chapter 558).

What's else... well it is time to add more options to the survey of what's to pick up next. Propositions you can post here, under the news.

Everything will be retranslated after a few days, when there will be enough glossary terms.

Have fun!