Third anniversary

Saying how one is proud and thankful to community is hard, especially when one is not talented in all mushy stuff.

It is far easier to just show and this is why for anniversary, 12 new novels were added as bonus outside queue.

Terms to some of them were courtesy of your dear mods @ArgosYesu (When The NEET Receives A System, Monster Paradise, King of the Online Game's Three Kingdoms) , @Ophis (Summoner of Miracles), @Ender (Unlimited Machine War) and @Young Master Song (Above the Skies)

Thank you for being there, and reading.

Discord Widget

For upcoming 2 days we are testing discord widget, after that we will decide how to utilize it so that it is less annoying and more functional. In mean-time, have fun.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Second "anniversary"!

Heyo~ long time no see~

What can I say? Hurrah. It's already 2 years since unofficial start of community, commonly known as lnmtl. No words can express how glad I am that we have reached this point, but deeds can that's why today we have added:

  • Venerable Yuan
  • Thriller Paradise
  • Gourmet of Another World
  • Forty Millenniums of Cultivation
  • Shrouding the Heavens
  • Mad God
  • World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination

Regarding Two QI novels

I know, many will be surprised what two novels of QI are doing there. We have not changed our policies, and did it only for the sake of anniversary (selected two mostly upvoted novels on lnmtl, and those that could benefit from having pre-prepared terms).

Have fun.

Novel Propositions

I've written new Novel Propositions page where as the name suggests you can propose novels that will be used for survey. It is supposed to work in similar way to how proposing novels under the news had been working till now.

You can find this page if:

  • You are logged in
  • Have more than 100 points.
  • Click on dropdown in navigation bar

You can propose novel single novel once a month if you have over 1000 points. Propositions will be stacked (propositions from previous months won't disappear) and least liked ones will be deleted only if the sum of propositions is too big (like over 100).

You can upvote propositions of other if you have over 100 points. Currently number of upvotes is unlimited, but I am thinking about limiting it to 5. Upvotes can be withdrawn.

I know that most of you will be unhappy with such harsh limitations, but the thing is there are over 40 people that have 1000 points, and even if they are limited to 1 proposition a month, in just 3 months they can over 100 propositions.

Anyway, go and propose/upvote. Based on that list I will create survey in a few days.

Donation bar has reached 100% so based on propositions from that page, top 2 propositions will be added to the site in 3 days.

When proposing novels and you post description, try not only to copy huge-ass description, but cut unimportant parts and add something from yourself, because usually descriptions are generic and carry almost no meaning