Merry Christmas 2020

May the season be jolly to all of you, and for that we have added 17 bonus novels for you. Happy Christmas and New Year.

Novel Propositions for Christmas

Visit our discord at in channel #lnmtl-christmas-bonuses to propose bonus novels for christmas event.

Fifth Anniversary

Here we go again, hello. Welcome to fifth anniversary event of lnmtl.

To show appreciation for all the support and hard work, 25 new novels were released.

Thank you all.

Merry Christmas 2019

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Fourth Anniversary

This is this one specific moment in life, where I am gobsmacked and tongue-tied.

Effort of community of lnmtl is great, and that's the sole reason why we exist.

It's the fourth time I have to properly thank for it, and since I am firm believer that actions speak louder than any words, 21 new specially picked novels have been added as a way of saying thank you.

Thank you all.