Server Upgrade Completed

We have finally made the server upgrade, which resulted in unplanned prolonged downtime, for which I am sorry.

As always in such situation, wait for additional bonus novels as sign of my apology, but this time please wait first for me to observe server and configure some stuff I most likely forgot about, so that it works stably.

Expect good stuff to be implemented next month.

Bonus Novels

Due to prolonged downtime today, 4 bonus had been added.

We are sorry for inconvenience.

Merry Christmas 2020

May the season be jolly to all of you, and for that we have added 17 bonus novels for you. Happy Christmas and New Year.

Novel Propositions for Christmas

Visit our discord at in channel #lnmtl-christmas-bonuses to propose bonus novels for christmas event.

Fifth Anniversary

Here we go again, hello. Welcome to fifth anniversary event of lnmtl.

To show appreciation for all the support and hard work, 25 new novels were released.

Thank you all.