Better Dark Theme

As everybody can see, I have made some changes to the theme, mostly to dark version of it.

If you have any further suggestion which changes would make it more user-friendly, then post it there.

Term propositions planned changes

Since term propositions has been there for some time and I had time to look at it, and where it lacks I come to this conclusions:

LLS soon will have it MTLed version here

I have a work-free day for once and coincidentally had free hour to read LLS at weekend then it is time for me to parse winner of vote, meaning Zhaohuan Wansui (Long Live Summons).

I don't know when next winner of vote will be selected, but as far as MTL of LLS goes I should today prepare it.

Retranslation and Big Glossary Updates

Just as promised... just slightly later

I have updated glossary upon all of the issued propositions, and queued retranslations of series.

So what next?

Well, votes result are "slightly" incoherent and maybe I should have made less propositions to choose from. Based on the votes for now I cannot (or more like I don't want to) make decision.

After reading (part of) current leaders of vote or after there will be obvious winner, I will make decision.

For those that are registered - If you wish to propose sth, you can do so under this news.

Official Start of LNMTL

Huh? It is a start?

There is high probability that you already saw this website since urls to it were posted at reddit.

Then how come it is a start?

Well... that was beta, and now it officially starts, with most important part which is persistence layer (it can be dumb down to fact that it now remembers everything not only crucial parts meant for testing.

At this point I would like to ask for forgiveness those who did hell of a job with adding glossary propositions. I am truly sorry that those propositions weren't persisted and were automatically deleted by heroku.

So what else it does change now that it officially started?

Now it is important to register since it gives more functions (most importantly, ability to comment and to manage glossary propositions). And yes, now users won't be lost after each day.

So have fun!