Searching for Raws

I have holidays starting tomorrow, and I am searching for raws of:

  • Martial Peak
  • My Beautiful Teacher
  • Battle Emperor
  • Bringing the farm to live in another world

in that order.

Since I have been waiting so long to add novel outside queue because of donations, then 2 novels will be added instead of 1, remaining 2 are for reference in case they win in June's survey, and will be added most likely mid June.

Good night.

Nine New Novels added in May

I had surplus of time, and decided that because of the fact that I don't know how well will be my internet during the summer, I will add more novels than I even planned.

Initially I thought that I will add 3 novels, but finally I have added:

  • Shura's Wrath
  • Genius Sword Immortal
  • Zhan Long
  • Devouring The Heavens
  • My Wife is a Beautiful CEO
  • The Strongest Dan God
  • Realms In The Firmament
  • God and Devil World
  • Ancient Godly Monarch

They are currently being parsed, and later on they will be translated, so be patient and wait. I expect that whole process for all 9 novels will finish in 2 days top.

I also have decided on surveys for June, so I don't need new propositions. If they will be posted under news they will be ignored.

Searching for RAWs

Hello~ I am searching for a raws, and I need your help.

Just started my ritual search for raws of series that are in the leads, and the very first series made my head ache.

I am searching for RAWs of:

  • Shura's Wrath
  • Genius Sword Immortal
  • Zhan Long
  • Devouring The Heavens
  • My Wife is a Beautiful CEO
  • Strongest Dan god
  • Realms of firmament
  • Ancient Godly Monarch
  • God and Devil World

Realms of firmament were the one I started with and it was start of my headache. I obviously can't use qidian, but can use it as a reference point; yet it fails even at such basic task. on qidian it shows up that newest chapter of second part is "第三百五十五章 成仙子的憋屈" while in truth it's chapter from 2016-01-11 and there are many more already. So now I don't even know which is the newest.

Anyway - here is a carrion call for those that can help. I need raw sources for novels specified earlier. They have to be accessible without logging in, have proper order of chapters (with the least amount of missing ones possible) and especially without censorship in chapters' bodies.

For example of how chapter can be censored you can look up those two links,8610612 (look up how much of content has been replaced with *****)

If you know good raw sources for those novels, please post them under this news.

One more thing. I know some people will mean well, but please don't go on google and copy first raw source you will find there and post it under this news. This carrion call is for those that know what I am talking about, and posting without thinking will only be misleading and will make thing harder instead of easier.

Hail the King added, New Surveys

Hail the King has been added, as well as unprecedented amount of surveys.

I currently don't need more propositions for long time, so every new propositions posted under this or older news, will be ignored. After those 3 surveys will end, then I will create next news under which you will be able to post next propositions or simply create new surveys from propositions that already are used in those 3 surveys.

Gathering propositions for May's Novel

As always - I am gathering new propositions for new survey, this time for May.

If you want to see novel in the May's survey, just post proposition under THIS news.

Propositions posted under other newses (which btw, are already outdated) won't be counted.

Btw, I hope that everyone noticed already (without my news) that in the meantime the DMWG, AST and HS have been added.