New Novels and New Survey

As a "small"-bonus, 3 new novels outside the queue. One of them, the Nine Godheads has been picked up as the one that matched criteria I have been rambling about in two previous news.

Also, news survey is up. Winner probably is picked up in 2 weeks.

Have fun reading.

Two new novels and one waiting

As I have said previously on chat - which probably no one has read, there will be 3 new additions in total:

  • winner of the survey
  • one novel that I will pick out myself
  • novel not translated by anyone

Martial God Space is the winner, while Sovereign of the Three Realms is the one I have picked out of queue for myself.

There has yet to be picked series that is not translated, that's why now I ask you once again to propose under the news series for two possible surveys. The one for untranslated series (if I will have hard time to pick myself from propositions), and general one (like all the previous ones).

Side note: the general survey most likely will end in next month.

While proposing under the news state CLEARLY if your proposition is for general survey or for the untranslated one.

The criteria for the untranslated are:

  • it has to have less than 10 translated chapters (best if have none at all)
  • it is ongoing
  • it has less than 1000 chapters (best if between 300-500)
  • it has to be interesting based on description or based on special facts (like it being pre/se-quel of any known and liked series)

Frontend changes

Well... hopefully everyone noticed that there has been a few minor changes to the overall design and a few additions.

They may seem big, but the only truly huge addition is comment system, while the rest is only different way of showing what was already there.

I kinda suck at writing FYI newses, don't I?

First "untranslated" series propositions list

In this month I would like to add for the first time series that hasn't been picked up yet (or was, but it is still in negligible* stage) to this page.

To do so, propose under the news what series you think should be picked up, and best would be if you also posted short (100 characters would work best) description of it and for what additional reason it should be picked up (like it is for example prequel/sequel of series that we already know, but has yet to be picked up).

* - by negligible I mean series that have less than 10 translated chapters and are translated very slowly.

Tag system and novel reward

FYI news

Person who provided tags for Tags system wanted Xian Ni as a reward, so here you go. Happy reading.