Post-translation and possibility of deleting own propositions

Finally I have introduced post-translation which with expansion of post-translation terms (currently I am the only one who can do that) should fix many problems in all of the novels.

Up to this day, translation process had only pre-translation which prior to moving text to the translator, pre-replaced original Chinese terms with corresponding English terms. The biggest fault of that was that after that operation, those terms would became incomprehensible for translator. That was the reason why it worked great for proper nouns, yet screwed up in other cases (mostly in cases of single character words).

Post-translation takes place after translator already did it's own job and replaces pair of terms (Chinese and English) for more appropriate translation.

Let me give you two examples:

  • "小手" was originally translated as "microcheiria" which is proper medical term, yet for us more understandable is "small hands"
  • "美" was originally translated as "US" which is correct if context were about country in our real world, yet for us undeniably it should be "beautiful"

Now many of those cases will be fixed with post-translation.

In the meantime I also added ability for users to delete their own propositions to the glossary, before they are accepted.

And also... I am still waiting for propositions for survey.

Two New Novels, next propositions and tag system

Two new novels were added (Swallowed Star and USAW) as winners of the survey.

SS has pre-filled glossary, due to the courtesy of Kill-me-but-i-don't-remember (I quietly hope that owner identifies himself and claims all his due glory)

In the meantime there were also added two other novels because of donations, but everyone should have noticed by now.

Usual routine, as always I am waiting for new propositions to add to the survey, post them under the news and I will chose to add only those that were repeated mostly by the users

As for the tag system...

It gathers dust for such a long time that I thought that maybe it is the time to use it... and because of that I have proposition how to cede most of that job to others.

Anyone can propose group of tags (not genres!), they have to be coherent and succinct up to the 70 with obligatory list how those tags would be assigned to novels that were already mtled here.

Since that is gigantic amount of work, then after gathering list of propositions I will create survey of which proposition has to be used and winner (the one whom proposed the best tag system) will get chance to chose 1 novel to translate outside of the queue.

You can send propositions at lnmtl.helpdesk(at)

New Survey, Otherworldly Evil Monarch and Fixes

Long time no see. Writing newses by manually adding them to the database is such tedious job, that I have to limit it to the minimum.

But here we are. Some things happened and it is time to sum them up.

So for starters - as many have noticed LLS and WDQK have finally gotten raw source changed and now they have got (hopefully) all of the missing chapters added.

There were slight alternations in FAQ and About, mostly about support tab which wasn't working.

Meh~, obviously nobody came to read this news because of those reasons.

Otherworldly Evil Monarch has been added and it was added as a one of the winners of the survey. Most likely current survey will have one more winner selected and also because donation are rapidly approaching 100% then most likely two top position of survey will be translated soon.

Those that voted for OEM now can re-vote.

That would be all folks~. See you soon.

Winners of current survey, new post-translation and new propositions for survey

The votes in survey were artificially raised up, but since they weren't deleted in time, and someone raised the bar of 100$ in donations, then I will bend the rules slightly this one time.

In 36 hours I will add Chaotic Sword God and Heavenly Jewel Changes.

Also, I want to write new thing which I call "post-translation". Currently before translating chapter in third-party's translator I pre-translate it with terms of glossary. Now I want also replace (fix) some terms after receiving translated chapter from the third-party's service.

It is supposed to be less intrusive, and mostly fix "Country Code" like "US", "France", "Canada" etc.

Because of that I need your help in creating list of those mistakes - if you remember any mistake of that kind, post original chinese character and what you think it should be replaced be (optionally you can also post how it was mistranslated for fun).

Last thing - I am waiting for propositions for next survey. I will only on those propositions that are proposed the most.

BTTH and DE, winners of pre-christmas survey

So as I have announced previously, we have 2 winners (more precisely 2700+ chapters), which are Battle Through the Heavens and Desolate Era.

I was thinking if I should bend a rules slightly and add 3 winners, but finally decided against it, simply because doing only those 2 sapped my strengths enough.

So, there you have it. Two new series.

I am waiting for additional propositions to the survey, you can post them under the news

One-time deal is still in place. If you wish to bribe me before 1st of January to translate additional novels you can do it now. More information you will find there New Survey and christmas amount of winners