Visual changes and pause in activity

There were a few visual changes meant for easier reading such as text-justification and addition of gray color font and automatic resizer.

And also bad news, all free time I could have used, I've already used up, so until further notice (I guess 2 weeks) there won't be further upgrades.

Don't panic, automatic scripts will do it's job and will further translate ATG and TDG, while in the meantime Jaagyk (All hail Jaagyk! who recently gained ability to issue retranslation of chapter, will retranslate chapters of LLS with new additions in glossary.

Don't forget to thank him for that!


MGA Update and Slight Changes in Glossary


Today there was big update on MGA front

Also now glossary is searchable and filterable.

Slight changes in how all is displayed (mostly in dark theme) are for you to find out

Have fun reading

Better Dark Theme

As everybody can see, I have made some changes to the theme, mostly to dark version of it.

If you have any further suggestion which changes would make it more user-friendly, then post it there.

Term propositions planned changes

Since term propositions has been there for some time and I had time to look at it, and where it lacks I come to this conclusions:

LLS soon will have it MTLed version here

I have a work-free day for once and coincidentally had free hour to read LLS at weekend then it is time for me to parse winner of vote, meaning Zhaohuan Wansui (Long Live Summons).

I don't know when next winner of vote will be selected, but as far as MTL of LLS goes I should today prepare it.