WDQK, ISSTH and MGA retranslation

As in title, those novel has been completely re-translated with new glossary

WDQK Update

WDQK has been selected, and (hopefully) successfully mtled.

It will be re-translated after 2-3 days after initial glossary's propositions rush.

Brobdingnagian Upgrade and Missing MGA Chapters

Everybody (or at least those that likes to read chat) knows that there were slight mishaps with chapter numeration in MGA and not every chapter has been added. Now everything (should be) is okay.

Yet the most important news is upgrade of the "engine", which from my view-point is tremendous.

First and foremost it binds glossary terms in translation to their original meaning, which will also allow also to display small additional info (so users will be able to add small info to the characters).

Secondly, it finally properly connects words that are divided by characters such as '-_ etc.

Started it like there would be a three... but believe me, those two point alone are enough.

Previous announcement (the one about pause in activity) is still due; just had one free day and thought that it would be nice gesture to update MGA for the first donator (per his suggestion). One thing lead to another... and here we are with this upgrade.

Visual changes and pause in activity

There were a few visual changes meant for easier reading such as text-justification and addition of gray color font and automatic resizer.

And also bad news, all free time I could have used, I've already used up, so until further notice (I guess 2 weeks) there won't be further upgrades.

Don't panic, automatic scripts will do it's job and will further translate ATG and TDG, while in the meantime Jaagyk (All hail Jaagyk! who recently gained ability to issue retranslation of chapter, will retranslate chapters of LLS with new additions in glossary.

Don't forget to thank him for that!


MGA Update and Slight Changes in Glossary


Today there was big update on MGA front

Also now glossary is searchable and filterable.

Slight changes in how all is displayed (mostly in dark theme) are for you to find out

Have fun reading