Global Lord: Starting as a Desert Lord 全球领主:开局成为沙漠领主

Lords, Farming, Raising, Military Units, Exploration, Development.

The entire population of billions of people were transported to the game world of 《Glorious Era》, each becoming a Lord and possessing one’s own territory.

Recruit military units, gather resources, occupy mines, attack cities, establish an empire!

The most important aspect of this world of Lords is recruiting units from military unit lairs.

Only the potential of military unit lairs is fixed. If you want to obtain first rate units, you must defeat those large rural units, occupy their military unit lairs.

But Li Cha discovered that he was able to directly upgrade the rank of his military unit lairs.

Henceforth, all kinds of extremely formidable units were fostered by him.

Whilst other players were still in the period of being over the moon with joy in obtaining a single high grade unit, behind Li Cha rose Desert Pharoah Kings, Devil Scorpion Monarchs, Mechanical Giants, Demon Barons, Blood Grand Dukes, Five-Color Demon Dragons, Fallen Angels……

From now on and forever more, a prosperous and resplendent oasis city appeared within the desert, and he, the desert’s ruler.

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