GLSAADL :: Volume #7

#631 Part 3: ( The book ends) finally a war, epoch opening(

Probably the concentrated sulfuric acid ignition is ordinary, the gem scepter repels his grasping to grasp intensely, the fierce pain makes anybody call out pitifully sufficiently, but his vision does not have the least bit to vacillate. 像是浓硫酸灼烧一般,宝石权杖强烈排斥他的抓握,剧烈的痛苦足以让任何人惨叫,但他的目光没有半点动摇。 The body boundless yellow sand energy collides with it forcefully. 身上磅礴的黄沙能量强行与之碰撞。 The body resulted in the twist deformation by this energy impact. 身躯都被这股能量冲击得扭曲变形。 The yellow sand that the surroundings surge seems like by 18 levels of hurricanes is moved the crazy swing. 周围涌动的黄沙像是被十八级飓风吹动疯狂摇摆。 Lancet Diels. You, are unqualified.” “阿斯摩蒂尔斯.你,还不够格。” The left hand also grasped together above the gem scepter, the vision anger opened the eyes, stared at front nine prisons to control stubbornly. 左手也一起握在了宝石权杖之上,目光怒睁,死死盯着面前的九狱主宰。 The strength of yellow sand starts to corrode crazily, shakes with the opposite party with the most overbearing direct stance hardly! 身上的黄沙之力开始疯狂侵蚀而下,以最霸道直接的姿态跟对方硬撼! To kill him? That makes him have a look at nine prisons' control to have several jin (0.5 kg) several two! 想要杀死他?那就让他看看九狱的主宰到底有几斤几两! The Li Cha that nearly crazy stance lets Lancet Diels mind shock. 李察那近乎疯狂的姿态让阿斯摩蒂尔斯心神剧震。 This divine grace Lord, is quite resolute!! 这个神恩领主,好果决!! But also because of his crazy, making Lancet Diels's anger be lit thoroughly. 但也因为他的疯狂,让阿斯摩蒂尔斯的怒火被彻底点燃。 How long he must have a look at the opposite party to be able but actually to support! 他倒要看看对方能撑多久! He is 0.9 prisons' control!! 他可是.九狱的主宰!! The throat sends out a low roar, the extremely wicked hell blasphemed the language to resound suddenly. 喉咙发出一声低吼,极恶的地狱亵渎语骤然响起。 „” “” The energy that is lending the sulfur aura erupts from the gem scepter, since covered entire Soran City directly, the next moment, the one after another half well-illuminated soul crawled from the land wreckage. 一股散发着硫磺气息的能量从宝石权杖上爆发,直接覆盖了整个索兰城,下一刻,一个个半通明的灵魂从大地残骸之上爬起。 Bright goddess, the god of Sun, the lord of dawn, after the spider, Ross. 光明女神,太阳之神,晨曦之主,蛛后萝丝. The devil is the Grandmaster who plays with the soul, they are more splendid than undead. 魔鬼是玩弄灵魂的大师,它们比亡灵更出色。 After these souls recover, probably was been ordinary by the magnet attraction, the direct float, following Lancet Diels's body fissure, integrated his within the body. 这些灵魂复苏之后,像是被磁铁吸引一般,直接漂浮而起,顺着阿斯摩蒂尔斯的身躯裂痕,融入了他的体内。 This process even can see these by the panic-stricken expression of soul. 这个过程甚至能看到那些被灵魂的惊恐表情。 No!!” “不!!” Damn devil!” “该死的魔鬼!” Lancet Diels, you cannot treat us like this!” “阿斯摩蒂尔斯,你不能这样对待我们!” Sad and shrill shouting transmit in Lancet Diels within the body. 一声声凄厉的嘶吼在阿斯摩蒂尔斯体内传来。 The body of dark green foreign becomes the cage everywhere, every time enters a soul, Lancet Diels's aura becomes the tyrannical point. 满目苍夷的躯体成为了牢笼,每进入一个灵魂,阿斯摩蒂尔斯的气息就变得强横一分。 During cursed and roars, this nine prisons the Lord face became twists extremely fiercely. 在一声声咒骂和咆哮之中,这位九狱之主的脸庞变得极为扭曲狰狞。 Your all, will belong to me!” “你们的一切,都将归我所有!” Your strengths, your authority godhoods, your followers, are my strength!” “你们的力量,你们的权柄神职,你们的信徒,都是吾之力量!” „” “” The deathly stillness incantation resounds again, these souls send out the sad and shrill pitiful yell immediately, probably was imposed to put to death by dismemberment the torture. 死寂的咒语再次响起,那些灵魂立刻发出凄厉惨叫,像是被处以凌迟酷刑。 In the wailing sound, the pressure that he sends out inflates unceasingly 在哀嚎声之中,他散发的威压不断膨胀 All these happen in fast, the audience between live broadcasts has not gotten back one's composure had noticed that the Li Cha body was pierced, various God soul recovered Lancet Diels swallows to absorb. 这一切都发生在电光石火之间,直播间的观众还没回过神就已经看到李察的身躯被洞穿,诸神的灵魂被复苏的阿斯摩蒂尔斯吞噬吸纳。 Immediately the one after another ghost all braves. 顿时一个个亡魂皆冒。 father said that is not simple, RNM Lancet Diels this old coin, unexpectedly with playing dead to withdraw to wait till mutually wounded came out to pick the peach again!” “老子就说没有那么简单,RNM阿斯摩蒂尔斯这个老硬币,竟然用假死脱身等到了两败俱伤再出来摘桃子!” Benefitted as the third party in a dispute the Azure Mound eldest child danger!!” “渔翁得利啊青丘老大危险了!!” fuck, damn Lancet Diels, fuck your ancestor's coffin board board!!” ,狗日的阿斯摩蒂尔斯,你祖宗的棺材板板!!” After Lancet Diels completes all these, has not stopped, the left hand wields fiercely. 阿斯摩蒂尔斯做完这一切后,还未停止,左手猛地挥动。 kācha ~ 咔嚓~ The space is direct! 身后的空间直接破碎! the next moment, the boundless endless blood-color hell floats. 下一刻,无边无尽的血色地狱漂浮而起。 Evil, dark, Massacre, bloody, all negative adjectives are not enough to describe that aura. 邪恶,黑暗,残暴,血腥,所有负面形容词都不足以描述那股气息。 Because although the prohibited reason is unable to leave from Soran City, but the energies of nine prisons can actually penetrate the seal transmission. 虽然因为被封禁的缘故无法从索兰城中离开,但是九狱的能量却能穿透封印传递而来。 Gushes out the boundless energy to pour into from nine prisons to Lancet Diels within the body crazily. 从九狱之中涌出磅礴的能量疯狂灌注到阿斯摩蒂尔斯体内。 This terrifying investigation has the pressure on rise suddenly extremely again. 这位恐怖的究极存在威压再次暴涨。 Kills!” “杀!” Lancet Diels this moment card in a hand completely leaves, wants to extinguish forcefully kills Li Cha! 阿斯摩蒂尔斯此刻底牌尽出,想要强行灭杀李察 Li Cha whole body each pore is opening, the soul sends out unprecedented warning. 李察浑身每一个毛孔都在张开,灵魂发出前所未有的示警。 !! 啊!! The throat sends out low roars, the handsome face at this moment becomes somewhat fierce. 喉咙发出一声声低吼,英俊的脸庞此刻变得有些狰狞。 The strength of authority displayed the pinnacle, trim Death Dessert was leaping, all energy gatherings. 权柄的力量发挥到了极致,整片死亡沙漠都在跃动,所有的能量汇聚而来。 In the sky, the eternal place eruption brilliant brilliance, the entire plane strength in addition holds again. 天空之中,永恒之地爆发灼灼光辉,整个位面的力量再次加持。 The branch of the world tree hangs to the Li Cha shoulder on quietly, the boundless energy instills into to enter. 世界树的枝条悄然间垂到李察肩上,磅礴的能量灌输而入。 Evades not to be possible to evade, that. Bets all! 避无可避,那就.赌上一切! Li Cha during a low roar, erupted own all, shakes with Lancet Diels forcefully hardly! 李察在声声低吼之中,爆发了自己的一切,强行跟阿斯摩蒂尔斯硬撼! Lancet Diels thought to be able easily accomplished destroying Li Cha, but is quick he to discover, even if there are nine prison support forces, even if absorbed various God the strength. It is not able to rout Li Cha. 阿斯摩蒂尔斯本以为能摧枯拉朽的摧毁李察,但很快他就发现,哪怕拥有九狱力量支持,哪怕吸纳了诸神的力量.也无法击溃李察 Heart vibration. 心头震动不已。 This divine grace can Lord, how powerful to this degree? 这个神恩领主,怎么能强大到这种程度? Aren't the strengths of nine prisons able to do to him?!! 九狱的力量都无法奈何他?!! Two people collisions formed the terrifying energy field, isolated all outside. 两人的碰撞形成了恐怖的能量场,把一切都隔绝在了外面。 Responded when Windsor wants to assist Li Cha, the desperate discovery, two people collisions formed a special force field, wants to injure to anyone must first tear this force field. 反应过来温莎想要协助李察时,绝望的发现,两人的碰撞形成了一道特殊力场,想要伤害到任何一人都要先撕裂这个力场。 This is equivalent simultaneously with two people are an enemy! 这相当于同时跟两人为敌! To kill various God thoroughly, Windsor has consumed too many strengths, she was unable to break through two people strengths at this moment! 为了彻底杀死诸神,温莎已经消耗了太多的力量,她此刻已经无法冲破两人的力量! Even if anxious, at this moment also can only look that say/way keeps off the form of fatal attack to grip to pierce the chest scepter for her, only shakes with Lancet Diels by own strength hardly. 哪怕再焦急,此刻也只能看着那道替她挡下致命攻击的身影握住洞穿胸膛权杖,仅靠自身力量跟阿斯摩蒂尔斯硬撼。 The tears of lamentation fall unceasingly, she should not be negligent!! 悔恨的泪水不断滑落,她不应该大意的!! The audience between live broadcasts were anxiously quick were insane, just enjoyed the victory the taste, at this moment actually looks that helplessly the enemy seized it. 直播间的观众都快急疯了,刚刚享受到胜利的滋味,此刻却眼睁睁看着敌人把它夺走。 That feeling makes anybody go crazy sufficiently. 那种感觉足以让任何人发狂。 Damn did not speak Wu De, sneak attack!!” “狗日的不讲武德啊,偷袭!!” What to do should the Azure Mound eldest child then? Who can help the Azure Mound eldest child!!” 青丘老大这下该怎么办?谁能帮帮青丘老大啊!!” Must endure ten million/countless!! Cannot drop down here!!” “千万要挺住啊!!不能在这里倒下!!” These conversely was too quick, all players feel exhaustedly, the spirit tightened the pinnacle. 这一幕幕反转来的太快了,所有玩家都感觉心力交瘁,精神绷紧到了极致。 No one is willing to notice that at the final moment was also reversed!! 没有人愿意看到在最后时刻还被逆转!! During the time in everyone is highly anxious passes extremely slowly. 时间在所有人高度焦虑之中流逝得极为缓慢。 One hour, two hours are about five hours, the audience between live broadcasts as if had passed half a century. 一个小时,两个小时不过五个小时,直播间的观众仿佛已经度过了半个世纪。 both sides are still refusing to budge unexpectedly! 双方竟然还在僵持! Death Dessert is the Li Cha backing, the eternal place is his private territory, the world tree is he trains to grow up personally. These abundant background made him have the unprecedented strength. 死亡沙漠李察的后盾,永恒之地是他的私人领地,世界树是他亲自培养长大的.这些雄厚的底蕴让他拥有了前所未有的力量。 Consumes. So long as can support final two days, then all will rewrite! 耗下去.只要能撑过最后的两天,那么一切都将重写! The Li Cha intent having an iron will iron, cannot shake. 李察的意志坚如钢铁,不可撼动。 Lancet Diels also detected that Li Cha that terrifying background, the innermost feelings are gradually anxious, even raises had never had the fear. 阿斯摩蒂尔斯也察觉到了李察那恐怖的底蕴,内心逐渐不安,甚至升起了从未有过的恐惧。 In anger, fierce face upwarding long and loud cry. 在愤怒之中,猛的仰天长啸。 Bayer. Destroys the territory of this reptile, I must destroy cleanly his all!!” “拜尔.摧毁这个爬虫的领地,我要把他的一切都毁灭干净!!” Hysteric angry roaring, resounds outside Dusk City by the rear nine hells. 歇斯底里的怒吼,透过后方的九层地狱在黄昏之城外响起。 Hell's first devil Lord, the commander Bayer whole body trembles, the vision immediately becomes fierce. 地狱第一层的魔鬼领主,指挥官拜尔浑身一颤,目光立刻变得凶恶。 Raises in the hand to burn fiercely the great sword of roaring flame, the roaring world! 猛地举起手中燃烧着烈焰的巨剑,咆哮天地! Everyone along with my Charge!!” “所有人随我冲锋!!” Before several hours, the aura of that god evil has vanished. Just in aura that Lancet Diels transmitted, has god evil. 数个小时前,那尊神孽的气息已经消失.刚刚阿斯摩蒂尔斯传来的气息之中,有神孽。 The opposite party left this city obviously. 对方显然离开了这座城市。 That, no longer keeps the hand! 那就,不再留手! At that moment is leading the final preparation regiment, presses completely. 当下率领着最后的预备军团,全部压上。 Two Lv. 30 half god devils, Legendary is over 20 people, in addition more than 40 extraordinary, this strength may be called fearsome. 两个30级半神魔鬼,传奇超过20人,外加40多位超凡,这股力量堪称可怖. Before placing, even can easily destroy an empire! 放在之前,甚至能轻易毁灭一个帝国! Li Cha feels the desert aura that Lancet Diels transmits behind, fierce raising the head. 李察感受到阿斯摩蒂尔斯身后传来的沙漠气息,猛的抬头。 All also living player. Protects Dusk City for me, this is our final hopes!” “所有还活着的玩家.替我守护好黄昏之城,这是我们最后的希望!” All these, asked you!” “这一切,就拜托你们了!” Among the live broadcasts, looks that the chest was pierced as before firm and resolute, even also limits Lancet Diels's Li Cha stubbornly, changes countenance all. 直播间内,看着胸膛被洞穿依旧坚毅,甚至还死死限制阿斯摩蒂尔斯的李察,无不动容。 Azure Mound old achieved this degree mostly, can't our city defend?” 青丘老大都做到了这种程度,难道我们连一座城市都守不住吗?” Was only left over for two days!! Defends us to obtain the new life!!” “只剩下两天了!!守住我们就能获得新生!!” Arrived giving it all time, died must die in the battlefield!” “到了放手一搏的时候了,死也要死在战场上!” Does not need many words, the Li Cha own model has fully explained all. 不需要过多的话语,李察亲身的表率已经足以说明一切。 If there is not been willing to fight for own destiny to them at this moment, then no one could save them! 如果到了此刻他们还不愿意为自己的命运而战,那么谁也救不了他们! Quick, a blockbuster news comes, the devil army is attacking Dusk City incessantly crazily, tore void, the emergence of mass in Ell plane. 很快,一则重磅消息传来,魔鬼大军不止在疯狂进攻黄昏之城,更是撕裂了虚空,大批量的出现在埃尔位面 With direction that the eternal place connects, becomes the target of devil army with emphasis attack. 跟永恒之地相连接的方向,成为了魔鬼大军重点进攻的目标。 Ell plane flames of war were lit finally. 埃尔位面的战火终于被点燃。 This piece of broad plane, is more suitable than to launch the large-scale battle Dusk City. 这片宽广的位面,比黄昏之城更适合展开大规模会战。 The countless devil floods into to come, to expose the incomparably sharp point. 无以计数的魔鬼涌入而来,展露出无比锐利的锋芒。 They want to cut off the Dusk City reinforcements from the source impressively. 他们赫然是想要从源头斩断黄昏之城的援军。 Once Ell plane falls into enemy hands, Dusk City can also by the crew cut! 而一旦埃尔位面失守,黄昏之城也将会被推平! This war, reached the new high tide! 这场战争,达到了新的高潮! As the bad news comes unceasingly, among the live broadcasts in player starts to reduce fast. 随着坏消息不断传来,直播间内的玩家开始快速减少。 But when everyone leaves, left behind a barrage. 而每个人离开之时,都留下了一句弹幕。 We can defend!!” “我们能守住!!” The simple words, are passing the incomparably firm determination! 简单的话语,透着无比坚定的决心! Defends, defends with what? With their lives!! 守住,拿什么守住?拿他们的命!! Players brought the army that are only remaining to appear above Ell plane battlefield. 一个又一个的玩家带着自己仅剩的军队出现在了埃尔位面的战场之上。 Looks that among the live broadcasts in audience quantity drops crazily, an inexplicable solemn and stirring mood raises in everyone. 看着直播间内的观众数量疯狂下降,一种莫名的悲壮情绪在所有人内心升起。 Defends the final defense line, defends Dusk City. Does not lose the anticipation of Azure Mound eldest child, this is their only goals! 守住最后的防线,守住黄昏之城.不负青丘老大的期待,这是他们唯一的目标! Arrived this degree, has nothing reserved, died at the worst! 到了这种程度,也没有什么可保留的了,大不了一死! The dangerous moment, some people retreat, some people of frightened, some people avoid, even some people of surrender revolting enemies, but will also never lack does not fear the death, hero of marching forward courageously. 危难关头,有人退却,有人恐惧,有人躲避,甚至有人投降叛敌,但是也永远不缺不畏死亡,勇往直前的英雄。 This war, being doomed to inscribe war of most Magnificent solemn and stirring the epic above the 《Glorious Era》 historical process. 这场战争,注定要铭刻在《光辉纪元》历史进程之上最为辉煌悲壮的史诗之战。 Another side, nine prison's first devil Lord- Bayer, after leading the army is entering Dusk City, immediately opens greatly killed especially kills the pattern. 另一边,九狱第一层魔鬼领主—拜尔,率领着大军杀入黄昏之城后,立刻开启了大杀特杀模式。 But just began, the front presented one after another to fill to fight the form of intent! 但刚动手,面前出现了一个个充满战意的身影! Dark female martial Shenfu, blood group Grand Duke Renee, Fearless Warrior Hina, the centaur Amy Ruida, the darkness bites soul Kritios, the lion of greed, the undead giant dragon hero. 黑暗女武神芙伊,血族大公蕾妮,无畏战士希娜,半人马艾米瑞达,黑暗噬魂者克里托斯,贪欲之狮,亡灵巨龙英雄. Dusk City main top strength, complete accumulation. 黄昏之城最主要的顶尖力量,全部聚集。 Moreover at this moment, everyone is uniform Legendary. 而且此刻,所有人都是清一色的传奇 The war can grow the quickest place, these top heroes, have not missed this opportunity, several months of secret growth stepped into the crazy Legendary domain finally. 战争是能让人成长最快的地方,这几位顶级英雄,没有错过这个机会,数个月的隐秘发育终于踏入了让人疯狂的传奇领域。 Dark female martial Shenchi three meters sword, is blocking Bayer, the darkness bit soul to keep off nearby another devil Lord. 黑暗女武神持着三米长的战刀,拦住了拜尔,黑暗噬魂者则挡在了另一个魔鬼领主跟前。 Remaining Legendary and extraordinary devil is several people of head deals by Amy Ruida. 剩下的传奇超凡魔鬼则由艾米瑞达为首的几人应对。 Dusk City, but also is not one's turn Bayer to be dissolute! 黄昏之城,还轮不到拜尔放肆! Besides the Dusk City top hero, in crowd, but also quietly presents the form that many had not expected. 除了黄昏之城的顶级英雄之外,人群之中,还悄然出现了许多未曾预料到的身影。 Frost wolf family's new Grand Duke —— Rebecca, with her father old frost wolf Grand Duke but jointly. 霜狼家族的新任大公——丽贝卡,和她父亲老霜狼大公联手而至。 The Soran City actual master, Legendary level member Grand Duke Soran leads oneself daughter painstakingly, has broken through to extraordinary Chris comes quietly. 索兰城的真正主人,传奇级苦修士索兰大公带着自己的女儿,已经突破到超凡的克莉丝悄然现身。 In addition sacred hall kingdom seven Grand Duke Legendary more than 20 extraordinary that came from the major influence support towers in addition. 此外还有圣堂王国七位传奇大公外加二十多位从各大势力支援而来的超凡耸立。 Suddenly, the Dusk City high rank strength does not miss many compared with the devil army unexpectedly! 眨眼之间,黄昏之城的高阶力量竟然不比魔鬼大军差多少! The war, breaks out instantaneously! 大战,瞬间爆发! Ell plane, Dusk City, Soran City, three large-scale battlefield firepower full. 埃尔位面,黄昏之城,索兰城,三处大型战场此刻火力全开。 Fortress city —— eternal city that in the eternal place constructs, in the most crucial time appeared sky over Dusk City. 永恒之地内建造的堡垒城市——永恒之城,也在最为关键的时刻出现在了黄昏之城上空。 Has prepared the good tens of thousands alchemy artilleries, almost captured the Dusk City fatal moment in the devil army, fell in torrents under. 早已经准备好的几万门炼金火炮,在魔鬼大军几乎攻陷黄昏之城的致命关头,倾泻而下。 Rumble the fire sound resounds through the world. 轰隆隆的炮火声响彻天地。 Because the devil army attacks Ell plane, but causes the reinforcements drastically to reduce, causes the Dusk City almost downcast the situation, under the artillery of eternal city, is pulled immediately. 因为魔鬼大军袭击埃尔位面,而造成援军大幅减少,导致黄昏之城几近陷落的局势,在永恒之城的火炮之下,立刻被扳了回来。 Each artillery resounds, the land will ascend the small-scale mushroom cloud, the place that the bomb explodes is covered by the high temperature and shrapnel instantaneously. 每一次火炮响起,大地都会升腾起小型的蘑菇云,炸弹爆裂的地方瞬间被高温、弹片所覆盖。 The crowded devil seems like harvested the wheat to drop down equally crazily. 密集的魔鬼像是被收割麦子一样疯狂倒下。 Black congealing popsicle, demon sound box, weapon plant. The after industry of Dusk City is mature, every day can earn the magnanimous resources, these resources were changed into the military supply completely, the alchemy artillery and bomb occupy the big end. 黑凝冰糕,魔音盒,武器工厂.黄昏之城的产业成熟之后,每天都能赚取海量资源,这些资源则全部被换成了军事物资,其中炼金火炮和炸弹占据大头。 The background that Li Cha saves, no was wasted. 李察积攒下来的底蕴,没有一丝被浪费。 However how regardless of the casualties, under Lancet Diels's will, the devil army not to have the idea that the least bit retrocedes. 但是不论伤亡如何,在阿斯摩蒂尔斯的意志下,魔鬼大军没有半点后退的想法。 As before savage Berserk. 依旧凶残狂暴 In the ferocious war, the time starts to speed up passing, from ten days of time limit, is only left over the final 40 hours. 在激烈的战争中,时间开始加快流逝,距离十天时限,只剩下最后40小时。 The Dusk City battlefield had the new change, with bites soul that Lv. 30 devil Lord to war dark, after a mistake, was hit the blood crazily to spurt. 黄昏之城的战场出现了新的变化,跟黑暗噬魂者对战的那头30级魔鬼领主,一个失误后,被打得鲜血狂喷。 Afterward the darkness bites the soul soul chains directly its bundle, is in front of countless person, executes this half god forcefully! 随后黑暗噬魂者灵魂锁链直接把其捆绑,当着无数人的面,把这个半神强行处决! Has the darkness of similar dog head q skill to bite soul, after experiencing the long growth, finally had the strength of upsetting the table. 拥有类似狗头q技能的黑暗噬魂者,经历漫长的发育后,终于拥有了掀桌子的力量。 By the ranks of 2 Lv. 6, kills Lv. 30 devil Lord outrageously, completes the reverse! 以二6级的等级,悍然狙杀30级的魔鬼领主,完成反转! Countdown 35 hours, night. 倒计时35小时,夜。 Under Dusk City in the chilly moonlight shines is not a silver-white color, but is blood red. 黄昏之城在清冷的月光照耀之下并不是银白色,而是一片血红。 Cannot feel the night completely the blackness. 完全感受不到夜的漆黑。 Eternal city bombing position that opens from the Dusk City sky, the dense and numerous shells lighten the entire sky. 黄昏之城天空开启的永恒之城炮击阵地,密密麻麻的炮弹把整个天空都点亮。 The god of death is harvesting the life recklessly. 死神在肆意收割着生命。 The darkness bites soul jointly to be shen dark female martial to resist more powerful devil Lord together. Bayer! 黑暗噬魂者联手黑暗女武神共同对抗更为强大的魔鬼领主.拜尔! The countdown 24 hours, ended from the daybreak dark this chapter, are only left over last day. 倒计时24小时,距离黎明黑暗这个章节结束,只剩下最后一天。 Once the indicator comes to the end, all will end. 指针一旦走到尽头,一切都将终结。 However offensive and defensive both sides have not stopped the footsteps. 但是攻守双方都没有停下脚步。 Slaughters is continuing. 厮杀在继续。 Soran City. 索兰城 Lancet Diels wants to run over Li Cha with the strengths of nine prisons innumerable forcefully. 阿斯摩蒂尔斯无数次想要用九狱的力量硬生生压死李察 But Li Cha is relying on the Death Dessert strength, blocked Lancet Diels's offensive innumerable. 李察都凭借着死亡沙漠的力量,无数次的挡住了阿斯摩蒂尔斯的攻势。 In addition eternal place, world tree as support. Lancet Diels was also welded firmly in same place by him, cannot move. 再加上永恒之地,世界树作为支撑.阿斯摩蒂尔斯同样被他牢牢焊在原地,动弹不得。 Two people have entered the pure battle of attrition at this moment, who cannot support who will be ripped the fragment by the strength of opposite party! 两人此刻已经进入到了纯粹的消耗战,谁撑不住谁就会被对方的力量撕成碎片! Lancet Diels has the complete nine prisons as the support, even if were limited by the world will, strength that can use also obviously compared with Li Cha in many. 阿斯摩蒂尔斯有完整的九狱作为支撑,哪怕被世界意志所限制,能动用的力量也明显比李察强上不少。 The long consumption lets the tremendous weight that Li Cha felt unable to speak, even if wielded the complete authority is also being so. 漫长的消耗让李察感受到了无法言说的沉重负担,哪怕执掌着完整的权柄也是如此。 Let alone the Death Dessert strength had consumed much in just fight, this long consumption, letting Death Dessert becomes the drained lake water, nearly exhausts. 更别说死亡沙漠的力量已经在刚刚的战斗中消耗了不少,这次漫长的消耗,让死亡沙漠成为了被抽干的湖水,近乎耗尽。 He fortunately must do has not supported, only needs to support for day. 幸而他要做的并不是一直撑下去,只需要支撑一天。 Finally this day! 最后这一天! Countdown 12 hours. 倒计时12小时。 Bayer had fallen into thoroughly crazily, wants to enter Dusk City innumerable personally, but was compelled by the absolute point by dark female martial God. 拜尔已经彻底陷入了疯狂,无数次想要亲自杀入黄昏之城,但都被黑暗女武神以绝对的锋芒逼了回来。 This guards hell's first devil Lord, is in nine devil Lord most powerful that existence of Lord God rank. 这个镇守地狱第一层的魔鬼领主,是九个魔鬼领主之中最为强大的那个,主神级别的存在。 But the bonus is so, under and bites soul to attack by dark female martial God dark jointly, limited firmly! 但饶是如此,也在被黑暗女武神和黑暗噬魂者联手的进攻之下,牢牢限制住了! It is not able to step into Dusk City. 无法踏入黄昏之城 Ell plane has also killed insanely, to preserve to support the Dusk City channel, the bloody degree is more exaggerating than the outside world. 埃尔位面也已经杀疯了,为了保住支援黄昏之城的通道,血腥程度比外界更夸张。 The magnanimous player, haunched Ell plane battlefield. 海量的玩家,撑起了埃尔位面战场。 Did not have laughing in the face of death of player, the Dusk City reinforcements channel to shut off. 没有玩家的舍生忘死,黄昏之城的援军通道早已经被切断。 Although is usually far-fetched, but at this moment, them becomes the genuine backbone! 虽然平时不靠谱,但在此时此刻,他们成为了真正的顶梁柱! Passing of time makes Lancet Diels is getting more and more irritable with demented. 时间的流逝让阿斯摩蒂尔斯变得越来越急躁和癫狂。 But he suppresses the idea of Li Cha personally, the devil army captures the plan of Dusk City, has not obtained him to progress. 但不论是他亲手压制李察的想法,还是魔鬼大军攻陷黄昏之城的计划,都没有得到他想要进展。 The joy that innermost feelings original vowing solemnly and benefits as the third party in a dispute, to at this moment, has gradually sunk downward, the fear starts to nibble the innermost feelings. 内心原本的信誓旦旦和渔翁得利的欣喜,到此刻,已经逐渐往下沉,恐惧开始蚕食内心。 Arrived raised finally unexpectedly the intense sense of desperation 到最后竟然升起了强烈的绝望感 That distance victory one pace, the feeling of but actually by the opposite party forcefully being strangled, just like ten thousand ant bites the heart. 那种距离胜利一步之遥,但却被对方强行扼杀的感觉,犹如万蚁噬心。 Why? 凭什么啊? He is nine prisons' control, isn't able to crash divine grace Lord unexpectedly?! 他可是九狱的主宰,竟然无法压垮一个神恩领主?! Why can the opposite party achieve this degree?! 对方凭什么能做到这种程度?! He felt innumerable the strength of opposite party creakies, so long as tries harder to destroy all, but is actually not able to tread forever forever that step. 他无数次都感觉对方的力量摇摇欲坠,只要加把劲就能摧毁一切,但却永远永远无法踏出那一步。 His scepter in piercing the situation of opposite party body, has no way to kill the opposite party lord unexpectedly thoroughly!! 他的权杖在洞穿了对方身躯的情况下,竟然都没法彻底杀死对方主!! Lancet Diels filled manic and unwilling. 阿斯摩蒂尔斯内心充满了狂躁和不甘。 The time passes again, last hour, a half hour, ten minutes 时间再度流逝,最后一个小时,半个小时,十分钟 !!! 啊!!! The pressure that the time approaches makes Lancet Diels string collapse broken , the throat send out wild beast roaring thoroughly, fissure starts to seep out the bloodstain. 时间临近的压力让阿斯摩蒂尔斯内心的弦彻底崩断,喉咙发出野兽般的咆哮,身上的裂痕开始渗出血迹。 The soul that the next moment, within the body over a hundred just swallowed was pulled from own soul by him, pours into from the gem scepter to Li Cha within the body. 下一刻,体内上百个刚刚吞噬的灵魂被他又从自己的灵魂之中扯出,从宝石权杖灌注到李察体内。
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