TTAGITP :: Volume #5

#445: Earth drastic change

Chapter 445 Earth drastic change 第445章地球剧变 Has can explain greatly, before city Lord fort, the does bone dragon that occupies why use?” “有没有大能来说明一下,城主堡前盘踞的这条骨龙到底是干嘛用的?” Late at night, in the Heavenly Dynasty forum area, emitted such a post, aroused the innumerable resonance instantaneously. 深夜时分,天朝论坛区里,冒出了这么一条贴子,瞬间引发了无数的共鸣。 With asking, I also think that invades the monster of city, finally Crap nearly has not attacked me unexpectedly, seems like the lifeform of friendly side......” “同问,我还以为是入侵城市的怪物,结果我靠近居然没有攻击我,看起来似乎是友善方的生物啊……” What new NPC isn't this? How the city Lord has not come out to send an announcement......” “这不会是什么新的NPC吧?怎么城主也没有出来发个公告……” Has the person to try and it interacts? Generally in the game this large-scale NPC, interacts to receive quest!” “有没有人尝试和它互动的?一般游戏里这种大型NPC,互动一下都有可能接到任务!” I tried to feed its food a moment ago, wants to have a look to tame it.” “我刚才试着喂了它食物,想看看能不能驯服它。” Finally?” “结果呢?” Does not have the bird I, data display bone dragon showed despicable expression to you, this dragon does not seem to use to eat the thing......” “没鸟我,文本显示‘骨龙对你露出了鄙夷的表情’,这龙好像不用吃东西……” fuck, I controlled the character to touch bone dragon a moment ago!” 卧槽,我刚才操控人物摸了骨龙一下!” Then?” “然后呢?” Bone dragon stared my one eyes, then...... my character was petrified!” “骨龙瞪了我一眼,然后……我人物被石化了!” „......” “……” Well? Me had the response!” “咦?我这边有反应了!” Again?” “又怎么?” I just tried to inject a divine nature to the bone dragon, the bone dragon accepted unexpectedly!” “我刚刚试着给骨龙注入了一点神性,骨龙居然接受了!” „? Therefore what quest did you trigger?” “哦?所以你触发了什么任务?” Also no, the text prompt bone dragon received your divine nature pleasantly surprised, pouched within the body, reveals expression that is enchanted by, with attracting resulted in......” “还没有,文本提示骨龙惊喜的接收了你的神性,吞进了体内,露出迷醉的表情,跟吸了似得……” „??? Divine nature! Does this dragon need the divine nature unexpectedly? This should not really be the god beast......” “???神性!这龙居然需要神性?这该不会真是只神兽吧……” „If the god beast, why that hasn't triggered quest? Doesn't the light give the reward with the advantage?” “如果是神兽,那为什么没有触发任务?光拿好处不给奖励?” I felt that should be gives also insufficient! Since this thing can let it becoming addicted, then so long as normally continues to feed its divine nature, after waiting for the quantity enough, theoretically can trigger quest! Even tames the bone dragon directly is not not possible......” “我感觉应该是给的还不够!既然这东西能让它‘上瘾’,那么按说只要继续喂它神性,等数量足够了之后,理论上就能触发任务了!甚至直接驯服骨龙也不是不可能……” Is reasonable, therefore which rich elder brother tries quickly......” “有道理,所以哪位富哥快去尝试一下……” fuck, I just threw one time fed 50 divine nature to it!” 卧槽,我刚刚一次性投喂了五十点神性给它!” Then?” “然后呢?” „...... Is then same, this dragon patronized was cracking with the teeth, without bird I......” “然后……还是一样,这龙光顾着嗑了,没鸟我……” Day, 50 points were insufficient, was this bone dragon appetite much big?” “日,50点都不够,这只骨龙胃口到底多大?” Takes several hundred points difficultly inadequately enough? Whose divine nature are many, tries quickly, if really can tame, first come , first served......” “难不成要几百点才够?谁神性多,快去试试,万一真能驯服呢,先到先得啊……” „It is not, in the building several, you determined that you aren't helping others feed the pet?” “不是,楼上几个,伱们确定你们不是在帮别人喂宠物?” „......” “啊……” Right, or this colossus, how calm and steady stay here, does not run all over the place, should have Lord......” “对啊,要不这种庞然大物,怎么会安稳的停留在这里,也不乱跑,应该是已经有主了吧……” Scratches, my divine nature what to do? That is my crawling tower gains with great difficulty!” “擦,那我的神性怎么办?那可是我好不容易爬塔赚来的啊!” hahaha, calling you to be deft!” 哈哈哈,叫你手快!” ...... …… At forum laughing piece, is still extremely busy in the night. 论坛上嘻嘻哈哈一片,在深夜里依然热闹非凡。 However, in people when harmonious discussion bone dragon, under the post emits together the strange news suddenly. 不过,就在众人都在和谐的热议骨龙的时候,贴子下方忽然冒出一道奇怪的消息。 My mother, you looks at the space quickly! Thick matter!” “我的妈,你们快看天上!粗大事了!” Looks at the day? Big evening's what day looks, will not be the flying saucer and so on cold joke?” “看天?大晚上的看啥天,不会又是飞碟之类的冷笑话吧?” „It is not the flying saucer, was the space presented the light shadow!” “不是飞碟,是天上出现了光影!” Light shadow has anything to be strange, this year various types of searchlights, the laser light everywhere is, was what refraction effect is definitely regarded UFO......” “光影有什么奇怪的,这年头各种探照灯,激光灯到处都是,肯定又是什么折射现象被当成UFO了吧……” This is really not, I pledged! You went out have a look to know!” “这回真不是,我发誓!你们自己出门看看就知道了!” Under over and over guarantee that this netizen vows solemnly, finally made some people produce the curious heart, the subconscious arriving window side door looked up the eye. 这位网友信誓旦旦的再三保证下,终于让一些人产生了好奇之心,下意识的走到窗边门边抬头看了眼。 Finally this looked, then makes countless people instantaneously dull at the scene. 结果这一看,便让无数人瞬间呆愣当场。 In this time sky, the night theater curtain was divided the innumerable blocks like the checkerboard by line in any case unexpectedly, in half of checks, was still demonstrating the jet black nighttime sky and a point morning star, but in remaining checks, was demonstrating an inverted image of mysterious mainland, the illumination is sufficient, the beautiful scenery, the fish insect vegetation has everything expected to find. 此时的天空中,黑夜的幕布竟如棋盘般被横竖的线条分割成了无数块,其中一半的格子里,仍然显示着漆黑的夜空和点点晨星,而剩下的格子里,则纷纷显示着一片神秘大陆的倒影,其中光照充足,有山有水,鱼虫草木应有尽有。 Two clearly opposite scenes, on the black mole and white like checkerboard, the scattered ordered distribution in the curtain of night, occupied 1/2 sky respectively. 两种截然相反的场景,如同棋盘上的黑子和白子一样,错落有序的排布在夜幕中,分别占据了二分之一的天空。 I go, but also, what ghost thing is space that?” “我去,还真是,天上那是什么鬼东西?” My A City, my sky was torn into shreds the grid to be the same probably, you?” “我A市的,我这里的天空好像被撕碎成了网格一样,你们呢?” My G city , like you!” “我G市的,和你一样!” S City , is the same!” S市的,也一样!” I noticed that outside the even/including some online also people sent the similar picture! The Western Hemisphere now the daytime, the space unexpectedly is also this situation! It seems like global all places are the same!” “我看到连外网上也有人发了相似的图片!西半球现在白天啊,天上竟然也是这个情况!看来全球所有地方都一样!” My God, won't really have the alien to invade Earth?” “我的天,不会真有外星人要入侵地球了吧?” ...... …… More and more netizens stand the explanation, proved is not 1-2 netizen vertigos, not some fortuitous mutation of region, but is the real global macromutation! 越来越多的网友站出来说明,证明了并非1-2网友眼花,也并非某一个区域发生的偶然性异变,而是真正的全球性大突变! K City, in pet shop. K市,宠物店里。 Strange, hasn't the oxygenerator had problems? How this is......” “奇怪,制氧机没出问题啊?怎么了这是……” Little Ya squats before the fish bowl, comforts the fish that in the fish bowl is jumping for joy diligently. 小雅蹲在鱼缸前,努力安抚着鱼缸里活蹦乱跳的鱼儿们。 Because Mu You kept Astral Spirit Realm during the daytime, and is unable to come back over the following week, Little Ya moves in the pet shop to live temporarily, facilitates the attendance animals, must safeguard the small girl while convenient. 因为沐游白天留在了星灵界,并且接下来一周都无法回来,小雅临时搬来了宠物店住,方便照顾动物们,顺便也得看管着小丫头。 However, Mu You not in the first evening, in the shop has problems. 然而,沐游不在的第一晚,店里就出了问题。 Starting from about 8 : 00 pm, the fish in all fish bowl looked like receive anything to stimulate suddenly general, became extremely active, jumped and falls toward the water surface on unceasingly, some fish even still hit the fish bowl in the specific use, looked at fearful and apprehensive Little Ya, quickly illuminated light of the evolution to the animals, made them more law-abiding. 从晚上 8 点左右开始,所有鱼缸中的鱼就像是忽然受了什么刺激一般,变得极为活跃,不断往水面上跃起又落回,有的鱼儿甚至还在用头撞鱼缸,把小雅看得一阵心惊肉跳,急忙给动物们照了一下进化之光,才让它们安分了一些。 Long-term and animal has to do, she had also understood actually, generally the animal erupts this communality anxious behavior suddenly, may be the omen of earthquake. 长期和动物打交道,她倒是也有所了解,一般动物忽然爆发这种集体性的焦躁行为,有可能是地震的前兆。 „Can K City have the earthquake?” Little Ya somewhat anxious is thinking. “难道K市要发生地震了?”小雅有些不安的想着。 Is good because, by our current Physique and ability, really must have the earthquake, the will influence not be big, no matter escapes post-disaster reconstruction easy many. 好在,以人类现在的体质和能力,真要发生地震,影响也不会太大,不管是逃生还是震后重建都容易的多。 Needs to be worried that only, how instead to assure the securities of these pets. 唯一需要担心的,反而是如何保证这些宠物的安全。 Little Ya had been considering, shifts all animals to the zoo backpack in ahead of time, no matter on Earth has the earthquake, in the space of backpack will be not always affected. 小雅已经在考虑,是不是提前把所有动物都转移到动物园背包里去,不管地球上发生多大的地震,背包的空间里总不会受影响。 „The Little Ya elder sister Little Ya elder sister you comes to see quickly! The space is showing a film!!” 小雅小雅姐你快来看!天上在放电影呢!!” Little Ya is busy comforting the fish, shout that suddenly hears rear bathe Mianmeng. 小雅正忙着安抚鱼儿,忽然听到后方沐眠梦的喊声。 Turns the head to look, at this time the small girl is standing near the gate, is grasping binoculars, is high supine the chin to take a look in the to the sky. 转头一看,此时小丫头正站在门边,手持着一个双筒望远镜,高高仰着下巴在往天上瞅。 Shows a film? How will the space show a film?” “放电影?天上怎么会放电影?” Little Ya hears somewhat funnily, but is subconscious walked toward out of the door, because she has noticed, out of the door as if gathered many people, moreover hears an intermittent discussion indistinctly. 小雅听得有些好笑,不过还是下意识的朝门外走了过去,因为她已经注意到,门外似乎聚集了很多人,而且隐约传来一阵阵的议论声。 I have a look, you said what movie............” “我看看,你说什么电影……啊……” Goes out, Little Ya sees the surrounding neighbor to stand in the roadside, as if by prior agreement looks toward the above, Little Ya also subconscious raising the head looks, when sees clearly this time sky, immediately is also dumbfounded. 出了门,小雅就见周围的邻居都站在路边,不约而同的朝上方看着,小雅也下意识的抬头看去,待看清此时的天空,顿时也是目瞪口呆。 She thinks that the small girl saw sky projection advertisement and so on novel thing is making much ado about nothing, finally, the present scene, actually imagines many that must shock compared with her. 她本以为小丫头只是又见到了天空投影广告之类的新奇东西在大惊小怪,结果,眼前的场景,却比她想象中要震撼的多。 The sky, was divided into two halves unexpectedly, half are normal, half actually like such that the small girl described, in showing a film, what put was the inverted image of some unknown world. 天空,居然被分成了两半,一半正常,一半却就像小丫头描述的那样,在‘放电影’,不过放的是某个未知世界的倒影。 magic? 魔法 In the Little Ya brain emits this thought subconsciously, but follows close on is shaking the head. 小雅脑子里下意识冒出这个念头,不过紧跟着就摇头。 General magic may be unable to achieve this situation, can cover the entire sky, magic of what rank is that? 一般的魔法可做不到这种地步,能覆盖整个天空,那得是什么级别的魔法 Moreover, after looking at several, she has noticed some is not right. 而且,看了几眼之后,她已经注意到了一些不对。 At present the world breaks through the tower of formidable, formally entered the players in giant world is not many, her one of them. 目前全球突破勇者之塔,正式进入了巨人世界的玩家还并不多,她正是其中之一。 Also because just she crosses in that world wanderer personally, therefore noticed in the sky that to hang upside down something in the world at this time immediately, was similar to the text description of beforehand giant world. 也正因为她亲自在那个世界闯荡过,所以此时立即就注意到了天空中那个倒悬世界中的一些东西,和之前巨人世界的文本描述非常相似。 For example the most conspicuous point: Dense fog! 比如最显眼的一点:迷雾! The giant world is by the world that the dense fog covers, the build of human is placed, visibility only dozens meters. 巨人世界是个被迷雾笼罩的世界,人类的体型身处其中,能见度只有区区几十米。 But in the inverted images of top of the head these block shapes, the visibility range was much bigger, basically included that circular area in entire block, but the surroundings circular area edge, was still being covered by the dim white fog, could not see clearly anything. 而头顶这些方块状的倒影中,能见度范围则要大得多,基本囊括了整个方块中的那一片圆形区域,但周围圆形区域边缘,依然被朦胧的白雾笼罩着,看不清任何事物。 Simultaneously in these do not have in the picture of mist, then there are massive zoology and botany to live, the contours of some small-scale plants, the text description that also obtains in the giant world with her is highly similar. 同时在那些没有雾气的画面中,则有大量的动植物生活着,其中一些小型植物的外形,也和她在巨人世界获得的文本描述高度相似。 „, That side two savages are also hitting the monster!” At this time the small girl lifted the telescope to shout. “哇,那边还有两个野人在打怪兽!”这时小丫头举着望远镜喊道。 Where? Shows me!” Little Ya was busy at saying. “在哪里?给我看看!”小雅忙说。 In that direction, has that block of lake water!” The small girl referred to some sky direction, natural gives Little Ya the telescope on neck, gives her to share itself to see. “在那个方向,就是有片湖水的那个方块!”小丫头指了指天空某个方向,大方的将脖子上的望远镜递给小雅,给她分享自己所见。 Little Ya received the telescope, quickly looks toward the upper air, soon found the position that the small girl said. 小雅接过望远镜,急忙往高空看去,很快找到了小丫头所说的位置。 Through the angle of view in the lens enlarging, she also saw clearly the detail in that picture immediately: Really two person lifeform, the on the back grows both wings, the body only wears the simple clothing, in the coordination with each other, is besieging one to be similar the mammoth alike lifeform. 通过镜片中放大的视角,她也是立即看清了那块画面中的细节:果然有两个人型生物,背生双翅,身上只穿着简单的衣物,正在互相配合着,围攻一只类似猛犸象的生物。 After a barbaric and intense tangled warfare, the mammoth does not beat two human form lifeform likely finally, was struck to turn in the place, did not have the sound. But that two person lifeform, then gripped the mammoth alike two ivories respectively, as if must carry off the spoils of war to be the same, drags out the line to leave the mammoth alike corpse, until submerging in the dense fog of picture edge. 经过一番野蛮而激烈的混战后,猛犸象最终不敌两个人形生物,被击翻在地,没了动静。而那两个人型生物,则分别握住了猛犸象的两只象牙,仿佛要带走战利品一般,将猛犸象的尸体拖行离开,直到没入画面边缘的迷雾中。 „Did the Little Ya elder sister you look? I must watch the movie!” Looked that Little Ya has held the telescope not to let go, but also looks at fascinated appearance the extremely, the small girl cannot bear make noise to beg. 小雅姐你看完了吗?我也要看电影!”看小雅一直抱着望远镜不撒手,还看得极为入迷的样子,小丫头忍不住出声讨要。 This is not the movie, this is......” “这可不是电影,这是……” Little Ya gave back to the small girl the telescope, small girl hurried and full of enthusiasm raising the head looks for the pleasure. 小雅恍惚中将望远镜还给了小丫头,小丫头急忙又兴致勃勃的抬头找乐子去了。 Takes a fast look around, soon found the content that made her be interested in: „, That side two monsters are also fighting!” 扫视一圈,很快又找到了让她感兴趣的内容:“呀,那边还有两个怪兽在打架呢!” Little Ya hears curiously, does not have to snatch the telescope with her again, but quickly took out the cell phone, related Lin Xue through the forum. 小雅听得好奇,却没有再和她抢望远镜,而是急忙取出了手机,通过论坛联系了林雪 Big Sister Xue, you look at the space, these should not be......” 雪姐,你看天上,那些该不会是……” Un, will not be wrong, that is the world of giant!” “嗯,不会错的,那是巨人的世界!” That side Lin Xue as if knows that she wants to ask anything, gave her to reply the affirmative answer directly. 林雪那边似乎知道她想问什么,直接给她回复了肯定的答案。 Lin Xue this time uses the god of death skin and Caesar after the gate battles, was burnt down many attributes, during the daytime returns after Astral Spirit Realm, she then directly returned to the Lin Family manor the training. 林雪这次在门后动用死神皮肤和恺撒作战,又被烧掉了不少属性,白天从星灵界回归后,她便直接回了林家庄园里修养。 At this time she rectifies conduct in oneself study room, watches pictures that on front computer is demonstrating. 此时她正身处在自己的书房中,观看着面前电脑上显示的一幕幕画面。 After the sky phenomenon appeared a moment ago, in the family/home then some people first informed her, but she also drew support from the Lin Family resources immediately, started with the specialized astronomical observation equipment and photograph instrument, record as far as possible all scenes under sky. 刚才天空异象出现后,家里便有人第一时间通知了她,而她也立即借助林家的资源,开始用专业的天文观测设备和摄像仪器,尽可能的记录下的天空中的一切场景。 At this time a lot of image data had sent in her computer, she is chasing the frame analysis conformity data section by section. 此时大量的影像资料已经被送入了她的电脑中,她正在逐帧逐段的分析整合数据。 But from collects the information that at present, the mysterious world inverted image in sky, hidden in the giant world that the Thatta of formidable withstand/top without a doubt. 而从目前搜集到的情报来看,天空中的神秘世界倒影,毫无疑问就是隐藏在勇者之塔塔顶的巨人世界。 Not only this point Lin Xue looked, global almost all second-class above influences, had confirmed this point from various detail fast. 这一点不只是林雪看出来了,全球几乎所有二流以上的势力,都已经快速从各种细节里确认了这一点。 After the mutation appears, a half hour, the television stations in various countries start to report this news urgently. 异变出现后半小时,各国的电视台都开始紧急播报这则新闻。 Starting from 9 : 36 pm, in various our country provinces and cities sky presented the rare phenomenon, half of sky were covered by some special light shadow......” “今日夜间九时36分开始,我国各省市天空中均出现了罕见的异象,一半的天空被某种特殊的光影笼罩……” „...... A mysterious mainland clear float in our top of the head, what is strange, all low earth orbit satellites are actually not able to investigate any phenomenon from the outer space, at present is in several astronauts in outer space, observes to Earth from the outer space, seen was still such as in the past the same blue star, nothing unusual. In addition, the radar on Earth and other electronic check-out facilities, has not detected any fluctuation of energy in the upper air with the substantive object, as if the mysterious mainland image in sky, is only the similar mirage same strange light shadow, does not exist actually......” “……一片神秘的大陆清晰的悬浮在我们头顶,但诡异的是,所有近地卫星从太空中却无法侦查到任何异象,目前身在太空中的几位宇航员,从外太空向地球观察,看到的依然是如往常一样的蓝色星球,没有任何异常。此外,地球上的雷达等一切电子检测设备,也没有在高空侦测到任何能量波动和实质物体,似乎天空中的神秘大陆影像,只是类似海市蜃楼一样的奇异光影,并不实际存在……” „...... It has been learned that to confirm in sky the truth of phenomenon, various countries' Ministry of Defence has sent out the reconnaissance aircraft, flies to the upper air to nose on the spot......” “……据了解,为了确认天空中异象的真相,各国国防部都已派出侦察机,飞往高空实地查探……” ...... …… Lin Xue is listening to disseminating news in television, while the line of sight continues strongly on the computer screen, has swept in sky block pictures. 林雪一边听着电视里的播报,一边视线继续集中在电脑屏幕上,在一幕幕天空方块画面上扫过。 Some moment, she notices anything suddenly, pressed down the suspension key, the picture that will immediately suspend assigns out, enlargement. 某一刻,她忽然注意到什么,按下了暂停键,随即将暂停出的画面调出,放大。 In scene of this enlargement, what demonstration is a different world wilderness region, the overall environment and surrounding picture compare do not have much difference, the one who makes her notice truly is, near the center of this picture, there is a fuzzy sunspot. 在这张放大的场景中,显示的是一座异世界荒原区域,整体环境和周围画面相比没有太大区别,真正让她注意到的是,在这张图片的中心附近,有一个模糊的黑点。 Lin Xue also thinks at first was what junks keeps off on the camera lens. 林雪起初还以为是什么杂物挡在了相机镜头上。 However, after she other same position pictures of camera photography look, discovered that on all pictures has this sunspot. 不过,当她将其他相机拍摄的同一个位置画面找来后,才发现所有的图片上都有这个黑点。 But after these sunspot regions enlarge to the pinnacle, Lin Xue finally saw some clue: This is not the sunspot, but is one on the ground cavern that hole, is too deep to see the bottom pitch-dark. 而将这些黑点区域放大到极致后,林雪终于看出了一些端倪:这不是什么黑点,而是一个位于地面上的‘洞’,黑漆漆深不见底的洞穴。 When Lin Xue notices this strange sunspot, a reconnaissance aircraft has taken off, flies to the block region that this sunspot was. 林雪注意到这个怪异黑点的时候,一架侦察机已经起飞,飞往了这个黑点所在的方块区域。 Call headquarters, the call headquarters, the falcon has arrived at the designated area, is rushing to sunspot position......” “呼叫总部,呼叫总部,猎鹰已到达指定区域,正在赶往‘黑点’位置……” In the upper air, the reconnaissance aircraft howls, the pilot looks outward by front front windshield. 高空之中,侦察机呼啸而过,飞行员透过面前的前风挡朝外看去。 In the ground looks, only then the checkerboard region of baby fist size, actually big astonishment in upper air, each block that is demonstrating the different world, at least has an entire city is so big. 在地面上看只有婴儿拳头大小的一块棋盘区域,在高空中却大的惊人,每一个显示着异世界的方块,至少都有一整个城市那么大。 Quick, the reconnaissance aircraft was close to the center of this region. 很快,侦察机接近了这块区域的中心。 However, before the reconnaissance aircraft found the sunspot, the pilot suddenly sees in the top of the head close picture, presented the lifeform of being similar the dragonfly, but enlarged over a thousand times of dragonflies, the build is huger than the reconnaissance aircraft that he pilots. 不过,就在侦察机找到黑点之前,飞行员忽然看到头顶近在咫尺的画面中,出现了一只类似蜻蜓的生物,只不过是放大了上千倍的蜻蜓,体型比他驾驶的侦察机还要巨大。 This dragonfly is in the illusory picture obviously, at this time actually looked like discovered the reconnaissance aircraft was common, and it was parallel to glide in the reconnaissance aircraft top of the head. 这只蜻蜓明明身在虚幻的画面内,此时却像发现了侦察机一般,在侦察机头顶和它平行着滑翔起来。 The observers also report this situation to the headquarters without enough time, the first convenience had presented sunspot. 侦查员还来不及向总部汇报这个情况,前方便已经出现了‘黑点’。 However, so-called black point, in the angle of view of reconnaissance aircraft, is actually a diameter about hundred meters jet black cave entrance. 然而,所谓的黑‘点’,在侦察机的视角中,却是一个直径近百米的漆黑洞口。 But what is stranger, edge in this jet black cave entrance, in thick falling is crashing downward the dust. 而更诡异的是,这漆黑洞口的边缘,正在纷纷扬扬的向下坠落着尘土。 This, this is......” “这,这是……” The observers realized instantaneously is not right, no matter in the sky the picture with the sunspot is the illusory image, but these dust actual!...... 侦查员瞬间意识到了不对,不管天空中画面和着黑点是不是虚幻的影像,这些尘土可是实际存在的!难道说…… The next second, he then hears one closely the sound that buzz the whining noise, some as if insect flutters high-speed, resounds from the top of the head. 下一秒,他便听到一阵细密的嗡鸣声,仿佛某种昆虫高速振翅的声音,自头顶响起。 Meanwhile, slightly crossed the black hole in the reconnaissance aircraft the instance, on the display monitor of radar presented a red lifeform, in fast is pursuing to come toward him, and before the pilot responded, then rapid overlapped with the position of reconnaissance aircraft in one. 与此同时,在侦察机略过黑洞的瞬间,雷达的显示屏上出现了一个红色的生物,正在快速朝他追击而来,并在飞行员反应过来之前,便迅速与侦察机的位置重叠在了一起。 The observers only felt that top the fuselage heard pā tà one, the body trembled, when his fearful and apprehensive raising the head, saw a pair of giant compound eye, is lying in the porthole of top of the head stares at him to look. 侦查员只感觉机身顶部传来啪嗒一声,机体震颤了一下,等他心惊肉跳的抬头,就见一对巨大的复眼,正趴在头顶的舷窗上盯着他看。 The next second, the headquarters in ground only hear in the communication to transmit a pitiful yell of pilot ‚ah’, then the communication then interrupts directly. 下一秒,地面上的指挥部只听到通讯中传来飞行员‘啊’的一声惨叫,接着通讯便直接中断。 Meanwhile, from the high-definition picture of satellite, demonstrated that a mysterious giant flight lifeform grew out of nothing, the towering appearance in the picture, lay to bend down at the extremely quick speed immediately in the reconnaissance aircraft peak, and instantaneously image of reconnaissance aircraft dismemberment! 同时,从卫星的高清画面中,也显示出了一只神秘的巨型飞行生物从无到有,突兀的出现在画面中,随即以极快的速度趴伏在了侦察机顶端,并瞬间将侦察机肢解的影像! ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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