TTAGITP :: Volume #5

#446: Nine black holes

Chapter 446 nine black holes 第446章九个黑洞 Lin Xue through sky sunspot picture of camera discovery, if according to the position translates downward, finally will fall to the V cities of K City next door. 林雪通过相机发现的天空黑点图片,如果按照所处位置向下平移,最终会落到K市隔壁的V市境内。 At this moment in V city some board of military operations. 此刻在V市某作战部内。 Quick playbacking!” “快回放!” The man who wears the military uniform looks on the screen the dismembered reconnaissance aircraft, quickly ordered. 一个身穿军装的男子看着屏幕上被肢解的侦察机,急忙下令。 The front technician also explodes the hand greatly fast, just satellite picture will assign out fast, conducts slow playbacking. 前方一名技术员也是大爆手速,飞快将刚刚的卫星画面调出,进行慢速回放。 In the photography picture of satellite, that reconnaissance aircraft does not have the unusual flight in the upper air, the surroundings have not seen any hindrance. 在卫星的拍摄画面中,那架侦察机毫无异常的飞行在高空中,周围也始终没有看到任何阻碍。 As for them observed different world projection picture from ground, cannot see from the satellite look angle completely. 至于他们从地面上观测到的异世界投影画面,从卫星视角则是完全看不见的。 Reconnaissance aircraft bon voyage safe/without matter has delimited the expansive sky, he arrived at the sunspot position when until the pilot report, accidental/surprised such extremely towering! 侦察机一路平安无事的划过长空,直到飞行员报告他到达了黑点位置时,意外就这么极为突兀的发生了! Is here, goes back, puts slowly! Again slow!” The soldier of direction is busy at shouting. “就是这里,回去,慢放!再慢!”指挥的军人忙喊。 The technicians are also quickly act accordingly, conducts around the reconnaissance aircraft was dismembered the picture contrasted repeatedly. 技术员也是急忙照办,将侦察机被肢解前后的画面进行了反复对比。 The surrounding person also collected subconsciously, looks to the large screen. 周围的人也都是下意识的凑了过来,看向大屏幕。 Sees only in the picture, above reconnaissance aircraft that the surroundings were empty, suddenly presented a shadow, as if teleportation is ordinary, lay to bend down directly above the reconnaissance aircraft. 只见画面之中,原本周围空无一物的侦察机上方,忽然出现了一道黑影,仿佛瞬间移动一般,直接趴伏在了侦察机上方。 This is a contour looks like the lifeform of dragonfly, but on the first foot actually grew a sickle of pair of similar praying mantis, is this to the sickle, dismembered the reconnaissance aircraft easily. 这是一只外形酷似蜻蜓的生物,不过前足上却又长出了一对类似螳螂的镰刀,正是这对镰刀,轻而易举的肢解了侦察机。 Is the airplane is divided into four later again, picture that the pilot bails out. 再之后就是飞机一分为四,飞行员跳伞逃生的画面。 Under commander's order, the picture that the technician the dragonfly will present again a moment ago, conducted by the frame broadcast. 在指挥官的命令下,技术员再次将刚才蜻蜓出现的画面,进行了逐帧播放。 Benefits from the advanced enough photography technology, this people saw clearly finally: The dragonfly is not direct teleport appears, but from the beginning, to the wing, to the tail, some position of little by little from the space drills again. 得益于足够先进的拍摄技术,这次众人终于看清楚了:蜻蜓并不是直接瞬移出现,而是从头,到翅,再到尾,一点点从空间中某个位置钻出来的。 In addition the pilot then position, they had the sufficient reason to believe: This different lifeform, departs from that sunspot! 再加上飞行员当时的方位,他们有充足的理由相信:这只异界生物,正是从那个黑点中飞出的! Therefore this sunspot exists, can connect two channels of the world?” Nearby some people open the mouth. “所以这黑点是真实存在的,可以连接两个世界的通道?”旁边有人开口。 Others look at each other in blank dismay, was the earliest possible time thought of a thing: Space crack. 其他人面面相觑,都是第一时间想到了一种东西:空间裂缝。 Similarly connects two entrances of the world, the good and evil of space crack connection is only Astral Spirit Realm, can come also mostly is the low organism of some Astral Spirit Realm, come again many, cannot pose any threat to Earth. 同样是连接两个世界的入口,空间裂缝连接的好歹只是星灵界,能过来的也大多是一些星灵界的低等生物,来的再多,也对地球构不成任何威胁。 But, the world that if in the upper air presents is really the giant world, that may be serious! Before the experts flooded into the giant world from the tower of formidable, is shown by the situation of suffering extreme distress various small lifeform bullied in that world, even if that the world's smallest and weakest lifeform arrived at Earth, still became here disaster existence sufficiently! 但,如果高空中呈现的世界真是巨人世界的话,那可就不得了了!之前高手们从勇者之塔涌入巨人世界,在那个世界被各种小生物欺负的死去活来的情况已经证明,即便是那个世界最弱小的生物来到地球,也足以成为这里天灾般的存在! The captains have not worried to determine this point, but looked inquired to the liaison officer: „The news of other reconnaissance aircraft?” 指挥者并没有着急确定这一点,而是又看向联络员询问:“其他侦察机的消息呢?” Sends does an inspection sunspot the reconnaissance aircraft is only one of them, they altogether sent out ten reconnaissance aircraft before, flies each day of territory search information. 派去巡查‘黑点’的侦察机只是其中之一,他们之前共派出了十架侦察机,飞去各个天域搜寻情报。 Without discovering exceptionally, even if the reconnaissance aircraft passes through from these pictures, still does not have any change, moreover when penetrates to the picture above, looks downward, the picture vanished directly. The current information, these pictures all are located in the elevation about 15,000 kilometers altitude, only then looks to see from bottom to top, and thickness is zero, basically can think that is only some virtual projection, did not exist actually............” intelligence personnel said except for this black hole. “都没有发现异常,即便侦察机从这些画面中穿过,也没有任何变化,而且穿透到画面上方时,往下看去,画面就直接消失了。目前的信息来看,这些画面全都位于海拔一万五千米左右的高度,只有从下往上看才能看到,且厚度为零,基本可以认为只是某种虚拟投影,并不实际存在……除了这个黑洞……”情报人员说。 That only dragonfly situation?” The commander also asked. “那只‘蜻蜓’的情况呢?”指挥官又问。 Also basically confirmed that before should be , the giant world opening up wasteland team has met one named pyrrole dragonfly lifeform, this is its writing material.” “也基本确认了,应该是之前巨人世界开荒队遇到过的一种名为‘吡螂’的生物,这是它的文字资料。” The intelligence personnel quickly hand over the material that just printed. 情报人员急忙递上一份刚打印出的资料。 The commander received looks. 指挥官接过一看。 Pyrrole dragonfly( 2 stars), attribute: Insect, the strength of god: 13 th, 5 th god against, real life: 330. The flight insect situated in weed, the flying speed is extremely fast, has the hovering ability, the first full sickle is quite flexibly sharp, tall Gongdi imitates, as if there is high hatred regarding the flight lifeform, the overall risk is extremely high, shortcoming: Fear fire( once had expeditionist to use the spit fire class relic, leaves pyrrole dragonfly action of driving away)】 【吡螂(二星),属性:昆虫,神之力:13,神之防五,真实生命:330。位于荒草地中的飞行昆虫,飞行速度极快,拥有悬停能力,前足的镰刀极为锋利灵活,高攻低仿,似乎对于飞行生物拥有较高的仇恨,总体危险性极高,缺点:畏火(曾有探险队员利用喷火类遗物,将吡螂驱赶离开)】 Real life 330! 真实生命330! According to the verified real life 1 : 10000 conversion scale, in other words, this thing will reach as high as 3.3 million in the life of Earth! 按照已探明的真实生命1:10000的换算比例,也就是说,这东西在地球的生命将高达330万! Different monster that has the instantaneous dismemberment airplane ability, has the terrifying volume of blood not saying that essential only flight lifeform, and has the flying speed of far ultra reconnaissance aircraft...... 一只拥有瞬间肢解飞机能力的异界怪兽,有着恐怖的血量不说,最关键还是只飞行生物,且拥有远超侦察机的飞行速度…… These conditions pile in the same place, the commander is only thinks that has started to have a headache: This special is seemingly more formidabe than Godzilla. 这些条件堆在一起,指挥官光是想想就已经开始头疼了:这特么貌似比哥斯拉还难对付。 Is good because, this thing has the shortcoming: Fears the fire! 好在,这东西有缺点:怕火! That sends the fighter aircraft to come up, hurries back it with the artillery!” The commander takes the bull by the horns. “那就派战斗机上去,用火炮将它赶回去!”指挥官当机立断。 Also, issues to announce immediately, scattered town center region people, in order to avoid has the accident!” “还有,立即发布公告,疏散市中心区域群众,以免发生变故!” This type of dangerous thing, keeping Earth was really terrifying, especially this black hole position also happen to was near the urban district dead center, this must really make this thing fly to come to the low altitude, perhaps will cause the catastrophic consequence, must solve as soon as possible. 这种危险的东西,留在地球实在是太恐怖了,尤其这黑洞位置还正好处于市区正中心附近,这要真让这东西飞来低空,恐怕会造成灾难性的后果,必须尽快解决掉。 Orders, in the ground ten several fighter aircraft take off immediately one after another, flies toward the sunspot of upper air. 一声令下,地面上十数架战斗机顿时接连起飞,朝高空的黑点飞去。 Is good because, perhaps this pyrrole dragonfly is under the mistake arising out of chance circumstances astrays Earth , the feeling of instinct danger, moreover in the ground that big piece dazzling light also lets its some fears, therefore not immediately low-flying, but continuously careful pacing back and forth near black hole. 好在,这只吡螂或许是阴差阳错下误入地球,也本能的感觉到了危险,而且地面上那大片刺眼的灯光也让它有些害怕,所以并没有立即低飞下来,而是一直在黑洞附近小心的徘徊。 Quick, more than ten fighter aircraft arrived around the black hole, does not stay, immediately suspends the fight formation, started to launch the attack to the pyrrole dragonfly. 很快,十余架战斗机到达了黑洞附近,毫不停留,立即摆成战斗阵型,开始对吡螂发起了攻击。 Rumbling......” “轰轰轰……” Suddenly, massive fires bloom in the upper air, shining that the sky shines upon like daytime. 一时间,大量炮火在高空绽放,将天空映照的亮如白昼。 The pyrrole dragonfly worthily is the high-speed flight lifeform, dodges in the attacks of more than ten fighter aircraft organizes, no artillery can the direct hit. 吡螂不愧是高速飞行生物,在十几架战斗机的攻击中闪躲腾挪,没有一炮能直接命中的。 Is good because, their original goals do not attack the opposite party, but is the action of driving away, really must hit to hurt the opposite party, they are also worried to annoy the opposite party, gets down dies to knock with them, therefore this moment fighter aircraft firing is the colored flares of similar fireworks, big thunder , little rain, the light shadow is very simultaneously fierce. 好在,他们本来的目的也不是攻击对方,而是驱赶,真要把对方打疼了,他们也担心惹毛对方,下来跟他们死磕,所以此刻战斗机击发的都是类似烟花的彩色照明弹,雷声大,雨点小,同时光影无比剧烈。 Under flame blasting open of everywhere, the pyrrole dragonfly was really startled, battered in the surroundings flew randomly for a week, discovered after may escape roadless, quickly fluttered to soar, flew back to the black hole, vanished does not see. 漫天的火光炸裂下,吡螂果然惊慌了,在周围横冲直撞的乱飞了一周,发现无路可逃后,急忙振翅高飞,重新飞回了黑洞中,消失不见。 1 st, pursues to have a look, but must be careful, has the danger to retreat immediately......” “一号,追过去看看,但务必小心,一有危险立即撤退……” Saw that successfully expels the pyrrole dragonfly, the ground command section people relax very much, immediately immediately passes on the new instruction. 看到成功将吡螂赶走,地面指挥部众人很是松了口气,随即立即又传去新指令。 Yes.” And a fighter aircraft is separated from the formation immediately, flies directly toward black cave entrance of top of the head, wants to study the pyrrole dragonfly to pass through the black hole directly. “是。”其中一架战斗机当即脱离阵型,朝着头顶的黑色洞口径直飞去,也想要学吡螂直接穿过黑洞。 However, the fighter aircraft broke through the black hole instantly, actually from traversing of image another side sky no hindrance. 然而,战斗机冲过黑洞的刹那,却从影像另一边的天空毫无阻碍的穿过。 Report, is unable to pass through the black hole, the black hole does not have...... combat pilot to return to the ground actually immediately. “报告,无法穿过黑洞,黑洞并不实际存在……”战斗机驾驶员当即向地面回报。 Doesn't exist? This......” “不存在?这……” Headquarters one group of people look at each other in blank dismay, is dumbfounded. 指挥部一群人面面相觑,全都傻眼。 The pyrrole dragonfly passed through the black hole to go back, their people actually could not pass, this also means that —— this was one -way street! 吡螂穿过了黑洞回去,他们的人却过不去,这也就意味着——这是个单行道! Only then opposite biological energy invades them, they actually cannot go to the opposite...... 只有对面的生物能入侵他们,他们却去不了对面…… Bad......” “糟糕了……” The commander sighed one secretly, if were really a duplex channel, actually said fortunately, they only needed to fly opposite, thinking the means to stop up this cave entrance, or looked for something to cover well. 指挥官暗叹一声,如果真是个双向通道,其实还好说,他们只需要飞过去对面,想办法将这个洞口堵住,或者找些东西来掩盖住就好。 But now they are unable to pass, means that their anything could not do, can only look at opposite lifeform continuous invasion helplessly...... 但如今他们无法过去,就意味着他们什么都做不了,只能眼睁睁看着对面的生物源源不断的入侵过来…… The situation really developed in the worst situation! 形势果然发展到了最糟糕的情况上! Hiss......” “嘶……” When the command post people are busy thinking the countermeasure, suddenly hears in communication to hear together the neighing sound. 正当指挥室众人都在忙着想对策之时,忽然听到通讯器中传来一道嘶鸣声。 This is not some pilot sends certainly out, sound that but receives from pilot that side loudspeaker. 这当然不是某个飞行员发出的,而是从飞行员那边的扩音器中接收到的声音。 What's the matter?” The commander is busy at taking up communication to ask. “怎么回事?”指挥官忙拿起通讯器问。 Pyrrole dragonfly came out from cave entrance......” “吡螂又从洞口出来了……” What?” The people are startled. “什么?”众人一惊。 „It is not, has not come out completely...... the head and body of pyrrole dragonfly just drilled the black hole, but the following body seemed to be bitten by some type of thing, the pyrrole dragonfly exuded the pitiful cry, was towed the situation that went back...... pilot to report him to see as far as possible briefly and to the point by the rear something”. “不是,没完全出来……吡螂的头和身体刚刚钻出了黑洞,但后面的身体似乎被某种东西咬住了,吡螂发出了凄惨的叫声,然后又被后方的某种东西拖了回去……”飞行员尽量言简意赅的汇报了他看到的情况。 Picture?” “画面呢?” The technical personnel hurried accent took the real-time picture of fighter aircraft. 技术人员急忙调取了战斗机的实时画面。 The people encircle to watch, the lens to the black hole, are seeing only in the black hole, the head of that dragonfly really emerged a moment ago again, but following close on, the rear area gushed out some type of more giant thing. 众人围过来观看,镜头正对着黑洞,只见黑洞之中,刚才那只蜻蜓的头果然再次涌现,不过紧跟着,后方就涌出了某种更为巨大的东西。 Through picture enlargement adjustment, after a revision, the people see clearly finally, behind the pyrrole dragonfly appears, is a big mouth! After the pyrrole dragonfly called out pitifully, was swallowed down by this thing one. 通过将画面放大调整,一番修正过后,众人终于看清,吡螂后方出现的,是一张血盆大口!吡螂惨叫过后,便被这东西一口吞了下去。 The people look at the forehead to break into sweat, the pyrrole dragonfly is in their opinion fierce enough, can the lifeform of swallowing the pyrrole dragonfly, the lifeform of what rank is that? 众人看得额头直冒冷汗,吡螂在他们看来已经够厉害了,能一口吞掉吡螂的生物,那得是什么等级的生物? the next moment, in communication resounded the sound. 下一刻,通讯器中又响起了声音。 „It is not good, the black hole must collapse, the dodge opens!” “不好,黑洞要塌了,快闪开!” As the pyrrole dragonfly was just swallowed by the huge mouth, under the black hole, the silt and crushed stone of big piece start to crash suddenly massively, and speed is getting more and more fast. 随着刚刚吡螂被巨口吞噬,黑洞之下,大片的泥沙和碎石忽然开始大量坠落,并且速度越来越快。 The surrounding fighter aircraft is hurried avoids toward all around. 周围的战斗机都是急忙朝四周躲避。 After the soil crashed for dozens seconds, a surrounding area over a hundred meters giant soil block, entire fell off from the black hole, falls toward the ground. 泥土坠落了数十秒之后,一块方圆上百米的巨型土块,从黑洞中整个脱落了下来,直朝地面坠去。 But the black hole in sky, because of crash of this mud group, the range expanded one time toward the surroundings directly. 而天空中的黑洞,也因为这块泥团的坠落,范围直接往周围扩展了一倍有余。 Quick scattered crowd!” In the command post only spreads such a order with enough time. “快疏散人群!”指挥室里只来得及传出这么一道命令。 Bang!” “轰!” About after one -and-a-half points , the giant soil block falls down loudly, the giant sound resounds through the entire city, is making the entire ground follow to shake three. 大约一分半钟后,巨大的土块轰然坠地,巨大的响声响彻整个城市,连带着让整个地面都跟着抖了三下。 The dust that splashes soars high near kilometer, toward thick falling falling, the dust of splash almost covered periphery the less than half city in all directions. 溅起的尘土高高飞起近千米,又朝四面八方纷纷扬扬的落下,飞溅的灰尘几乎笼罩了周围小半个城区。 But the center that crashes, just on shopping street near a V city town center, this falls down, the brilliantly illuminated street will submerge directly, becomes jet black one piece, just like stretch of post-war ruins. 而坠落的中心,刚好是在V市市中心附近的一条商业街道上,这一坠地,直接将原本灯火通明的街道淹没,变得漆黑一片,宛如一片战后的废墟。 Is good because , before scattered work a half hour, has started, this moment this street nearby stream of people had been dispersed cleanly, this pounds has almost not caused the actual casualties. 好在,疏散的工作半个小时前就已经开始,此刻这条街道附近的人流早已被疏散干净,这一砸几乎没有造成实际伤亡。 Even so, the so huge monster falls down loudly, provoded the confusion in the city immediately. 纵使如此,如此庞大的巨物轰然坠地,还是立即在城市中引发了混乱。 Calls out in alarm with the squeal, before also worked the person who to the dispersal various types do not prefer, at this moment all tumbles fled crashed. 惊呼和尖叫声中,之前还对疏散工作各种不情愿的人,此刻全都连滚带爬的逃离了坠落点。 Is centered on crashing to select, all around had/left a stretch of broad no mans land quickly idle. 以坠落点为中心,四周很快被空余出了一片宽阔的无人地带。 After crashing , for about one minute, all around noisy is finally peaceful. 坠落发生后一分钟左右,四周的嘈杂终于安静下来。 Crashes a place, the silt that at this time piles up has formed a hill. 坠落点处,此时堆积的泥沙已经形成了一座小山。 Some moment, nearby the hill mountainside wriggles suddenly, a giant head drills from the mold, on this head has 2/3 is the big mouth, was covered with the dense and numerous sharp teeth. 某一刻,小山山腰附近忽然蠕动起来,一颗巨大的头颅从土山内钻出,这颗头颅上有三分之二都是血盆大口,其中长满了密密麻麻的锋利牙齿。 After connecting the head, is a worm class of similar worm. 连接着头颅之后的,则是一条类似蠕虫的软体虫类。 Quick, one length over a hundred meters, the body week were covered with the hangnail and fine full worm, climbed up the mold thoroughly, is supine the head, opens the large-mouthed vessel huge mouth, face upwards to exude one to angrily roar. 很快,一只长度上百米,身周长满了倒刺和纤足的蠕虫,彻底爬上了土山,仰起头颅,张开血盆巨口,仰天发出一声怒吼。 Roar!” “吼!” Roars, the sound spreads over the entire city like the thunderclap, stabilized some residents with great difficulty, immediately is the san value falls crazily, calling out in alarm is lingering on faintly with the sound of praying for rescue. 一声吼出,声音如炸雷般传遍全城,好不容易才安定了一些的市民,顿时又是san值狂掉,惊叫和求救之声不绝于耳。 After the worm bellows, soon started the action, under the innumerable fine full creeping motions, it climbed down the mold at the extremely quick speed, starts to explore toward the surroundings. 蠕虫大吼过后,很快开始了行动,无数纤足的蠕动下,它以极快的速度爬下了土山,开始朝周围探索。 The way of but exploring somewhat is really crude, batters, like a giant relocation machine, photographic paper of trees and buildings along the road in front of it in general that sticks, falls collapsing unceasingly. 只不过探索的方式着实有些粗暴,一路横冲直撞,如同一台巨型拆迁机,沿路的树木和建筑在它面前像纸糊的一般,不断倾倒坍塌。 All around resident crazy outward running away, but on the passing street had become the bread twist by the crowded vehicles stopper. 四周的居民都在疯狂的朝外逃窜,而过往的马路上则早已被密集的车辆塞成了麻花。 Saw that the rear worm is close fast, the residents have to abandon the car(riage) to escape in abundance. 眼看着后方蠕虫正在快速接近,居民们只好纷纷弃车逃跑。 Even so, the people of two legs want to run over a thousand fine full insects, almost not possibly. 纵使如此,两条腿的人想要跑过上千条纤足的虫子,也几乎没可能。 The distance between worm and crowd is pulling closer fast. 蠕虫和人群之间的距离正在快速拉近。 In the worm must catch up with the stream of people shortly. 就在蠕虫眼看就要追上人流之时。 Above the upper air, the sound resounds together air-splitting suddenly. 高空之上,一道破空声骤然响起。 Worm subconscious raising head looks, result more than ten meters giant stone to stab drops from the clouds, falls down loudly, the head that will wriggle directly passes through, penetrates the lower jaw, sewed on the ground. 蠕虫下意识的仰头看去,结果一根十余米长的巨型石刺从天而降,轰然坠地,直接将蠕动的头颅贯穿,穿透下颚,钉在了地上。 „......” Worm exuded a sad and shrill pitiful yell sound immediately, the body fierce struggles. “呜……”蠕虫顿时发出了一道凄厉的惨叫声,身体剧烈的挣扎起来。 Meanwhile, the form comes in the grounds worm front dozens meters away together, grasps wand, grasps the sword, wears the black windproof coat, on the serious in speech and manner face, a pair of sharp eye is fixing the eyes on the front giant beast. 与此同时,一道身影在蠕虫前方几十米外的地面上现身,一手持魔杖,一手持剑,身披黑色风衣,不苟言笑的脸上,一对锐利的眼睛紧盯着前方的巨兽。 Nine quiet, Sunset City city lord, Dragon Team spokesman, is in the Heavenly Dynasty official influence outwardly on most powerhouse, at this moment quietly appeared in V cities, intended then to stop the violent of this monster to walk. 九幽,落日城城主,龙组的代言人,也是天朝官方势力中明面上的最强者,此刻悄然出现在了V市,一出手便截停了这只怪兽的暴走。 Meanwhile, on all around roof, is several forms comes one after another, is similar to nine quiet appearance, obviously is the Dragon Team member. 与此同时,四周的房顶上,又是数道身影接连现身,和九幽打扮相似,显然全都是龙组的成员。 Eight Dragon Team members, surrounded the worm from eight directions. 八名龙组成员,从八个方向将蠕虫包围了起来。 In addition, rear massive armies are also fully-armed, swarm to catch up. 此外,后方大量的军队也已经全副武装,蜂拥赶来。 Blinding!” “致盲!” Nine quiet light opens the mouth, took out sunglasses to wear from the windproof coat pocket immediately on the face, other surroundings person also extraction sunglasses wears good as if by prior agreement. 九幽轻飘飘的开口,随即从风衣口袋里取出一副墨镜戴在了脸上,周围其他人也都是不约而同的取出墨镜戴好。 But along with nine quiet orders, three blinding balls took the lead to be launched the worm top of the head. 而伴随着九幽的命令,三颗致盲弹率先被发射到了蠕虫头顶。 the next moment, the dazzling ray shines instantaneously in the urban center. 下一刻,耀眼的光芒瞬间在城市中心亮起。 The worm called out pitifully, two proportions very small eye, shut tightly directly, burst into tears to continue, the insect body struggled was fiercer. 蠕虫惨叫一声,两颗占比本就很小的眼睛,直接紧闭了起来,流泪不止,虫身挣扎的更为剧烈。 Sand worm( 3 stars)( 3 Lv. 0): The strength of god: 15 th, 20 god against, real life: 780, attack lowly against high, skin Jianrou is thick, has to drill and swallow the ability, the shortcoming: Without the long-distance attack capability, fears up.】 【沙地蠕虫(三星)(三0级):神之力:15,神之防20,真实生命:780,攻低防高,皮坚肉厚,拥有钻地和吞噬能力,缺点:没有远程攻击能力,畏光。】 This is the material that nine quiet just-received headquarters sent. 这是九幽刚收到的总部发来的资料。 Without this material, monsters that reach as high as 7.8 million volumes of blood, but is not really easy to cope, but there is a weakness to be easier to do. 如果没有这份资料,一只高达780万血量的怪物,可真不是那么容易对付的,但有弱点就好办多了。 Attack!” “攻击!” After discarding the opposite party vision, nine order quiet, eight Dragon Team member simultaneously started the attack, or far or near, in brief, the method of maximum might, heartily greeted toward the sandworm on. 废掉对方视力之后,九幽一声令下,八名龙组成员齐齐开始了攻击,或远或近,总之,最大威力的手段,尽情的往沙虫身上招呼。 But the army of surrounding, then all holds up various type firearms to start to open fire crazily. 而外围的军队,则全都举起各式枪械开始疯狂开火。 However just opened fire not to have a while, they discovered that the firearms seemingly have little effect, hit the external skin on the sandworm cannot even puncture. 不过刚开火没一会儿,他们就都发现枪械貌似收效甚微,打在沙虫身上连表皮都打不穿。 Ok, do not waste the time, has magic putting magic, picks might highest using, no prepares the flare, greeted one every minute and ensure do not let its vision restoration.” “行了,别白费功夫了,有魔法的放魔法,捡威力最高的用,没有的准备好照明弹,每分钟招呼一颗,保证别让它视觉恢复。” Nine quiet stopped the firepower of surrounding directly. 九幽直接叫停了外围的火力。 These firearms are different from the magic item, death thing that is unable to equip, even if with attacks in the hand, still is only equivalent to the external object, is unable by player's ranks and various gain condition influences. 这些枪械不同于魔法道具,是无法装备的死物,即便拿在手里攻击,也只相当于外物,无法被玩家本身的等级和各种增益状态影响。 In other words, these munitions, even if takes the firing by a legend step, still is only equivalent to first-level character to use, facing 3 Lv. 0 sandworms, has to reach as high as 4 equivalent suppressions, originally damage of this type of physical property firearms is not high, was suppressed four again continuously, has almost been able to ignore, not to mention this sandworm also has the god of superelevation against and special defense cover, the attacks of these munitions throw away carelessly purely. 也就是说,这些军火即便被一个传说阶拿着击发,也只相当于一个一级的角色在使用,面对三0级的沙虫,有着高达四层的等阶压制,本来这种物理性枪械的伤害就不高,再被连续压制四层,已经几乎可以忽略不计,更不用说这沙虫还有超高的神之防和专门的防御外皮,这些军火的攻击纯纯打水漂。 Army soldiers hears word also quickly adjusted the strategy, starts to release magic. 军队士兵们闻言也急忙调整了战略,纷纷开始释放魔法 The sandworm under besieging of people, the violent anger is incomparable, what a pity it had been acted bashful dead the weakness by the people, without the visual situation , can only , if the headless fly proceeds along no particular course generally everywhere, the physique returns to parental home after being divorced in a big way, is very difficult to create essence damage to the people. 沙虫在众人的围攻下,暴怒无比,可惜它已经被众人拿捏死了弱点,没有视觉的情况下,只能如无头苍蝇一般四处乱撞,块头大归大,却很难对众人造成实质伤害 Quick, V city local AIB member also catches up with the battlefield, joined the fight. 很快,V市当地的异调局成员也纷纷赶来战场,加入了战斗。 Under nine quiet dispatches, the people attack methodically, one batch did not have the condition to withdraw to change one batch. 在九幽的调度之下,众人有条不紊的攻击,一批没状态了就退后换下一批。 Such continual fight in which several people take turns fighting one person so as to wear the opponent out nearly four hours, the people emptied the life of this sandworm finally. 就这么连续车轮战了近四个小时,众人才终于将这只沙虫的生命清空。 fuck, may calculate to fire off, really meat......” 尼玛,可算打完了,真特么肉……” The sandworm wails that moment that died thoroughly, a Dragon Team member sits the ground, was foul-mouthed. 沙虫哀嚎一声彻底死去的那一刻,龙组一个成员一屁股坐到地上,骂骂咧咧。 Others are also similar, finds the place to rest, rubs the rubbing shoulder of shoulder, the taking medicine of taking medicine, is disinclined to process the corpse of sandworm. 其他人也都差不多,四下找地方休息,揉肩的揉肩,嗑药的嗑药,根本懒得去处理沙虫的尸体。 This fights the danger is not dangerous, is the too tired, consecutive four hours of uninterrupted attack, the iron man cannot shoulder. 这一战危险倒不算危险,就是太累,连续四个小时的不间断攻击,铁人也扛不住。 Nine quiet, found a place to sit, looked up front giant beast corpse, had a look at the top of the head naked eye to expand black hole obviously, sighed silently. 就连九幽,也找了个地方坐了下来,抬头看着面前的巨兽尸体,又看看头顶肉眼可见扩大了一圈的黑洞,默默叹了口气。 A Director Dragon Team walked at this time from side, sat in quiet nine side, gave him to demonstrate material on a cell phone: Just above confirmed that the entire world altogether presents nine such black holes at present, our country has two, besides this, in the south sea area.” 一名龙组理事这时从旁走来,坐在了九幽身旁,给他展示了一下手机上的资料:“刚刚上面确认了,全世界目前总共出现了九个这样的黑洞,其中咱们国家有两个,除了这个外,还有一个在南方海域里。” Nine......” nine quiet knit the brows. “九个么……”九幽不由皱眉。 Naturally, after does not remove , may appeared more, after all then first day......” director shakes the head the forced smile saying: Actually we have calculated that the luck was good, only falls, the Western Hemisphere calls abyss of suffering now, it is said that side the Americas crashed one time four star monsters and two three stars monsters...... that side requests reinforcements to us now crazily, I have not managed them, we are unbearably busy......” “当然,不排除之后可能会出现更多,毕竟这才第一天……”理事摇头苦笑道:“其实咱们已经算运气不错了,只掉下来一个,西半球现在才叫水深火热,据说美洲那边一次性坠落了一只四星怪物和两只三星怪物……那边现在正疯狂向咱们求援,我没理他们,咱们自己都忙不过来呢……” After nine listen quiet, actually cannot smile, instead the complexion was more dignified several points. 九幽听后却笑不出来,反而脸色更加凝重了几分。 Thinks, asked: ghost ship is long, in relation?” 想了想,又问道:“幽灵船长呢,联系上了么?” No. Has been reporting the news, had not responded.” Director helpless shaking the head of: This big shot does not know how to do, such important time lost contact......” “没有。一直在发消息,一直没有回应。”理事无奈的摇了摇头:“这位大佬也不知道怎么搞的,这么重要的时候偏偏失联了……” ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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