TTAGITP :: Volume #5

#444: The patron god of desert

The patron god of Chapter 444 desert 第444章沙漠的守护神 Ivsan, you dies like a dog!” “伊夫利特,你不得好死!” Angrily simultaneously Caesar, actually cannot stop is startled. 恺撒愤怒不已,同时却也止不住的惊慌起来。 By the desert protection stabbing heart, he will then be lost all strengths, becomes a life span also less than one year of scarab. 被沙漠守护刺中心脏,接下来他将失去所有力量,变为一只寿命还不足一年的圣甲虫。 But the surroundings some so many cats are defending...... 而周围又有这么多猫守着…… Caesar has been able to imagine that then he can be what result: These fellows, make him not plan to give by the opportunity that the shape of insect lives unexpectedly! 恺撒已经可以想象到接下来他会是什么结局了:这些家伙,竟是连让他以虫子的形态活下来的机会都不打算给! Wants me dead, you have a dream!” “想要我死,你们做梦!” Saw that the matter has been a foregone conclusion, Caesar bellows suddenly, has not dissipated while within the body supernatural power completely, quickly stimulates to movement a final supernatural power, summoned his these years in a number of scarabs that in the god boundary raised. 眼看着事情已成定局,恺撒忽然大吼一声,趁着体内神力还未完全消散,急忙催动最后的一丝神力,召唤出了他这些年在神境中饲养的一批圣甲虫。 the next instant, Caesar's giant body then reduces fast, until vanishing, became a scarab of finger stomach size, eight knock down fully upwards, chirp hiss keeps calling. 下一瞬,恺撒的巨人身躯便快速缩小,直至消失,变为了一只指头肚大小的圣甲虫,八足朝天翻倒在地,唧唧嘶叫个不停。 Meanwhile, the surroundings countless scarab the position that vanished from Caesar welled up, ten several tens of thousands of, submerges the insect that Caesar turned into fully directly. 与此同时,周围数之不尽的圣甲虫从恺撒消失的位置涌了出来,足有十数万只之多,直接将恺撒变成的虫子淹没。 Then, the dense and numerous insects are common like the ocean waves, toward surrounding proliferated fast. 接着,密密麻麻的虫子如同海浪一般,朝周围快速扩散了出去。 The kitty that all around assembles is the instinct after rebounds, without means that although the single insect strength is very weak, if gathered this quantity, such as the locust transited, can gnaw the food a lifeform instantaneously completely. 四周围聚的猫咪都是本能的朝后跳开,没办法,尽管单个虫子实力很弱,但一旦聚集到了这种数量,就如蝗虫过境,可以瞬间将一个生物啃食殆尽。 Evans and scorpion lion, retroceded subconsciously several steps, jumped up the quite safe high place, this starts turn head to counter-attack. 就连埃文斯和蝎狮,也下意识的后退了几步,跳上了比较安全的高处,这才开始回头反击。 People in abundance retreat time, only then two forms stand in same place have not moved, starts to attack the insect directly. 众人纷纷后退的时候,只有两道身影站在原地没动,直接开始攻击虫子。 One is the bone dragon, is only left over the god beast of white bones, the bone dragon did not fear that this type in view of the thing of flesh, Dragon's Tail brushes unceasingly, the insect of big piece dies a violent death instantaneously. 一个是骨龙,身为只剩下白骨的神兽,骨龙才不怕这种针对血肉的玩意,龙尾不断抽打,大片的虫子瞬间暴毙。 Another is Mu You, he now or the machine armor shape, does not fear the insect, moreover there is a pocket watch to have foresight, in insect group gushing out that moment, his two shotgun large flames has not stopped . Moreover the opening fire direction sighting Caesar disappeared the position in insect group. 另一个则是沐游,他现在还是机甲形态,更不怕虫子,而且还有怀表未卜先知,在虫群涌出的那一刻,他的两只散弹枪火舌就没有停过,而且开火方向瞄准了恺撒消失在虫群中的位置。 Among large flame spouts, that side insect group big piece death. 火舌喷涌间,那边的虫群大片死亡。 Distant place Lin Xue also joined the battlefield, the god of death brandished the sickle to harvest the large expanse of insect unceasingly. 远处林雪也加入了战场,死神挥舞着镰刀不断收割成片的虫子。 With several people of efforts, the scene turbulent insect tide becomes at the visible speed sparse. 在几人的努力下,现场汹涌的虫潮以肉眼可见的速度变得稀疏。 As the insect quantity tails off, the kitty that the surrounding waits and sees also jumped in abundance, the small thing that this type can move has the natural attraction regarding the kitty. 随着虫子数量变少,外围观望的猫咪也纷纷跳了过来,这种会动的小玩意对于猫咪有着天然的吸引力。 Over a thousand cats opened no shadow fist pattern immediately, a claw can pat one, the innumerable scarabs die of the cat claw. 上千只猫顿时开启了无影拳模式,一爪就能拍死一只,无数圣甲虫就此死于猫爪。 However the insects seemed to be ordered, has not stopped to attack anybody completely, but is well-targeted scatters in all directions to escape toward the oasis beside, does not stay. 不过虫子们似乎被下了命令,完全没有停下来攻击任何人,而是目标明确的直朝绿洲之外四散而逃,绝不停留。 Caesar wants to run into the desert, prevents him!” The roaming reading poems person shouted loudly. “恺撒想逃进沙漠,阻止他!”游吟诗人高喊。 Others also understand certainly this point, strikes to kill the insect in various methods. 其他人当然也明白这一点,都在各施手段击杀着虫子。 What compared with being a pity is the scarab does not fear the fire, will otherwise eliminate easy many. 比较可惜的是圣甲虫不怕火,不然清除起来会容易的多。 Such, the insect group runs away, the people and cat groups chase down, eliminated over 99 insects quickly, only then extremely few parts, because is extremely scattered . Moreover the goal is too small, caused to be omitted the past, the shields taking advantage of various horn corners escaped from the people field of vision. 就这么,虫群一路逃窜,众人和猫群一路追杀,很快消灭了99以上的虫子,只有极少部分,因为太过分散,而且目标太小,导致被遗漏过去,借着各种犄角旮旯的掩护逃出了众人视野。 Was similar.” “差不多了。” After all insects of Mu You the line of sight institute and in kill completely, then receives the boiling hot barrel: If such opposite party can live, that calculates that his luck is good.” 沐游将视线所及内所有的虫子全部击毙后,便收起了滚烫的枪管:“如果这样对方都能活下来,那算他运气好。” Other person of hears word also gave up the pursuit. 其他人闻言也都放弃了追击。 Evans and scorpion lion these two most hate Caesar, at this time also chose received the hand. 就连埃文斯和蝎狮这两个最恨恺撒的,此时也都选择了收手。 Naturally, the most important reason had not mattered, Caesar turned into the insect, but also lost all strengths, then anything could not do, refused stubbornly dead does not have the difference. 当然,最重要的原因是已经无所谓了,恺撒变成了虫子,还失去了所有力量,接下来什么都干不了,死不死的已经没差别。 When the people call a halt, in crack dozens meters away from people, a scarab stealthy crawls from the crevices, pastes in the ground a piece of low grass phyllome, starts to run away crazily outward. 就在众人停手的时候,距离众人几十米外的一处地缝中,一只圣甲虫鬼鬼祟祟的从石缝间爬出,贴着地面上一片低矮的草叶丛,开始疯狂朝外逃窜。 This scarab, is Caesar's incarnation. 这只圣甲虫,正是恺撒的化身。 Caesar in the heart loudly shouted at this time luckily. 恺撒此时心中大呼侥幸。 Originally thinks today is in his life most hapless a day, all moved toward most trough in a flash, he almost must welcome the most miserable result, has not actually thought, finally the time made his luck erupt unexpectedly, returned alive from these person of crazed chasing down. 本来以为今天是他人生中最倒霉的一天,一切都在转瞬间走向了最低谷,他几乎就要迎来最惨的结局,却没想到,最后时刻居然让他运气爆发了一下,从那些人丧心病狂的追杀中生还了下来。 Caesar recalls now the escape process of a narrow escape just underwent, plants the feeling that cannot believe. 恺撒现在回想起刚刚经历的九死一生的逃命过程,都还有种不敢相信的感觉。 Even if although lives, he is unable to restore the strength and original form again, can only maintain the shape of insect, but he is also at least living, moreover what is more important is he also holds the consciousness, this enables him to have huge difference from the ordinary scarab! 虽然即便活下来,他也无法再恢复力量和原形,只能保持着虫子的形态,但至少他还活着,而且更重要的是他还保有意识,这使得他与普通的圣甲虫有着天壤之别! So long as he can escape, the fools who can find the beforehand these Caesar gods, in the name of Caesar incarnation, flicker they to continue for him to work oneself to death. 只要他能逃出去,就可以去找到之前那些恺撒神教的傻子们,以‘恺撒’化身的名义,忽悠他们继续为他卖命。 So, the life span, the survival resources will have everything expected to find, the luck good words, he can still enjoy the life imperially, even if he can only enjoy all these in the shape of insect...... 如此,寿命、生存资源等都会应有尽有,运气好的话,他依然能够享受帝王般的生活,哪怕他只能以虫子的形态去享受这一切…… Naturally, all these premises must first go on living here! 当然,这一切的前提都是要在这里先活下去! Caesar is having a dream silently, the under foot segmental appendage waves rapidly, picked up the inching speed again. 恺撒心里默默做着梦,脚下节肢飞速舞动,再度加快了爬行速度。 After having gone through the lawn of cover, in Caesar's narrow field of vision, saw the shining desert finally, in dozens meters away front. 一路穿行过茂密的草地后,恺撒狭窄的视野中,终于看到了金灿灿的沙漠,就在几十米远的前方。 Caesar is wild with joy immediately, so long as can run into the desert, enters limitless sandy ground, rear these people then do not have idea with him thoroughly. 恺撒顿时狂喜,只要能逃进沙漠,钻进漫无边际的沙地里,后方那些人便彻底拿他没辙。 Looks at the close desert, Caesar cannot wait, to leap up again the lawn, faces forward to dash about wildly to go. 看着近在咫尺的沙漠,恺撒再也等不及,蹿出草地,朝前狂奔而去。 However, will soon flee the oasis in him shortly, enters the desert time, the top of the head resounded one suddenly meow the cry, making Caesar hit to startle fiercely. 不过,就在他眼看着即将逃离绿洲,进入沙漠的时候,头顶忽然响起了一道喵叫声,让恺撒猛的打了个激灵。 Caesar's subconscious raising the head, sees a cat claw to drop from the clouds finally, steps on toward him. 恺撒下意识的抬头,结果就见一只猫爪从天而降,直朝他踩下。 Caesar the ghost all braves immediately, however rapidness of too matter, when he discovers, had lost the opportunity of avoidance, after all who can think that will have a cat not to speak Wu De, runs up to this peripheral zone to wait to ambush specially he...... 恺撒顿时亡魂皆冒,然而事情发生的太快,等他发现时,已经失去了躲避的机会,毕竟谁能想到会有只猫如此不讲武德,专门跑到这种边缘地带等着埋伏他…… During Caesar despairs, can only look helplessly the cat claw descends on oneself. 恺撒绝望之中,只能眼睁睁的看着猫爪降落在自己身上。 Meow, may calculate that fired off......” “喵,可算打完了……” The next second, the silver-gray form descends in the place together, before two cat claws extends, the tail turns upwards, extended a cat to stretch satisfactory. 下一秒,一道银灰色的身影降落在地,两只猫爪前伸,尾巴翘起,美美的伸了个猫懒腰。 Cola after inside the tower experiences that is thrilling, is frightened heavily, after a moment ago Mu You brings back to the ground, looks at these giants earth-shaking battles, it does not want to be curled again goes, therefore was far away from the battlefield speedily, hid in the oasis edge, crawled on a top of the tree, distant observing, prepares the situation to does not sneak off immediately. 可乐在塔里经历过那一番惊险后,被吓得不轻,刚才被沐游带回地面后,看着那些巨人们惊天动地的厮杀,它可不想再被卷进去,于是一溜烟远离了战场,躲到了绿洲边缘,爬到了一颗树顶上,远远的观战,准备形势一有不对就立刻开溜。 Was good because of good of situation, Mu You and the others got rid of that lunatic giant smoothly. 好在情况发展的不错,沐游等人顺利干掉了那个疯子巨人。 Until at this moment, Cola confirmed battlefield cleaned was similar, this jumps down from the tree, the preparation goes back to present, demonstrated that has the feeling, otherwise was forgotten to be possible by Mu You to be bad later here. 直到此刻,可乐确认战场都被打扫的差不多了,这才从树上跳下,准备回去亮个相,展示一下存在感,不然稍后被沐游忘在这里可就糟了。 chirp!” 叽!” Finally Cola just fell to the ground, stretches not to extend, the feeling under foot was pressed, as if stepped on anything. 结果可乐刚落地,懒腰还没伸完,就感觉脚下被硌了一下,似乎踩到了什么东西。 Meow?” “喵?” Cola quickly lifted the claw to look, lay down to be stepped on the flat insect corpse on the insight, but on his fresh-faced meatball, then stuck to stick together some insect shells and not the well-known mucilage. 可乐急忙抬爪看了一下,就见地上躺着一只被踩扁的虫子尸体,而他粉嫩的肉球上,则粘黏着一些虫壳和不知名粘液。 Hey, is quite disgusting!” “噫,好恶心!” Cola quickly shakes the meat claw crazily, wiped for quite a while on nearby tree trunk, until cleaning up is clean, this slightly ran toward Mu You that side. 可乐急忙狂抖肉爪,又在旁边的树干上抹了半天,直到清理干净,这才朝沐游那边小跑了过去。 ...... …… The distant place, all wars ended, Mu You also switch over Nightwatcher Skin, walked toward Evans. 远处,一切战事结束,沐游也切换回了打更人皮肤,朝埃文斯走去。 Evans who is seriously injured, after taking some potion, this moment injury completely has gone, but on him fallen cannot withstand, covers entirely the blood stain the armor, is demonstrating the brutality and frigidity of this war. 身受重伤的埃文斯,在服下了一些药剂后,此刻伤势已经尽去,不过他身上零落不堪,布满血污的盔甲,还是在展示着这场战争的残酷和惨烈。 What kind of, your army personnel losses how many?” The Mu You vision crosses Evans, sweeps to him, these also the soldier who lies down in the desert lying this way and that. “怎么样,你的军队减员了多少?”沐游目光越过埃文斯,扫向他后方,那些还在大漠上横七竖八躺倒的士兵。 Evans smiled bitterly, shakes the head: Fortunately, only died in battle the soldier who 1/10 did not arrive, in the population does not have the personnel losses is too many......” 埃文斯苦笑了一下,摇头:“还好,只阵亡了十分之一不到的战士,人数上没减员太多……” Mu You can certainly understand the meaning in his words, the surface seems like the personnel losses proportion is not high, but this has Astral Spirit Realm of resurrecting mechanism, personnel losses these, are even the life span thoroughly killed off people, everyone likely died dozens over a hundred, finally died. 沐游当然能理解他话中的意思,表面看起来减员比例是不高,但这可是有复活机制的星灵界,减员的那些,都是连寿命都被彻底杀尽的人,每个人很可能都死了几十上百回,才最终死亡。 The people who even the life span exhausts achieved 1/10, others was needless saying that this army's loss in life span sum total, feared that at least reduced over 2/3. 连寿命耗尽的人都达到了十分之一,其他人的就不用说了,这支部队在寿命总和上的损失,怕是至少减少了三分之二以上。 In addition more important is the rank, under continual death, what brought is massive experience points deducts, many soldiers were killed Lv. 10 from Lv. 15 above directly, the battle efficiency of entire army plummets, this is the truly fatal consequence! 此外更重要的则是等级,连续的死亡下,带来的是大量经验值扣除,不少士兵都从十五级以上被直接杀下了十级,整支军队的战斗力大降,这才是真正致命的影响! I have said early, calling you do not make the foolish matter, did not listen, you had a look at this...... yeah, why?” The roaming reading poems person emitted the empty shadow from the magic lamp at this time, is scolding Evans, a sigh with emotion appearance. “我早说过,叫伱们不要做傻事,非不听,你看看这……哎,何必呢?”游吟诗人这时又从神灯中冒出虚影,数落着埃文斯,一副感慨的模样。 Evans smiled bitterly, without rebuttal. 埃文斯苦笑了一下,没有反驳。 This actually cannot take his will as the matter of shift, even if he makes the army withdraw, the soldiers will not agree, after all no one is have foresight, knows the following matter. 这却不是能以他意志为转移的事,就算他让军队撤走,士兵们也不会同意,毕竟谁也无法未卜先知,得知后面的事情。 Is good because, no matter how, the result is good, successfully eliminated Caesar incessantly, but also made most people live, made 100,000 people die in battle directly here. 好在,不管如何,结果是好的,不止成功消灭了恺撒,还让大多数人都活了下来,怎么也比让十万人直接战死在这里的强。 You?” Mu You looks to the roaming reading poems person: „Can supernatural power also receive?” “你呢?”沐游又看向游吟诗人:“神力还能收回去么?” Before Caesar was destroyed the supernatural power, the supernatural power has not returned to the roaming reading poems person directly, but flooded into the magic lamp. 之前恺撒被剥夺了神力,神力并没有直接回归游吟诗人身上,而是涌入了神灯中。 Does not have the issue, but requires some time.” roaming reading poems person hears word self-confident smiling. “没问题,只是需要些时间罢了。”游吟诗人闻言自信的笑了笑。 The supernatural power preserves in any case in the magic lamp, will not lose, but his soul cannot leave the magic lamp, so long as there is the calm and steady environment and a enough time, sooner or later can take back within the body slowly. 反正神力都保存在神灯中,又不会丢失,而他的灵魂也离不开神灯,只要有安稳的环境和充足的时间,迟早能慢慢收回体内。 Then, two do need to leave the desert?” Evans asked at this time. “接下来,两位要离开沙漠了么?”埃文斯这时问。 Yes, should go back.” Mu You took out the order magical brush, touched a rough winding pen body. “是的,该回去了。”沐游取出了秩序神笔,抚摸了一下粗糙曲折的笔身。 His these comes for the magical brush to put it bluntly, now the magical brush succeeds in obtaining, he did not have the reason of continuing the stay desert. 他这一趟说白了就是为神笔而来的,如今神笔到手,他也没有了继续逗留沙漠的理由。 I also need to follow he to leave the desert temporarily , helping him complete the follow-up inheritance connection . Moreover, I also owe him two desires.” The roaming reading poems person referred to Mu You saying. “我也需要暂时跟着他离开沙漠,去帮他完成后续的传承交接,另外,我还欠他两个愿望。”游吟诗人指了指沐游说。 Wish the desert goddess to bless you!” “愿沙漠女神保佑你们!” Evans separately made the blessing formality toward several people, later shakes hand with Mu You, said sincerely: Welcome comes the desert, the desert not to forget that momentarily again benevolence, you forever are here friend!” 埃文斯朝几人分别做了个祝福礼节,随后和沐游握了握手,真诚道:“欢迎随时再来沙漠,大漠不会忘记诸位的恩情,你们永远是这里的朋友!” After handshake, since Evans takes down a short-sword from the body, both hands holds, hands over to the roaming reading poems person: This is divine tool that you granted initially desert protection, now strikes the mission that kills Caesar to complete, was time thing returning to rightful owner.” 握手过后,埃文斯又从身上取下一柄短剑,双手捧起,递向游吟诗人:“这是您当初赠与的神器‘沙漠守护’,如今击杀恺撒的使命已经完成,是时候该物归原主了。” roaming reading poems person strange looks at the appearance of Evans seriously also sword, tittered to smile to make noise: What rightful owner does thing turn over to? This is the desert goddess thing, I also pick fortunately, besides the bloodlines successor of your desert goddess, whom I may be unable to find out also to have the qualifications to take it.” 游吟诗人怪异的看着埃文斯一本正经还剑的样子,却噗嗤一下笑出声来:“物归什么原主?这本来就是沙漠女神的东西,我也是凑巧捡到的,除了你这个沙漠女神的血脉继承人外,我可想不出还有谁有资格拿着它。” „Oh?” Mu You hears to stare, surprise looks to Evans. “哦?”沐游听得一愣,诧异的看向埃文斯。 Never expected that he unexpectedly is like Lin Xue, will be a bloodlines successor of gods...... as the matter stands, why explained Evans such steadfast belief desert goddess actually. 没想到他居然和林雪一样,是一个神明的血脉继承者……不过这样一来,倒是解释了为什么埃文斯会这么坚定不移的信仰沙漠女神。 Yes.” Evans is smiling bitterly nod, this status he has actually never disclosed to the bystander, but the lamp god can look, he is actually not accidental/surprised. “是的。”埃文斯苦笑着点了点头,这个身份他其实从未向外人透露过,不过灯神能看出来,他倒是不意外。 „Is desert goddess, what gods?” Mu You asked curiously. “沙漠女神,是个什么样的神明?”沐游好奇问。 Desert goddess, named Szelke, grasps is dispelling poison authority, is the scorpion, the poisonous snake, the poisonous insect and other difficult adversaries of desert poisons, since the ancient times, the desert goddess is this lands resident most important patron god, does not have one.” Evans's proud introduced. “沙漠女神,名为‘塞尔凯特’,掌握着‘祛毒’的权柄,是蝎子,毒蛇,毒虫等一切沙漠毒物的克星,自古以来,沙漠女神都是这片土地居民最重要的守护神,没有之一。”埃文斯骄傲的介绍道。 Szelke, is a goodness, goddess of boast commisserate boast commisserate industry, dies before the body, never gives up own godhood......” roaming reading poems person hearing that the word actually showed the sigh with emotion expression, as if recalled once past events. “塞尔凯特啊,是个心地善良,又矜矜业业的女神,直到身死前,都从未放弃过自己的神职……”游吟诗人闻言却露出了感慨的表情,似乎回忆起了曾经的往事。 After the moment, he looks to Evans, satisfied nod of: Now has your descendant to help her continue to protect the desert, she also calculates that can die content.” 片刻后,他才看向埃文斯,满意的点了点头:“如今有你这种后代帮她继续守护沙漠,她也算可以瞑目了。” From now on, you are the patron god of desert, naturally, is of nameless......” roaming reading poems person looks to one group of soldiers: You beat Caesar, protected the desert, is actually doomed...... not to feel relieved known, waited for me to restore the supernatural power in the future, will come back the desert, continued, when my roaming reading poems person, will certainly change into the roaming to recite the story today's heroic deed when the time comes, spread in the desert widely, making everyone know. Your these protected the hero in desert, should not be buried by the history.” “从现在开始,你就是沙漠的守护神,当然,是籍籍无名的那种……”游吟诗人看向外界的一群士兵:“你们击败了恺撒,守护了沙漠,却注定不会为人所知……不过放心,等将来我恢复了神力,还是会回来沙漠,继续当我的游吟诗人,到时候一定会把今天的英雄事迹化为游吟故事,在大漠中广为流传,让所有人知道。你们这些守护了大漠的英雄,不该被历史埋没。” Smiling of Evans hears word shows neither approval nor disapproval, looks down to the short-sword in hand. 埃文斯闻言不置可否的笑了笑,低头看向手中的短剑。 He does not know that his soldiers, can some people care about these reputations, in brief, he will continue with this sword, silently protection this lands. 他不知道他手下的士兵们,会不会有人在意这些名声,总之,他会继续拿着这柄剑,默默守护这片土地。 ...... …… After a half hour, Mu You and Lin Xue and the others said goodbye to Evans, transmitted the daybreak city together. 半小时后,沐游林雪等人告别了埃文斯,一同传送回了黎明城。 Besides the bone dragon, the scorpion lion and lamp god also followed Mu You to arrive at the daybreak city. 除了骨龙之外,蝎狮和灯神也跟随沐游来到了黎明城。 Two giant lifeform just entered the city, immediately attracted surrounding of innumerable player, at the forum emitted the post of one pile of exclamation and discussion instantaneously. 两只巨型生物刚一入城,顿时吸引了无数玩家的围观,论坛上瞬间冒出一堆惊叹和讨论的贴子。 Regarding this scorpion lion only feels noisy, it comes this to protect the magic lamp and master comes, the surrounding not slightly interests to these mortals, after entering a city, then the direct incarnation orange cat, found a peaceful place to sleep. 对此蝎狮只觉得吵闹,它来此只是为保护神灯和主人而来,对这些凡人的围观没有丝毫兴趣,进城后便直接化身橘猫,找了个安静的地方睡觉去了。 Actually bone dragon, at this time by innumerable player paying homage to -type is gathering, chirp looks for it to interact, unexpectedly retrieved indistinctly controlled the forces of nature in Astral Spirit Realm initially, was taken as Divine Dragon by one group of followers the feeling, therefore occupied specially in the conspicuous place near city Lord fort, lets the person to look at reverently, is enjoying the hounded happy feeling. 倒是骨龙,此时被无数玩家膜拜式的聚拢着,叽叽喳喳的找它互动,居然隐约找回了当初在星灵界呼风唤雨,被一帮信徒引为‘神龙’时的感觉,于是特意盘踞在城主堡附近的显眼之处,任人瞻仰,享受着被人追捧的舒畅感。 Mu You has not managed two god beasts, after entering a city, then brought the magic lamp to enter the underground city immediately, arrived at seven, in the front door through honey-comb, went to the power house of depositing god human bone. 沐游也没管两只神兽,进城后便立即带着神灯进了地下城,一路来到七层,又通过蜂巢内的大门,下到了存放神骸的动力室内。 Now all conditions are prepared, he must fuse the bloodlines officially. 如今所有条件齐备,他要正式融合血脉了。 Yo, demon god's bone!” “呦,魔神之骨!” After Mu You takes out the demon god's bone and god's blood in turn, side the roaming that emits from the magic lamp reads poems a person of empty shadow to make noise immediately surprisedly. 沐游将魔神之骨和神之血依次取出后,旁边从神灯中冒出的游吟诗人虚影顿时惊讶出声。 The roaming reading poems person quickly flutters to him, carefully looks at the giant god bone of ground, tch tch expressed admiration: Good, just started to do the god bone of this rank......, but, the demon god's bone is not quite good to fuse......” 游吟诗人急忙飘到他跟前,仔细看着地上的巨大神骨,不由称奇:“不错嘛,刚开始就能搞到这种等级的神骨……不过,魔神之骨可不太好融合啊……” Mu You hears word one startled, is busy at asking: What's wrong? The demon god's are the bone and order god of incompatible?” 沐游闻言一惊,忙问:“怎么?难道魔神之骨和秩序之神不兼容?” Demon god's bone that he does with great difficulty, this or the compatible words, he must look for the god bone again...... 他好不容易才搞到的魔神之骨,这要不兼容的话,他就得重新去找神骨了…… „, That actually not, but fuses such high star-level god's bone from the beginning, in the process will cause a big burden to your body...... in brief, when fusion you will be very painful . Moreover, the needed time will be much longer than the common god bone.” “哦,那倒不是,只是一开始就融合这么高星级的神之骨,过程中会对你的身体造成不小的负担……简而言之,融合时你会很痛苦,而且,需要的时间会比一般神骨长得多。” Mu You hears word relaxes immediately, so long as can fuse is enough, is painful as for anything, he does not care actually, in any case is also the disposable short pain, fused to finish, not long-term, no matter. 沐游闻言顿时松了口气,只要能融合就行,至于什么痛不痛苦的,他倒是不在意,反正也就是一次性的短痛,融合完就结束了,又不是长期的,无所谓。 That, this two kinds thing fuses completely, how long needs probably?” Mu You asked. “那,这两样东西全部融合,大概需要多久?”沐游问。 Accepting god's skin is actually only flash's matter, the key point is to accept the prerequisite of inheritance: Needs first to fuse god's blood, oneself will transform to accept the bloodlines of inheritance ; Fuses into within the body god's bone again, strengthens the intensity of body, thus promotes the star class and upper limit that the god skin can have appears. 接受神之皮肤其实只是一瞬间的事,重点是接受传承的前提条件:需要先融合神之血,将自身改造成可以接受传承的血脉;再将神之骨融合入体内,增强身体的强度,从而提升神皮可以具现出的星级和上限。 Naturally, the fusion of bone and blood can also conduct, does not conflict. 当然,骨和血的融合可以同时进行,并不冲突。 „About a week.” The roaming reading poems person estimated said. “一周左右吧。”游吟诗人估计了一下说。 „Is one week...... so long?” “一周……这么久?” Mu You actually complexion strange looks to him. He thinks the time that even the demon god's bone requires is longer, most still several hours, before today , can definitely handle. 沐游却脸色古怪的看向他。他本以为就算是魔神之骨需要的时间长一些,最多也就几个小时,今天之前肯定能搞定。 Finally, unexpectedly takes one week...... 结果,居然要一周…… The roaming reading poems person shows the whites of the eyes: You think that this is the taking medicine, swallows down is enough. This is must thoroughly transform your body from beginning to end, where is so quick.” 游吟诗人翻了个白眼:“你以为这是嗑药啊,吞下去就行。这可是要从头到尾彻底改造你的身体,哪有那么快。” Good......” “好吧……” Mu You smiled bitterly. As the matter stands, today before pass/test gate, he definitely could not go back. According to the rule of door clamp life span, over the following week, he will be deducted a total of 127 years of extra life span. 沐游苦笑了一下。这样一来,今天关‘门’之前他肯定是回不去了。按照门扣寿命的规则,接下来一周,他将被扣除总共127年的额外寿命。 This life span has nothing actually, the key is seven days later he must find the way to go back, but at this time temporarily looks for other powers to borrow the gate probably also without enough time. 这点寿命倒是没什么,关键是七天之后他还得想办法回去,而这时候临时去找其他势力借门好像也来不及了。 Is good because of this is not what important matter, even without other may walk, still Fua family's that well available, seven days later goes back through that well directly, so long as returned to Earth, the life span naturally can stop deducting. 好在这不算什么大事,就算没有其他门可走,也还有芙娅家族的那口井可用,七天后直接通过那口井回去,只要回归了地球,寿命自然会停止扣除。 Then Mu You first returns to the city, told Lin Xue them this news, making Lin Xue first bring Cola and Vivian goes back, the door receives, later informed Fua, making her first leave anxiously departure, seven days daybreak city, his also unknown went to the road in her family/home home afterward, when the time comes must make her guide. 接下来沐游先回到城中,将这个消息告诉了林雪她们,让林雪先带着可乐薇薇安回去,把门收起来,随后又去通知了芙娅,让她先别急着离开,七天后来黎明城一趟,他还不认识去她家祖宅的路,到时候得让她带路。 After completing all these, Mu You then returned to the power house. 做完这一切后,沐游这才回到了动力室。 Then will be very painful, you, were mentally prepared......” roaming Yinshiren to say. “接下来会很痛,你,做好心理准备……”游吟诗人说。 Un, starts.” “嗯,开始吧。” Mu You nods, finds a place to lie down, two take god's blood and god's bone respectively, after inspiring, under the onlooking of lamp god, started the fusion. 沐游点了点头,找了个地方躺好,两手分别拿着神之血和神之骨,吸了口气后,在灯神的旁观下,开始了融合。 ......” “唔……” That moment that the fusion starts, Mu You felt immediately the skin of whole body as if crashed into the magma to be common directly, became incomparably boiling hot. 融合开始的那一刻,沐游顿时感觉全身的皮肤仿佛直接坠入了岩浆一般,变得无比滚烫。 He acknowledged that he underestimated the lamp god said preparation. 他承认他低估了灯神所说的‘心理准备’。 The key under this indescribable severe pain, his consciousness is very unexpectedly sober! 关键在这种难以言喻的剧痛之下,他的意识居然还很清醒! In addition, this boiling hot still in fast spreads inward, quick, Mu You only felt that the cell of whole body starts to boil, the combustion, like crashing into the raging fire boiled in the oil, living to might as well die...... 此外,这种滚烫还在快速向内蔓延,很快,沐游只感觉全身的细胞都开始沸腾,燃烧,如同坠入了烈火烹油中,生不如死…… ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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