TTAGITP :: Volume #5

#441: Meow meow the team contributes to the great merit

Chapter 441 meow meow the team contributes to the great merit 第441章喵喵队立大功 Jet black and does not see in the space of boundary, the giant who the blue skin, the head grips the short braid sits cross-legged in the place, the both arms surround, close eyes to contemplate. 漆黑且不见边际的空间中,蓝色皮肤,头扎小辫的巨人盘坐在地,双臂环抱,闭目冥想。 Marvelous magic lamp on keep flat in his body side, actually no bright, does not have any energy circulation, just like an ordinary oil lamp. 奇迹神灯就平放在他的身侧,却无任何亮光,也没有任何能量流转,宛如一盏普普通通的油灯。 Caesar does not care at all, the supernatural power of lamp god, the divine tool of additional lamp god in the hand, present he, can say that simultaneously has replaced the strength that the headlight god had completely. 恺撒毫不在意,灯神的神力,加灯神的神器同时在手,如今的他,可以说已经完全取代了之前灯神所拥有的力量。 However Caesar was dissatisfied, because he had experienced the wonderful feeling of having the strength of order, no one is clearer than him, the god of order is how powerful existence. Between the lamp gods and order gods , the disparity is not a tiny bit. 不过恺撒仍不满足,因为他曾经体验过拥有秩序之力的美妙感觉,没人比他更清楚,秩序之神是多么强大的存在。灯神和秩序之神之间,差距可不是一星半点。 So long as there is an opportunity, he naturally wants to take the springboard the strength of lamp god, in the future will obtain the inheritance of god of order, but must achieve this point, must first control the order magical brush again in the hand. 只要有机会,他当然还是希望将灯神之力作为跳板,将来获得秩序之神的传承,而要做到这一点,首先就要将秩序神笔再次掌控在手中。 Before did not have the experience, making the pen of order slip away, but after this time started, he will not be careless, certainly firmly will control the pen of order. 之前没有经验,让秩序之笔溜掉了,但这次入手后,他可不会再粗心大意,一定会牢牢将秩序之笔控制住。 As for the pen's of order spirit...... to grasping him of gods rank strength, at all is not anything, even again powerful, still after all is only a utensil, so long as takes, sooner or later can tame. 至于秩序之笔本身的器灵……对掌握了神明级别力量的他来说,根本不算什么事,就算再强大,也毕竟只是一件器物,只要拿到手,迟早能驯服。 Caesar sits in meditation same place, the patience is waiting. 恺撒静坐原地,耐心等待着。 Without the means that trialist that this magical brush selects is not he, but his present supernatural power, but also is insufficient in a short time, breaks through the magical brush to spend order barrier of millennium built. 没办法,这次神笔选中的试炼者不是他,而他现在的神力,还不足以在短时间内,突破神笔花费了千年之久打造出的秩序结界 He planned from the beginning, but misleads that trialist, first makes the opposite party fall into error, so long as the trial of opposite party ends in failure, he has enough time to decode order barrier, sooner or later can attain the pen of order. 他一开始的打算,只是误导那个试炼者,先让对方误入歧途,只要对方的试炼以失败告终,他就有充足的时间破解秩序结界,迟早能拿到秩序之笔。 But, the willpower of fellow was above his imagination, not only has not overstated, instead borrows here time speed of flow, grasped the order principle smoothly...... 但没想到,那家伙的意志力超乎了他的想象,不但没有走火入魔,反而借用这里的时间流速,顺利掌握了秩序法则…… This made Caesar have a sense of urgency slightly, but also that is all, then also had the opportunity. 这让恺撒稍微有了点紧迫感,不过也仅此而已,接下来还有机会。 Caesar closes eyes is waiting for patiently, until some moment, he opens eyes suddenly, vision brilliant looked that to the front the space that starts to tumble like waves, he knows, the opportunity came! 恺撒闭目耐心的等待着,直到某一刻,他忽然睁开眼,目光灼灼的看向前方开始如海浪般翻滚的空间,他知道,机会来了! This change, is that person has been beginning to decode his order barrier obviously, but wants to decode barrier, must first release surely him, at the appointed time all efforts of opposite party, are doing the bridal clothes for him. 这种变化,显然是那人已经在着手破解他这一层的秩序结界,而想要破解结界,就必定要先将他释放出来,到时对方的一切努力,都不过是在为他做嫁衣而已。 Caesar sneers, since the ground sets out, impatient follows the front space to tumble, toward leading the way. 恺撒冷笑一声,从地上起身,迫不及待的跟随前方的空间翻滚,一路朝前行去。 Approximately after going out of several hundred meters, the fluctuation of surroundings space order is getting stronger and stronger, in wild ocean waves just like storm, but in great waves layer upon layer, the front presented half close gates indistinctly. 大约走出几百米后,周围空间秩序的波动越来越强,宛如暴风雨中的狂暴海浪,而在一层层的浪涛之中,前方隐约出现了一道半封闭的门。 Caesar eyes one bright, will not be wrong, that is the exit|to speak of barrier! 恺撒眼睛一亮,不会错,那就是结界的出口! So long as goes out from here, then can be separated from order barrier, enters in the real lighthouse. 只要从这里出去,便能脱离秩序结界,进入真实的灯塔中。 Caesar cannot wait again, charges into that gate rapidly, opened the door, must tread. 恺撒再也等不及,飞速冲向那道门,一把推开了门,就要踏出。 However...... 然而…… His footsteps are opening the door stagnates instantly instantaneously. 他的脚步在推开门的刹那瞬间凝滞。 At this moment in out of the door, is not in the tower in imagination the environment, instead is a resplendent in gold and jade green imperial palace, but in the front several meters places of entrance, is standing erect a giant sphinx resembles! 此刻在门外,并非想象中的塔内环境,反而是一座金碧辉煌的皇宫,而在门口的前方几米处,矗立着一座巨大的狮身人面像! Caesar naturally recognizes this is anything: This is the sculpture of scorpion tail lion, is the nightmare that the millenniums the innumerable days and nights made him be able hardly be removed! 恺撒自然认得这是什么东西:这是蝎尾狮的雕塑,也是千年来无数个昼夜令他挥之不去的梦魇! But what makes his panic-stricken is, lies is bending down scorpion lion stone carving, unexpectedly towering opened the eye, toward looks like, in the meantime, the corners of the mouth that he stares outlined a smile of mouth awry. 而更让他惊恐的是,趴伏着的蝎狮石雕,居然突兀的睁开了眼,朝他直勾勾的看来,同时,嘴角勾勒出一个歪嘴的微笑。 This just like smiling the cat general frightened expression, looks at Caesar scalp tingles, the cold hair root root raises up. 这宛如笑面猫一般的惊悚表情,看得恺撒一阵头皮发麻,身后寒毛根根竖起。 This has not ended, follows close on this scorpion lion stone carving to open the mouth unexpectedly, sends out laughter that infiltrates the person: Jie Jie Jie, your fell into a trap, Caesar! I have said early, I will come back to revenge......” 这还没完,紧跟着这蝎狮石雕居然又张开嘴巴,发出一串渗人的笑声:“桀桀桀,你中计了,恺撒!我早说过,我会回来报仇的……” Fell into a trap?” “中计?” Caesar stared in a big way the eye, realized a fearful possibility fast. 恺撒瞪大了眼睛,飞快的意识到了一种可怕的可能。 Today this matter, from beginning to end is a conspiracy that the lamp god designs, to deceive here him, makes the scorpion lion eliminate him with the aid of the strength of pen of order again? 难道今天这件事,从头到尾都是灯神设计的一场阴谋,就是为了将他骗进来这里,再让蝎狮借助秩序之笔的力量来消灭他? „...... When now, curses fulfills! The little darlings die under my cat claw......” smile a cat to infiltrate the laughter of person still to continue. “……而现在,正是诅咒应验之时!乖乖死于我的猫爪之下吧……”笑面猫渗人的笑声还在持续。 Caesar whole body trembles, the thoughts racing, the reason is telling him, this is impossible! Even if the scorpion lion has the means to utilize the magical brush, the strength of only magical brush, is still not enough to kill present him. 恺撒全身颤栗,心思急转,理智在告诉他,这不可能!即便蝎狮有办法运用神笔,单凭神笔的力量,也不足以杀死现在的他。 A bigger possibility, this fellow is scary! 更大的可能,这家伙是在唬人! Right, certainly is that trialist, with the illusion of order principle manufacture, wants to drive back him, the seal gets up again! 对,一定是那个试炼者,用秩序法则制造的幻境,想把他逼退回去,重新封印起来! Caesar realized this more possible truth instantaneously. 恺撒瞬间意识到了这一种更可能的真相。 However, looks the scorpion lion that at present the mouth awry sneers, lifted the giant cat claw, toward his vertical position when next, Caesar vacillated. 然而,看着眼前歪嘴冷笑的蝎狮,抬起了巨大的猫爪,朝他直拍而下时,恺撒还是动摇了。 Millenniums innumerable nightmare about scorpion lion, making him the fear to the scorpion lion penetrate the marrow. At this time Caesar subconscious after hides, returned in the darkness after gate. 千年来无数次关于蝎狮的噩梦,让他对蝎狮的恐惧已经深入骨髓。此时恺撒下意识的就朝后躲去,退回了门后的黑暗中。 Bang!” “轰!” the next moment, the giant cat claw falls to the ground, rumbles a gulf on the ground. 下一刻,巨大的猫爪落地,在地上轰出一圈深坑。 Hides? Hehe, where can you hide to go?” “躲?呵呵,你又能躲到哪里去呢?” The scorpion lion sneers, suddenly stood, becomes the erectness shape of similar person. 蝎狮冷笑一声,忽然站了起来,变为类似人的直立形态。 This strange scene frightens heavily Caesar, subconscious will draw back in the future several steps, finally actually discovered oneself as if still stayed in same place, absolutely does not have the move back with the distance of scorpion lion. 这怪异的场景又把恺撒吓得不轻,下意识的又往后退了几步,结果却发现自己似乎仍然停留在原地,和蝎狮的距离完全没有拉远。 Jie Jie Jie, useless, you had entered me ‚the world domain, in the following ten seconds, you is unable to flee my attack range!” “桀桀桀,没用的,你已经进入了我的‘世界’领域,接下来的十秒内,伱都无法逃离我的攻击范围!” The scorpion lion that stands erect, occupying a commanding position looks at Caesar, lifted own right claw slowly, stretches out a claw, arrived on own temples, immediately as if the electric drill general start drilled. 直立起来的蝎狮,居高临下的看着恺撒,缓缓抬起了自己的右爪,伸出其中一根爪子,抵在了自己的太阳穴上,随即仿佛电钻一般的开始钻动。 Suddenly, the blood scatters, fierceness and terrifying of cathead complementing. 一时间,血液四溅而出,将猫头映衬的狰狞而恐怖。 „The feeling of this hunting enemy, really makes my high to not good! hahaha......!” “这种狩猎敌人的感觉,真是让我high到不行啊!哈哈哈哈……呜!” the next moment, the scorpion lion brings frantic grinning fiendishly, threw toward Caesar. 下一刻,蝎狮带着狂热的狞笑,朝恺撒扑了过来。 Caesar both eyes open the eyes fiercely, this strange scene and abnormal laughter, make him broken guard finally thoroughly. Caesar cannot attend to the magical brush again, quickly tumbles after escapes. 恺撒双目猛睁,这诡异的场景和变态般的笑声,终于让他彻底破防。恺撒再也顾不得神笔,急忙连滚带爬的朝后逃去。 However, the laughing wildly sound of scorpion lion is actually stopping suddenly at this moment. 然而,蝎狮的狂笑声却偏偏在此刻戛然而止。 Probably is because enters the play, Cola just ran one step, then before by gate, low trips to the doorframe that can ignore, falls to fall flat on one's face greatly. 大概是因为太入戏,可乐刚跑出一步,便被门前低矮到可以忽略不计的门框绊倒,摔了个大马趴。 But under this falls, the illusion that Cola creates is also similar to the card small dish to be the same, presented the temporary distortion, exposed the original form under illusion instantaneously. 而这一摔之下,可乐创造出的幻象也如同卡碟一般,出现了短暂的失真,瞬间暴露出了幻象下的原形。 Saw that is only huge the fierce scorpion lion, towering turned into American shorthair of his toe size, Caesar delay in same place, gawked for a half second, responded. 看到那只巨大狰狞的蝎狮,突兀的变成了一个只有他脚趾大小的美短,恺撒呆滞在原地,足足愣了半秒,才反应过来。 False! This fellow at all is not the scorpion lion! 假的!这家伙根本不是蝎狮! Meanwhile, all around illusion is also following close on elimination. 与此同时,四周的幻象也紧跟着消除。 Caesar turns the head to look, this discovered, he had actually walked into the real lighthouse, but, front order barrier closes up in the NC rapid prototyping, attempts to swallow him alone. 恺撒转头看去,这才发现,他其实早已步入了真实的灯塔内,只不过,前方的秩序结界又在快速成型合拢,妄图将他单独吞噬其中。 Scoundrel!” “混账!” Caesar both eyes stare, immediately the violent anger, rises with a spring, full speed rushes over toward the front front door. 恺撒双目一瞪,顿时暴怒,一跃而起,全速朝着前方的大门冲了过去。 Meow! Mu You saves me quickly!” “喵!沐游快救我!” At this time more panic-stricken is actually Cola, thrown down that moment, it then thump, knows at heart definitely revealed the secret, will then certainly welcome crazy counter-attack of opposite party. 此时更惊恐的却是可乐,摔倒的那一刻,它心里便咯噔一下,知道肯定露馅了,接下来必将迎来对方的疯狂反扑。 Cola with the entire life quickest speed rebound in the rear front door, turn head looks that devils toward the blue giant who he to/clashes, the whole body cat wool explode all stand. 可乐以生平最快的速度跳回了后方大门内,回头看着正凶神恶煞朝他冲来的蓝色巨人,浑身猫毛尽数炸立。 Cola does not doubt, once were really broken through by the opposite party, fresh will rip it absolutely! 可乐毫不怀疑,一旦真被对方突破过来,绝对会生撕了它! At this moment it can only implore the Mu You speed to be able quickly, otherwise it died. 此刻它只能祈求沐游的速度能快一点,不然它死定了。 Is good because , the speed that barrier closes up is faster, two sides turbulent order rune/symbol writing sweeps across like waves, before Caesar rushes to near the gate, then first step hits in the same place, fitted together perfectly, composed an impregnable wall, isolated the opposite party in another side. 好在,还是结界合拢的速度更快,两边汹涌的秩序符文如海浪般席卷而过,在恺撒冲到门边之前,便先一步撞在一起,严丝合缝,组成了一面牢不可破的墙壁,将对方隔绝在了另一边。 Front looks the giant who vanishes, Cola long relaxes: Scared to death this meow!” 看着面前消失的巨人,可乐长松了一口气:“吓死本喵了!” Does Cola well! Goes back to give you to add the chicken leg!” Mu You did not commend parsimoniously its, starts to step up to eradicate upper-level barrier immediately. “干得好可乐!回去给你加鸡腿!”沐游毫不吝啬的称赞了它一句,随即又开始加紧破除上层结界 ...... …… Another side, Caesar full speed broke through, actually hits on the wall of order, was rebounded. 另一边,恺撒全速冲过,却一头撞在秩序之墙上,被反弹了回来。 No!” “不!” Looks front door that front vanishes thoroughly, Caesar unwilling angrily roars to make noise. 看着面前彻底消失的大门,恺撒不甘的怒吼出声。 Saw that barrier closes up again, then he was shielded alone in order barrier, no matter then the opposite party how return to original state lighthouse, he is unable to arrive in the true lighthouse absolutely again. 眼看着结界再度合拢,这下他算是被单独屏蔽在了秩序结界里,接下来不管对方如何还原灯塔,他也绝对无法再到达真正的灯塔之中。 In other words, now he had lost the last chance, is doomed to miss with the magical brush! 也就是说,现在他已经失去了最后的机会,注定与神笔无缘! Recovers, Caesar knew perfectly well that loses obtains the hope of magical brush, has not wasted the time again, immediately stimulates to movement the supernatural power, changes into blue dim light, vanishes in the darkness. 回过神来,恺撒明知失去获得神笔的希望,也没有再浪费时间,当即催动神力,化为一道蓝色幽光,消失在黑暗中。 When opens eyes again, his true body has appeared outside the lighthouse. 再睁眼时,他的真身已经出现在灯塔之外。 Looks up, at this time god boundary barrier of top of the head already by being not much left that his army demolishes, the place of entire oasis, completely exposed in the desert, fused together with everywhere yellow sand. 抬头看去,此时头顶的神境结界已经被他的大军拆除的所剩无几,整个绿洲之地,彻底暴露在了沙漠之中,与漫天的黄沙融为一体。 Death regiment, listened to my command!” “死亡军团,听吾号令!” Caesar lifts up high the both arms, the sound such as the billowing heavenly thunder spreads over the entire god boundary, clear passed to Evans to lead in 100,000 army ears that. 恺撒高举双臂,声音如滚滚天雷般传遍整个神境,也清晰的传到了外界埃文斯率领的十万大军耳中。 The god boundary edge, that countless dead spirit army, stopped in the hand to act in abundance, the uniform shift Caesar's direction, waited for his order. 神境边缘,那数之不尽的亡灵部队,纷纷停下了手中动作,整齐划一的转向恺撒的方向,等待他的命令。 Rushes ahead to me, grinds the living creature that all you see!” Caesar's sound reverberation in horizon. “给我冲杀,碾碎一切你们看到的活物!”恺撒的声音回荡在天际。 But along with his sound, all dead spirits simultaneously shifts to beyond the god boundary immediately, the draw raises hand the blade shield, is arranging the neat formation, the mechanical start advances outward. 而伴随着他的声音,所有亡灵顿时齐齐转向神境之外,平举手中刀盾,排着整齐的队列,机械的开始朝外推进。 Treads......” “踏踏踏……” 1 million army incomparably neat steps sounds, initiated resonating in nearby desert, every step will make the ground follow to tremble, oppresses the strength incomparably to shock. 百万大军无比整齐的踏步声,在附近沙漠中引发了共振,每一步都会让地面跟着震颤一下,压迫力无比震撼。 But at this time behind the sand dune of distant place. 而此时在远处的沙丘后方。 The 100,000 infantries in Ai outstanding Mars empire, crops up after the sand dune in abundance, along this long and narrow sand dune high ground, became a long defense line continually. 艾卓玛尔帝国的十万步兵,也纷纷从沙丘后冒头,沿着这道狭长的沙丘高地,连成了一条漫长的防线。 Failure......” “还是失败了么……” Looks the dead spirit army who the front starts to take action, team front army regimental commander Evans sighed silently. 看着前方开始行动的亡灵大军,队伍前方的军团长埃文斯默默叹了口气。 He will not have wanted to press completely on the ghost ship length, has completed life-and-death has wrestled in this, preparation of dying in battle, but sees with one's own eyes Caesar to take the lead to leave the lighthouse at this moment, means that ghost ship long action failure, many made him disappointed. 他并没有将希望全部压在幽灵船长身上,已经做好了在此殊死一搏,马革裹尸的准备,但此刻亲眼看到恺撒率先离开灯塔,也就意味着幽灵船长的行动失败,多少还是令他失望了一下。 Shakes the head, Evans tidied up the mood quickly, turned the head to look to the surrounding soldier. 摇了摇头,埃文斯很快收拾好了心情,转头看向周围的士兵。 Facing front dense one piece, the god of death regiment that almost cannot see the end, must not say that slightly timid, that is not possible, 100,000 pairs 1 million, moreover is not dead dead spirit that kills extremely difficultly thoroughly, no matter the disparity in quantity or the strength were too disparate, this is almost the fight that must defeat. 面对前方黑压压一片,几乎看不到尽头的死神军团,要说没有丝毫胆怯,那是不可能的,十万对百万,而且还是极难彻底杀死的不死亡灵,不管是数量还是战力上的差距都太悬殊了,这几乎是一场必败的战斗。 At this moment on the foreheads of many soldier emitted the sweat subconsciously, grasps the palm of weapon also to start to shiver. 此刻不少士兵的额头上都下意识的冒出了汗水,握着武器的手掌也开始颤抖。 But even the fear, still no one chooses to retrocede at this moment, all soldiers persevere on oneself defense line firmly. 但即便害怕,此刻也没有一个人选择后退,所有士兵都牢牢坚守在自己的防线上。 Everyone listens, later fights to only remains the last year of life span the time, may borrow the transmission mark return military compound, will not be counted the military deserter, after receiving the soldier's rations and pay, may withdraw from the military roll to return to the hometown at any time.” Evans's tranquil opens the mouth, the sound passed to the surrounding all soldier ears accurately. “所有人听好,稍后战至仅剩最后一年寿命的时候,可借传送印记回归军营,不会被算作逃兵,领取军饷后可随时退出军籍返回家乡。”埃文斯平静的开口,声音准确的传到了周围所有士兵耳中。 He has prepared for died in battle here, but he had not planned that made these soldiers hand/subordinate follow he to sacrifice in vain here, therefore gave them ahead of time the escape route......, although he knows that overwhelming majority soldiers estimated cannot escape and that's the end. 他已经做好了战死在这里的准备,但他并没打算让手下的这些士兵跟着他白白牺牲在这里,所以提前给了他们后路……虽然他知道绝大部分士兵估计不会这么逃跑就是了。 Really, people hears word, in abundance surprise looks like toward Evans, each other look at each other in blank dismay. 果然,众人闻言,纷纷诧异的朝埃文斯看来,彼此面面相觑。 With desert altogether life or death!” “与沙漠共存亡!” A moment later, does not know that who first shouted such a. 片刻之后,不知谁先喊了这么一句。 With desert altogether life or death!” “与沙漠共存亡!” With desert altogether life or death!” “与沙漠共存亡!” Did not put any dead spirit in the past, only if overstepped our corpses!” “绝不放任何一只亡灵过去,除非踏过我们的尸体!” ...... …… More and more soldiers follow, the shout links up into a single stretch, in all person eyes confused completely goes, all took the calm look. 越来越多的士兵跟随,呼喊声连成一片,所有人眼中迷茫尽去,全都带上了视死如归的眼神。 Looks at this, Evans's helpless shaking the head, did not have to say anything again, raised the head, looks to the front dense dead spirit army, deeply inspires, in the hand the extravagant sword lifted. 看着这一幕,埃文斯无奈的摇了摇头,也没有再多说什么,抬头,看向前方黑压压的亡灵大军,深吸了口气,手中阔剑抬起。 Army attacks!” “全军出击!” Orders, all Ai outstanding Mars soldiers are shouting loudly killing immediately, jumped down the sand dune, started the charge. 一声令下,所有艾卓玛尔士兵顿时高喊着‘杀’,跳下了沙丘,开始了冲锋。 Meanwhile, opposite dead spirit army, felt the front a large number of living person aura immediately, murderous aura and soaring to the heavens, very natural regarded the first target it. 与此同时,对面的亡灵大军,也立即感受到了前方数量众多的活人气息,以及冲天的杀气,很自然的将其当成了首个攻击目标。 The sound of war bugle resounds immediately sky over the desert, the dead spirit regiment also follows the bugle call to accelerate instantaneously, one after another draws lift the blade shield, just like exaggerating black sea tide, sweeps across toward the soldiers. 战争号角的响声顿时响起在大漠上空,亡灵军团也伴随着号声瞬间加速,一个个举刀盾,恍如一片夸张的黑色海潮,朝士兵们席卷而来。 After the moment, two side armies in the center moves mountains crash. 片刻后,两方军队在中央排山倒海般的相撞。 Suddenly, the long sword and sickle dance in the air sonorously, the lance and shield howl the collision, the crowded arrow rain such as the locust transit blots out the sky, depressed shout and short shouts resounds through sky over the desert. 一时间,长剑与弯刀铿锵飞舞,长矛与盾牌呼啸碰撞,密集箭雨如蝗虫过境般铺天盖地,沉闷的喊杀与短促的嘶吼响彻在沙漠上空。 Evans rushes ahead in dead spirit like a human form meat grinder, the extravagant sword cuts, brings the big piece broken bone and skeleton. 埃文斯如同一台人形绞肉机冲杀进亡灵阵中,阔剑斩下,带起大片的碎骨与骷髅。 His treasured sword itself/Ben is the Sacred Light Discipline weapon, the strength that in addition he like a crane among chickens, each sword hit can hack to death a dead spirit with ease. 他的宝剑本就是圣光系的武器,再加上他鹤立鸡群的实力,每一剑命中都能轻松砍死一只亡灵。 But this does not represent other ordinary soldiers also to be able like him with irresistible force, on the contrary, on the weapons of most soldiers the strength of thin sacred light, even in cutting the dead spirit, is unable to strike to kill thoroughly, because simultaneously not the dead lifeform simply does not have the sensation of pain, even if the body were cut scattered about, can continue to fight similarly, only if were ground the certain extent, or surpasses with Sacred Light Discipline magic thoroughly. 但这不代表其他普通士兵也能像他一样势如破竹,相反,绝大多数士兵的武器上只有稀薄的圣光之力,即便砍中亡灵,也无法彻底击杀,同时因为不死生物根本没有痛觉,哪怕身体被砍得七零八落,也同样能够继续战斗,除非被碾碎到一定程度,或用光系魔法彻底超度。 On this day the strength disparity however, does not depend on the will and morale can only fill. 这天然的战力差距,可不是单靠毅力和士气就能够填补的。 Therefore, after both army dashes in a while, Ai outstanding Mars soldiers then fell into struggle in abundance. 于是,双方军队冲撞后没过多久,艾卓玛尔士兵们便纷纷陷入了苦战。 In the oasis, Caesar looks the human army that these resist stubbornly, sneers, is disinclined to pay attention. 绿洲之内,恺撒看着外界那些负隅顽抗的人类军队,冷笑一声,根本懒得理会。 Only 100,000 people, deliver the vegetable/dish before his dead spirit army radically, the desire that he acts does not have. 区区十万人而已,在他的亡灵大军面前根本就是送菜的,他连出手的欲望都没有。 Moreover, he currently also has a more important matter to do. 而且,他现在还有更重要的事要做。 Caesar turn head looks to front lighthouse. 恺撒回头看向面前的灯塔。 Now, that trialist has grasped the order principle, if were attained the magical brush by the opposite party again, indeed is capable of becoming the threat using the magical brush to other party. 如今,那个试炼者已经掌握了秩序法则,如果再被对方拿到神笔,的确有能力利用神笔对他造成威胁。 Thing that I cannot obtain, no one want to obtain!” “我得不到的东西,谁也别想得到!” Kai salem snort/hum, the look becomes fierce, his both hands grip the magic lamp suddenly, held up high, stimulated to movement within the body supernatural power. 恺撒冷哼一声,神色变得狰狞,他忽然双手握住神灯,高高举起,催动了体内神力。 But along with his movement, the magic lamp peak ignited one group of flame immediately, at the same time, the entire lighthouse bang, below ground as if turned into the silt swamp to be the same, the lighthouse started to underground to downcast slowly. 而伴随着他的动作,神灯顶端顿时燃起了一团火苗,与此同时,整座灯塔轰隆一声,下方的地面似乎变成了淤泥沼泽一般,灯塔开始缓缓向地下陷落进去。 He is unable to destroy a lighthouse, but enters the bottom not to have the issue its seal. 他是无法破坏灯塔,但将其封印进地底还是没问题的。 Before had not done that is because he also had the idea to the magical brush, since now had confirmed that he could not attain the magical brush, that was also tenderhearted, sank to seal into under the bottom abyss the lighthouse magical brush directly together! 之前没这么做,是因为他还对神笔有想法,如今既然已经确认他拿不到神笔,那也就无需心软,直接将灯塔连带神笔一起沉封入地底的深渊之下! Even is not so able to destroy the magical brush, still at least can delay the time that the magical brush reveals itself sharply, wins enough time to enhance the supernatural power to him, until obtaining strength that can contend with the pen of order. 如此就算无法毁灭神笔,也至少能大幅延缓神笔出世的时间,给他争取出足够的时间来提升神力,直至获得可以和秩序之笔抗衡的力量。 At Caesar lifts up high the both arms, the lighthouse by the naked eye obvious speed downcast the time. 就在恺撒高举双臂,灯塔以肉眼可见速度陷落的时候。 The rear area resounds huge roaring suddenly. 后方忽然响起一道巨大的咆哮。 The scorpion lion does not know when touched Caesar behind, spread the wings to jump high, swooped toward Caesar. 蝎狮不知何时摸到了恺撒身后,展翅高高跃起,朝恺撒飞扑而来。 Is you!” “又是你!” Caesar corner of the eye split vision saw the scorpion lion familiar form, immediately is angry, before the played jokes upon hatred in detonated at this moment instantaneously. 恺撒眼角余光看到了蝎狮熟悉的身影,顿时大怒,之前被戏耍的仇恨在此刻瞬间引爆。 Caesar temporarily gave up movement that lifts the lamp, the crash speed of lighthouse plummets. 恺撒暂时放弃了举灯的动作,灯塔的坠落速度骤降。 Meanwhile the wielding fist that the giant is relentless, pounded toward the rear area: „A domestic animal, really thinks that I fear you!” 同时巨人毫不留情的挥动拳头,朝后方砸了过去:“一只畜生而已,真以为我怕你!” „!” “呜!” This fist accurately hit the abdomen of scorpion lion, wail one that the scorpion lion pounds, flew by far. 这一拳准确的命中了蝎狮的腹部,将蝎狮砸的哀鸣一声,远远飞了出去。 But along with this fist, Caesar suddenly feels heart that to occupy for a long time heart demon, is quietly stave. 而伴随着这一拳,恺撒顿觉心底那盘踞已久的心魔,悄然破碎。 His kitty phobophobia, in vanishes at this moment thoroughly! 他的‘猫咪恐惧症’,在此刻彻底消失! Caesar cried loud and long comfortably, put out the millenniums depressed air/Qi. 恺撒舒爽的长啸一声,吐出了千年来的郁结之气。 Finally has not waited for him to vent, the sole is one bang the vibration sound, a skull dragon break out from the ground, such as spirit snake winding on Caesar, after dragon's head rapid traverse to Caesar brain, bit toward the nape of giant, the poisonous fog of big mouth injected into giant empty shadow within the body forcefully. 结果还不等他发泄完,脚底又是一阵轰隆的震动声,紧接着一头骨龙破土而出,如灵蛇般缠绕在了恺撒身上,龙头快速移动至恺撒脑后,朝着巨人的后颈咬了下去,大口的毒雾就这么强行注入了巨人虚影体内。 The nape nearby external skin of giant, like sprinkled the sulphuric acid to be the same immediately, the unceasing corrosion inward, emits the big piece the white smoke. 巨人的后颈附近表皮,顿时像被泼了硫酸一般,不断的向内腐蚀,冒出大片的白烟。 Caesar pain shouted one, quickly extended both hands, grasped the body of bone dragon, the arm caught up, pulled from the body it forcefully, such as flung the whip to be the same, pounded toward the ground. 恺撒痛呼一声,急忙伸出双手,一把握住骨龙的身躯,手臂发力,强行将其从身上扯了下来,如甩鞭子一般,朝地上砸去。 !” !” The bone dragon pulled out to the ground, the body white bones presented the big piece fissure immediately, eats under the pain, immediately struggles fiercely. 骨龙被抽向地面,身上白骨顿时出现了大片的裂痕,吃痛之下,当即剧烈挣扎起来。 Caesar sneers, does not care at all, raises the right arm again, pounds toward below, the preparation snake first broke this directly thoroughly said again. 恺撒冷笑一声,毫不在意,再次扬起右臂,朝下砸去,准备直接将这条‘蛇’先彻底砸碎再说。 However, in his pounds has not wielded next, the rear area is together air-splitting the sound transmits. 不过,就在他这一砸尚未挥下之时,后方又是一道破空声传来。 A giant sickle blade edge howls to cut, Caesar extended the right arm to resist subconsciously, later the whole person was then raised to fly by the great strength, reversed to nearby jungle loudly. 一柄巨大的镰刀刀锋呼啸斩来,恺撒下意识的伸起右臂抵挡了一下,随后整个人便被巨力掀飞了出去,轰然倒向一旁的丛林中。 Caesar quickly jumps, this discovered that the front does not know when had presented another giant: A skeleton empty shadow of hand-held sickle. 恺撒急忙跳起,这才发现前方不知何时已经出现了另一个巨人:一具手持镰刀的骷髅虚影。 Meanwhile, was pounded the scorpion lion that flies also to bellow a moment ago, joined the battlefield again. 与此同时,刚才被砸飞出去的蝎狮也大吼一声,再次加入了战场。 Meanwhile facing three colossi, made Caesar show the dignified expression finally. 同时面对三个庞然大物,终于让恺撒露出了凝重的表情。 ...... …… Meow! Mu You, what situation is this time?” “喵!沐游,这次又是什么情况?” In the lighthouse, just retreated in fear Caesar's Cola, did not have the returning to normal mood with enough time, suddenly feeling ground fierce left Yaoyou shakes, and starts to crash toward below slowly. 灯塔内,刚刚吓退恺撒的可乐,还没来得及平复心情,忽然感觉地面剧烈的左摇右晃起来,并且开始缓缓朝下坠落。 „The fellow acted out of desperation probably, prepares to ruin the lighthouse......” the Mu You sound to transmit. “那家伙好像狗急跳墙了,准备毁掉灯塔……”沐游的声音传来。 Ruins the tower? Cracks a joke? We what to do?” Cola one hear flustered immediately. “毁掉塔?开什么玩笑?那我们怎么办?”可乐一听顿时慌了。 Must grasp the speed......” “得抓紧速度了……” What speed?” Cola is busy at asking. “什么速度?”可乐忙问。 Then I need to decode barrier full power, and also requires the time to restore own body, perhaps has no free time to handle the matter in tower......, therefore, top level of then needs you to help me go, coordinating Pocket Toad to find the pen of order, later brought the magical brush to go to the tower top, I can lead you to leave the lighthouse!” “接下来我需要全力破解结界,并且还要时间恢复自己的躯体,恐怕没空处理塔内的事……所以,接下来需要你帮我去顶层,配合口袋蟾蜍找到秩序之笔,随后带着神笔前往塔顶,我就能带你们离开灯塔!” ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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