TTAGITP :: Volume #5

#440: Two soul flaming combustion

In Chapter 440 two soul flaming combustion 第440章中二之魂熊熊燃烧 In the jet black profound space, the time passes like the running water. 漆黑深邃的空间中,时间如流水般流逝。 Rumble......” “轰隆隆……” A steel rhinocero is going against the huge alone corner/horn, such as the tank broke through from Mu You, him originally shatter body, hit tiny bits. 一只钢铁犀牛顶着巨大的独角,如坦克般从沐游身边冲过,将他本就破碎的身体,撞的更加稀碎。 After this rhinocero, following close on is being another rhinocero to/clashes, hits to fly Mu You again. 这只犀牛过后,紧跟着是另一只犀牛冲来,将沐游再次撞飞。 This has not calculated, in this moment this space, is flooding more than 100 rhinoceros, will never be standing still starts the impact toward him. 这还不算完,此刻这片空间中,充斥着一百多只犀牛,都在永不停歇的朝他发动冲击。 But under the impacts of these rhinoceros, the body of Mu You has disrupted is the dust, like feathery, the air current that as curls up naturally flutters. 而在这些犀牛的冲击下,沐游的身体早已碎裂为尘埃,如同羽毛般,随着卷起的气流自然飘荡。 Mu You was unsensible, because is numb, this is not an actual world, is more like the dreamland same place, here he will not be hungry, will not be sleepy, all the things of being able to see actually do not have the practical significance, even if he disrupts one group of members, so long as consciousness remains, can still control the magical brush freely, rune/symbol writing who revises these rhinocero within the body. 沐游对此毫无感觉,因为早已麻木,这本来就不是一个实际存在的世界,更像是梦境一样的地方,在这里他不会饥饿,也不会困倦,所有看得见的东西其实都没有实际意义,即便他碎裂成一团分子,只要意识还存在,依然可以自如的操控神笔,去修改这些犀牛体内的符文。 The position that Mu You is at now is 183 rd, the area compared with the first time expanded much. 沐游现在所在的位置是第183层,面积比第一层的时候扩大了不少。 But here 183 rhinocero within the body, then respectively 183 orders that has the flaw, no matter the quantity individually rune/symbol writing restore difficulty, is extremely high. 而这里的183只犀牛体内,则各有183个有缺陷的秩序,不管是数量还是单个符文的修复难度,都极高。 Without the means that originally Mu You should from first start, restore rune/symbol writing from easy to difficult, by understanding of promotion of proceeding in an orderly way to order principle. 没办法,本来沐游应该从第一层开始,由易到难的修复符文,以循序渐进的提升对秩序法则的理解。 However, before was misled by Caesar, causing him to kill 182 directly, in this can only go forward in tall tower who is unable to retrocede, he can only start from 183, this makes the learn/study difficulty greatly promote. 然而,之前受到恺撒的误导,导致他一路直接杀到了182层,在这个只能前进无法后退的高塔中,他只能从183层开始起步,这才使得学习难度大大提升。 The situation of him at present grasping, the order rune/symbol writing type is over 60,000 types, light/only takes down these rune/symbol writing, the time that requires to be inconceivable, must grasp each rune/symbol writing significance let alone, as well as after rune/symbol writing is used together significance. 从他目前掌握的情况来看,秩序符文的种类超过六万种,光是记下这些符文,就需要难以想象的时间,更何况还要掌握每一个符文的意义,以及符文连用后的意义。 Luckily, Mu You has enough time now. 幸好,沐游现在有着足够的时间。 In long and in the order rune/symbol writing contact, Mu You had understood the time rule in this order space immediately indistinctly: Here time, enters the lighthouse after the magical brush the little by little seal comes, in other words, here time cannot extend infinitely, its upper limit, is equal to the magical brush to hide the time here, was in 1000 about. 在漫长的和秩序符文的接触中,沐游已经立即隐约理解了这片秩序空间里的时间规则:这里的时间,由神笔进入灯塔后一点点封印而来,也就是说,这里的时间并非可以无限延伸,它的上限,等同于神笔藏身在这里的时间,也即是一千年左右。 The time that if he stations here exceeded in 1000 this upper limit, here time speed of flow will return to normal, even if at the appointed time he does not want to withdraw must withdraw, because of each one day, will have burnt at the appointed time his life span at the speed of exponential growth. 如果他在这里驻留的时间超过了一千年这个上限,这里的时间流速就会恢复正常,到时他就算不想退出也得退出了,因为到时每过一天,都会以指数增长的速度燃烧他的寿命。 Is good because, 1000 gives him to grasp the order principle, is enough. 好在,一千年的时间给他来掌握秩序法则,已经足够。 Benefitted from the former long-term and magnanimous turn back time experience, in this lonely quiet space dedicated made a feeling of matter, Mu You has long been used to like eating meal drink water was free. 得益于之前长期且海量的时间回溯经历,在这种孤独静谧的空间中专注的做一件事的感觉,沐游早已习惯的如同吃饭喝水般自如。 Patient perseverance these things, he does not lack, the time, he does not lack. 耐心恒心这些东西,他不缺,时间,他也不缺。 Therefore to Mu You, this is a precious opportunity, making him take almost as zero price, grasps the numerous and disorderly complicated order principles. 所以对沐游来说,这是一次宝贵的机会,让他以几乎为零的代价,掌握庞杂繁复的秩序法则。 Then, Mu You is perishing in this space unceasingly, little by little attempts to restore on these rhinoceros chaotic forewords. 就这样,沐游在这片空间中不断沉沦着,一点点尝试着修复这些犀牛身上的乱序。 Passed through initially after ill and stimulated, Mu You is gradually tranquil, forgot these trivial matters, put behind Caesar this competitor, even forgot the original intention of oneself this action, in the brain is only left over to earnestly seeking of more order principle. 经过了最初的不适和亢奋之后,沐游渐渐平静下来,忘记了那些身前身后的琐事,忘却了恺撒这个竞争对手,甚至忘记了自己这次行动的初衷,脑子里只剩下对更多秩序法则的渴求。 Regarding an intellectual curiosity of brand-new unknown system, instead made him immerse in, even if in the long time passed, did not find it silly, instead was contented, wallowing that could not say. 对于一种全新未知体系的求知欲,反而令他沉浸其中,即便在悠长的时间流逝中,也丝毫不觉得无聊,反而怡然自得,说不出的沉迷。 Is maintaining this intellectual curiosity, Mu You spent fully for 86 years, restored the complete chaotic foreword of first rhinocero within the body finally. 保持着这种求知欲,沐游整整花了八十六年的时间,才终于修复了第一头犀牛体内的全部乱序。 Wū wū......” “呜呜……” That moment that the restore completes, before the rhinocero is supine two hoof, exudes the resounding cry, later falls to the ground loudly, actually lost the aggressivity directly, but grateful looks to Mu You, toward him low head, seems expressing own appreciation. 修复完成的那一刻,犀牛仰起两只前蹄,发出高亢的鸣叫声,随后轰然落地,却直接失去了攻击性,而是感激的看向沐游,朝他低下了头颅,似乎在表达自己的感谢之意。 Mu You visual the first rhinocero after restoring to be complete, same changes into grains of dust naturally to dissipate with him, later started the transformation to second rhinocero. 沐游目视着第一头犀牛在恢复完好后,和他一样化为一粒粒尘埃自然消散,随后开始了对第二头犀牛的改造。 Everything is difficult to do at very beginning, hell difficulty opening, although is uncomfortable, but also has an advantage, that is once begins, the following progress will be much quicker. 万事开头难,地狱难度的开局虽然难受,但也有个好处,那就是一旦开了头,后续的进度就会快得多。 After the first rhinocero restores the fourth month later, Mu You then restored the second rhinocero. 在第一头犀牛修复后的第四个月后,沐游便修复好了第二头犀牛。 Later, the third head, fourth...... the speed is getting more and more fast. 之后,第三头,第四头……速度越来越快。 Started to study the 90 th year after order rune/symbol writing, Mu You restored all rhinoceros in entire 183 finally, stepped next officially. 开始学习秩序符文后的第九十年,沐游终于修复了整个183层内的所有犀牛,正式踏上了下一层。 In 184 th, the monster are many, decoding the difficulty also was high a point, but Mu You has enough foundation now, not again like from the beginning difficult. 第184层中,怪物再多一只,破解难度也又高了一分,不过沐游现在已经拥有了足够的基础,不会再像一开始那样艰难。 A year later, Mu You then broke through 184 smoothly , to continue upwardly. 一年后,沐游便顺利突破了184层,继续向上。 Then, 185 and 186...... 接下来,185层、186层…… But time also under his unceasingly self- breakthrough, passing fast. 而时间也在他的不断自我突破下,飞快的流逝。 A year...... 一年…… Two years...... 两年…… Three years...... 三年…… ...... …… Mu You completely immersed in the learn/study of order. 沐游完全沉浸在了秩序的学习中。 To the 487 th year. 一直到第487年。 The void writing brush moves lightly, outlines radiance. 虚空中毛笔轻动,勾勒出一道道的光华。 These radiance twined finally all on huge Black Dragon, the wild Black Dragon went all out to struggle under radiance circulation, was difficult to escape the entanglement of radiance. 这些光华最后尽数缠绕在了一只庞大黑龙的身上,狂暴中的黑龙在光华流转下拼命挣扎,却也难逃光华的纠缠。 Finally, Black Dragon within the body that dense and numerous chaotic order, by bringing order out of chaos one after another, until was thoroughly regained the circle to melt. 最终,黑龙体内那密密麻麻的混乱秩序,被一个接一个的拨乱反正,直到彻底恢复圆融。 Hot tempered Black Dragon instantaneous peaceful, as if obtained the extrication to be the same, congealing to stand is a stone carving, until changing into the dust vanished. 暴躁中的黑龙瞬间安静了下来,仿佛获得了解脱一般,凝立为一座石雕,直到化为尘埃消失。 Hence, this all monsters were also repaired by Mu You. 至此,这一层的所有怪物也都被沐游修复。 But this, is 1000 th! 而这,已经是第1000层! After Black Dragon disappears, the front presented the steps once again. 黑龙消失后,前方又一次出现了阶梯。 As he expected, this side space is endless, even if he continues upwardly, still can only be inexhaustible facing chaotic monster. 果然如他所料,这方空间是没有尽头的,就算他继续向上,也只会是无穷无尽的面对混乱怪物。 This time, Mu You has not continued to mount the steps again, but is the decision receives the hand. 这次,沐游没有再继续登上阶梯,而是决定就此收手。 Because of present him, had almost gone to the reach a high degree of proficiency situation regarding grasping of order rule, on that only Black Dragon reached 1000 confusions a moment ago, he only used for ten seconds then to restore to complete, even if then continued the crawling tower to get down again, not many promotion. 因为现在的他,对于秩序规则的掌握已经几乎达到了炉火纯青的地步,刚才那只黑龙身上多达一千个混乱点,他只用了十秒便修复完成,接下来就算再继续爬塔下去,也不会有多少提升。 But now, was the time this/should goes through customs officially this lighthouse! 而现在,是时候该正式通关这座灯塔了! Mu You controls the magical brush to wield with the consciousness, returned to first instantaneously. 沐游用意识操控着神笔挥动,瞬间回到了第一层。 This point he is could not achieve, but now, after grasping almost all order principles, this emergency easy as pie. 这一点原本他是做不到的,但现在,掌握了几乎所有的秩序法则后,这种事变得易如反掌。 Returns to one, the space instantaneously becomes narrow, ground only then mechanical warhorse corpse of that abandonment. 回到一层,空间瞬间变得狭窄,地上只有那具报废的机械战马尸体。 Mu You controlled the magical brush to wield at will, carried over together the flowing light, flooded into the warhorse corpse, was instantaneously complete the warhorse within the body order restore. 沐游随意操控神笔挥动了一下,带出一道流光,涌入战马尸体内,瞬间便将战马体内秩序修复完整。 Warhorse joyful crawls slowly, in ran cheerfully two, changes into the dust to vanish. 战马欣喜的缓缓爬起,在一层内欢快的跑了两圈后,化为尘埃消失。 Mu You has not paid attention to the warhorse, but looked to the both sides walls. 沐游没有理会战马,而是看向了两侧的墙壁。 This space had been transformed by the pen of true order, all is actually the chaotic forewords. 这片空间是被真正的秩序之笔改造过的,所有的一切其实都是乱序。 But he must do now, still brings order out of chaos, revises all chaotic forewords of this space, making it restore for the original lighthouse, only then this can find the correct outlet, thus true landing tower top. 而他现在要做的,依然是拨乱反正,将这片空间的一切乱序修正,使其恢复为原本的灯塔,只有这样才能找到正确的出路,从而真正的登陆塔顶。 The Mu You consciousness controls the writing brush to fluctuate again, flung the big piece flowing light toward the surrounding wall. 沐游意识操控着毛笔再次浮动,朝周围墙壁甩出了大片的流光。 Under the bombardment of flowing light, all walls were scattered instantaneously, change into innumerable dense and numerous rune/symbol writing, floats in him at present. 在流光的轰击下,所有的墙壁瞬间被打散,化为无数密密麻麻的符文,漂浮在他眼前。 But he as if placed oneself in the empty boundless universe, surroundings each rune/symbol writing were grain of stars. 而他本人则仿佛置身于了空荡无垠的宇宙之中,周围每一枚符文都是一粒星辰。 The arrangements of these stars disorder, do not have slightly regular. 这些星辰无序的排列着,没有丝毫规律可言。 The Mu You control writing brush, seeks for the order from the disorder, keeps the hand stars. 沐游操控毛笔,从无序中寻找秩序,不停地手点星辰。 one after another by rune/symbol writing in turn the landing homing that he hits the mark, gradually builds for one brick one watt of lighthouse, every bit of property. 一个个被他点中的符文依次落地归位,逐渐堆砌为灯塔的一砖一瓦,一草一木。 A normal tower base space, starts gradually in the front takes shape. 一个正常的塔底空间,开始逐渐在前方成型。 This similarly is a mammoth project, little said also takes more than ten years can complete. 这同样是个浩大的工程,少说也需要十多年的时间才能完成。 However under a former that nearly 500 years of complementing, what only ten years did calculate? 不过在之前那近五百年的时间映衬下,区区十来年又算的了什么? Then, Mu You starts from lighthouse one, gradually upward restore. 就这样,沐游从灯塔一层开始,逐渐往上修复。 Two, three, four...... 二层,三层,四层…… But consciousness of Mu You, then has connected a higher layer ahead of time, preview to situation. 沐游的意识,则已经提前连接到了更高的层数,预览到了其中的情况。 Close to 40 positions, Mu You was discovering the traces of three frog, is Pocket Toad and ice bluish green and that only stone Wa. 在接近四十层的位置,沐游发现了三只青蛙的踪影,正是口袋蟾蜍、冰蓝青和那只石蛙。 But they were divided in the different regions, each other not obviously. Moreover, three frogs all keep static, fluttering of unconsciousness in space, as if petrification. 只不过它们都被分割在不同的区域,彼此互不可见。而且,三只蛙全都保持静止,无意识的飘荡在空间中,仿佛石化。 Naturally, static not totally, in time of enlargement they in the normal act, are only their time speeds of flow and outside world are still interlinked, therefore in the Mu You eye, their all actions slowed down innumerable times, this causes to seem like static. 当然,并不是完全的静止,在放大的时间中它们依然在正常行动,只是它们的时间流速和外界相通,所以在沐游眼中,它们的所有举动都被放慢了无数倍,这才使得看起来像是静止。 Bypasses three frog, the Mu You consciousness continues to inspect downward. 绕过三只青蛙,沐游意识继续往下巡视。 Soon in 19 positions, he found Cola, similarly is frog similar super puts condition slowly. 很快在十九层的位置,他找到了可乐,同样是和青蛙子们类似的‘超级慢放’状态。 Then, in the separation of one wall, the 18 th position, Mu You saw a blue giant! 然后,就在一墙之隔,第十八层的位置,沐游看到了一个蓝色巨人! Caesar?” “恺撒?” Mu You stares. 沐游一愣。 Caesar was stranded in 18 somewhere jet black spaces at this time, but, in his hand and does not have any writing brush exist, displacing is an oil lamp! 恺撒此时被困在十八层的某处漆黑空间中,只不过,他手里并没有任何毛笔存在,取而代之的则是一盏油灯! Magic lamp was taken...... Mu You to knit the brows by this fellow unexpectedly. This person does not have the writing brush, in other words, opposite party at all not by magical brush acknowledgment trialist, but they are same as the Cola frog young, intrudes here bystander. The lead of this trial, from beginning to end only then his. “神灯居然被这家伙拿到手了……”沐游皱眉。这人没有毛笔,也就是说,对方根本并不是被神笔承认的试炼者,而是和可乐蛙仔它们一样,闯入这里的外人。这场试炼的主角,从头到尾都只有他一个。 Just, Caesar has the lamp god supernatural power approaching body, after entering the tower, should use the supernatural power, summoned side the magic lamp oneself, later in the lamp oil using magic lamp, disturbed here order shortly, long-distance contacted on him, this directed that misleading information to him, almost made him overstate. 只不过,恺撒有灯神神力傍身,进入塔后,应该是利用着神力,将神灯召唤到了自己身边,随后又利用神灯中的灯油,短暂干扰了这里的秩序,远程联络到了他身上,这才给他导演了那一段误导信息,差点让他走火入魔。 Mu You quickly nosed with the consciousness a situation of magic lamp. 沐游急忙用意识查探了一下神灯的情况。 Is good in the magic lamp, the soul of lamp god remains, had not been destroyed completely by Caesar, but hid in the magic lamp deep place firmly, does not dare to appear. 好在神灯之中,灯神的灵魂依然存在,并没有被恺撒灭掉,只不过牢牢躲进了神灯深处,丝毫不敢露头。 But when Mu You consciousness nosing, Caesar raised the head in the past suddenly, consciousness the direction that is at toward him looks like. 而就在沐游意识查探过去的时候,恺撒忽然抬头,朝他意识所在的方向看来。 Feeling is actually keen......” “感觉倒是敏锐……” Mu You is impolite, immediately controls him order rune/symbol writing in that piece of space, condensed a making a fist palm shape in the midair. 沐游也不客气,当即操控他所在那片空间中的秩序符文,在半空凝聚成了一个握拳的手掌形状。 Time when Caesar looks at toward the palm, the Mu You control palm raised up the middle finger. 等恺撒朝手掌看去的时候,沐游操控手掌竖起了中指。 The blue giant shows the breathless expression immediately, however, was stranded in the illusion space, even Caesar is unable to be away from mesh wire to attack Mu You. 蓝色巨人顿时露出气急败坏的表情,然而,被困在幻境空间中,即便恺撒也无法隔着‘网线’攻击到沐游 Naturally, Mu You depends on a pen at this time only, cannot do to the opposite party is...... 当然,沐游此时单靠一支笔,也奈何不得对方就是…… However, Mu You carefully looked at Caesar this position and condition, understands actually indistinctly this fellow has what idea. 不过,沐游仔细看了看恺撒这位置和状态,倒是隐约明白了这家伙打什么主意。 Caesar has the supernatural power to protect the body, he wants to withdraw from the words of lighthouse, can actually leave at any time. But this fellow was rather stranded must wait here, obviously is because also has the idea to the magical brush. 恺撒有神力护体,他想要退出灯塔的话,其实是可以随时离开的。而这家伙宁愿被困在这里也要等着,显然是因为对神笔还有想法。 But now Mu You must start from the tower bottom the entire lighthouse, a return initial state layer upon layer, waits to decode 18 th, Caesar will also naturally be released. 而如今沐游要将整座灯塔从塔底开始,一层层的回归原始状态,等破解到第十八层,恺撒自然也会被释放出来。 The progress that later as he decodes, goes directly to the tower top, obtains without labor fisherman's profit, steals his effort achievement directly! 之后再随着他破解的进度,一路直达塔顶,坐收渔翁之利,直接窃取他的努力成果! It seems like thinks that means first make...... Mu You to knit the brows this fellow. “看来得想个办法先把这家伙弄出去……”沐游皱眉。 Because must guarantee the time speed of flow, in the entire decoding process, the Mu You true body is unable to return to enter in the lighthouse, this way also really must be picked the peach by this fellow directly. 因为要保证时间流速,在整个破解过程中,沐游的真身都无法回到进入灯塔中,这样下去还真要直接被这家伙摘了桃子。 Knit the brows to ponder the moment, the Mu You brow stretched quickly. 皱眉沉思了片刻,沐游眉头很快又舒展开来。 At this time the recovering has conducted 16 th, Mu You suspended the restore, but is the strength of use order, contacted situated on the thought 19 Cola ahead of time, gave it to give an information in the past. 此时修复工作已经进行到了第十六层,沐游暂停了修复,而是利用秩序之力,将意念提前联络到了位于十九层的可乐身上,给它传递了一道信息过去。 „......” “嗷……” This time Cola is lying to bend down in the dark space, is shrinking the tail face upwarding noisy wail, seemed one just the abandoned stray cat, the sound was quite pitiful. 此时的可乐正趴伏在幽暗的空间中,缩着尾巴仰天长嚎,好似一只刚被遗弃的流浪猫,声音极为悲惨。 What reaching an agreement is only works as the mascot...... this is what damned place......” Cola innermost feelings grief and indignation. “说好的只是来当吉祥物呢……这是什么鬼地方……”可乐内心悲愤不已。 After it entered stone door a moment ago, then appeared in this strange space directly, the surrounding piece did not say jet black, but could also not see any frame of reference, no matter walked in that direction, is marking probably general, was simply more terrorist than the haunted house. 刚才它进入石门后,便直接出现在了这片诡异的空间中,周围一片漆黑不说,还看不到任何参照物,不管往那个方向走,都像是在原地踏步一般,简直比鬼屋还要恐怖。 Since it enters here, had passed the quick two hours by the present, suppressing its entire cat is not only good! 而从它进入这里,到现在已经过去了快两个小时,憋得它整只猫都不好了! Cola!” 可乐!” In Cola shrinks when the ground trembles, the top of the head hears one suddenly crack. 就在可乐缩在地上瑟瑟发抖的时候,头顶忽然传来一声炸响。 Spiritual tight Cola had a fit of bad temper instantaneously, from the ground ball, sweeping of making threatening gestures to surroundings: Someone?” 本就精神紧绷的可乐瞬间炸毛,从地上弹起,张牙舞爪的扫向周围:“谁谁?” However just said, it responded actually quickly: This is the Mu You sound! 不过刚说完,它倒是很快反应过来:这是沐游的声音! Cola wants to discover the liberator immediately, meow meow keeps calling toward the upper air. 可乐顿时想发现了救星,朝着高空喵喵叫个不停。 Mu You? You where? Saves me quickly meow!” 沐游?你在哪儿?快来救我喵!” No rush, you will not have the matter . Moreover, I cannot move now, therefore there is quest to give you.” “别急,你不会有事的,另外,我现在动不了,所以有个任务要交给你。” What quest?” Hears the comfort of Mu You, making under the Cola heart slightly peaceful. “什么任务?”听到沐游的安慰,让可乐心下稍安。 In the you front, there is a door......” “在伱的面前,有一扇门……” Gate? No way, hasn't my what seen?” Cola quickly looks around toward all around, however the surroundings are completely empty, must have the gate words, didn't it run early? “门?没有门啊,我什么都没看到?”可乐急忙往四周张望,然而周围空空如也,要有门的话,它不早跑了? The Mu You control magical brush made a door before it. 沐游操控神笔在它面前制造了一扇门。 Now saw?” “现在看到了吧?” Saw saw! Therefore can I go out?” Cola looks at the present burglar-proof door, immediately the great happiness, must jump to dig up the gate immediately. “看到了看到了!所以我可以出去了吗?”可乐看着眼前的防盗门,顿时大喜,当即就要跳起去扒门。 No rush, has a person to walk later from this door , before is, that blue giant who you see, your quest, frightens him!” “别急,待会儿有个人会从这扇门里面走出来,也就是之前你见到的那个蓝色巨人,你的任务,就是把他吓回去!” Meow???” “喵???” Cola hears the blue giant, immediately frightens quickly loosens the door knob, in the future will draw back continually several steps, hides by far. 可乐一听到蓝色巨人,顿时吓得急忙松开门把手,往后连退数步,躲得远远的。 „Do you crack a joke? That big fellow, a foot can step on flatly me, do you make me frighten him? He scares to death me also almost!” “你开什么玩笑?那种大家伙,一脚就能把我踩扁,你让我吓他?他吓死我还差不多!” Has not cracked a joke. Still remembers before you , in the desert has seen that scorpion lion?” Mu You said. “没开玩笑。还记得你之前在沙漠里见过的那只蝎狮么?”沐游说。 Meow, remembers certainly that......” with for felidae reason, Cola was quite at that time clear to that only giant scorpion lion impression. “喵,当然记得……”同为猫科的原因,当时可乐对那只巨型的蝎狮印象极为清晰。 That is good, later you turn into the appearance of scorpion lion, frightens him!” “那就好,稍后你就变成蝎狮的样子,把他吓回去!” Meow...... you determined that turns into that scorpion lion to frighten off that giant?” Cola expressed suspected very much, these two build who was bigger also perhaps. “喵……你确定变成那只蝎狮就能吓走那个巨人?”可乐表示很怀疑,这两个体型谁更大一些还说不定呢。 I determined! Moreover, lines, you must follow to shout!” “我确定!另外,还有句台词,你也要跟着喊出来!” What lines?” “什么台词?” Jie Jie Jie, your fell into a trap! I have said early, my scorpion lion will come back to take revenge! But now, when is the curse fulfills! The little darlings die under my cat claw, Caesar! Jie Jie Jie Jie......” Mu You quickly and arranged lines of scorpion lion on the spot. “桀桀桀,你中计了!我早说过,我蝎狮会回来复仇的!而现在,即是诅咒应验之时!乖乖死于我的猫爪之下吧,恺撒!桀桀桀桀……”沐游这边急忙又现场编了一段蝎狮的台词。 Meow? This what ghost lines, too two?” The Cola hear stares immediately. “喵?这什么鬼台词,太中二了吧?”可乐听完顿时瞪眼。 Right, is two, you usually looked at that the animation two souls take, Vietnam , China two are better!” Mu You said. “没错,就是要中二,把你平时看动漫的中二之魂拿出来,越中二越好!”沐游说。 But cocoa that big illusion? How long I could not maintain, after the lines said that what to do revealed the secret?” The Cola eyeball racing, hesitates. “可可可那么大的幻象?我也维持不了多久啊,台词说完了之后呢,露馅了怎么办?”可乐眼珠急转,更加犹豫。 Does not use many, you can daunt his ten seconds of is enough!” Mu You said. “不用多,你能吓住他十秒就行!”沐游说。 Then he prepares during the restore lighthouse, makes a wall, isolates Caesar directly outside, blocks him to the lighthouse high-level road. 接下来他准备在修复灯塔的同时,制造一片隔离墙,将恺撒直接隔离在外,封死他去往灯塔高层的路。 This process, by him to grasping of strength of order, requires more than 200 days of now probably. 这个过程,以他现在对秩序之力的掌握,大概需要200多天的时间。 But the relative velocities of two world, probably in 2 million : 1 degree , is his here one year, is about equal to about 14-15 seconds in the real world. 而两个世界的流速比,大概在两百万比一的程度,也就是他这里的一年,在现实世界约等于14-15秒左右。 200 days, converting are also less than 10 seconds of real world. 200天,换算下来也就是现实世界的十秒不到。 Therefore so long as Cola can strive for ten seconds for him, he can make the good new wall, isolates forcefully Caesar. 因此只要可乐能为他争取出十秒的时间,他就能制造好新的墙壁,将恺撒强行隔离出去。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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