TTAGITP :: Volume #5

#439 Part 2: Bringing order out of chaos

But, as the red order approaches the center more and more, the speed of spread also starts to reduce speed rapidly, to that small part of middle most core, is unable finally the little advance, that scrap core, just like surges a small boat in the bloodshed, how whatever to sway, cannot capsize. 但,随着红色秩序越来越靠近中心,蔓延的速度也开始迅速减慢,一直到中间最核心的那一小部分,终于无法寸进,那一小块核心,宛如在血海之中翻腾的一艘小舟,任凭如何飘摇,始终翻不了船。 This is an extremely strange feeling, making wild Mu You feel irritability that one type is unable to explain. Probably stands before jumping cliff extremely, the whole person is obviously hanging, the back bewildered connection a string, is actually going all out to pull him backward, does not make him tread that last step. 这是一种极为怪异的感觉,让狂暴中的沐游感觉到了一种无法言喻的别扭。就好像站在蹦极的山崖前,明明整个人已经悬空,背后却莫名其妙的连接着一根绳子,在将他拼命向后拉扯,不让他踏出那最后一步。 This strange feeling makes almost Mu You go wild, under his manic tearing greatly the hair, angrily roars is wanting to get rid of that string, gains the complete freedom, perishes thoroughly in the world of order, experiences that truly only to be the strength of gods. 这怪异的感觉让几乎沐游抓狂,他狂躁的撕扯下大把的头发,怒吼着想要摆脱那根绳子,获得完全的自由,彻底沉沦进秩序的世界中,体验那真正只属于神明的力量。 But with his going all out struggles, has not known how long, he shook off the shackles finally, the boat in bloodshed tilted quietly. 而随着他的拼命挣扎,不知过了多久,他终于还是挣脱了枷锁,血海中的小船悄然倾覆。 within the body arrives at white rune/symbol writing finally, is gradually transferring the red...... 体内最后一到白色的符文,也在逐渐转为红色…… Thump!” “咚!” At this moment, the back of the head was pounded to strike by some type of thing suddenly. 就在这时,后脑忽然被某种东西砸击了一下。 Only this, the illusions and lines of surroundings these distortions, near the ear all chaotic sounds, are dissipating instantaneously. 只这一下,周围那些扭曲的幻象和线条,耳边一切纷乱的声音,都在瞬间消散。 Mu You somewhat absent-minded opening eyes, discovered oneself are sitting cross-legged on green grass ground, the front is exploding the crucible of black smoke, cool breeze slow to come, leave of grass and soil sends in his nose fragrantly. 沐游有些恍惚的睁眼,发现自己正盘坐在一片青草地上,面前是炸着黑烟的坩埚,清风徐来,将草叶和泥土的芬芳送入他鼻中。 „...... Wholly-absorbed, calm, should never covet the merit to be good, a potion master necessary quality...... said many time things, cannot remember......” familiar talking incessantly sound transmit from his shoulder. “……专心,冷静,切勿贪功好进,一个魔药师必备的品质……说了多少次的东西,就是记不住……”熟悉的唠叨声从他肩上传来。 This scene is very to him familiar: Before learned/studied Potions time, whenever he made mistakes, Vivian will always peck his back of the head like the woodpecker, said that must beat open his stubborn, in had a look at the stopper any trash...... 这场景对他来说无比熟悉:之前学习魔药学的时候,每当他犯错,薇薇安总是会像啄木鸟一样啄他后脑,说要敲开他的榆木脑袋,看看里面都塞了些什么垃圾…… Vivian?” 薇薇安?” Mu You awakens suddenly, fixes the eyes on looks. 沐游猛然惊醒,定睛一看。 The surroundings dim piece, what green grass green space vanishes completely, he still stays in that narrow corridor, surroundings nobody left. 周围昏暗一片,什么青草绿地全部消失,他依然停留在那片狭窄的走廊里,周围空无一人。 Mu You is somewhat vacant, vicious tendencies dissipate gradually, look down, immediately is startled. 沐游有些茫然,身上的戾气渐渐消散,低头看去,顿时吃了一惊。 At this moment his under foot, is proliferating the dense and numerous monster corpses unexpectedly, almost rivers of blood. 此刻他的脚下,竟遍布着密密麻麻的怪物尸体,几乎血流成河。 However what is more terrifying is he. 不过更恐怖的还是他自身。 Present he human form, various whole body places have no longer been covered with the organs of various monsters, the snake head, crab pincers, scale and spider leg...... turned into an extremely fat abnormal, 5~6 meters in height sarcoma shape monster thoroughly. 现在的他早已不复人形,全身各处长满了各种怪物的器官,蛇头、蟹钳、鱼鳞、蛛腿……彻底变成了一个臃肿畸形,五六的肉瘤状怪物。 But under the angle of view of order, his whole body is filled up by scarlet chaotic order rune/symbol writing thoroughly, only remains in the position of heart most deep place, but also leaves leeway that a handful purity. 而在秩序的视角下,他全身更是彻底被猩红混乱的秩序符文填满,只剩在心脏最深处的位置,还留有那么一小撮的洁净。 I did anything......” “我都干了些什么……” Mu You is startled cold sweat, he just, was slaughtered the tyrannical thought to control unexpectedly completely, perishes in strength that in the order brought. 沐游惊出一声冷汗,他刚刚,居然完全被杀戮暴虐的念头支配了,沉沦在了秩序带来的力量中。 Innermost feelings that white rune/symbol writing, represents the reason that he is only saving, if not the reminder of final time Vivian...... 内心那一丝白色的符文,代表着他仅存的理智,如果不是最后时刻薇薇安的提醒…… Wait, Vivian? 等等,薇薇安 Mu You quickly turns the head to look in all directions, in entire channel completely empty, only then his is standing Vivian that the living person, where comes? 沐游急忙转头四顾,整个通道内空空如也,只有他一个站着的活人,哪来的薇薇安 Advance being enthralled boundary time, Vivian is kept side Lin Xue by him, is impossible to appear here. 况且,之前进入神境的时候,薇薇安已经被他留在了林雪身边,怎么也不可能出现在这里。 Mu You looks all around, finally looked to the writing brush in hand. 沐游环顾四周,最后看向了手中的毛笔。 Therefore, was you were reminding me a moment ago......” “所以,刚才是你在提醒我么……” At this moment around him, may awaken his thing only, only then this pen. 此刻在他周围,唯一有可能叫醒他的东西,也只有这支笔了。 Facing his inquiry, in the hand the writing brush is stirless, as if a dying thing. 面对他的询问,手中毛笔毫无动静,仿佛一根死物。 Mu You shouted the tone, had not asked again, receives the writing brush, turned around to revolve around the week, took inventory a monster corpse of ground. 沐游呼了口气,没有再多问,收起毛笔,转身在周围绕了一圈,清点了一下地上的怪物尸体。 The result makes him quite surprised: Unexpectedly has the entire 182 monster corpses! 结果让他极为惊讶:居然有整整182具怪物尸体! In other words, he had arrived at 182! 也就是说,他已经来到了182层! Although the headlight god has said that here had been transformed by the magical brush, but, transforms even, can transform 180 multi-layers? 虽然之前灯神说过,这里被神笔改造过,但,就算是改造,能改造出一百八十多层么? Looks at the under foot dense and numerous corpses, Mu You suddenly has a premonition: Even if continues to kill, behind still can only be the inexhaustible checkpoint and monster, simply does not have the end. 看着脚下密密麻麻的尸体,沐游忽然有种预感:就算继续杀下去,后面也只会是无穷无尽的关卡和怪物,根本没有尽头。 Can kill here a moment ago, explained that he has completely grasped broke the rule with the magical brush the method. 刚才能一口气杀到这里,说明他已经完全掌握了用神笔破坏规则的方法。 But, this usage is incorrect. 但,这种用法是不对的。 His condition, almost can with overstating to describe, completely took the wrong path. 他刚才的状态,几乎可以用走火入魔来形容,完全走上了错误的道路。 In other words, before the voice of roaming reading poems person told his information to contain errors, this trial, test did not make him use the strength of order to slaughter. 也就是说,之前游吟诗人的声音告诉他的信息有误,这一次试炼,考验的并不是让他用秩序之力来杀戮。 Words said, at that time that sound, was really the roaming reading poems person?” “话说,当时那个声音,真是游吟诗人?” Experienced that thrilling, Mu You had started to suspect this moment ago suddenly. 经历过刚才那一番惊险,沐游忽然开始怀疑起这一点。 Thinks of here, he sat simply, starts all that recalled inventorying to experience a moment ago. 想到这里,他索性坐了下来,开始回忆盘点刚才经历的一切。 Is good because, although he entered the wild condition a moment ago, but on the way each of experience, if the brand mark keeps in his memory. 好在,虽然他刚才进入了狂暴的状态,但途中经历的每一幕,都如烙印般的留在他的记忆中。 Mu You from first start, is recalling his all destruction order rune/symbol writing processes. 沐游从第一层开始,回忆着他所有破坏秩序符文的过程。 But is the recollection, he more is the forehead sweats. 而越是回忆,他越是额头冒汗。 He then realized that what kind of steel wire rope he entire journey walked a moment ago on, from falling into abyss, momentarily only bad one pace. 他这才体会到他刚才全程是走在怎样的一根钢丝绳索上,距离堕入深渊,随时都只差一步之遥。 Until recalls all memories, Mu You long relaxing, some clear(ly) became aware suddenly: The god of order, is not the person of destruction revision order, but is the person of protection order! 直到回忆完所有的记忆,沐游才长长的松了口气,忽然有些明悟:秩序之神,并非破坏修改秩序的人,而是守护秩序之人! The strength of order, naturally including destruction order strength, but each destruction, will cause oneself produce certainly deviation amount, is red rune/symbol writing, if the deviation amount is too high, like him, will overstate a moment ago, loses in the strength of order, loses. 秩序之力,当然包括破坏秩序的力量,但每一次破坏,都会使自身产生一定的‘偏差值’,也就是红色的符文,如果偏差值过高,就会像他刚才那样,走火入魔,迷失在秩序的力量中,失去自我。 This is under the illusion scene that virtual comes out, if in the reality, the deviation amount accumulates will be only quicker, after perhaps the will not firm person, abuses the order, several times will fall to the enemy! 这还是在虚拟出来的幻象场景下,如果是在现实中,偏差值积累的只会更快,意志不坚之人,恐怕几次滥用秩序之后就会沦陷! Thinks of here, Mu You has associated to Caesar's situation. 想到这里,沐游已经联想到了恺撒的情况。 Perhaps, the lamp god initial vision of not wrong, Caesar once was also a true good conduct monarchy, his first desert for the desire of oasis, stemming from the sincerity, wanted to improve the living environment of national. 或许,灯神当初的眼光并没有错,恺撒曾经也是一位真正品行优良的君主,他第一个化沙漠为绿洲的愿望,是出于真心,希望改善国民的生存环境。 Just, after obtaining magical brush, he took the wrong path quickly, fell to the enemy in the strength of order, the semblance was still the original appearance, but inside has degenerated into the slave who the destruction and slaughtered. 只不过,在获得神笔之后,他很快走上了错误的道路,沦陷在了秩序的力量中,外表依然是原本的样子,但内里已经沦为毁灭与杀戮的奴隶。 But roaming reading poems sounds of people sound, should also be Caesar disguises as, after this fellow enters the lighthouse, grasped part of jurisdictions using the supernatural power of lamp god, perhaps yes knew perfectly well oneself not through ability of test, therefore through passes message to mislead him, attempts also to drag down his competitor. 而刚才的游吟诗人声音,应该也是恺撒假扮的,这家伙进入灯塔后,利用灯神的神力掌握了一部分权限,或许是明知自己没有通过考验的能力,于是通过传音来误导了他,妄图将他这个竞争者也拉下水。 If not his conscience is firm enough, simultaneously finally the pen of order could not tolerate, helped his, this made him restore. 如果不是他本心够坚定,同时最后秩序之笔也看不过去,帮了他一把,这才让他恢复过来。 Thinks of here, Mu You grew the tone, takes the pen of order, cuts on oneself. 想到这里,沐游长出了口气,拿起秩序之笔,在自己身上切割起来。 After monster rune/symbol writing flesh lumps he cuts next are discarded, until discharges within the body all chaotic orders, Mu You then discovered, his main body is tattered and torn, inadequate human form. 一道道的怪物符文肉块被他切下后丢弃,直到将所有混乱的秩序排出体内,沐游这才发现,他的本体早已千疮百孔,不成人形。 However are not related, the true strength of order, does not destroy and destruction, but is the restore, brings order out of chaos, restores all chaotic forewords for the appearance of source. When he completely grasped the strength of order, even if shatter only remains grain of dust, can restore at any time such as beginning. 不过没关系,秩序的真正力量,不是毁灭和破坏,而是修复,是拨乱反正,将一切乱序恢复为本源的样子。等他完全掌握了秩序的力量,哪怕破碎的仅剩一粒尘埃,也可以随时恢复如初。 But this test true content, does not make him use the pen of order to strike to kill the monster, but makes him restore the order that these monster within the body fall randomly, and masters the rule of order in this process. 而这场考验真正的内容,也不是让他用秩序之笔击杀怪物,而是让他修复那些怪物体内乱掉的秩序,并在这个过程中掌握秩序的规则。 In other words , this actually at all is not a test, but is the opportunity of teaching his order principle. 换言之,这其实根本不是一场考验,而是一个教授他秩序法则的机会。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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