TOHG :: Volume #14

#1311: Setters( fourth)

In the Chaos sea, the Tai Yi/Highest Simplicity benign countenance, says with a smile to looking to stay Xu Shenghua and Lan Yutian: Colorful, is right? However, but also some fellow daoist do not have take action.” 混沌海中,太易慈眉善目,向看呆了的虚生花蓝御田笑道:“精彩纷呈,对不对?不过,还有些道友没出手呢。” People already shocking somewhat numb, they raise the head to look, looked from their this angles, the Chaos sea above these tentacles are very thick, swarthy, the superficial bark piece by piece is similar to Dragon Scale, is shining upon the unforeseen circumstances of Chaos sea. 众人已经被震惊的有些麻木,他们抬头仰望,从他们这个角度去看,混沌海上空那些触手无比粗大,黝黑,表面树皮片片如同龙鳞,映照着混沌海的不测风云。 „Does earth-mother, dare to snatch my thing depending on you?” “地母,凭你也敢抢我的东西?” Although the palm of Celestial Exalt Xiao breaks, but in actually transmits the anger of Celestial Exalt Xiao, under a that fist fist bang, the earth-mother innumerable root hair change to the altar in this time, in the altar, the true body of earth-mother raises slowly, meets this to strike hardly! 晓天尊的手掌虽断,但里面却传来晓天尊的怒哼,那只拳头一拳轰下,地母无数根须在此时化作祭坛,祭坛上,地母的真身冉冉升起,硬接这一击! The Chaos marine bareness wells up in all directions compared with the fluctuation of terrifying, when sways to the Chaos sea, meets the Tai Yi/Highest Simplicity walking stick that in the sea has raised up, actually immediately becomes uneventful, calm. 混沌海上空无比恐怖的波动四面八方涌去,然而吹拂到混沌海时,遇到了海中竖起的太易拐杖,却顿时变得风平浪静,波澜不惊。 But in sky, earth-mother Yuan Monarch innumerable root hair collapse broken, thick falling, drops from the clouds, pounds into the Chaos sea, shortly after then by the Chaos sea assimilation, was changed to continuously Chaos air/Qi in sea. 而天空中,地母元君的无数根须崩断,纷纷扬扬,从天而降,砸入混沌海中,没多久便被混沌海同化,化作海中的一缕缕混沌气。 The Xu Shenghua vision falls on the Tai Yi/Highest Simplicity walking stick, reveals the surprised color/look: This walking stick, how many also wants fiercely not to know compared with Origin Tree probably, is what wood does?” 虚生花的目光落在太易的拐杖上,露出惊讶之色:“这根拐杖,好像比元木还要厉害不知多少,是什么木头做的?” Tai Yi/Highest Simplicity notes his vision, said with a smile: This wood, in the Celestial Exalt Mu family/home are many are, but burnt out by me. Do not tell him here also one, otherwise he must seek to seize my.” 太易注意到他的目光,笑道:“这木头,牧天尊家里多得是,不过都被我烧坏了。你别告诉他我这里还有一根,否则他又要谋夺我的。” In Xu Shenghua heart vacant: In the Cult Master Qin family/home are many are? Was he so when filthy rich? This fellow obviously is in a pouch the shy poor and pedantic appearance, sees the good thing of which family/home to snatch. At this moment seizes the wealth of other people in the stratagem mostly......” 虚生花心中一片茫然:“秦教主家里多得是?他何时如此财大气粗了?这家伙明明是一幅囊中羞涩的穷酸模样,见谁家的好东西都想抢。此刻多半又在谋夺其他人的财富……” Old age Tai Yi/Highest Simplicity said with a smile: You looked quickly, some fellow daoist wanted take action to stir the matter! However instigator, on road that but also in catching up.” 老年太易笑道:“你们快看,又有道友要出手搅事了!然而始作俑者,还在赶来的路上。” At this time, Qin Mu on road that also in marches on by boat, with lightning speed, in the heart secretly complained oneself hide too high, should not hide void into 29 th. 此时,秦牧还在乘舟赶来的路上,一路风驰电掣,心中暗暗埋怨自己躲得太高,不该躲入第29虚空。 A Celestial Exalt Xiao right hand fist bang results in earth-mother figure to sink, soon when will crash into the Chaos sea, suddenly the altar is split up, the innumerable root hair contractions, drill into the earth to vanish do not see. 晓天尊右手一拳轰得地母身形下沉,即将坠入混沌海时,突然祭坛四分五裂,无数根须收缩,钻入大地之中消失不见。 Earth-mother Yuan Monarch because of only the remaining souls, was truncated cultivation base to eat by Qin Mu to owe greatly, has to avoid the point. 地母元君还是因为只剩下一魂,又被秦牧削了修为而吃个大亏,不得不避开锋芒。 But sky over right hand that Celestial Exalt Xiao is cut off, the lotus flower is still continuing with the struggles of four Fang Ding, the treasures of two big Heavenly Venerable burst out the incomparable terrifying respectively the prestige energy, tries to press the opposite party, takes away Celestial Exalt Xiao right hand Highest Beginning Origin Stone continually together. 而在晓天尊断掉的右手上空,莲花与四方鼎之争还在持续,两大天尊之宝各自迸发出无比恐怖的威能,都试图压过对方,将晓天尊右手连同手中的太初原石收走。 Suddenly, in the sky rainbow light suddenly, rays of light like the column, cave entrance that breaks from the Ancestral Courtyard seal pours into together, changes to one to be in charge greatly, covers loudly in the lotus flower with four Fang Ding on, presses these two treasures to crash at a quicker speed, falls to the Chaos sea! 突然,天空中一道虹光突如其来,光芒如柱,从祖庭封印破开的洞口注入,化作一只大掌印,轰然盖在莲花与四方鼎上,压得这两件宝物以更快的速度坠落,坠向混沌海! God of the Living!” 天公!” In Heavenly Venerable and Supreme Emperor that in the sky slaughters is in the heart one startled, the take action obstruction, strikes the interruption that sends out from Xuandu God of the Living. 正在天空中厮杀的诸位天尊太帝都是心中一惊,纷纷出手阻截,将天公玄都发出的一击截断。 In this time, Nether demon air/Qi suddenly spews out, in a twinkling submerges the Chaos sea, in the demon air/Qi, Earth count raises slowly, forehead vertical eye opens, the Celestial Exalt Xiao right hand that the anchorage crashes, the whip flings, this only Heavenly Venerable right hand cling, pulls to the Nether demon air/Qi the sea. 就在此时,幽都魔气突然喷涌而出,霎时间淹没混沌海,魔气之中,一尊土伯冉冉升起,眉心竖眼张开,定住坠落的晓天尊右手,鞭子唰的一声甩出,将这只天尊右手卷住,扯向幽都魔气所化的海洋。 God of the Living, Earth count, you are also hard to endure lonely, was determined to meddle the humans affair?” 天公,土伯,你们也是难以忍受寂寞,决心插手世事了吗?” Celestial Exalt Xiao repels beautiful Tian fei, drops from the clouds, sneers saying: „The seal , you have not been able the true body to arrive, is not my match. If your true body arrives, must be fettered by Great Dao, at that time was your times of death. Also fast retreat?” 晓天尊击退妍天妃,从天而降,冷笑道:“不过封印还在,你们无法真身降临,不是我的对手。倘若你们真身降临,必被大道束缚,那时便是你们的死期。还不速速退去?” He comes depend on the anger, even the method of use hideaway makes beautiful Tian fei have to draw back, obviously of strength, however homicide to Earth count on the way, in the Supreme Emperor slanting thorn to/clashes suddenly, in Celestial Exalt Xiao heart imposing, two people from the sky clash strike, separates respectively. 他挟怒而来,甚至动用隐藏的手段让妍天妃不得不退,可见实力之强,然而他杀向土伯的途中,突然太帝斜刺里冲来,晓天尊心中凛然,两人在空中对撞一击,各自分开。 Supreme Emperor sneers, discards him to directly soar below Earth count to go: Corn earthworm child skill does not go bad.” 太帝冷笑,舍弃他直奔下方的土伯而去:“螟蛉子本事不坏。” Celestial Exalt Xiao sneers, directly soars Earth count to go: thou wife, I rests it.” 晓天尊冷笑,也直奔土伯而去:“汝妻,吾睡之。” Supreme Emperor bristles with anger, at the same time pursues to Earth count, hits take action with him greatly, because Earth count is not the true body arrives, then strenuous reclamation river of the netherworld whip, while tries to return to Nether. 太帝怒发冲冠,一边追向土伯,一边与他大打出手,土伯因为不是真身降临,则吃力的收回冥河鞭,一边则试图返回幽都 Bang Nether demon air/Qi sea rocks fiercely, Supreme Emperor and Celestial Exalt Xiao arrive, blasts out the demon sea of qi, with overpowering momentum of two big Heavenly Venerable level expert, shake the demon air/Qi sea to split, reveals the following Chaos sea. 幽都魔气所化的海洋剧烈晃动,太帝晓天尊降临,将魔气海炸开,两大天尊强者的气势磅礴,震得魔气海洋分裂,露出下面的混沌海。 Under the Chaos sea, Xu Shenghua and Lan Yutian and the others look upwardly, can only see these great god demon sturdy legs and feet, is similar to holds up a day of column. 混沌海下,虚生花蓝御田等人向上看去,只能看到这些伟岸的神魔粗壮的腿脚,如同擎天之柱。 They step on the sea level of Chaos sea, their pressures have not fallen on the Chaos sea, but falls on the old age Tai Yi/Highest Simplicity walking stick. 他们踩在混沌海的海面上,他们的压力则没有落在混沌海上,而是落在老年太易的拐杖上。 Xu Shenghua looks to that walking stick, sees only the walking stick to be pressed slightly curvingly. 虚生花向那根拐杖看去,只见拐杖被压得稍稍弯曲。 Dao Brother, you were said that this walking stick was coming from the Celestial Exalt Mu family/home?” 道兄,你是说这拐杖是来自牧天尊家里的?” Xu Shenghua asked: In the Celestial Exalt Mu family/home are many are this wood?” 虚生花问道:“牧天尊家里多得是这种木头?” Old age Tai Yi/Highest Simplicity smiles saying: all over the mountains and plains is. If the empty fellow daoist wants, asked that Celestial Exalt Mu asks for several mountain tops, Celestial Exalt Mu will very be natural, certainly will not reject.” 老年太易笑眯眯道:“漫山遍野都是。虚道友若是想要,问牧天尊讨几座山头,牧天尊大方得很,一定不会拒绝。” Xu Shenghua greatly is the heart movement. 虚生花大是心动。 Lan Yutian also moved, said: I also want several mountain tops.” 蓝御田也动了心,道:“我也想要几座山头。” Celestial Exalt Mu will definitely give you, relax, relax.” Saying with a smile of old age Tai Yi/Highest Simplicity benign countenance. 牧天尊肯定会给你们的,放心,放心。”老年太易慈眉善目的笑道。 Bang! Bang! Bang! 轰!轰!轰! Also is several fierce shakes transmits, the Earth count demon sea of qi blasts out completely, is actually beautiful Tian fei, ancestor God King and Lang Xuan god sovereign and the others arrived, Heavenly Venerable divine light clears away, making the demon sea of qi evaporate completely, does not exist! 又是几声剧烈的震荡传来,土伯的魔气海完全炸开,却是妍天妃、祖神王琅轩神皇等人降临,天尊神光涤荡,让魔气海完全蒸发,不复存在! Lava Earth count is grasping the river of the netherworld whip, stands in several Heavenly Venerable center, another end of whip is also tying up the right hand of Celestial Exalt Xiao. 熔岩土伯握着冥河鞭,站在几位天尊中央,鞭子的另一端还拴着晓天尊的右手。 The bonus is Earth count is always indifferent, is always known as the scheme, divine ability are always general, at this moment also completely feels helpless, stands appears quite awkward there. 饶是土伯一向淡然,一向素有计谋,一向神通广大,此刻也全然不知所措,站在那里显得颇为尴尬。 He wants to escape into Nether not to be impossible. 他想遁入幽都也不可能了。 He the place of standing is Nether, however now the Nether demon air/Qi by, the under foot is the Chaos sea, it can be said that was stopped up stubbornly, has no place to go. 他所立之地就是幽都,然而现在幽都魔气都被化去,脚下便是混沌海,可以说是被堵得死死的,无处可去。 This lava Earth count is only his clone(s), does not have the main body like that fearsome strength, facing the generation of all around oppressor, only then by one move the life that strikes to kill. 这尊熔岩土伯只是他的分身,没有本体那般可怖的战力,面对四周的虎狼之辈,只有被一招击杀的命。 Suddenly, the Chaos sea begins the mighty waves, is actually the void female beast arrives, closely by in Supreme Emperor behind, vigilantly is staring at ancestor God King and Earth count. 忽然,混沌海再起波澜,却是虚空母兽降临,紧紧靠在太帝身后,警觉地盯着祖神王土伯 He was nearly built up by ancestor God King, is fortunate enough to ancestor God King and Supreme Emperor puts together one hardly, this escapes from ancestor God King within the body, but the strength also therefore greatly damages. 祂险些被祖神王炼死,幸得祖神王太帝硬拼一记,这才从祖神王的体内逃脱,但实力也因此大损。 Under the Chaos sea, the people are anxious, now in the sea level gathered existences of five Heavenly Venerable levels, the void female beast also energy reluctantly is half. 混沌海下,众人惴惴不安,现在海面上已经聚集了五尊天尊级的存在,虚空母兽也能勉强算是半个。 Some other earth-mother Yuan Monarch hides in the hidden place, eyes covetously, on has God of the Living also closely to pay attention, momentarily possible take action. 另有地母元君隐藏在暗处,虎视眈眈,上有天公也在紧密关注,随时可能出手 Moreover, the center also has lava Earth count, although by fearful existence surrounding, but the cultivation base strength is also the no small matter. 而且,中央还有尊熔岩土伯,尽管被诸位可怕的存在包围,但修为实力也是非同小可。 Can the walking stick that these many formidable existence accumulations here, Tai Yi/Highest Simplicity that dead wood builds, be able to support really? 这么多强大的存在聚集在此,太易的那根枯木打造的拐杖,真的能撑得住吗? Suddenly in the sky a bright flashes through, Qin Mu runs out finally void, appears sky over the Chaos sea. 突然天空中一道亮光闪过,秦牧终于冲出虚空,出现在混沌海上空。 He shot a look at one downward, turns around then walks. 他向下瞥了一眼,掉头便走。 Setter!” Supreme Emperor raised the head to see him, cold snorted. “始作俑者!”太帝抬头看到他,冷哼一声 Presents Heavenly Venerable to be unable to back down, facing those images and scenes, completely did not have the idea. 在场诸位天尊都骑虎难下,面对此情此景,全然没有了主意。 If they make war, only fears must really dying many Heavenly Venerable! 倘若他们真的开战,只怕真的要死不少天尊 Suddenly, Qin Mu turns back, loudly said: „Is the Earth count brother, staring doing? Lost Highest Beginning Origin Stone! Loses goes to!” 突然,秦牧又折返回来,高声道:“土伯老哥哥,愣着干什么?把太初原石丢了!丢到海里去!” Earth count awakens, loosens the river of the netherworld whip, the right hand of Celestial Exalt Xiao is grasping continually together Highest Beginning Origin Stone crashes into the Chaos sea together. 土伯醒悟,松开冥河鞭,晓天尊的右手连同手中握着的一块块太初原石一起坠入混沌海。 In the sea level, the face of people vibrates respectively, actually nobody acts rashly, can only look at primary stone to fall into the sea helplessly. 海面上,众人的面孔各自抖动一下,却还是没有人轻举妄动,只能眼睁睁的看着原石坠入海中。
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