TOHG :: Volume #14

#1310: Omnipotent( third)

Void female beast own body concise is so small, that void female beast that my first time entered Ancestral Courtyard meets when the past years too to be formidable more than!” “虚空母兽把自己的身体凝练的这么小,比当年我第一次进入祖庭时遇到的那头虚空母兽强大太多了!” Qin Mu gazes at that to leap the void female beast, the heart slightly shakes, Supreme Emperor this take action, only feared that for the result 1-2 Heavenly Venerable lives, the future will rule Heaven and Earth to clear away the barrier to oneself! 秦牧注视着那头跃出虚空的母兽,心头微震,太帝这次出手,只怕是为了结果一两位天尊的性命,给自己未来重新统治天地扫清障碍! Regarding current ten Heavenly Venerable, ancient God is they biggest enemy, but regarding Supreme Emperor, ancient God insufficient is the worry, ten Heavenly Venerable are the biggest enemies! 对于目前的十天尊来说,古神还是他们最大的敌人,但是对于太帝来说,古神不足为虑,十天尊才是最大的敌人! He as the ruler of antique time, some are the method copes with God of the Living, Earth count and other ancient God, but copes with ten Heavenly Venerable, he then did not have this grasping. 他作为太古时代的统治者,有的是手段对付天公土伯古神,但是对付十天尊,他便没有这种把握了。 Ten Heavenly Venerable at the present strengths and influences, above ancient God, reason that holds troops , because will remove ancient God also to have very big casualties forcefully. Ten Heavenly Venerable appearances do not gather about the heart, everyone does not want to become that person of casualties. 天尊而今的实力和势力,都远在古神之上,之所以按兵不动,是因为强行除掉古神自己也会有很大的伤亡。十天尊貌合心不合,每个人都不想成为伤亡的那个人。 The void female beast leaps the void flash, the form hidden goes, is a transparent colored glaze rolls by from the sky likely. 虚空母兽跃出虚空的一刹那,身影隐去,像是一面透明的琉璃从天空中驶过。 His body passes through divine ability that three Heavenly Venerable levels had, arrives at the ancestor God King back directly, ancestor God King is dividing Supreme Emperor in the strength, suddenly the vigilance, the cloak makes widely known, howls one volume, changes to a Xuandu world. 祂的身体穿过了三位天尊级存在的神通,直接来到祖神王的背后,祖神王正在力劈太帝,突然警觉起来,身后披风张扬,呼啸一卷,化作一片玄都世界。 When void female beast from the Xuandu world across, immediately is realized the accurate position by him. 虚空母兽从玄都世界中穿过时,立刻被他察觉到准确的方位。 His Xuandu world is Heavenly Dao refining up, is mixing with other Great Dao, similar domain, even if were God of the Living sees has also had to commend that a disobedient son was fierce. 他的玄都世界乃是天道所炼,其中又夹杂着其他各种大道,类似领域,即便是天公见了也不得不称赞一句逆子厉害。 He realized that the female beast, Primordial Spirit erupts immediately, piece of Heavenly Court leaps loudly, Primordial Spirit stands erect in Heavenly Court Approaching the Firmament Treasure Palace, backhands an seal to overwhelm! 他察觉到母兽,立刻元神爆发,一片天庭轰然跃出,元神屹立在天庭凌霄宝殿中,反手一印盖下! But at this point, Supreme Emperor laughs suddenly, swept a moment ago the declining tendency, shook the Lang Xuan god sovereign to strike hardly, before bullying the body to arrive at the ancestor God King body. 而在此时,太帝突然哈哈大笑,一扫刚才颓势,硬撼琅轩神皇一击,欺身来到祖神王身前。 The ancestor God King hand treasure of Heavenly Dao changes to the day spear to pound to fall, Supreme Emperor does not hide does not dodge, hard anti- this strikes by own forehead, the Divine Consciousness Great Luo Heaven eruption breaks in ancestor God King Heavenly Court! 神王手中的天道之宝化作天槊砸落,太帝不躲不闪,以自己的脑门硬抗这一击,神识大罗天爆发冲入祖神王天庭 Around ancestor God King bitter experience the converging attack, physical body changes to together the flowing light suddenly, was inhaled in Heavenly Court by his Primordial Spirit, physical body and Primordial Spirit fuse, belong to a body. 神王遭遇前后夹击,肉身突然化作一道流光,被他的元神吸入天庭之中,肉身元神融合,归于一体。 At the same time his Heavenly Dao most precious object flies back, clank separates, changes to the treasures of 40 nine Heavenly Dao to defend Heavenly Court, simultaneously shakes the attack of void female beast and Supreme Emperor hardly. 同一时间他的天道至宝飞回,铮铮分开,化作40九天道之宝守住天庭,同时硬撼虚空母兽和太帝的攻击。 Bang Divine Consciousness Great Luo Heaven drops from the clouds, collides with the treasures of 40 nine Heavenly Dao, this is contains a Supreme Emperor Divine Consciousness fruit strikes, even if Celestial Exalt Hao meets this to strike also wants Primordial Spirit to be stranded! 神识大罗天从天而降,与40九天道之宝碰撞,这是蕴藏太帝神识道果的一击,即便是昊天尊遇到这一击也要元神被困! The treasures of that 40 nine Heavenly Dao were hit scattered about, is the treasure of fragment shatter Heavenly Dao, the ancestor God King eye ear mouth and nose simultaneously spurts the blood everywhere, shows the surprised look, his physical body Primordial Spirit simultaneously greatly shakes, nearly divine flesh separation! 那40九天道之宝被打得得七零八落,到处都是破碎的天道之宝碎片,祖神王眼耳口鼻同时喷血,露出惊讶的神色,他的肉身元神同时巨震,险些神肉分离! A Supreme Emperor use fruit strikes, the might is really tyrannical, then causes heavy losses to him all of a sudden! 太帝动用道果一击,威力实在强横,一下子便将他重创! Dao Boundary, is this ultimate Dao Boundary that Founding Emperor said?” 道境,这就是开皇所说的终极道境吗?” He formerly somewhat was looking down upon to Dao Boundary that Founding Emperor founded, thinks that the Founding Emperor path walked leaning, walked narrowly, however Supreme Emperor contained a fruit to strike, made him see the great strength and fearfulness of Dao Boundary system. 他从前对开皇所开创的道境还是有些瞧不起的,认为开皇的道路走偏了,走窄了,然而太帝蕴藏道果一击,却让他看到道境体系的强大与可怕。 The divine treasure Heavenly Palace system promotes step by step, each promotion is traceable, the promotion scope of cultivation base strength the Realm promotion brings can foresee, traceable. 神藏天宫体系是一步步提升,每一次提升都是有迹可循,境界提升带来的修为实力的提升幅度都可以预见,有迹可循。 However the Dao Boundary fearful place lies, earlier enter the Dao is difficult . Moreover the cultivation base strength and is not necessarily higher than the Heavenly Palace system, the time of expenditure is also long, the advantage that but to the later period, each promotion has brought is very huge, to the Dao Boundary peak, has cultivated the becoming enlightened fruit, that such as Supreme Emperor is ordinary. 然而道境的可怕之处在于,前期入道艰难,而且修为实力并不见得比天宫体系更高,花费的时间也长,但是到了后期,每一次提升带来的好处都无比巨大,到了道境的顶峰,修成道果,那就如太帝一般可怕。 Moreover, at the present Supreme Emperor is not complete Supreme Emperor! 而且,而今的太帝并非是完整的太帝 Present Supreme Emperor has physical body and Divine Consciousness spatially, does not have Primordial Spirit! 现在的太帝空有肉身神识,没有元神 Even if so, formidable to has been able crush his degree. 即便如此,已经强大到可以碾压他的程度。 Ancestor God King has realized the fearfulness of Dao Boundary freely, but Supreme Emperor Dao Boundary is different to Founding Emperor Dao Boundary, Supreme Emperor practice vacation in nonego, by the sacrificial offering of Lord of Creation ancients practice to this step. 神王尽管意识到了道境的可怕,但太帝道境还是与开皇道境并不一样,太帝修炼假于外物,靠造物主先民的祭祀才修炼到这一步。 But Founding Emperor Dao Boundary step by step promotes , to promote itself to the sensibility and comprehension of say/way, oneself create saying that finally refining up a Sword Dao fruit. 开皇道境则是一步步提升自我,提升自己对道的感悟和领悟,自己创道,最终炼成剑道道果。 It can be said that Supreme Emperor refine oneself disabled. 可以说,太帝已经把自己炼残废了。 Ancestor God King actually also tyrannical, immediately stands firm the battle formation, so long as supports this to strike, the Lang Xuan god sovereign then can constrain Supreme Emperor, at that time who will be the winner may not know! 神王却也强横,立刻稳住阵势,只要撑住这一击,琅轩神皇便可以拖住太帝,那时鹿死谁手尚未可知! In this time, the female beast throws to strike, passes through from ancestor God King within the body, this giant beast from the empty reality, huge physical body supports ancestor God King immediately unceasingly inflates. 就在此时,母兽扑击,从祖神王的体内穿过,这尊巨兽顿时从虚化实,庞大的肉身将祖神王撑得不断膨胀。 Ancestor God King likely is the gasification general crazily changes tall Bianpang, changes to the big ten thousand miles great god quickly, but also during the unceasing inflation, looks like extremely scary. 神王像是充气一般疯狂变高变胖,很快化作高大万里的巨神,还在不断的膨胀之中,看起来极为吓人。 The female beast swallows his vitality in his within the body crazily, planned that his vitality refining, swallows this Heavenly Venerable completely! 母兽在他体内疯狂吞噬他的气血,打算将他一身气血炼化,将这尊天尊完全吞噬! Hahahaha!” “哈哈哈哈!” Ancestor God King face distortion, actually crazily laughs: God of the Living has unable, however as his son, inherited God of the Living bloodlines the body of Turin, is actually omnipotent! I do not have the limits of his rules 神王面孔扭曲,却疯狂大笑起来:“天公有所不能,然而作为他的儿子,继承了天公血脉的都灵之体,却是无所不能!我没有他那些条条框框的限制” His body changes suddenly, a moment ago sacred dignified God King, but now as if changes to Devil King that in Nether stops at no evil! 他的身躯突然变化,刚才还是神圣庄严的神王,而现在则仿佛化作幽都中无恶不作的魔王 His within the body as if changed to the Nether world, gloomy, the strength that the terrifying, Nether not measures strangely bursts out, Great Dao are similar to bewitches cable/search soul the chains, will be void the female beast to lock in all round! 他体内仿佛化作了幽都世界,阴森,恐怖,幽都诡异莫测的力量迸发,一条条大道如同勾魂索魄的锁链,将虚空母兽团团锁住! The chains across the body of female beast, flutters his soul! 锁链穿过母兽的身体,勾住祂的魂魄! Ancestor God King plans female beast refining unexpectedly in turn! 神王竟反过来打算将母兽炼化 Awful!” “糟糕!” In Supreme Emperor heart one startled: Possibly kicked the hard stone! Ten Heavenly Venerable true skills, each hides very much deeply! However, he uses fully the refining female beast, then cannot block my Divine Consciousness Great Luo Heaven! This strikes, wants his life sufficiently!” 太帝心中一惊:“可能踢到硬石头了!十天尊的真正本事,每个都隐藏得很深!不过,他用全力炼化母兽,便挡不住我的神识大罗天!这一击,足以要他的命!” He does not want to expose the status of Qiang Tian fei, displays Divine Consciousness Great Luo Heaven to prepare to deliver the ancestor once again God King to start off, however the Lang Xuan god sovereign behind kills from him, strikes god Yuan one finger/refers, penetrates from his back of the head, the forehead projects! 他不想暴露嫱天妃的身份,再度施展神识大罗天准备送祖神王上路,然而琅轩神皇从他身后杀来,一击神元一指,从他后脑穿入,额头射出! Ding. 叮。 A resounding transmits, Highest Beginning Origin Stone of Supreme Emperor forehead blasts out immediately, is split up, flies in all directions. 一声脆响传来,太帝眉心的太初原石顿时炸开,四分五裂,四面八方飞去。 Lang Xuan god sovereign great happiness, cannot attend to rescuing will soon fall into ancestor God King in Divine Consciousness Great Luo Heaven, the hurried diving posture grasps to these Highest Beginning Origin Stone fragments. 琅轩神皇大喜,顾不得去营救即将落入神识大罗天中的祖神王,急忙飞身向那些太初原石的碎片抓去。 Because Supreme Emperor also Highest Beginning Origin Stone explodes broken, the Divine Consciousness Great Luo Heaven prestige energy also greatly damages, the head of ancestor God King fell into Divine Consciousness Great Luo Heaven, the head starts to crack, the flesh like is the slip of paper flies, shatter, on face quick covered with blood, reveals the dense white bones. 太帝也因为太初原石爆碎,神识大罗天的威能也是大损,祖神王的头颅已经落入神识大罗天中,脑袋开始崩裂,肌肤像是纸片一样飞起,破碎,脸上很快血肉模糊,露出森森白骨。 The Divine Consciousness Great Luo Heaven might is really tyrannical, even if this time Supreme Emperor cannot display fully, Heavenly Venerable physical body cannot resist. 神识大罗天的威力实在强横,哪怕此时的太帝施展不出全力,天尊肉身也是抵抗不住。 tall Ju stirs origin qi in place 29 void Qin Mu immediately, stimulates to movement Overlord Body Three Elixir Art, runs quickly from void, divine ability sways, foot treads other shore Shenzhou changed to empty shade passing over gently and swiftly single layers to be heavy, plans to rob to fly vertical Highest Beginning Origin Stone. 高居在地29虚空的秦牧立刻鼓荡元气,催动霸体三丹功,从虚空中奔驰而下,神通挥洒,脚踏彼岸神舟化作一道道虚影掠过一重重虚空,打算抢夺飞纵的太初原石 At the same time, in the Chaos sea, Tai Yi/Highest Simplicity calm said: Two fellow daoist, you looked that quick then has the mutation occurrence.” 同一时间,混沌海中,太易老神在在道:“两位道友,你们看很快便有异变发生。” Lan Yutian and Xu Shenghua looked delightedly, hears also has the mutation, wonders saying: Dao Brother, what mutation but can also have?” 蓝御田虚生花已经看得眉飞色舞,听闻还有异变,不禁纳闷道:“道兄,还能有什么异变?” Old age Tai Yi/Highest Simplicity has not spoken. 老年太易没有说话。 The Lang Xuan god sovereign vibration sleeves, will integrate in all Highest Beginning Origin Stone the sleeves, suddenly the purple light puts greatly, Zixiao blue sky, just like the Heavenly Court sudden avalanche. 琅轩神皇抖动衣袖,正要将所有的太初原石纳入衣袖之中,突然紫光大放,紫霄碧落,宛如天庭突然崩塌。 Celestial Exalt Yun in Lang Xuan god sovereign heart one startled, sound hoarse calling out. 云天尊琅轩神皇心中一惊,声音沙哑的叫道。 He the move, bled to throw forward, Highest Beginning Origin Stone have flown from his side. 他已经中招,喋血向前扑去,一块块太初原石从他身边飞过。 He has from the sky turned around, sees is actually not Celestial Exalt Yun, but is Celestial Exalt Xiao all smiles searches the take action palm, grasps to the Highest Beginning Origin Stone fragment that these scatter. 他在空中转过身来,看到的却不是云天尊,而是晓天尊满面笑容的探出手掌,抓向那些散落的太初原石碎片。 Celestial Exalt Xiao just grasped all primary stone fragments in the hand, the next quarter complexion drastic change, he holds primary stone palm complete/even wrist to break suddenly, the palm from airborne crashes. 晓天尊刚刚将所有的原石碎片抓在手中,下一刻脸色剧变,他抓住原石的手掌突然齐腕而断,手掌从空中坠落。 Those who cut away his palm is one sends the hairpin, sends the hairpin to be quite sharp, the might that contains impressively is return to the ruins Great Dao! 切掉他的手掌的是一根发簪,发簪极为锋利,蕴藏的威力赫然是归墟大道 Distant place beautiful Tian fei takes back sends the hairpin, the hairpin inserts in the chignon, lifts the hand to shake, sees only blows too four Fang Ding of beginning mineral lode to shoot up to the sky, four sides the light screen covers Celestial Exalt Xiao! 远处妍天妃收回发簪,簪子插在发髻中,抬手一震,只见镇住太始矿脉的四方鼎冲天而起,四面光幕唰的一声将晓天尊罩住! The Celestial Exalt Xiao sole sudden lotus flower appears, the big foot layer on layer/heavily steps on, the lotus flower crashes into four Fang Ding, the lotus flower and cauldron fall to fall down together. 晓天尊脚底突然一朵莲花浮现,大脚重重一踩,莲花坠入四方鼎中,莲花与鼎一起向下坠落。 But next convenient is the Chaos sea! 而下方便是混沌海! Under lotus flower and cauldron, is the right hand of Celestial Exalt Xiao, in the hand stubbornly is also grasping Highest Beginning Origin Stone! 莲花与鼎下方,则是晓天尊的右手,手中还死死握着太初原石 Chaos sea all around earth turns suddenly wells up, thick incomparable root hair shoot up to the sky, is similar to myriad tentacles, bustling, spreads across, goes to the right hand winding of Celestial Exalt Xiao. 混沌海四周的大地突然翻涌,一条条粗大无比的根须冲天而起,如同万千触手,纷纷攘攘,纵横交错,向晓天尊的右手缠绕而去。 This a series of change, lets hide the people in Chaos sea stares dumbfounded, the opening mouth could not speak. 这一连串的变化,让躲在混沌海中的众人瞠目结舌,张大嘴巴说不出话来。 At the same time, Qin Mu on road that also in riding boat comes, Celestial Exalt Mu stands in the bow, the look gloomy: Had early in the morning, has caught up with a late collection! Unlucky!” 同一时间,秦牧还在乘舟而来的路上,牧天尊站在船头,面色阴沉:“起了个大早,赶了个晚集!晦气!”
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