TDG :: Volume #4

#440: Entering the war

Long Tianming looks at Situ Beiyan proudly: No matter you are not whether willingly, you very long time ago were not my match! Moreover the influence that you control, missed much with me. >\;≧ 龙天明傲然地看着司徒北炎:“不管你是否不甘心,你很早就不是我的对手了!而且你掌控的势力,跟我差得太多了。>\;≧” The Long Tianming subordinate with Situ Beiyan subordinate tangled warfare, has had the suppresive superiority quickly, after all Long Tianming subordinate, but has six Dao of Dragon Realm Expert! 龙天明的手下跟司徒北炎的手下混战,很快取得了压制性的优势,毕竟龙天明的手下,可是有着六个龙道境高手 Go away!” Long Tianming shouted angrily, a Darkness Saint dragon palm bombardment that his incarnation becomes on Heavenly Blood Angry Dragon, struck to fly Heavenly Blood Angry Dragon. “滚吧!”龙天明怒喝了一声,他化身而成的黑暗圣龙一掌轰击在天血怒龙上,将天血怒龙击飞了出去。 Situ Beiyan has drawn back several hundred meters crazily, changed the original appearance, covered the chest to spit blood to continue, his unwilling heart also wants to continue a war, above broadcast a broad sound: Beiyan, you lost, does not need to hit again!” 司徒北炎狂退了数百米,变回了原来的样子,捂着胸口吐血不止,他不甘心地还想继续一战,上方的传来一个恢宏的声音:“北炎,你输了,不必再打了!” Situ Beiyan was depressed, he finally was not the Long Tianming match! 司徒北炎郁闷极了,他最终也不是龙天明的对手么! But, Divine Feather Sect future what to do? 可是,羽神宗的未来怎么办? Heavenly Martial God Venerable gaze fell on the body of Situ Beiyan, sighed slightly, then took a fast look around audience Divine Feather Sect all disciples, said: This ratio fights, Long Tianming victory!” 天武神尊目光落在了司徒北炎的身上,略略叹息了一声,然后扫视全场羽神宗的所有弟子,道:“这场比斗,龙天明胜!” Heard the Heavenly Martial God Venerable words, on the face of Long Tianming reveals some self-satisfied facial expressions, he won. 听到天武神尊的话,龙天明的脸上流露出了些许得意的神情,他赢了。 Thinks that immediately can obtain Divine Feather Sect the position of Acting Sect Master, his innermost feelings cannot help but scalding hot. 一想到马上就能得到羽神宗代理宗主之位,他的内心不由得灼热了起来。 All people announced the result and other Heavenly Martial God Venerable, as the final winner, Long Tianming will obtain the unsurpassed glory. 所有人都在等天武神尊宣布结果,作为最终的胜者,龙天明将得到无上的荣耀。 These follow the Long Tianming person, looks the wild with joy color, from now on the future, a person will obtain enlightenment, followerss gain, when Dragon Shao sat the Acting Sect Master throne, their this group of people can walk sideways in Divine Feather Sect. 那些跟随龙天明的人,也一个个面露狂喜之色,从今往后,一人得道,鸡犬升天,等龙少坐上了代理宗主的宝座,他们这群人在羽神宗内都可以横着走了。 Heavenly Martial God Venerable gaze searched, Nie Li had not appeared, such being the case, the position of that Acting Sect Master, can only inherit to Long Tianming, he was preparing to announce the result, at this moment, distant place one group of people grazed. 天武神尊目光搜寻了一下,聂离没有出现,既然如此,那代理宗主之位,就只能传承给龙天明了,他正准备公布结果,就在这时,远处一群人飞掠而来。 Young people who the gaze institute and place, that leads, should be Nie Li. 目光所及之处,那领头的年轻人,应该就是聂离了。 Heavenly Martial God Venerable words to mouth. 天武神尊话到了嘴边,又顿了顿。 Long Tianming somewhat worried, how Heavenly Martial God Venerable did not know, he has won obviously, Heavenly Martial God Venerable did not give him the position of inheritance Acting Sect Master unexpectedly. 龙天明有些着急了,天武神尊也不知道怎么了,明明他已经赢了,天武神尊居然迟迟不把代理宗主之位传承给他。 Is it possible that can Heavenly Martial God Venerable renege on a promise inadequately? 莫非,天武神尊要反悔不成? At this moment, drinks sound to transmit high: Wait / Etc., I have not participated, how can finish?” 就在这时,一声高喝声传来:“等等,我还没参加呢,怎么就要结束?” Hears this sound, gaze of all people gathered at the person of speech. 听到这个声音,所有人的目光都聚集在了说话的人身上。 Is Nie Li!” “是聂离!” Ha Ha, Nie Li came finally!” “哈哈,聂离终于来了!” After seeing Nie Li, Liu Piao, Gu Bei and Li Xingyun and the others have burst with joy, entire Demon League also seethed with excitement. 看到聂离之后,6飘顾贝、李行云等人都沸腾了,整个妖盟也都沸腾了。 Nie Li woke up finally! 聂离终于醒来了! Thinks of here red, the Long Yuyin eye socket slightly. 想到这里,龙羽音眼眶不禁微微红。 All people were unbearably anxious. 所有人都已经急不可耐了。 Nie Li fell on Long Tianming and the others the front several hundred meters places, he said with a smile lightly: Our Demon League has not entered the war, therefore fought had not finished!” 聂离落在了龙天明等人前面几百米的地方,他淡淡地一笑道:“我们妖盟还没参战,所以战斗还没有结束!” Looks at the Nie Li self-confident appearance, Long Tianming had one not good premonition at heart indistinctly, his clear and resonant voice said: Your hasn't Demon League participated including the preelection, what is qualified for attending this competition?” 看着聂离自信满满的样子,龙天明的心里隐约有了一种不好的预感,他朗声说道:“你们妖盟连预选都没有参加,有什么资格参加这场比试?” Hears the Long Tianming words, the Divine Feather Sect disciples who the surrounding surrounds whoops. 听到龙天明的话,外围围观的羽神宗弟子们议论纷纷。 This discussion sound has not stopped, then hears Long Tianming to continue saying: Let alone, you join Divine Feather Sect such to select the time, moreover of unknown origin, perhaps is the spy who Demon God Sect sends, usually is a ordinary disciple, that is also all right, to compete our Divine Feather Sect Acting Sect Master, you did not have the qualifications!” 这议论声还没有停下来,便听到龙天明继续说道:“更何况,你加入羽神宗才这么点时间,而且来历不明,说不定就是妖神宗派来的奸细,平时做一个普通弟子,那还没事,若是想要竞争我们羽神宗代理宗主,你还没有资格!” The Divine Feather Sect disciples discussion sound were more, truly Nie Li of unknown origin, does not know where braves, such person competes the position of Acting Sect Master, is obviously inappropriate. 羽神宗弟子们议论声更多了,确实聂离来历不明,不知道是从哪里冒出来的,这样的人竞争代理宗主之位,是明显不合适的。 Leave!” “滚下去吧!” You do not have the qualifications!” A Long Tianming subordinates hiss piece. “你没资格!”龙天明的手下们嘘声一片。 Nie Li lightly has actually smiled saying with a smile: Is entitled, is actually not you decides, you can ask our Divine Feather Sect five God Venerable, I entitled?” 聂离却是淡淡地笑了笑道:“有没有资格,却不是你说了算的,你可以问问我们羽神宗的五位神尊,我到底有没有资格?” Heard the Nie Li words, Long Tianming the directions arches toward Heavenly Martial God Venerable and the others has cuped one hand in the other across the chest saying: Sect Master, several Sir God Venerable, Nie Li this person of unknown origin, we must be careful are good, moreover before Demon League, has not participated in the preelection, therefore does not have the qualifications to attend the final showdown, but also invited Sir God Venerable the bright mirror!” 听到聂离的话,龙天明朝着天武神尊等人的方向拱了拱手说道:“宗主,还有几位神尊大人,聂离此人来历不明,我们得小心谨慎才行,而且妖盟之前没有参加预选,所以没有资格参加最后的对决,还请诸位神尊大人明鉴!” The Long Tianming voice falls, the corners of the mouth revealed one to sneer, Nie Li was able, is impossible made these Sir God Venerable feel relieved to Nie Li, therefore he had victory in the hand! 龙天明的话音落下,嘴角流露出了一丝冷笑,聂离就算有能力,也不可能让这些神尊大人对聂离放心,所以他胜券在握! At this moment, Heavenly Martial God Venerable smiles to say lightly: „The moral behavior of Nie Li this person, I can make the guarantee, does not have the issue, I allow Demon League to attend the final showdown! However I said does not calculate, but must several other God Venerable also nod is good!” 就在这时,天武神尊淡淡一笑说道:“聂离此人的人品,我可以做担保,是没有问题的,我允许妖盟参加最后的对决!不过我一个人说了不算,还得其他几位神尊也点头才行!” Heard the Heavenly Martial God Venerable words, the Long Tianming face darken, Heavenly Martial God Venerable was Divine Feather Sect Sect Master, was Situ Beiyan father, it is estimated that was Situ Beiyan lost, Heavenly Martial God Venerable somewhat was not feeling well, front is willing to advance Nie Li, after all Nie Li was good to control some. 听到天武神尊的话,龙天明脸色阴沉了下来,天武神尊羽神宗宗主,是司徒北炎的父亲,估计是司徒北炎输了,天武神尊有些不爽,才愿意把聂离推到前面来吧,毕竟聂离好控制一些。 And how listens to several other God Venerable to say. 且听听其他几位神尊怎么说。 In the Nie Li heart actually shows a faint smile, these God Venerable received his gift, the powerhouse who these gifts can let the Martial Ancestor level, the strength can also the skip-type growth, these many Medicine Pill, let alone bought position of the Acting Sect Master, entire Divine Feather Sect can buy. Did Heavenly Martial God Venerable possibly oppose? 聂离心中却是微微一笑,这些神尊都收了他的礼物,这些礼物可以让武宗级的强者,实力也能得到飞跃式的成长,这么多丹药,别说买个代理宗主之位了,就连整个羽神宗都能买下来了。天武神尊怎么可能反对? A moment later, only listens to Linglong God Venerable saying: I also agreed that Demon League attended the final showdown!” 片刻之后,只听玲珑神尊说道:“我也同意妖盟参加最后的对决!” Hears the Linglong God Venerable words, all people were shocked, but Linglong God Venerable Dragonseal Family, Long Tianming but Dragonseal Family direct descendant, how does Linglong God Venerable also stand Nie Li? 听到玲珑神尊的话,所有人都愣住了,玲珑神尊可是龙印世家的,龙天明可是龙印世家的嫡系,怎么玲珑神尊也站在聂离这边? All person one premonitions, this time matter, perhaps will present an unpredictable big reverse. 所有人都有一种预感,这次的事情,恐怕会出现一个令人难以预料的大反转。 I also agreed!” “我也同意!” I also agreed!” “我也同意!” Remaining three God Venerable also firmly expressed their manner. 剩下的三位神尊也坚定地表达了自己的态度。 This result, the command presented all Divine Feather Sect disciples to shock, their gaze looked to Nie Li, a little doubts, how Nie Li obtained five God Venerable to support. Today's matter ended, no matter Nie Li whether obtains the position of Acting Sect Master, the Nie Li status is not perhaps common. 这个结果,令在场所有羽神宗的弟子都震惊了,他们的目光看向聂离,有点疑惑,聂离到底是怎么得到五位神尊支持的。今天的事情结束,不管聂离是否得到代理宗主之位,聂离的身份地位恐怕都不一般了。 But Nie Li only the person who obtains five Sir God Venerable to approve! Is Acting Sect Master important? 聂离可是唯一一个得到五位神尊大人认同的人!是不是代理宗主还重要吗? Since five God Venerable agreed that our Demon League can enter the war?” Nie Li looks at Long Tianming with a smile. “既然五位神尊都同意了,那我们妖盟可以参战了吗?”聂离笑吟吟地看着龙天明 Long Tianming was annoyed, he does not know that actually Nie Li has used any method, how to convince five God Venerable, properly speaking by the Nie Li status, could not see including five God Venerable surface is right. But such inconceivable matter, it lived, Long Tianming does not have the means! 龙天明恼火极了,他不知道聂离究竟用了什么手段,是怎么说服五位神尊的,按理说以聂离的身份,连五位神尊的面都见不到才对。可是这么不可思议的事情,它就是生了,龙天明也毫无办法! Snort, since five God Venerable agreed that I do not have the words saying that although your Demon League can attend the final showdown, but, I will make you suffer a more disastrous defeat!” Long Tianming gloomy coldly snort a sound track.( To be continued.) 8 “哼,既然五位神尊都同意了,那我也没有话讲,不过虽然你们妖盟可以参加最后的对决,但是,我会让你们输得很惨的!”龙天明阴沉地冷哼了一声道。(未完待续。)8
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