TDG :: Volume #4

#439: Competition

Situ Beiyan gaze shot a look at one toward the distant place, does not know that is what reason, Nie Li has not come unexpectedly. , 司徒北炎目光朝远处瞥了一眼,不知道是何原因,聂离居然没有来。⊥, Was Long Tianming has used what method? Caused Nie Li unable to come? 难道是龙天明用了什么手段?导致聂离来不了了? No matter Nie Li cannot come, that words of Nie Li about Long Tianming, has caused his vigilance to the Long Tianming, he is will not make Long Tianming mount the position of Divine Feather Sect Sect Master absolutely. 不管聂离来不来,聂离关于龙天明的那番话,都引起了他对龙天明的警惕,他是绝对不会让龙天明登上羽神宗宗主之位的。 Situ Beiyan has drunk one coldly, waves, sees only one crowd of Expert to howl, started to launch the exploratory attack to Long Tianming that team of troops. 司徒北炎冷喝了一声,一挥手,只见一群强者呼啸而出,开始对龙天明的那队人马展开了试探性的攻击。 You thought that Situ Beiyan can win, can Long Tianming win?” The surrounding Divine Feather Sect juniors whoop. “你们觉得司徒北炎能赢,还是龙天明能赢?”周围羽神宗的子弟们议论纷纷。 Naturally was big brother Situ!” “当然是司徒大哥了!” Situ Beiyan is the child of Sect Master, his influence slightly has pressed since Long Tianming, therefore other people generally compare to favor Situ Beiyan. 司徒北炎宗主之子,一直以来他的势力都是略略压过龙天明的,所以其他人普遍比较看好司徒北炎 Long Tianming is also not weak match and that is clear!” “不过龙天明也是一个不弱的对手就是了!” Lu Piao, Li Xingyun, Gu Bei and the others are also observing in the one side, they were depressed, prepare to be so long, now actually can only look at Long Tianming and a Situ Beiyan war, did not have their anything matter on the contrary. However Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan, if both choose its one, they support certainly Situ Beiyan. 陆飘李行云顾贝等人也在一旁观战着,他们心里郁闷,准备了那么久,现在却只能看龙天明司徒北炎一战,反倒没他们什么事情了。不过龙天明司徒北炎若是两者选其一的话,他们当然是支持司徒北炎的。 Dragon Yuyin stands in the middle of the Dragon Seal Family crowd, regarding Long Tianming, she has a repugnance and loathing of the heart, she looks, but must go back to look after Nie Li. 羽音站在龙印世家的人群当中,对于龙天明,她有一种发自内心的反感和厌恶,她过来看一下,还得回去照顾聂离 gaze of people focused at the central showdown. 众人的目光都聚焦在了中央的对决上。 This showdown, might determine the entire Divine Feather Sect destiny very much. 这场对决,很有可能决定了整个羽神宗的命运。 Rumbling! 轰轰轰! Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan potential under fought vigorously one group, both sides were unexpectedly well-matched, make no distinction between victory and defeat. 龙天明司徒北炎手下的势力战成了一团,双方竟然旗鼓相当,不分胜负。 Whiz whiz whiz! 嗖嗖嗖! In Long Tianming subordinate, six Dao of Dragon Realm Expert **** however left, starts to slaughter crazily. 龙天明的手下中,六个龙道境强者****而出,开始了疯狂地屠戮。 Six Dao of Dragon Realm!” In Situ Beiyan heart one startled, except for these six Dao of Dragon Realm Expert, Situ Beiyan discovered that Long Tianming as if also hid some masters, the rough estimate, at least also had three Dao of Dragon Realm masters. “六个龙道境的!”司徒北炎心中一惊,除了这六个龙道境强者,司徒北炎发现,龙天明似乎还隐藏了一些高手,粗略估计了一下,至少还有三个龙道境的高手。 When did Long Tianming recruit these many masters? 龙天明什么时候招募了这么多的高手? Situ Beiyan has roared, directed five Dao of Dragon Realm masters under to meet head-on. 司徒北炎怒吼了一声,也指挥手下的五个龙道境高手迎战了上去。 The Dao of Dragon Realm Expert showdown, the scene is much more chaotic. 龙道境强者的对决,场面混乱得一塌糊涂。 Five giants each other are exchanging. 五位巨头彼此交流着。 A voice of woman conveys, is Hierarch Linglong in five big giant, she is the dragon Yuyin paternal grandmother, is the entire Divine Feather Sect pivotal character. 一个女人的声音传来,是五大巨头中的玲珑神尊,她是龙羽音的奶奶,是整个羽神宗举足轻重的人物。 It seems like Situ Beiyan must lose, can the position of Acting Sect Master, give my Dragon Seal Family?” The Hierarch Linglong sound is charming, was somewhat similar to dragon Yuyin mother Long Shuyun, making the person listen to the bone to be crisp. “看来司徒北炎要输啊,代理宗主之位,是不是要让给我龙印世家了?”玲珑神尊的声音妩媚动人,跟龙羽音的母亲龙淑云有几分相似,让人听了骨头都酥了。 Hierarch Martialsky said with a smile lightly: „The position of Acting Sect Master, those who are able occupy it, gives Dragon Seal Family why not?” 天武神尊淡淡一笑道:“代理宗主之位,能者居之,让给龙印世家又何妨?” Sect Master, you said that may not be right, our Dragon Seal Family snatches obviously by the strength, it can be said that lets? Just, Nie Li that boy has arranged so many, gave back to us to deliver the so many wondrous medicines, how not to snatch, disappointing people quite!” 宗主,你这么说可就不对了,我们龙印世家明明是靠实力抢来的,怎么可以说是让呢?只不过,聂离那小子安排了那么多,还给我们送了那么多圣药,怎么不来抢一下,让人好生失望!” Exquisite, if Nie Li came, can rob Long Tianming the position of Acting Sect Master?” Another Hierarch Dragonblaze opens the mouth to say. “玲珑,聂离若是来了,岂不是要抢走龙天明代理宗主之位?”另外一位龙炎神尊开口说道。 Dragon flame, my can it be that mean-spirited person. Nie Li gives our elixir, enough our Cultivation promote a rank, the light is so, must be more important than the position of this Acting Sect Master. If he came, how the position of this Acting Sect Master gives to him!” Hierarch Linglong said with a smile. “龙炎,我岂是那种小气之人。聂离给我们的丹药,足够我们的修为提升一个级别,光是如此,比这代理宗主之位可是要重要多了。他如果来了,这代理宗主之位就算送给他又如何!”玲珑神尊笑道。 Exquisite, this was you said that do not renege on a promise!” “玲珑,这可是你说的,可不要反悔!” That is natural!” “那是自然!” Divine Feather Sect five Hierarch, Hierarch Martialsky, Hierarch Dragonblaze, Hierarch Skycloud, Hierarch Linglong and Hierarch Crimsonblood, these five giants are existences of Divine Feather Sect peak spiritual pillar level, because of their existences, Demon God Sect and other realm of the devil Divine Sect does not dare to invade Divine Feather Sect, their Cultivation, promote a rank every time, might determine the Divine Feather Sect destiny. 羽神宗的五位神尊,天武神尊龙炎神尊天云神尊玲珑神尊赤血神尊,这五位巨头乃是羽神宗巅峰支柱级的存在,因为他们的存在,妖神宗等魔道神宗才不敢侵扰羽神宗,他们的修为,每提升一个级别,就有可能决定了羽神宗的命运。 Before Hierarch Skycloud brought these wondrous medicines to them the time, they a little have not believed that afterward after having taken the wondrous medicines, shocked in these wondrous medicines formidable efficacies, in them progressed slowly, has promoted a rank , to promote quick Hierarch Martialsky, promoting two ranks, Hierarch Skycloud to promote three ranks. 之前天云神尊拿来那些圣药给他们的时候,他们还有点不信,后来吃了圣药之后,一个个都震惊于那些圣药的强大药力,他们中进展最慢的,都提升了一个级别,提升较快的天武神尊,提升了两个级别,天云神尊更是提升了三个级别。 Martial Ancestor Realm , to promote a rank every time, difficult such as to ascend to heaven, simultaneously every time promotes a rank, Cultivation also doubled and re-doubled to grow! 武宗境,每提升一个级别,都难如登天,同时每提升一个级别,修为也是成倍增长! It can be said that contribution of Nie Li to Divine Feather Sect, has surpassed all people, even if Nie Li is a boy of unknown origin, Nie Li also definitely has enough qualifications becomes the position of Acting Sect Master. 可以说,聂离羽神宗的贡献,已经超过了所有人,哪怕聂离是个来历不明的小子,聂离也绝对有足够的资格成为代理宗主之位。 At this time Long Tianming and battles of Situ Beiyan two influences, entered the process of superheating, Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan have also joined in the regiment, they at this moment, are existences of Dao of Dragon Realm. 此时龙天明司徒北炎两股势力的交战,已经进入了白热化的过程,龙天明司徒北炎也加入了战团之中,此时此刻的他们,都已经是龙道境的存在。 Situ Beiyan has roared, fused Demon Spirit, his Demon Spirit is a day blood anger dragon, the whole body is burning the blazing flame, that sharp lackey, passes is absorbing the cold brightness of person. This day blood anger dragon enough reaches as high as several meters, the whole body is passing terrifying Aura. 司徒北炎怒吼了一声,融合了妖灵,他的妖灵是一只天血怒龙,全身燃烧着炽热的火焰,那锋利的爪牙,透着摄人的寒光。这只天血怒龙足足高达十几米,浑身透着恐怖的气息 Unexpectedly is day of blood anger dragon, in God Level Growth Rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, was considered as the excellent variety!” The Divine Feather Sect disciples exude the sound of intermittent calling out in alarm. “居然是天血怒龙,神级成长性龙血妖灵里面,也算得上优秀的品种了!”羽神宗的弟子们发出阵阵惊呼之声。 The day blood anger dragon that sees the Situ Beiyan fusion, the Long Tianming corners of the mouth shows a faint smile, reveals some facial expressions of disdaining, has drunk one coldly, the whole body started the change, quick, huge Black Dragon appeared in the lines of sight of all people. 看到司徒北炎融合的天血怒龙,龙天明嘴角微微一笑,流露出些许不屑的神情,也是冷喝了一声,周身开始了变化,很快的,一只巨大的黑龙出现在了所有人的视线之中。 A head of this only Black Dragon, wants compared with the Situ Beiyan day blood anger dragon on a big way many. 这只黑龙的个头,比司徒北炎的天血怒龙还要大上很多。 Meanwhile, whole body flood mysterious metallic luster. 同时,全身都泛着神秘的金属光泽。 How possible?” “怎么可能?” „Did Long Tianming trade Demon Spirit? Unexpectedly is the Darkness Saint dragon!” 龙天明妖灵了?居然是黑暗圣龙!” God Level Growth Rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit is very rare, simultaneously some Dragon Blood Demon Spirit are stronger, for example Nie Li Holy Blood Wing Dragon and Long Tianming Darkness Saint dragon, was topest existence. 神级成长性龙血妖灵已经是非常难得,同时有一些龙血妖灵更强,比如聂离圣血翼龙龙天明黑暗圣龙,都是最最顶尖的存在了。 Situ Beiyan, you admit defeat, your is impossible is my match!” Long Tianming long has roared, wields the black steel claw, gets angry Dragon Zhua to go toward the day blood of Situ Beiyan. 司徒北炎,你认输吧,你不可能是我的对手!”龙天明长吼了一声,挥起黑色的钢爪,朝着司徒北炎的天血怒龙抓去。 Bang! 轰! A Darkness Saint dragon claw bombardment on the body of day of blood anger dragon, flew the day blood anger dragon entire bang. 黑暗圣龙一爪轰击在了天血怒龙的身上,将天血怒龙整个轰飞了出去。 In the Situ Beiyan heart has filled unwillingly, thinks that Nie Li to these words that he spoke, if he lost, again also nobody prevented Long Tianming. 司徒北炎心中充满了不甘,想到聂离跟他说的那些话,若是他输了,就再也没有人阻止龙天明了。 Situ Beiyan is roaring, the strength of stimulation of movement day blood anger dragon, hits toward Long Tianming. 司徒北炎怒吼着,催动天血怒龙的力量,朝着龙天明撞去。 Beforehand time, Long Tianming strength far and away is always inferior in his, why did not know, growth far and away of strength has surpassed him now, moreover had Darkness Saint dragon formidable Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, if said that behind Long Tianming nobody supported, Situ Beiyan did not believe decidedly. 以前的时候,龙天明的实力总是远远逊色于他的,不知道为什么,如今实力的成长远远超过了他,而且还拥有了黑暗圣龙这种强大的龙血妖灵,若说龙天明背后没有人支持,司徒北炎断然不信。 These that Nie Li said that are very likely really! 聂离说的那些,很有可能是真的! Must prevent Long Tianming!( To be continued.) 一定要阻止龙天明!(未完待续。)
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