TDG :: Volume #4

#438: Competition

Several days later. 数天之后。 The selection of Acting Sect Master must start immediately, Divine Feather Sect is stationed in regional Elder and deacons to hurry back, Divine Feather Sect up and down also becomes especially lively. 代理宗主的选拔马上就要开始了,羽神宗驻扎各地的长老、执事们都纷纷赶了回来,羽神宗上下也变得格外热闹。 These are capable of impacting the position of Acting Sect Master, started high and low to move. 那些有能力冲击代理宗主之位的,都开始上下活动了起来。 Acting Sect Master has controlled very formidable real power, so long as has not made any huge mistake in Acting Sect Master, over 90% becomes next Sect Master. 代理宗主已经是掌控了非常强大的实权,只要在代理宗主的时候没犯什么大错,九成以上都会成为下一任的宗主 Lu Piao, Gu Bei and Li Xingyun and the others gathered at one, a they appearance with a worried look. Nie Li has not regained consciousness, the Long Yuyin 24 hours defend in the Nie Li side, keep close, did not participate, who do the remaining people compete the position of Acting Sect Master? They cannot compete Long Tianming absolutely. 陆飘顾贝、李行云等人都聚集在了一起,他们一副愁眉不展的样子。聂离还没有苏醒,龙羽音24小时守在聂离的身边,寸步不离,也不来参加了,剩下的人谁来竞争代理宗主之位?他们是绝对竞争不过龙天明的。 Now what to do? Nie Li has not awaked, do we want to look at Long Tianming to mount the position of Acting Sect Master helplessly?” Lu Piao said depressed that such words Nie Li beforehand preparation did waste?” “现在怎么办?聂离还没有醒,难道我们要眼睁睁地看着龙天明登上代理宗主之位?”陆飘非常郁闷地说道,“这样的话聂离之前的准备岂不是都白费了?” What to do can that?” Gu Bei smiled bitterly to say. “那能怎么办?”顾贝苦笑了一下说道。 Li Xingyun is deeping frown, he was pondering how the present situation should process. 行云眉头紧锁着,他在思考着现在的情况应该怎么处理。 We could not compete the position of Acting Sect Master, cannot make Long Tianming prevail absolutely, was inferior that we started to support Huyan Beiyan!” Gu Bei has thought that lets on Huyan Beiyan, total makes on Long Tianming that villain better.” “就算我们竞争不了代理宗主之位,也绝对不能让龙天明得逞,不如我们开始支持呼延北炎吧!”顾贝想了一下,“让呼延北炎上,也总比让龙天明那个小人上更好一些。” Um, such manages!” Li Xingyun thinks that the nod said. “嗯,就这么办吧!”李行云想了想,点头说道。 In Divine Feather Sect central void, the powerhouses in sect float to empty. 羽神宗中央的虚空之中,宗内的强者们一个个浮空而起。 Sky over Divine Feather Sect is bustling and filled with people, has several million audiences fully. 羽神宗上空人头攒动,足有数百万之众。 After is one of the super Divine Sect, the influence is quite astonishing, in besides Divine Feather Sect beside the sect, beyond more than 360 the sect also sends for participating in this scripture. 毕竟是超级神宗之一,势力还是相当惊人的,除了羽神宗内宗之外,还有360多个外宗也派人过来参加这次圣典。 Sees only the void peak, presented five huge forms. That is the powerhouses of Divine Feather Sect five Martial Ancestor levels, powerhouse many sons and daughters of these five Martial Ancestor levels, the whole body seven color flowing light revolve. How cannot see clearly the appearance, but law dignified. Dignified solemn and respectful. 只见虚空顶端,出现了五个巨大的身影。那是羽神宗五位武宗级的强者,这五位武宗级的强者三男两女,浑身七彩流光运转。看不清长相如何,但是法相庄严。威严肃穆。 This is Divine Feather Sect five God Venerable. 这是羽神宗的五位神尊 What lead is current Sect Master, title Heavenly Martial God Venerable, remaining separately is Long Mei God Venerable, Heavenly Cloud God Venerable, Spirit Jade God Venerable and Grey Flame God Venerable. 领头的是目前的宗主,称号天武神尊,剩下的分别是龙媚神尊天云神尊灵玉神尊苍炎神尊 These five God Venerable status are lofty, is Divine Feather Sect currently most has the character of real power, although the characters of some Divine Feather Sect also remote antiquity Elder ranks, but these remote antiquity Elder often cannot close up, therefore various matters concerned are decided by these five God Venerable basically. 这五位神尊地位崇高,是羽神宗目前最具实权的人物,虽然羽神宗还有一些太上长老级别的人物,但是那些太上长老往往闭关不出,所以各项事宜基本都由这五位神尊说了算。 The Heavenly Martial God Venerable sound, has spread over entire Divine Feather Sect high and low. 天武神尊的声音,传遍了整个羽神宗上下。 Today calls all Sect juniors. Behavior what everybody should know, recently, my cultivation level has met Martial Ancestor 7-layer, needs to close up attacks higher cultivation level, in the sect the matter will hand over by Acting Sect Master governs, today to select the Acting Sect Master candidate!” “今天把所有宗门子弟召集起来。所为何事大家应该都已经知道了,近日以来,我的修为已经接武宗七重天,需要闭关冲击更高的修为,宗内之事将交由代理宗主掌管,今天就是为了选出代理宗主的人选!” Asked Sect Master to show!” “请宗主示下!” Divine Feather Sect high and low, the sound is uniform. 羽神宗上下,声音整齐划一。 „The position of this Acting Sect Master, wants in the sect to select is good, you thought that who is appropriate?” Heavenly Martial God Venerable gaze like the torch, has swept all people. “这代理宗主之位,还是要宗内选出才行,你们觉得何人合适?”天武神尊目光如炬,扫过所有人。 At this time Long Mei God Venerable and Heavenly Cloud God Venerable were saying anything. 此时龙媚神尊天云神尊正说着什么。 Tianyun. That hasn't Nie Li that you said how come?” 天云。你说的那个聂离怎么没来啊?” I am not very clear, this only feared that you can clearly be more right than me?” “我也不是很清楚,这个只怕你要比我更清楚才对?” Why is this?” Long Mei God Venerable somewhat is actually curious. “这是为什么?”龙媚神尊倒是有几分好奇。 „Doesn't Long Mei God Venerable know? Long Yuyin that child has only one in mind to Nie Li that it is said the Long Yuyin mother wants to permit Long Yuyin to him. If this marriage has succeeded, the child was Long Mei God Venerable Grandson-in-law.” Heavenly Cloud God Venerable shows a faint smile to say. 龙媚神尊难道不知道吗?龙羽音那孩子对聂离那是情有独钟,据说龙羽音的母亲想要把龙羽音许给他。若是这门亲事成功了,那孩子就是龙媚神尊孙女婿了。”天云神尊微微一笑说道。 Has this matter, that this Nie Li, I must inspect actually well!” The Long Mei God Venerable sound, having one type to be charming and sexy, if Nie Li presented to listen, will be definitely surprised, the expression of this Long Mei God Venerable speech, how such looked like with the Long Yuyin mother. “有这事情,那这个聂离,我倒是要好好考察一下了!”龙媚神尊的声音,带着一种妩媚和性感,若是聂离在场听了的话,肯定会惊奇,这个龙媚神尊说话的语气,跟龙羽音的母亲怎么这么像啊。 Four God Venerable send greetings secretly is exchanging. Only then Heavenly Martial God Venerable was announcing various matters concerned. 四位神尊暗自传音交流着。只有天武神尊宣布着各项事宜。 Now the election of position of Acting Sect Master starts, is started to nominate by Elder. The candidates of over ten Elder nominations, are qualified for participating in the competition of position of Acting Sect Master.” Heavenly Martial God Venerable was announcing. “现在代理宗主之位的选举开始,由长老们开始提名。有十位以上长老提名的人选,都有资格参加代理宗主之位的竞争。”天武神尊宣布着。 Entire Divine Feather Sect altogether has more than 200 Elder. To obtain the position of nomination Acting Sect Master is quite simple. 整个羽神宗共有200多位长老。想要得到代理宗主之位提名还是比较简单的。 However what is accidental, only then Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan had been nominated by Elder, Long Tianming is nominated by 61 Elder, Situ Beiyan is nominated by 53 Elder. 不过令人意外的是,只有龙天明和司徒北炎长老们提名了,龙天明由61位长老提名,司徒北炎由53位长老提名。 Competition of position of Acting Sect Master, must say entitled, these two, other people mostly gave way before difficulties. By the prestige, the theory strength and theory influence, nobody can resist Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan two people. 代理宗主之位的争夺,要说有资格的,也就这两位了,其余人等大多是知难而退。无论是论威望、论实力、论势力,都没有人能够对抗得了龙天明和司徒北炎二人。 Two Sect Master a candidate appeared, we can wait again whether has other competitors, in addition, Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan, according to the old times custom, you led the influence, fought a victory and defeat!” The Heavenly Martial God Venerable sinking sound said. “两位宗主之位候选人出现了,我们可以再等等是否有其他竞争者,除此之外,龙天明、司徒北炎,按照往年的规矩,你们带领旗下的势力,决一胜负!”天武神尊沉声说道。 Heavenly Cloud God Venerable gaze has swept, in the crowd actually cannot find Nie Li. He a little has doubts, these days he is Nie Li has prepared the ground, had some support, several God Venerable also in discussing consideration, finally to has competed for the position of Acting Sect Master the time, Nie Li has not come unexpectedly, does not know that Nie Li is up to mischief. 天云神尊目光扫过,人群中却是未能找到聂离。他有点疑惑,这段时间他一直都在为聂离做铺垫,已经得到了一些支持,几位神尊也都在商酌考虑当中,结果到了争夺代理宗主之位的时候,聂离居然没来,也不知道聂离在搞什么鬼。 However he was not worried actually that Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan competes the position of Acting Sect Master, must fight, this weaponry at least took several double-hour to finish. 不过他倒是不担心,龙天明和司徒北炎竞争代理宗主之位,必须要战上一场,这一仗至少要几个时辰才能结束。 Was good, now examines your strength and leadership time, you started!” Heavenly Martial God Venerable shows a faint smile to wave to say. “好了,现在正是检验你们实力和领导能力的时候了,你们开始吧!”天武神尊微微一笑挥手说道。 Divine Feather Sect numerous powerhouses draw back in abundance, sets aside a stretch of open area to come out the middle. 羽神宗的众多强者们纷纷退开,将中间腾出一片空地出来。 Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan led a group of troops respectively, turned into the distinguishing right from wrong two sides, two groups of troops respectively have several thousand greatness. 龙天明和司徒北炎各带了一批人马,变成了泾渭分明的两边,两批人马都各有数万之巨。 As Divine Feather Sect Acting Sect Master, except for own strength, the respective leadership must be topest, oneself form the influence time, can lead several thousand troops, has the qualifications to compete the position of Sect Master. Why this is also nobody with the reason that Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan fights. If who has won, and obtained five God Venerable over three approvals, that can succeed the position of Sect Master. 作为羽神宗代理宗主,除了自身的实力,各自的领导力也必须是最顶尖的,自己组建势力的时候,就能够带领数万的人马,才有资格竞争宗主之位。这也是为什么没有人跟龙天明、司徒北炎争抢的原因。谁要是赢了,并得到了五位神尊三位以上的认可,那就能够继任宗主之位了。 The entire Divine Feather Sect young generation, can command several thousand people, few. 整个羽神宗的年轻一辈,能够统领数万人的,寥寥无几。 Long Tianming is of Dragonseal Family Three Big Families direct descendant, successor who deserves, but Situ Beiyan is the child of current Sect Master, who dares to resist with these two gangs of troops, that was really does not consider resources bite off more than can chew. 龙天明三大世家之一龙印世家的嫡系,当之无愧的继承人,而司徒北炎则是现任宗主之子,有谁敢跟这两股人马对抗,那真是太自不量力了。 Before this scripture holds, almost all people can foresee, this must be Long Tianming and ultimate war between Situ Beiyan! 所以在这次圣典举行之前,几乎所有人都可以预见,这必是龙天明和司徒北炎之间的终极一战! Long Tianming Ling Kong stands, the clothing flap flap makes noise, that appearance of outstanding ability, the slim figure, has no qualms seriously is the outstanding person phoenix, naturally Situ Beiyan is not inferior, a black clothing, stands proudly. 龙天明凌空而立,衣衫猎猎作响,那俊逸的长相,修长的身材,当真无愧是人中龙凤,当然司徒北炎也毫不逊色,一身青衣,傲然而立。 fighting intent soars to the heavens, a war must start immediately.( To be continued.) 战意冲天,一场大战马上就要开始了。(未完待续。)
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