TDG :: Volume #4

#441: Dao of Dragon Realm Expert

Can suffer a more disastrous defeat, that was my matter.” Nie Li smiles to say lightly. “到底会不会输得很惨,那就是我的事情了。”聂离淡淡一笑说道。 Quickly, Long Tianming person and Nie Li under face each other across a great distance, eye covetously. 很快地,龙天明手下的人和聂离遥遥相对,虎视眈眈。 Long Tianming here master converges, but that side Nie Li, merely only then Nie Li Ling Kong stands. 龙天明这边高手云集,而聂离那边,仅仅只有聂离凌空而立。 „Won't you prepare a person to cope with our these many masters?” Long Tianming looks at Nie Li cold, contemptuously said with a smile, his under altogether six Dao of Dragon Realm Expert, in addition these many Heavenly Axis Realm, absolutely can despise Demon League! “你不会准备一个人对付我们这么多高手吧?”龙天明冷然地看着聂离,轻蔑地笑道,他手下总共六个龙道境强者,再加上这么多天转境的,绝对可以藐视妖盟 Presents gaze of all people, focuses on the body of Nie Li, they do not know any medicine that in the Nie Li bottle gourd sells. 在场所有人的目光,都聚焦在聂离的身上,他们不知道聂离的葫芦里到底卖的什么药。 Nie Li looks at Long Tianming, has heaved a deep sigh: Really does not have a challenging, really bullied you!” 聂离看着龙天明,摇头叹息了一声:“实在没有一点挑战性,实在是太欺负你了!” What meaning?” The Long Tianming cold anger looks at Nie Li, does not know simply so-called! A bit faster all recruits your person! If must give up, that earlier said!” “什么意思?”龙天明冷怒地看着聂离,“简直不知所谓!快点把你的人全都招出来!如果要放弃,那就早点说!” Boy, if must admit defeat, that a bit faster, do not waste our time in here.” “小子,如果要认输,那就快点,别在这里浪费我们时间。” Demon League, do not work as the turtle, was careful that our six Dao of Dragon Realm eldest children, kill your wiped out to the last man!” 妖盟的,别当缩头乌龟,小心我们六个龙道境的老大,杀得你们片甲不留!” Long Tianming several subordinates keep clamoring. 龙天明的几个手下不停地叫嚣着。 At this moment, Nie Li shows a faint smile, the right hand wields, has drunk one high: Demon League, comes out to me!” 就在这时,聂离微微一笑,右手一挥,高喝了一声:“妖盟的,都给我出来吧!” Whiz whiz whiz. 嗖嗖嗖。 Forms come in abundance, gathered toward Nie Li. 一个个身影纷纷现身,朝着聂离这边聚集了过来。 More than 200 people, gathered at the leaf galaxy side. 有200多号人,聚集在了叶星河的身边。 Such selects the person?” Long Tianming cannot help laughing. “就这么点人?”龙天明哑然失笑。 I think that 200 people were enough, if you also think insufficient, I look again!” Nie Li smiles lightly. “我以为200人足够了,如果你还觉得不够,那我再多找一些!”聂离淡淡一笑。 Divine Feather Sect Expert that surrounds also look at each other in blank diamay, if Demon League such selects the person, how to hit with Long Tianming? 围观的羽神宗强者们也都面面相觑,妖盟如果才这么点人,怎么跟龙天明打? What surrounds Expert to be different from these, at this time Divine Feather Sect five Martial Ancestor Realm Expert look at each other in blank diamay, in the eye pupil revealed the color of deep shock. 跟这些围观强者们不同的是,此时羽神宗的五位武宗境强者面面相觑,眼眸中流露出了深深的震撼之色。 Although more than 200 people, have restrained Aura, the ordinary person is very difficult to feel that obtains their strengths, but these five Martial Ancestor Realm Expert can actually look clear, more than 200 individuals, all are Dao of Dragon Realm Expert! 虽然这200多人,都收敛了气息,普通人很难感觉得出他们的实力,但是这五位武宗境强者却是能够看得一清二楚,这200多个人,全都是龙道境强者 More than 200 Martial Ancestor Realm Expert 200多武宗境强者 Hierarch Martialsky and other Martial Ancestor Realm Expert vibrated, entire Divine Feather Sect Dao of Dragon Realm Expert all added that also more than 100, Nie Li under unexpectedly had more than 200 Dao of Dragon Realm. 天武神尊等五位武宗境强者震动极了,整个羽神宗龙道境强者全都加起来,也不过100多个而已,聂离手下居然有200多龙道境 Ha Ha, this boy, a little meaning, unexpectedly made more than 200 Dao of Dragon Realm Expert to come out!” Hierarch Linglong smiles to make noise. “哈哈,这小子,有点意思,居然弄了200多龙道境强者出来!”玲珑神尊不禁笑出声来。 You said where this boy does look for these many masters?” “你们说这小子从哪里找来这么多高手?” Hierarch Martialsky silent moment, said: Since he can put out these many wondrous medicines to us, can get so far as many wondrous medicines to his person under!” 天武神尊沉默了片刻,说道:“既然他能够拿出这么多圣药给我们,也能弄到很多圣药给他手下的人!” Sect Master, your meaning is, are these masters he use the wondrous medicines to feed?” Hierarch Dragonblaze has gawked staring, said. 宗主,你的意思是,这些高手都是他用圣药喂出来的?”龙炎神尊愣了愣,说道。 Good.” Hierarch Martialsky nodded, you look at these people, overwhelming majorities are Dao of Dragon Realm First Level, it is estimated that is Heavenly Axis Realm Ninth Level, just broke through Dao of Dragon Realm!” “不错。”天武神尊点了点头,“你们看这些人,绝大多数都是龙道境一重的,估计都是天转境九重,刚刚突破到龙道境的!” Long Tianming is doomed to lose!” 龙天明注定要输啊!” At this moment, Nie Li waves, sinking sound track: Sky Origin Divine Clan, comes out!” 就在这时,聂离一挥手,沉声道:“天元神族的,都出来吧!” Whiz whiz whiz, more than 100 Sky Origin Divine Clan Expert, appeared in the Nie Li body week. Nie Li does not dare to use Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, therefore incurred these Sky Origin Divine Clan Expert very much long time ago, making these Sky Origin Divine Clan Expert hide in the Demon League people. 嗖嗖嗖,100多个天元神族强者,都出现在了聂离的身周。聂离不敢使用万里河山图,所以很早就招出了这些天元神族强者,让这些天元神族强者们隐藏在妖盟众人之中。 More than 100 Sky Origin Divine Clan Expert suddenly appear, that scene is extremely magnificent, Sky Origin Divine Clan Expert is mostly powerful. 100多天元神族强者突然出现,那场面是极其壮观的,天元神族强者大多实力强大。 Day, more than 100 Sky Origin Divine Clan Expert, are Dao of Dragon Realm!” “天呐,这100多个天元神族强者,都是龙道境的!” My God!” “我的天!” Divine Feather Sect Expert screams continuously, because this scene made one shock. 羽神宗强者们惊呼声此起彼伏,因为这场面太令人震撼了。 More than 100 Dao of Dragon Realm Expert! 100多龙道境强者啊! Five Hierarch you have a look at me, I have a look at you, smiles bitterly speechless. 五位神尊互相间你看看我,我看看你,都苦笑无言。 Before presented more than 200 Dao of Dragon Realm Expert, enough has shocked, this were also unexpectedly many more than 100 Dao of Dragon Realm Expert, moreover was the Sky Origin Divine Clan masters, this was too simply astonishing. 之前出现200多龙道境强者,就已经够震撼了,这回居然又多了100多龙道境强者,而且还都是天元神族的高手,这简直太惊人了。 „Did this boy run Endless Wilderness to recruit these Sky Origin Divine Clan masters?” “这小子跑无尽蛮荒去招募了这些天元神族高手?” Heard that purchases Sky Origin Divine Clan master each to spend very big price, let alone is Dao of Dragon Realm, but this fellow recruited more than 100 Dao of Dragon Realm Sky Origin Divine Clan masters unexpectedly all of a sudden!” Hierarch Crimsonblood could not bear, said. “听说购买天元神族高手每一个都要花费非常大的代价,更何况是龙道境的,但是这家伙居然一下子招募了100多个龙道境天元神族高手!”赤血神尊也忍不住了,不禁说道。 Hierarch Skycloud also a little shocks, he discovered that he understanding Nie Li was too few. 天云神尊也不禁有点震撼,他发现自己对聂离的了解还是太少了。 This is very easy to understand, since his hand has the so many wondrous medicines, sells out wondrous medicines to obtain a huge wealth casually, recruits these many Sky Origin Divine Clan Expert, was not surprising!” The Hierarch Martialsky feeling said. “这很容易理解,既然他手里有那么多圣药,随便卖掉一份圣药都可以得到一笔巨大的财富,招募到这么多天元神族强者,也就不令人意外了!”天武神尊感慨说道。 More than 300 Dao of Dragon Realm Expert, this absolutely is a being able be underestimated strength! 300多龙道境强者,这绝对是一股不容小觑的力量! No one is able to imagine, Nie Li this way, the Divine Feather Sect belt to how magnificent. 谁也无法想象,聂离继续这样下去,会将羽神宗带向怎样的辉煌。 Even if Nie Li does not think perhaps, when Divine Feather Sect Substitute of Sect Master, five Hierarch will not comply. Because has Nie Li, can promote Divine Feather Sect! 就算聂离不想当羽神宗代宗主,恐怕五位神尊也不会答应了。因为只有聂离,才能振兴羽神宗 At this time, Long Tianming looks at present this, was startled for a long time. 此时,龙天明看着眼前这一幕,怔愣了许久。 He is cheating! Five Sir Hierarch, this is cheats!” The Long Tianming running together of two syllables in rapid speech shouts. “他在作弊!五位神尊大人,他这是作弊!”龙天明急声喊道。 The Nie Li eyebrow selects slightly, said: I want to ask actually that I did cheat? This competition, some stipulations said that can't let participation of Sky Origin Divine Clan? These Sky Origin Divine Clan Expert, are my Retainer, can't they enter the war?” 聂离眉毛微微一挑,说道:“我倒是想要问问,我怎么作弊了?难道这场比试,有规定说不能让天元神族的参加?这些天元神族强者,都是我的仆从,难道他们不能参战?” Divine Feather Sect Expert you have a look at me, I have a look at you, Nie Li said makes some sense, he such does truly is not cheats. 羽神宗强者们你看看我,我看看你,聂离说的还是有一定道理的,他这么做确实不算作弊。 These Sky Origin Divine Clan, are Nie Li Retainer, Retainer can enter the war. 这些天元神族的,都是聂离仆从,仆从是可以参战的。 Suddenly braves more than 100 Dao of Dragon Realm Sky Origin Divine Clan Expert, was too inconceivable. 只是,突然冒出来100多龙道境天元神族强者,太不可思议了。 Only listens to Hierarch Martialsky saying: Nie Li brings Retainer to enter the war, is not cheats.” 只听天武神尊说道:“聂离仆从参战,并不算作弊。” The Hierarch Martialsky sound, Divine Feather Sect all Expert heard, since Hierarch Martialsky said that what opinion that other people also do have? 天武神尊的声音,羽神宗所有强者们都听到了,既然天武神尊都这么说了,那其他人还有什么意见? Long Tianming realized suddenly that five Hierarch have stood this side Nie Li, does not know that Nie Li has used any method! 龙天明忽然意识到,五位神尊已经是站在聂离这一边了,不知道聂离用了什么方法! Long Tianming is too not resigned at heart, he managed was so long, had sacrificed so many, must sit the position of Substitute of Sect Master shortly immediately, has not thought that the halfway killed Nie Li, making his all plans probably waste. 龙天明的心里太不甘心了,他经营了这么久,牺牲了那么多,眼看着马上就要坐上代宗主之位了,没想到半路杀出一个聂离,令他所有的计划都要白费了。 Bastard!” Long Tianming was annoyed, he has thought of anything suddenly, pointed to Nie Li saying that five Sir Hierarch the bright mirror, my Divine Feather Sect disciple, who can have such astonishing financial resource, recruited over a hundred Tianyuan Hierarch Expert, this person had certainly the Demon God Sect support, he was the ambush in our Divine Feather Sect spy, cannot make him Divine Feather Sect Substitute of Sect Master absolutely, otherwise our Divine Feather Sect future prospect is worrying!” To be continued “混蛋!”龙天明恼火极了,他忽然想到了什么,直指聂离说道,“五位神尊大人明鉴,我羽神宗的弟子,谁能拥有这么惊人的财力,招募到上百位天元神尊强者,这个人一定是有邪魔外道支持的,他是潜伏在我们羽神宗的奸细,绝对不能让他成为羽神宗代宗主,否则我们羽神宗未来前途堪忧啊!”未完待续
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