RP :: Volume #51

#3885 Part 3: Return

transports/fortunes( core extremely when Passive), opens treasure box kind of item, 15 probabilities obtain maximum scope income ( common situation, is absolutely impossible to trigger this income rank, is only higher than 300 points in the unwrapped Charm attribute, and Luck is basic capability achieves above Lv.85, may trigger this income rank, or extremely special transporting potential class equipment, may trigger this income rank, when this income rank triggering, after treasure box opening, will have intensely, and over 3 seconds flash phenomenon). 极运(核心・被动),开启宝箱物品时,有15概率获得最高幅度收益(寻常情况,绝无可能触发此收益等级,仅在裸装魅力属性高于300点,且幸运系基础能力达到Lv.85以上,才可触发此收益等级,或是极为特殊的运势类装备,才可触发此收益等级,当此收益等级触发时,宝箱开启后将有强烈且三秒以上的闪光现象)。 Prompt: Your all Adventure Group Skill have achieved Lv. EX, your team Skill roll-call transforms as the team jurisdiction card.】 提示:你的所有冒险团技能均已达到Lv.EX,你所得的团队技能点将转化为团队权限卡。】 In a team Skill transformation, you obtain team jurisdiction card 40.】 【团队技能点转化中,你获得团队权限卡40张。】 Team jurisdiction card: When Adventure Group Captain uses this card, may let assign the Adventure Group Skill rank + 1, if must promote rarely team Skill , needs single consumption 3 team jurisdiction card .】 【团队权限卡:当冒险团团长使用此卡时,可让指定冒险团技能等级,如需提升稀有・团队技能,需单次消耗三张团队权限卡。】 ...... …… Previous acquired 27 team jurisdiction card , Bailey sells 121500 Soul coin Price in Business Deal Street, is 4500 Soul coin one, regarding high rank Adventure Group, this Price is not high. 上次获得的27张团队权限卡,贝妮交易街卖出121500枚灵魂钱币价格,也就是4500枚灵魂钱币一张,对于高阶冒险团,这价格并不高。 Su Xiao's Breaking Dawn Adventure Group , although is single Adventure Group, team jurisdiction card that but as the SSS level( most high grade level Adventure Group), his Adventure Group derives, many large-scale Adventure Group can also use normally, and after the use, certain recessive advantage, after all this is the world appraisal of S + ultra high rank world, derives income team jurisdiction card . 要知道,苏晓的破晓冒险团虽是单人冒险团,但作为SSS级(最高等冒险团),他冒险团所衍生的团队权限卡,多人大型冒险团也能正常使用,且使用后,还有一定的隐性好处,毕竟这是S+超高阶世界世界评价,所衍生收益的团队权限卡 team jurisdiction card indeed does not have the division of Quality, but there is a color difference, general is the white, good some are Purple, what top is the golden color, but the team jurisdiction card that Su Xiao Adventure Group derives, the golden color has been in thick, has presented dark gold/metal Gan. 团队权限卡的确没有品质之分,但有颜色差异,一般的都是白色,好一些是紫色,顶级的是金色,而苏晓冒险团所衍生的这种团队权限卡,金色到过于浓厚,已出现暗金感。 Looks at these team jurisdiction card in storage space, Su Xiao remembered old friend God Sovereign, good of God Sovereign Adventure Group development, but compares God Sovereign Adventure Group subordinate Ram Chamber of Commerce , God Sovereign Adventure Group was a long story. 看着储存空间内的这些团队权限卡,苏晓想起了老朋友神皇,神皇冒险团发展的挺不错,但相比神皇冒险团麾下的公羊商会,神皇冒险团就一言难尽了。 However the God Sovereign Adventure Group backbone members, are clear, the chamber of commerce brings in money rapidly right, when there is a disaster to arrive, is powerful credible, Soul coin indeed is multipurpose, but after the danger raids, Soul coin not only had no way to solve this nearly to the present death, will also let in the enemy heart greedy was more exuberant. 不过神皇冒险团的骨干成员们,都清楚一点,商会来钱迅速没错,当有灾祸降临,还是自身强大靠谱,灵魂钱币的确是万能,但在危险袭来后,灵魂钱币不仅没法解决这近到眼前的死亡,还会让敌人心中的贪婪更旺盛。 Even if now eight, Ninth Order Contractor cognition basically are, WTF, Ram Chamber of Commerce unexpectedly is the God Sovereign Adventure Group branch little brother? 哪怕现在八、九阶契约者的认知基本都是,卧槽,公羊商会居然是神皇冒险团的分支小弟? Calculates the time, for a long time with the God Sovereign Adventure Group transaction, that side has not been the fund is vigorous, can enjoy oneself to the full weeds out...... coughs ~, can sincerity full transaction. 算算时间,好久没和神皇冒险团交易,想必那边已是资金浑厚,可以尽兴的薅……咳~,可以诚意满满的交易一场了。 However before then, Su Xiao also has a more important matter, after he goes out, directly soars Attributes Enhancing Hall, after more than 30 minutes, his behind Bin gate closure. 不过在此之前,苏晓还有件更重要的事,他出门后直奔属性强化大厅,30多分钟后,他身后的仓门关闭。 Welcome uses No. 1806 attribute strengthening chamber.】 【欢迎使用1806号属性强化仓。】 Presently available True Attribute point: 100 points.】 【现可用真实属性点:100点。】 Su Xiao has not started attribute strengthening chamber temporarily, he sits cross-legged in the place, takes out Holy Emblem of the God Race soul 苏晓暂没启动属性强化仓,他盘坐在地,取出【神族圣徽・魂】,啪啦一声,这圣徽化为一股太阳般的金色能量,没入到他的胸膛。 Like the Solar scalding hot feeling, takes his chest as the initial station to the peripheral spread, whole body all cells but therefore the severe pain, is good because of the body attribute also continues to increase, as grasping many Extinguishing Law is Extinguishing Law of core competencies, Su Xiao naturally not because of this grade of ache faint, but is the body and spirit of feeling fast strengthen. 如同太阳的灼热感,以他的胸膛为起始点向周边蔓延,全身所有细胞都在因此而剧痛,好在身体属性也持续攀升,作为掌握多种灭法系核心能力的灭法,苏晓当然没因这等疼痛昏厥,而是感受快速变强的体魄。 Holy Emblem of the God Race soul The material is, in following 5 day, the body will be nourished significantly, actually this promotion is step by step, most starts is promotion True Strength, True Agility, True Stamina and True Intelligence, getting down the First Order section is HP, is Mana, finally is Soul Vitality. 神族圣徽・魂】的资料为,后续的五个自然日内,身体将受到大幅度滋养,其实这提升是分阶段的,最开始是提升真实力量真实敏捷真实体力真实智力,下一阶段是生命值,然后是法力值,最后是灵魂强度 Therefore is only several hours, Su Xiao's True Strength, True Agility, True Stamina and True Intelligence completes respectively 50 points promotion, it is a pity that this promotion cannot trigger the perfect physique effect, when with using the Strength source nature promotion the situation is close. 因此只是几小时,苏晓的真实力量真实敏捷真实体力真实智力就完成各50点的提升,遗憾的是,这提升没能触发完美体质效果,和使用力量源质提升时情况接近。 Su Xiao examines the attribute, after the moment, he assigns an attribute way is: Strength + 15 points, Agility + 15 points, Intelligence + 15 points , True Attribute also remains 55 points, before Promotion Supreme Powerhouse, selected in less than these True Attribute temporarily, after the assignment is completed, he activates attribute strengthening chamber that is. 苏晓查看自身属性,片刻后,他分配属性点的方式为:力量点,敏捷点,智力点,,真实属性点还剩55点,在晋升至强前,暂时用不了这些真实属性点了,分配完成后,他激活所在的属性强化仓 After two hours, the body surface scatters some steam Su Xiao, long expiratory port foul air, rushing Strength in within the body racing wells up, when the promotion is completed, he examines the personal data. 两小时后,体表飘散些许热气的苏晓,长呼出口浊气,澎湃的力量在体内奔涌,当提升完成时,他查看个人资料。 HP ; 100( in promotion). 生命值;100(提升中)。 Mana ; 152469 points( in promotion). 法力值;152469点(提升中)。 Strength: 800 points. 力量:800点。 Agility: 800 points. 敏捷:800点。 stamina: 800 points. 体力:800点。 Intelligence: 800 points. 智力:800点。 Charm: Point. 魅力:-28点。 ...... ……
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