RP :: Volume #51

#3886 Part 1: The strength of Star Chen

The strength of Chapter 3886 Star Chen 第3886章辰之力 Closes the material, after the Su Xiao returning to normal aura, sets out from attribute strengthening chamber, after having Attributes Enhancing Hall, he in exchange store strolled the circle, discovered that recent consumables Price rises suddenly, at least increase about 15. 关闭自身资料,苏晓平复气息后从属性强化仓内起身,出了属性强化大厅后,他在交易市场逛了圈,发现最近的消耗品价格猛涨,至少涨幅15左右。 The increase of this degree, should to conduct Eighth Order Ninth Order world World Snatching War, the consumables and equipment rose most, Skill Scroll wait/etc. need to invest for a long time can enhance the strength category Price to fall. 这个程度的涨幅,应该是要进行八阶~九阶世界世界争夺战了,消耗品、装备涨的最多,技能卷轴等需要长期投入才能提升战力的品类价格有所滑落。 When Su Xiao returns to private room, Boubo and Bailey are confronting daily, the reason is Boubo washes the gel of capilli to wash the whole body with Bailey, Bailey only gives up with the pisolite big or small same place each time, finally when Boubo one time with most bottle, at first, Bailey also wonders, how this silly dog had the taste, traded such nice-smelling plant fragrant gel, then she heard carefully, the vision was gradually dignified. 苏晓回到专属房间时,布布汪贝妮正在日常对峙,原因是布布汪贝妮洗头毛的沐浴露洗全身,贝妮每次只舍得用豆粒大小一块,结果布布汪一次用大半瓶,最初时,贝妮还纳闷,这傻狗怎么有品味了,换了这么好闻的植物香沐浴露,然后她仔细一闻,目光逐渐凝重。 Su Xiao takes is only remaining the gel of less than half bottle, looked at Bailey, looked at Boubo, asked: This, how much money.” 苏晓拿着只剩小半瓶的沐浴露,看了眼贝妮,又看了眼布布汪,问道:“这,多少钱。” Meow ~ “呜喵~” Bailey meow the claw stretches out. 贝妮一只喵爪伸出。 5 Soul coin?” “五灵魂钱币?” Meow meow!” “呜喵喵!” Bailey said this thing value 500 Soul coin, as well as with this wool scouring, can permanent buff after of forest terrain went into hiding, Su Xiao turned over the gel in hand was observing several seconds, then put down, no matter decision this matter. 贝妮说出这玩意价值500枚灵魂钱币,以及用这个洗毛,能永久性增益在森林地形的自身隐匿性后,苏晓把手中的沐浴露翻转着观察了几秒,然后放下,决定还是不管这事。 Su Xiao sits on the single-seat sofa rests, after the alleviation just significantly enhanced the physical quality, the faint sore feeling of muscle, A' Mu in own antique bell Guiqian, manipulates its beloved antique bell, with specialized tool correction gear and spiral spring, while pastes is hearing the sound is right. 苏晓坐在单人沙发上休息,缓解刚大幅度提升身体素质后,肌肉的隐隐酸痛感,阿姆在自己的古董钟柜前,摆弄一枚它心爱的古董钟,一边用专业工具调校齿轮、发条,一边贴着听声音对不对。 Baja is reading individual terminal, no by Revelation Paradise that side year sand sculpture event ranking funny laughing, will be taken up the big cup orange juice occasionally, holds in the mouth the straw, the eye is not leaving individual terminal. 巴哈在翻看个人终端,没一会就被天启乐园那边的年度沙雕事件排行榜逗的哈哈大笑,偶尔拿起大杯橙汁,叼着吸管,眼睛不离个人终端。 Boubo has jumped to the hanging lamp on, is holding the hanging lamp of rocking, looks at Bailey on below tea table, Bailey is shining meow the claw, is giving a tongue-lashing the canine, you give the facial expression that I get down, the Boubo stubborn expression, I not! 布布汪已跳到吊灯上,抱着晃动的吊灯,看着下方茶几上的贝妮,贝妮亮着喵爪,呲着尖牙,一副你给我下来的神情,布布汪则倔强的表示,我就不! Finally Su Xiao makes Bailey go to Great Assembling Ground to sell this obtained income, rescues a Boubo dog's life, after Bailey walks, Su Xiao searches the hand to take up the gel on tea table, observed again met this value 300 Soul coin gels, after Alchemy analyzed, discovered that the cost price of this thing should in 280 ~ 290 Soul coin, be able 300 Soul coin to attain, ironclad was Bailey starts from friend that. 最终还是苏晓贝妮大聚地售卖这次所得收益,才救布布汪一条狗命,待贝妮走后,苏晓探手拿起茶几上的沐浴露,再次观察了一会这价值300枚灵魂钱币的沐浴露,以炼金学分析后,发现这玩意的成本价应该在280~290灵魂钱币,能300灵魂钱币拿到,铁定是贝妮朋友那入手的。 And this thing mixture has the level, is not the catalysis of Pharmaceutical Study, is one type synthesizes Arte, has the means to decode actually, the time cost blood that but consumes owes. 以及这玩意调配的相当有水平,不是药剂学的催化,是一种合成术式,倒是有办法破解,但消耗的时间成本血亏。 Su Xiao looks to the Bailey toilet articles locker, suddenly felt, this is almost equal to a little strongbox, nearby Boubo looks around, it seems like took more than 200 Soul coin bath, it also feared that Su Xiao pulls out it. 苏晓看向贝妮的洗漱用品小柜,忽然感觉,这几乎等于个小金库,一旁的布布汪东张西望,看来洗了个200多灵魂钱币的澡,它也怕苏晓抽它。 Prompt: You obtain Will Gem( Eternal Level Gem only highly rare).】 提示:你获得意志宝石(永恒级宝石・唯一・高度稀有)。】 Prompt appears suddenly, as expected, that being predestined friends person quilt Will Gem Dies to to subdue|grams, then, in the Su Xiao hand has Will Gem, Soul Eater Gem, Sacred Gem In these three legends Gem. 提示忽然出现,不出所料,那有缘人被【意志宝石】给克死,如此一来,苏晓手中就持有【意志宝石】、【噬魂宝石】、【神圣宝石】这三颗传说中宝石 Su Xiao has not made Bailey sell these Gem, this may raise the unknown risk, following he will go to Great Assembling Ground to act personally these three Gem. 苏晓没让贝妮卖这些宝石,这可能会引发未知风险,后续他会亲自去大聚地出手这三颗宝石 Arrives deposits the Tablet of Awakening room, he takes out 【The soul of revenge With three 【The soul of powerhouse, Uses for Tablet of Awakening, Tablet of Awakening enters unseals mode, the Extinguishing Law Skill intensity on this time presenting will be very high. 来到存放唤醒之碑的房间,他取出【复仇之魂】与三颗【强者之魂】,对唤醒之碑使用,唤醒之碑进入解封状态,想必这次上面出现的灭法技能强度会很高。 Tablet of Awakening has two types of the ability unlocking of systems, the first type is Extinguishing Law is the ability, Azure Steel Shadow, Azure Shadow King, Devouring Nucleus wait/etc., is this kind of ability, the kind of ability that on Tablet of Awakening inscribes, uses 【The soul of revenge Comes the unlocking. 唤醒之碑有两种体系的能力解锁,第一种是灭法系能力,青钢影青影王吞噬之核等,都是这类能力,唤醒之碑上铭刻的这类能力,是用【复仇之魂】来解锁。 This kind of ability, altogether needs two 【The soul of revenge Ability, then complete unlocking, as for 【The soul of powerhouse The unlocking, is the Extinguishing Law department on Tablet of Awakening general competence, this piles the Passive way, can make Su Xiao draws cut is not only the Ultimate development method, further presents the qualitative change. 这类能力,一共需要两颗【复仇之魂】能力,即可全部解锁,至于【强者之魂】所解锁的,是唤醒之碑上的灭法系・通用能力,这是堆被动的方式,可以让苏晓砍既是大招的发展方式,进一步出现质变。 Before Su Xiao arrives at exclusive Skill Promotion Warehouse, in the past in skill promotion hall must first imprint recognition, not need to conduct at present, he enters in this exclusive Skill Promotion Warehouse certain range, then the consciousness controls him to open the door or the start. 苏晓来到专属技能升级仓前,以往在技能升级大厅要先烙印识别,眼下无需进行,他进入这专属技能升级仓一定范围内,即可意识操控其开门或是启动等。 Enters in exclusive Skill Promotion Warehouse, when the rug that the ground lays down makes sits cross-legged more comfortable, he sits down behind, examines existing Soul coin, amounts to 2526080, in addition, the Soul crystal mortal form altogether has 141. 走进专属技能升级仓内,地上铺设的绒毯让盘坐时更舒适,他坐下身后,查看现有灵魂钱币,总计2526080枚,除此之外,灵魂晶魄共有141颗。 Seemingly many, may develop the nowadays stage in three techniques, does not eat the resources, but is swallowing up the resources. 看似很多,可在三技法发展到现今阶段,已不是吃资源,而是在鲸吞资源。 If must promote Close Combat Grandmaster Lv.91, must consume Soul crystal mortal form 30 + 285000 Soul coin.】 【如需提升近战宗师Lv.91,需消耗灵魂晶魄30颗枚灵魂钱币。】 If must promote Blood Spear Grandmaster Lv.91, must consume Soul crystal mortal form 30 + 285000 Soul coin.】 【如需提升血枪宗师Lv.91,需消耗灵魂晶魄30颗枚灵魂钱币。】 If must promote Swordplay Grandmaster Lv.95, must consume Soul crystal mortal form 100 + 750000 Soul coin, as well as Primary Nucleus .】 【如需提升刀术宗师Lv.95,需消耗灵魂晶魄100颗枚灵魂钱币,以及一颗原初之核。】 ...... …… What awfully is, before Swordplay Grandmaster made great strides forward Lv.95 from Lv.94, besides Soul Crystal and Soul coin, but also needed one portion Extreme Blade Origin , this thing from Moon Sorceress Cecilis that obtained, what Close Combat Grandmaster and Blood Spear Grandmaster corresponded was source of nature and source of nature blood body. 更要命的是,之前刀术宗师从Lv.94迈进到Lv.95,除了灵魂结晶灵魂钱币外,还需要一份极刃源质,这东西是从月女巫瑟希莉丝那得到,近战宗师血枪宗师对应的是体之源质血之源质 Former Su Xiao has the means to obtain, as for source of nature blood, this thing gains the method only one type, is cuts to kill Ominous Beast - Gadfly . 前者苏晓已有办法获得,至于血之源质,这东西的获取方法仅有一种,就是斩杀凶兽·蜚 The good news is, Ominous Beast - Gadfly is living, the bad news is, this Ominous Beast - Gadfly situated in the ancient battlefield deep place, and has the Supreme Powerhouse level strength. 好消息是,还有一只凶兽·蜚活着,坏消息是,这凶兽·蜚位于古战场深处,并有至强级战力。 In addition, source of nature blood also has characteristics is, must cut to kill the person of Ominous Beast - Gadfly personally, has the qualifications to swallow this source nature, otherwise, this is not the source nature, is the fierce blood is the energy, bloody aura compares other systems, pays great attention to the qualifications and great strength, is Power System of typical law of the jungle. 除此之外,血之源质还有种特性为,必须亲手斩杀凶兽·蜚之人,才有资格吞噬掉这份源质,否则的话,这就不是源质,是烈性血系能量,血气系相比其他体系,更加注重资格与强大,是典型弱肉强食的力量体系 Also therefore, defeats Ominous Beast - Gadfly to the ancient battlefield deep place, does not gain a source of nature this advantage blood. 也因此,去往古战场深处战胜凶兽·蜚,绝不只是获得血之源质这一种好处。 A matter, Su Xiao must go to the ancient battlefield deep place, before from the hand of destiny Ash Vyse that he knew that Extinguishing Law faction has Extinguishing Law exclusive Secret Law for Promotion Supreme Powerhouse, although the Promotion condition is harsher than the current boundary condition, and risk that in the Promotion process dies a violent death is not low, but once Promotion succeeds, behind will be the infinite advantage. 还有件事,苏晓要去往古战场深处,之前从命定之手・阿什维斯那,他得知灭法阵营有一种用于晋升至强灭法者专属秘法,虽说晋升条件比当前极限条件还苛刻很多,且晋升过程中暴毙的风险不低,可一旦晋升成功,后面就将是无穷的好处。 Presently situation, Su Xiao will certainly not go to the ancient battlefield deep place personally, that will die in the Ominous Beast - Gadfly mouth surely, therefore he prepares to seek for Supreme Powerhouse, to the ancient battlefield deep place, helping him seek for Extinguishing Law exclusive Secret Law , this candidate has arranged, most assassin, owlet. 当前的情况,苏晓当然不会亲自去古战场深处,那必定会死在凶兽·蜚口中,所以他准备寻找一名至强者,去往古战场深处,帮他寻找灭法者专属秘法,这个人选已定好,最暗杀者,枭。 The capability system, is the strength step, the owlet is the optimization, before indeed had the gratitude and grudges with the owlet, after does not remove the opposite party really found Extinguishing Law exclusive Secret Law , by this thing coerces, but do not forget, Su Xiao just gave the owlet to provide end product Secret Medicine that cures his daughter. 无论是能力体系,还是实力梯阶,枭都是最佳选择,之前的确与枭有恩怨,不排除对方真找到灭法者专属秘法后,以这东西要挟,但不要忘记,苏晓刚给枭提供了治好其女儿的成品秘药 Su Xiao does not believe, Supreme Powerhouse assassin will be grateful, therefore he from seeing the owlet starts, has been testing the opposite party to have takes seriously and loves the daughter, or, the healer daughter is only spiritual sustenance that powerful Ghost that inundates blind, this sustenance and insignificant. 苏晓不会认为,一名至强暗杀者会对此感激涕零等,因此他从见到枭开始,一直在试探对方有多么重视与疼爱女儿,亦或者,治疗女儿只是一个漫无目的强大幽魂的精神寄托,这寄托本身并无意义。 After the probe, owlet not mental numb Ghost, does not disparage the owlet, this is the assassination is one of the powerhouse diseases, for a long time hidden in Shadow, seeps in dark, own existence and Soul, will dissolve and assimilate by the darkness and Shadow, finally will become powerful actually blind wandering soul. 经试探,枭并非心智麻木的幽魂,不是贬低枭,这是暗杀系强者的弊病之一,长时间隐于暗影,沁于黑暗,自身的存在与灵魂,会被黑暗与暗影所溶解、同化,最终成为强大却无目的的游魂。 The owlet regarding the concern of his daughter, is love to family member, as well as an incomprehensible lightness dreads the feeling, this is very strange. 枭对于其女儿的关爱,是一种对亲人的疼爱,以及一种让人不解的淡淡忌惮感,这就特别奇怪。 Is good because of hot tempered sprite Dia has not disappointed Su Xiao, this likes smoking and drinking, the elf royal family rebel third child of car race, gains the aspect in the information is not blows, succeeds to investigate secret facts. 好在暴躁小精灵迪亚古没让苏晓失望,这喜欢抽烟、喝酒、飙车的精灵王族叛逆老三,在情报获取方面不是吹的,成功调查出一段隐情。 The owlet has not married whom, or falls in love with, even, her impossible lover any man, woman also impossible, the owlet comes a first-class killer organization, its named just church , during the daytime is an ordinary church, at night is the time that the church killer appears and disappears. 枭并未与谁结过婚,或是相爱等,甚至于,她不可能爱人任何男人,女人也没可能,枭出身一个一流杀手组织,其名为正义教堂,白天就是个普通教堂,夜间才是教堂杀手出没的时刻。 just church rises in the 2nd Generation Yuan, the founder iron core godfather is a serious illness to the life shortly after the Kingdom big aristocrat, his first half of life wallows, in the liquor wants in authority wealth/fiscal, after he assigns/life, he opened the eyes to look at this world truly. 正义教堂崛起于第二纪元,缔造者铁心教父是位重病到命不久矣的王国大贵族,他的前半生沉迷在酒欲权财中,在他命不久矣后,他真正睁开了双眼去看这世界 He looks at the rich merchants of these squeezing poverty-stricken people indifferently, the faction member who humiliates the civilians, with the hierarch family that the underground world leaders act in collusion, slum poor who the powerful officials who trample the regulation, as well as humiliate poverty-stricken. 他冷眼看着那些压榨穷苦人的富商,欺凌平民的帮派成员,与地下世界头领们沆瀣一气的掌权者家族,践踏律法的权贵们,以及欺凌比自己更穷苦者的贫民窟贫民。 The intelligent race will certainly have the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, the civilization that all intelligent races establish, never has absolutely fair, this is the inevitable result, but should have the justice, before this is dying, opens iron core godfather who the eyes look in world, the correctness of thinks. 智慧种族一定会有七情六欲,所有智慧种族建立的文明,从来都没有绝对的公平可言,这是必然的结果,但应该有正义可言,这是将死前,睁开双眼看世间的铁心教父,所认为的正确。 The iron core godfather clears the family property, established just church , when the justice was swallowed quickly dark, then just is also the sharp blade in darkness, hidden in darkness, cuts to punish these to dare to trample the person of justice. 铁心教父散尽家财,成立了正义教堂,当正义快被黑暗吞噬,那么正义亦是黑暗中的利刃,隐于黑暗中,裁罚那些敢于践踏正义之人。 The original intention of just church upholds justice for small and weak, indeed did this, the issue is, these cut to punish dare to trample the dark sharp blade of person of justice, was doomed to fully suffer the misery, without severe, and even the cruel and brutal training, is unable to train powerful assassin, once lost enough many powerful assassin, just church survived in name only. 正义教堂的初衷是为弱小者伸张正义,也的确这样做了,问题是,那些裁罚敢于践踏正义之人的黑暗利刃,注定饱受苦难,没有严苛,乃至残忍、残酷的训练,无法培养出强大的暗杀者,一旦失去足够多的强大暗杀者,正义教堂就名存实亡。 The childhood of owlet, passed in just church underground 15, her nun teacher is innermost feelings twists the anomaly extremely, is actually willing to teach the fellow of disciple all abilities, fostered by this nun teacher suffering +, after being grown the owlet, is not to the opposite sex cleanliness/mysophobia, she is to all has the cleanliness/mysophobia feeling close to her Human Race. 枭的童年,就是在正义教堂地下十五层中度过,她的修女导师是个内心极其扭曲变态,却又愿意把所有本领教给弟子的家伙,在这名修女导师的折磨+培养下,成年后的枭,不是对异性洁癖,她是对所有靠近她的人族有洁癖感。 The daughter of owlet inevitably is not she one's own, before these information about her daughter, all was the owlet emits intentionally, the real situation was, the owlet actually had non- cleanliness/mysophobia Human Race, when her childhood playmate and carried out the mission partner, its killer code name for silvers feather Crow . 枭的女儿必然不是她亲生,之前那些关于她女儿的情报,皆是枭故意放出,真正的情况是,枭其实有个不洁癖的人族,她的童年玩伴兼执行任务时的搭档,其杀手代号为乌鸦 Two people are not only the good friends, is the object of mutual contest, the surplus stories on some conventions, silver feather Crow fall in love with Mission Objective, and told the owlet in the follow-up confrontation, just church has deviated the original intention, if were several hundred years ago just church , indeed to extend murdered justly, present just church , but was the lackey of powerful officials. 两人既是挚友,也是互相较量的对象,剩余的故事就有些俗套,银羽乌鸦与一个任务目标相爱,并在后续的交锋中告诉枭,正义教堂早就偏离初衷,如果是几百年前的正义教堂,的确是为了伸展正义而杀伐,眼下的正义教堂,只不过是权贵们的爪牙。 The owlet puts on the mask, killed with one's own hand oneself best friend, and husband of opposite party, in her somewhat translucent, the when sharp blade of thin as cicada wing, will soon prick the daughter in good friend swaddling clothes, when this sharp blade from baby forehead 0.5 centimeter, stops. 枭戴上面具,手刃了自己最好的朋友,以及对方的丈夫,在她那把有几分半透明,薄如蝉翼的利刃,即将刺入挚友襁褓中的女儿时,这把利刃距离婴儿眉心0.5厘米时,停住。 This is silver feather Crow and void recovers the bloodlines of soul most, first makes the organization raise, from now on can certainly train powerful assassin.’ ‘这是银羽乌鸦与虚空最强愈魂师的血脉,先让组织养着,今后一定能培养成强大的暗杀者。’ After this idea appears, the owlet passed oneself this pass/test, receives the blade to pick up the baby, may before returning to the organization, she felt suddenly, carries out mission, particularly after carrying out sweeps clear mission, like this hugs a baby, unavoidably will annoy the unnecessary suspicion, un, first has the dwelling this human young child, waits after a period of time, then to return to the organization. 这个想法出现后,枭过了自己这关,收刀抱走婴儿,可在返回组织前,她忽然感觉,执行任务,尤其是执行清扫任务后,就这样抱回去个婴儿,难免会惹来不必要的怀疑,嗯,先把这人类幼崽存在住处,等过段时间,再送回组织。 In the following time, the owlet inner feeling is: 在后续的时光中,枭内心感受为: Human young child was really bothersome, cries to quarrel, delivered to organize, in the afternoon delivered.’ ‘人类幼崽真烦,哭起来吵死了,送到组织去,下午就送。’ Was too weak, after the human young child is born, was too small and weak, even the feces and urine/size then is unable automatic control, when I am small and weak, certainly is not this.’ ‘太弱了,人类幼崽诞生后太弱小了,连大小便都无法自控,我弱小时,一定不是这样。’ Finally quiet fell asleep, in the afternoon must carry out mission, tomorrow will deliver again.’ ‘终于安静睡着了,下午要执行任务,明天再送。’ Today sends off.’ ‘今天就送走。’ Face chubby.’ ‘脸胖嘟嘟的。’ Organization was unstable recently, next week will deliver to the organization again.’ ‘组织最近不稳定,下周再送到组织。’ Powdered milk must not have, in the afternoon after assassinating the goal, buys on the way.’ ‘奶粉要没了,下午暗杀目标后,顺路去买些。’ Will walk.’ ‘会走路了。’ Really mischievous, including to camouflage don't Uzbekistan , Romania dog of status adoption was a little bothersome this mischievous child.’ ‘真淘气,连为了伪装身份领养的莫乌罗犬都有点烦这淘气鬼了。’ Hateful, do not call my mother again, your mother dies of my hand.’ ‘可恶,别再叫我妈妈,你母亲就是死于我手。’ Daughter must go to school today, beyond the high level of ultra threshold, was enrolled by bathe soul the master school on own initiative, recovers the bloodlines of soul worthily most, no, the bloodlines are only the multiplication carrier , there is nothing to do with the talent, certainly will be day after tomorrow outstanding training, will make her have the talent.’ ‘女儿今天就要去上学,以远超门槛的高水平,被沐魂师学院主动招入,不愧是最强愈魂师的血脉,不,血脉只是繁衍载体,与天赋无关,一定是后天优秀的培养,才让她这么有天赋。’ After a half year of visit healer, went to most void, as well as three being aloof, finally in being aloof Meteor Fall Star in the Argo style Ceremony of Eyes scholar mouth knew, what daughter trouble is Cayeux cryptogam gestation period heredity sickness , certainly is silver feather Crow and I assassinates mission that time to the fungus city execution, silver feather Crow is corroded, calculates the time, at that time she just in gestation period.’ ‘历经半年的走访治疗,去了大半个虚空,以及三个超脱之界,终于在超脱之界・陨灭星亚尔古学派眼之仪式学者口中得知,女儿患的是尼卡耶孢子植物孕期遗传症,一定是银羽乌鸦和我到真菌地城执行暗杀任务那次,银羽乌鸦被侵蚀,算算时间,那时她刚好在孕期。’ ‚, Does not give up.’ ‘绝不,放弃。’ ...... …… This basically is the experience of owlet and her daughter, said that Arcane Eternal Star Crow female, is the disciple of owlet, besides the Crow female, the owlet actually also two disciples, respectively already the silver pupil that dies and also living black feather. 这基本就是枭与她女儿的经历,说起来奥术永恒星乌鸦女,就是枭的弟子,除了乌鸦女外,枭其实还有两名弟子,分别是已死的银瞳和还活着的黑羽。 The killer code name that the silver pupils, black feather and Crow female these three owlets have, takes key words or the keyword respectively, can compose silvers feather Crow . 银瞳、黑羽、乌鸦女这三个枭起的杀手代号,各取一个关键字或关键词,就能组成乌鸦 Cayeux cryptogam gestation period heredity sickness can be cured, is miracle level Secret Medicine can achieve, the recovery period after cure, needs certainly some auxiliary Secret Medicine, therefore Su Xiao was not worried after the owlet attains Extinguishing Law exclusive Secret Law , takes this as to coerce, both sides have the chip in the hand. 尼卡耶孢子植物孕期遗传症能被治愈,是奇迹级秘药才能做到,治愈后的恢复期,当然需要一些辅助性秘药,所以苏晓并不担心枭拿到灭法者专属秘法后,以此为要挟,双方都有筹码在手中。 In exclusive Skill Promotion Warehouse, the Su Xiao choice promotes Close Combat Grandmaster, the next second, the 90 Soul crystal mortal forms before his body are stave, change into the pure spirit soul energy quantity to submerge to his within the body, at the same time, his Soul coin fast consumption. 专属技能升级仓内,苏晓选择提升近战宗师,下一秒,他身前的90颗灵魂晶魄破碎,化为纯净灵魂能量没入到他体内,在这同时,他的灵魂钱币快速消耗。 Nearly after one hour, the Su Xiao steady aura, he develops the direction simple and crude of Close Combat Grandmaster, one foot tramples, when promotion are more is the technique mage system ability derives to protect the promotion of body energy , as well as tramples the promotion of might, rather than the resembles promotes Swordplay Grandmaster, enters realizes from experience the scene. 近一小时后,苏晓平稳气息,他发展近战宗师的方向简单粗暴,就一脚直踹,因此提升时更多是技法系能力衍生护体能量的提升,以及直踹威力的提升,而非像提升刀术宗师般,进入体悟场景。 Close Combat Grandmaster has promoted to Lv.94.】 近战宗师已提升至Lv.94。】 If must promote Close Combat Grandmaster Lv.94, must consume Soul crystal mortal form 50 + 500000 Soul coin, as well as one portion physique source nature .】 【如需提升近战宗师Lv.94,需消耗灵魂晶魄50颗枚灵魂钱币,以及一份体质源质。】 ...... …… Su Xiao takes out Assigns source nature treasure box, This is he completes world mission Divine spirit hunter obtained. 苏晓取出【指定源质宝箱】,这是他完成世界任务神灵猎人所得。 You have opened assign source nature treasure box.】 【你已开启指定源质宝箱。】 You may in the source nature stock, choose a seedling source nature to gain.】 【你可在源质库存中,选择一种源质获取。】 You obtain the source of nature body.】 【你获得体之源质。】 ...... …… 50 Soul crystal mortal forms and 50 ten thousand Soul coin, as well as source of nature 1 body prepares completely, he chooses the promotion, the next second, he changes into a darkness at present, does not enter like Swordplay Grandmaster realizes from experience the scene, but falls into the dreamland. 50颗灵魂晶魄、50万灵魂钱币,以及一份体之源质都准备周全,他选择提升,下一秒,他眼前化为一片黑暗,不是像刀术宗师那样进入体悟场景,而是陷入梦乡。 When Su Xiao wakes up, he handles gently only rubs forehead several minutes to recover consciousness, possibly is the Close Combat Grandmaster development method extremely purely with the limit, when causes breaks through to Lv.95, nearly him gives to pack off. 苏晓醒来时,他单手轻揉额头几分钟才缓过来,可能是近战宗师的发展方式太过纯粹与极限,导致突破到Lv.95时,险些把他给送走。 Close Combat Grandmaster: Lv.95( technique Passive)】 近战宗师:Lv.95(技法・被动)】 Skill Effects: Kicks the technique to injure rank + 80( to promote 33), physical body obdurability promotion 69( promotes 11). 技能效果:踢技伤害阶位(提升33),肉体强韧性提升69(提升11)。 Strength Penetration kick strengthening: Amounts to nine times( the 1. attack forces paralysis and 2. defense specific weight to reduce, 3. strongly armor piercing broken shield and 4. real penetration and 5. Destroyer Artillery and 6. destruction level and 7. fly to promote, 8. extermination level and 9. Star Chen level). 力量穿透踢技强化:总计九次(1.攻击强制麻痹、2.防御重度削减、3.强・破甲破盾、4.真实穿透、5.毁灭重炮6.毁灭级、7.飞升级、8.诛灭级、9.辰级)。 Lv.95 Ultimate Skill Strength Penetration kicks the technique nine strengthening( Supreme Powerhouse level Passive): Kicks the technique to attack the Judgement promotion to Star Chen level , the use kicks the technique each time, will have the probability to obtain the source the strength of Star Chen in addition holds, next time will attack to cause 5 times of overall damage. Lv.95终极能力力量穿透・踢技九次强化(至强级・被动):踢技攻击判定提升至辰级,每次使用踢技,将有概率获得本源・辰之力的加持,下次攻击造成五倍整体伤害。 warning: Because you iterated many Passive characteristics, the promotion kicks technique tramples the might, when your tramples triggers the source the strength of in addition Star Chen holds, next time when will trample causes 5 times of damage, you use the foot and thigh that kick the technique, will withstand limit excess load, the big probability causes itself to damage, or the specific weight shatter wound of foot and thigh. 警告:因你迭加了过多的被动特性,提升踢技・直踹威力,当你的直踹触发本源・辰之力加持,下次直踹造成五倍伤害时,你使用踢技的足部与腿部,将承受极限・超负荷,大概率造成自身损伤,或是足部与腿部的重度破碎伤。 Prompt: Because of the source the strength of Star Chen characteristics, you receive the source each time when strength of addition Star Chen, source strength of Star Chen while addition nourishes your body and spirit, your attack characteristics will obtain the permanent promotion, such as the use kicks the technique to trigger the source strength of Star Chen addition, then your kicking technique might will promote 0.25 time, until this addition is 5 times of degrees, you will not trigger the source from now on again strength of Star Chen addition. 提示:因本源・辰之力的特性,你每次受到本源・辰之力加成时,本源・辰之力将在加成的同时滋养你的体魄,你的该攻击特性将获得永久性提升,如使用踢技触发本源・辰之力的加成,那么你的踢技威力将提升0.25倍,直至这个加成达到五倍的程度,你今后将不会再触发本源・辰之力的加成。 ...... …… It seems like that is the probabilistic injury addition, in fact is the expanding permanent addition, but needs to fight exercises, moreover is the odd promotion 5 times of injuries. 看似是概率性伤害加成,实际上是成长性的永久性加成,只是需要战斗进行锻炼,而且是离谱的提升五倍伤害。
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