RP :: Volume #51

#3885 Part 2: Return

It seems like Eleen Gillian is thinks, before stressed repeatedly, remained to Su Xiao was very specially interesting, the easy-to-use treasure, finally she has not left the address, let take care simply temporarily world indicator Good friend, world indicator Issues Su Xiao. 看来格林·吉莉安是想起来,之前强调多次,给苏晓留了特别有趣、特别好用的宝物,最后她没留地址,干脆就让暂时保管【世界指针】的好友,将【世界指针】发给苏晓 This thing agrees with highly Bailey, after it to Bailey, Su Xiao takes out named from the storage space Greedy precious pearl Equipment. 这东西高度契合贝妮,将其给贝妮后,苏晓从储存空间内取出一件名为【贪婪宝珠】的装备。 Greedy precious pearl 【贪婪宝珠】 Origin : Gloomy Continent. 产地:幽暗大陆 Equipment effect: When the greedy trillion( Passive), carries along, or the equipment in the special Accessory column, such as in the peripheral 100 meters has the rare treasure, this item will emit to be in sole possession of the fluctuation, and emits the splendor of rare treasure, scatters to the position that the rare treasure is. 装备效果:贪婪之兆(被动),随身携带时,或装备于特殊饰品栏,如周边100米内存在秘宝,此物品将放出独有波动,并放出秘宝之辉,向秘宝所在的位置飘散。 Equips debuff: When greedy Adversity( Passive), carries along, or the equipment in the special Accessory column, will significantly reduce own transporting potential( is too low because of your transporting potential lower limiting value, this debuff to you invalid). 装备减益:贪婪厄运(被动),随身携带时,或装备于特殊饰品栏,将会大幅度降低自身的运势(因你的运势下限值过低,此减益对你无效)。 Synopsis: Will always have bad luck to the rare treasure grabber occasionally, naturally, if you already enough unlucky, that this precious pearl also takes you to have no alternative. 简介:对秘宝贪心者总是会偶尔倒霉,当然,如果你已经足够倒霉,那这宝珠也拿你无可奈何。 ...... …… He obtains this thing when Eternal Light World, just started to obtain, but also has become effective several times, afterward does not know where has problems, has not become effective again, not only that this precious pearl surface also split several points. 他是在永光世界获得此物,刚开始获得时,还生效过几次,后来不知道是哪里出了问题,再也没生效过,不仅如此,这宝珠表面还裂开了几分。 Su Xiao felt, must look for the opportunity to sell out this thing, otherwise not only brings to be useless on the body, said when does not permit this thing bang one to blast out, step Demon Hunter King, Hunts for the Ronghui of dragon, Engraved inscription base god sacrifice Footsteps. 苏晓感觉,得找机会把这玩意卖掉,否则不仅带在身上没用,说不准这玩意何时就嘭的一下炸开,步了【猎魔之王】、【猎龙之荣辉】、【铭文基座・神祭】的后尘。 Prompt: This restoration, you total pay 38620 Soul coin.】 提示:本次恢复,你总计支付38620点灵魂钱币。】 Restores the expense to continue to increase, but looked at eye existing Soul coin, in the Su Xiao heart is steadfast immediately. 恢复费用持续攀升,不过看了眼现有的灵魂钱币,苏晓心中当即踏实。 Settles accounts the world reward to start.】 【结算世界奖励开始。】 Primary world: Blazing Sun Star. 原生世界:烈阳 World Difficulty: Lv.70 ~ Lv.??? 世界难度:Lv.70~Lv.??? World's Origin: 23 8. 18. 世界之源:238.18。 Completes the mission quantity: 12( this world mission addition Judgement, biggest 12, rather than Hunter this time only completes 12 mission). 完成任务数量:12个(本世界任务加成判定,最大12个,而非猎杀者本次仅完成12个任务)。 Comprehensive Evaluation: S + 综合评价:S+ Starts to gather World's Origin...... 开始收取世界之源…… World's Origin gathers completes, starts to count the reward. 世界之源收取完成,开始统计奖励。 Is rewarded: 100 True Attribute( Absolute Powerhouse level imprint single world in a big way gains quantity), Stone of Origin 30( this for ordinary Stone of Origin), golden resin 82 grams. 获得奖励:100点真实属性点(绝强烙印单个世界最大获取量),起源石30(此为普通起源石),黄金树脂82克。 Prompt: True Power Plunder has activated, you will obtain 1 ~ 3 Gold Skill Point. 提示:真实之力掠夺已激活,你将获得1~3点黄金技能点 Prompt: You obtain 3 Gold Skill Point( decides according to Comprehensive Evaluation). 提示:你获得三点黄金技能点(根据综合评价而定)。 Comprehensive Evaluation is S +, Hunter presently the imprint rank is Lv.95, imprint rank + 6. 5( mission world rank mission completes quantity + Comprehensive Evaluation mission finish time , to promote expert title extra + 0.1). 综合评价为S+,猎杀者烙印等级为Lv.95,烙印等级+6.五(任务世界阶位任务完成数量+综合评价-任务完成时间,升级达人・称号额外)。 Prompt: Your imprint rank has achieved Lv.95( this is the Absolute Powerhouse level hable accessible most high grade level). 提示:你的烙印等级已达到Lv.95(此为绝强级可达到的最高等级)。 Prompt: Your extra jurisdiction + Lv. 6. 5. 提示:你的额外权限+Lv.6.五。 The settlement is completed, the reward has stored in Hunter imprint. 结算完成,奖励已存入猎杀者烙印内。 ...... …… This is Su Xiao obtains True Attribute most one time, but wants to come is also, wild animal Divine spirit and high tower knight of distortion are long, nuns and numerous deify the body and Blazing Sun king Ashlot and Solar king, at this time 11 recall these powerful enemies, felt that this time is to perish in Blazing Sun Star, defeats these powerful enemies, having this grade of World's Origin harvest is not strange. 这是苏晓获得真实属性点最多的一次,不过想来也是,畸变的野兽神灵、高塔骑士长、修女、众神化身、烈阳君王・艾什洛特太阳王,此时一一回想这些强敌,都感觉这次是要殒命于烈阳,战胜这些强敌,有这等世界之源收获并不奇怪。 That most starts in clearout that the place of Divine spirit Exiler conducts, do not forget, Divine spirit also in Blazing Sun Star magnificently after a period of time, even if following distortion, but after striking kills, obtained World's Origin is not low. 加之最开始在神灵放逐之地进行的清场,别忘记,神灵们也在烈阳辉煌过一段时间,哪怕后续畸变,但击杀后所得的世界之源不低。 In addition, this time obtains Golden resin Is the good thing, probably 100 grams golden resin, can the fat seal nine Star titles, although is not all nine Star titles can the fat seal. 除此之外,这次获得的【黄金树脂】是好东西,大概100克黄金树脂,能脂封一枚九称号,虽说不是所有九称号都能脂封。 This thing is not used for fat to seal/confer sells, a it bigger value, is used to purchase the title, for example a Su Xiao present contemplation kind of title, is six Star titles Natural resonance, If he wants to purchase nine Star suit and oneself contemplates a kind of title, he can on Great Assembling Ground vendor's booth, leave behind various kind of requests of this title, finally additional has arranged Golden resin, Some quick people will relate, sells title. 这玩意不是用来脂封卖,其更大价值,是用来收购称号,就比如苏晓现在的冥想类称号,是六称号【自然共鸣】,倘若他想购买一枚九且适合自己的冥想类称号,他可以在大聚地摊位上,留下这称号的各类要求,最后加一句已备好【黄金树脂】,很快就会有人联系,来卖称号。 High Rank Contractor opening of Great Assembling Ground to six big Paradise, then, can purchase the appropriate title the probability to rise dramatically, hinders the title transaction only, is 96 titles is initial is unable to trade mode. 大聚地对六大乐园的高阶契约者开放,如此一来,能购买到合适称号的概率飙升,唯一阻碍称号交易的,是96的称号为初始无法交易状态 Su Xiao takes out Samsara healer badge( jurisdiction class item)】, The choice use, the next second, he and Boubo, A' Mu, Baja, Bailey and others, all gradually floats, this Profound Restoration, unexpectedly is the team characteristics. 苏晓取出【轮回治疗徽章(权限类物品)】,选择使用,下一秒,他与布布汪阿姆巴哈贝妮等,全都逐渐漂浮而起,这次深度恢复,竟是团队特性。 The energy pellet that the naked eye cannot see in peripheral appears, was absorbed by the body, as after the blood flows the whole body, starts to conduct the deepest restoration, after Su Xiao gradually falls, by sitting on the single-seat sofa is enjoying Profound Restoration, because of relaxes completely, he goes off quickly. 肉眼看不到的能量颗粒在周边浮现,被身体吸收,随着血液流淌全身后,开始进行最深度的恢复,苏晓逐渐落下后,靠坐在单人沙发上享受着深度恢复,因完全放松,他很快就睡去。 When Su Xiao wakes up, the time had crossed for 5 hours, he sets out from the sofa, said that the whole person like taking off the armor is somewhat exaggerating, but indeed feels the whole body to be relaxed, mutually not only that before and abyss Archbishop remained commemorating, has vanished at this time, various internal injuries restored, particularly with the Solar king dead wartime, was roasted by Blazing Sun roasts wound Soul, this was most difficult to restore, at present has restored such as beginning. 苏晓醒来,时间已过了五个多小时,他从沙发上起身,说整个人如同脱铁衣有些夸张,但的确感到全身轻松,不仅如此,之前与深渊大主教互相留的‘纪念’,此时已消失,各类暗伤都恢复,尤其是和太阳王死战时,被烈阳炙烤伤的灵魂,这是最难恢复,眼下已恢复如初。 Prompt: the shadow of abyss has completed this promotion.】 提示:深渊之影已完成本次提升。】 【The shadow of abyss 深渊之影】 Origin : Reincarnation Paradise 产地:轮回乐园 Quality: 品质: The limit burns to refine: Five times( pinnacle). 极限燃炼:五次(极致)。 Category: Title highest rare. 类别:称号・最高稀有度。 Title effect 1: When the angry shadow( Passive), to fighting World Destroyer Grade exists with abyss is an enemy, additionally will create 50 True Damage. 称号效果一:怒影(被动),对战灭世级存在与深渊系敌人时,将额外造成50的真实伤害 Title effect 2: Shadow( Passive), your selects Abyss Resistance every time, will raise 1 body speed, as well as 5000 HP. 称号效果二:暗影(被动),你的每点深渊抗性,将提升一的身体速度,以及5000点生命值 Presently promotion body speed: 93. 当前提升身体速度:93。 Presently promotes HP: 465000 points. 当前提升生命值:465000点。 Title effect 3: abyss walks( core Passive), after entering abyss, you will not be corroded by the environment. 称号效果三:深渊行走(核心・被动),进入深渊后,你将不会受到环境侵蚀。 Synopsis: As the abyss shadow of angry killing, you, really prepared. 简介:作为深渊中的怒杀之影,你,真的准备好了吗。 Selling price: It is not able to sell. 售价:无法出售。 ...... …… Has promoted inspection to this/should title to the maximum step, you have achieved achievement mission: Strongest title founder.】 检核到该称号已提升到最高梯阶,你已达成成就任务:最强称号缔造者。】 You obtain the new jurisdiction: The title hammers again!】 【你获得新权限:称号重锻!】 When you activate Reincarnation Paradise notarization when title burns refining up the disc, may activate this ability, after activating this ability, the title that must hammer again places in Ranlian the position, the line hammers one time again, after hammering again is successful, the title will promote to a Star level??? Potential( title potential will act according to your transportation amount decision).】 【当你激活轮回乐园公证・称号燃炼圆盘时,可激活此能力,激活此能力后,将需重锻的称号安置于燃炼位,就行一次重锻,重锻成功后,称号将提升到一级・???潜力(称号潜力将根据你的运量决定)。】 Because you obtain the title to hammer the jurisdiction again, you have been possible to examine the potential degree of existing title.】 【因你获得称号重锻权限,你已经可查看现有称号的潜力程度。】 ...... …… Su Xiao turns on the title column, sure enough, behind all titles presents the potential value now, 【The shadow of abyss With Warlord The potential value is 100, former, since Deep Blue Shadow The nature turns 【The shadow of abyss After the potential draws at the scene fully, the latter is the representative summon title of Demon insect clan, the potential also therefore draws fully. 苏晓打开称号栏,果不其然,现在所有称号后面都出现潜力值,其中【深渊之影】与【战争领主】的潜力值是100,前者在从【深蓝之影】质变成【深渊之影】后,潜力当场拉满,后者是恶魔虫族的代表性召唤称号,潜力也因此拉满。 In addition, in the Su Xiao's title list, title potential of no title surpasses 75, respectively is: 除此之外,苏晓的称号列表中,没一枚称号的称号潜力超过75,分别为: 1. God Hunter nine Star limit burns to refine 1 time( 7 1. 6). 1.猎神者・九・极限燃炼・一次(七1.六)。 2. Veteran Hunter nine Star ( 70.2 ). 2.老猎人・九 3. miracle manufacturer nine Star( 6 2. 7). 3.奇迹制造者・九(六2.七)。 4. Seizing Heaven Startling Water eight Star( 5 4. 8). 4.掠天惊澜・八(五4.八)。 5. blood intent seven stars( 4 2. 8). 5.血意・七星(四2.八)。 6. natural resonance six Star( 2 2. 5). 6.自然共鸣・六(二2.五)。 Special title: The Y ( 0 ) and hunter Offender ( 0 ), Immortal ( 0 ) and hundred fold the unyielding ( 0 ) , to promote expert ( 0 ). 特殊称号:违规者不朽之运(0)、猎人、百折不屈、升级达人。 Prompt: Special title no title Star level, is unable to burn to refine the disc promotion through the title, is constant mode. 提示:特殊称号无称号级,也无法通过称号燃炼圆盘提升,为恒定状态 ...... …… In these titles, Blood intent Su Xiao is very uselessly long, the reason is, now the rank draws full Devouring Nucleus, making this title not display the space, the so-called extra promotion blood quality, not must come baseless, at premise of purification and depuration, further buff bloody aura, but, Su Xiao has developed the limit in this aspect Devouring Nucleus. 这些称号中,【血意】苏晓很久没用,原因为,现在等级拉满的吞噬之核,让这称号没发挥空间,所谓额外提升鲜血质量,并非凭空得来,是在净化、提纯的前提上,进一步增益血气,怎奈,苏晓已将吞噬之核在这方面发展到极限。 Su Xiao decides to use Blood intent The title, tries the title to hammer the jurisdiction again, after completing the title hammers again, is tempered a Star level the title is what potential, is not the luck decides, to this, he felt not only satisfaction and feels relieved, is a Judgement unit of named transportation amount, decided after the title hammers the success again, the potential of obtained title. 苏晓决定用【血意】称号,试试称号重锻权限,完成称号重锻后,被锤炼回一级的该称号是什么潜力,并不是运气而定,对这点,他感到既满意又放心,是一种名为运量的判定单位,决定称号重锻成功后,所得称号的潜力。 As Su Xiao activates the title to hammer again, stood in the front title burns to refine the disc, changes to the hanging keep flat, from the ground 1. about 2 meters, sets up the float not to feel in the front, the title burns to refine the disc is so big. 随着苏晓激活称号重锻,原本是立在前方的称号燃炼圆盘,改为悬空平放,距离地面1.二米左右,立着漂浮在前方时还没感觉,称号燃炼圆盘这么大。 Blood intent The title places to burn to refine the center of disc, the scoop channel of embedding Lord title position, the analogy wanted to be shallower, but has hollow slightly, lets Blood intent Will not move. 将【血意】称号放在燃炼圆盘的中心处,原本镶嵌主称号位的凹槽,比方才要浅很多,只是稍有凹陷,让【血意】不会移动而已。 The Su Xiao choice starts the title to hammer again, with burning to refine the disc same material quality the crushed stone to appear, in these black-brown crushed stones full is the magma mark, and gathers in the same place, in a big way constitutes one to the odd hammering hammer, reason that said that big arrives oddly, is this hammers the hammer head of hammer, compared with burning to refine on the disc big many circles, not only that composes this to hammer the hammer surplus magma crushed stones, gathers to burn to refine under the plate circle, constitutes the base, lets this time hammer has Strength. 苏晓选择开始称号重锻,和燃炼圆盘同等材质的碎石出现,这些黑褐色碎石上满是岩浆纹,并聚拢在一起,构成一把大到离谱的锻打锤,之所以说大到离谱,是这锻打锤的锤头,比燃炼圆盘大上很多圈,不仅如此,组成这锻打锤剩余的岩浆碎石,聚拢到燃炼盘圆下,构成基座,让这次锻打更有力量 Bang! 嘭! The title hammers the process fast, as crude as the pinnacle again, hammers the hammer to get down, Blood intent Explodes at the scene, in this moment, Su Xiao comprehension the title hammered completely again, as well as after directly affects hammers to be successful again, transportation amount of title potential value is anything, this special is called, the full title is to transport the potential mass. 称号重锻的过程快速、粗暴到极致,一锻打锤下去,【血意】当场爆掉,在这一刻,苏晓完全理解称号重锻,以及直接影响到重锻成功后称号潜力值的运量是什么,这特么就是简称,全称是运势体量。 Straightforwarder expression title hammers again is, Su Xiao's transports/fortunes the potential and causes and effects mass to be bigger, when in the title hammers again, burning that called refine the disc more with the material, were more with the material, constitution heavy forging hammer was bigger, this time hammered again even more is effective, belongs to heavy forging hammer to get down, the title except for the essence, anything could not be left over. 更直白的表达称号重锻就是,苏晓的运势、因果体量越大,那么在称号重锻时,召来的燃炼圆盘同物质就越多,同物质越多,构成的重锻锤越大,这次重锻就越发有效,属于一重锻锤下去,称号除了精华,什么都剩不下。 As Hunter, Extinguishing Law and deathly stillness white king, Book of Original Sin holder + six Original Sin Item seal, Su Xiao transports/fortunes the heavy forging hammer magnitude of potential and causes and effects mass correspondence, making his title hammer again, will only have two results. 作为猎杀者灭法者、死寂白王、原罪之书持有者+六件原罪物的封印者,苏晓运势、因果体量对应的重锻锤量级,让他的称号重锻,只会有两种结果。 A 1. hammer burning to refine the title on disc to pound the powder dust. 1.一锤子把燃炼圆盘上的称号砸成碎末。 A 2. hammer gets down, burns to refine the title on disc to turn into a Star level 100 potential titles. 2.一锤子下去,燃炼圆盘上的称号变成一级・100潜力称号。 Except for the above two results, the Su Xiao's title hammers again, 9 9. 99 probabilities will not present the third result, surplus 0.01, do not remove is under 75920 Reincarnation Paradise credibility, protection mechanism that notarization leaves. 除了以上两种结果,苏晓的称号重锻,九9.99概率不会出现第三种结果,剩余的0.01,不排除是75920点轮回乐园信誉度下,所公证出的保护机制。 What may to fall into is silent, this other 0.01 protection mechanism, what walked when is Luck Judgement, Luck Judgement, Su Xiao 99 probabilities, when 0.99 have used, this 0.01, can only say, has always to compare not to have, at least has the success feeling on vision. 可让人陷入沉默的是,这剩余的0.01保护机制,走的是幸运判定,幸运判定时,苏晓把99几率当0.99用过,这0.01,只能说,有总比没有好,至少有视觉上的成功感。 Prompt: You obtain from Eternal Light World the income of Demon insect clan.】 提示:你获得来自永光世界恶魔虫族的收益。】 You obtain abyss weapon debris 6.】 【你获得深渊武器碎片六块。】 ...... …… Sees this Prompt, a Su Xiao eye of reveal is puzzled, after examining related branch Prompt, he knows that what's the matter, first, this matter must sum up to the Eternal Light World characteristics, this place is the prisoner's cage of World Destroyer Grade lifeform and abyss lifeform, in void ten thousand boundary/world, there are families of some minimum people to inherit the capability system, is specially the abyss lifeform seal to Eternal Light World. 看到这提示,苏晓目露不解,查看相关的分支提示后,他知道是怎么回事,首先,这件事要归结到永光世界的特性,此地为灭世级生物、深渊生物的囚笼,虚空万界中,有极小部分人的家族传承能力体系,是专门把深渊生物封印到永光世界 Before, Eternal Light World had four giant grade of World Destroyer Grade to exist, World Destroyer Grade lifeform in the past, was basically given to swallow by them, the present is the Demon insect clan in Eternal Light World, these by Exiler to Eternal Light World World Destroyer Grade and abyss lifeform, the situation were been worse. 在之前,永光世界有四巨头这等灭世级存在,灭世级生物过去后,基本都被它们给吞噬,眼下是恶魔虫族在永光世界,那些被放逐永光世界灭世级深渊生物,情况就更糟。 Before and four giant gambling, that a wee bit opportunities found a place to be careless in Eternal Light World, but facing Jeela, that really had no place to go. 以前和四巨头博弈,还有那么一丁点机会在永光世界找个地方苟着,但面对棘拉,那真是无处可逃。 Jeela destroys completely these in Eternal Light World by World Destroyer Grade or the abyss that lifeform Exiler comes, naturally will not be struck to kill to Su Xiao's by Judgement, even if Jeela is his permanent summon, but both sides not in same world, but these strike to kill, obtained Void Tree notarization. 棘拉永光世界灭掉这些被放逐来的灭世级深渊生物,当然不会被判定苏晓的击杀,哪怕棘拉是他的永久性召唤物,可双方都不在同一个世界,不过这些击杀,得到了虚空之树公证 To a certain extent, becomes to investigate extremely enhanced version in Eternal Light World female of world Jeela, is not only Su Xiao's permanent summon, cannot be, is not Su Xiao does not have the qualifications, is the Demon insect clan that Jeela controls is excessively strong, strong to has gone beyond summon this notarization category. 从某种程度上来讲,在永光世界成为究极增强版・世界之女棘拉,既是苏晓的永久性召唤物,也不能是,并非苏晓没资格,是棘拉所掌控的恶魔虫族过强,强到已超出召唤物这个公证范畴。 Not cannot patch to correspond notarization, does not need to consume magnanimous Spacetime Energy for this reason, so under the aspect, corresponds Judgement to appear. 并非不能修补对应公证,是没必要为此消耗海量的时空之力,如此局面下,对应判定出现。 Places Jeela outside Eternal Light World, the percentage hundred are permanent summon thing Judgement, places Jeela in Eternal Light World, is not only summon , is not completely, but becomes under the Su Xiao samsara imprint branch, trumpet Contractor under his name, even if this branch notarization has no Judgement, but this came out by notarization after all. 身处永光世界外的棘拉,百分百是永久召唤物判定,身处永光世界内的棘拉,既是召唤物,也不完全是,而是成为苏晓轮回烙印分支下,一个在他名下的小号契约者,哪怕这分支公证没任何判定,但这毕竟是被公证出来。 Since notarization appears, should have minimum striking to kill the income, but Jeela does not have independent Paradise imprint, does not have comprehensive Judgement of correspondence, a compromise way derives, Eternal Light World world store. 既然公证出现,就应该有最起码的击杀收益,可棘拉既没单独的乐园烙印,也没对应的全面判定,一个更折中的方式衍生出,永光世界世界商店。 Jeela subordinate Insect clan strikes to kill these not to know that which Exiler from will come World Destroyer Grade or the abyss that lifeform, Jeela will obtain one type only to be able in the world gold coin that in this world store will spend, as well as item in this world store will be very temporarily unitary, present stage only then abyss weapon debris. 棘拉麾下虫族击杀那些不知从哪放逐来的灭世级深渊生物,棘拉会获得一种只能在这世界商店内花费的世界金币,以及这世界商店内的物品暂时特别单一,现阶段只有【深渊武器碎片】。 These aspect adding together, are Su Xiao receive just now the Prompt reason, regarding others, submits abyss weapon debris The abyss weapon that can change, may is not able to use Su Xiao of abyss weapon, he is willing to be in sole possession of the jurisdiction with Extinguishing Law, changes into Demon Spirit energy it. 这些局面相加,就是苏晓接到方才提示的原因,对于其他人来讲,提交【深渊武器碎片】能换的深渊武器,可对无法使用深渊武器的苏晓而言,他更愿意用灭法者独有权限,将其换成魔灵能量 inspection to you for Shadow of Extinguishing Law, is unable to have abyss weapon .】 检核到你为灭法之影,无法持有深渊武器。】 Related equilibrium mechanism activation.】 【相关平衡机制激活。】 Draws up to complete, is unable to have abyss weapon because of you, you may through submit abyss weapon and abyss weapon debris way to Reincarnation Paradise, obtains the value isometric Demon Spirit energy .】 【拟定完成,因你无法持有深渊武器,你可通过向轮回乐园提交深渊武器深渊武器碎片的方式,获得价值等量的魔灵能量。】 You obtain 6 1. 9 mana energies.】 【你获得六1.魔能能量。】 ...... …… Before being counted, 24 that accumulates, amount to 8 5. 9, insufficiently collects one entire, was good because of Su Xiao in the private room memory one portion Demon Spirit source nature, It is not very high because of beforehand Soul Vitality, has wanted the promotion of control Demon Spirit Blade, in addition Demon Spirit source nature The characteristics are very unstable, has in private room, this is definitely absolutely safe. 算上以前攒的24,总计八5.九,不够凑出一整份,好在苏晓专属房间内存了一份魔灵源质】,因之前灵魂强度不够高,一直要控制刃之魔灵的提升,加之【魔灵源质】特性很不稳定,就存在专属房间内,这肯定万无一失。 At present temporarily does not use the worry in Soul Vitality aspect, in his crumb hand Demon Spirit source nature to seal/confer Ping. 眼下暂不用有灵魂强度方面的顾虑,他捏碎手中的【魔灵源质】封瓶。 First is Demon Spirit Blade absorbs these Demon Spirit source nature, After completing the transformation, the Su Xiao minute/share walks 50, and promote itself with these buff energies. 先是刃之魔灵吸收这些【魔灵源质】,当完成转化后,苏晓分走其中50,并用这些增益能量提升自身。 Your Abyss Resistance increases 1 points permanently.】 【你的深渊抗性永久提升一点。】 Your all potential upper limit rank permanent + 1.】 【你的所有潜力上限阶位永久。】 Your Demon Spirit Blade the Demon Spirit intensity increases 30 points permanently.】 【你的刃之魔灵魔灵强度永久提升30点。】 ...... …… Su Xiao just closed Prompt, there is new Prompt to appear. 苏晓刚关闭提示,又有新的提示出现。 Prompt: SSS level Adventure Group altogether has the ability to trigger, each time when world settlement, according to Captain obtained Comprehensive Evaluation, will obtain the corresponding the team Skill point.】 提示:SSS级冒险团共有能力已触发,每次世界结算时,将根据团长所得的综合评价,获得对应的团队技能点。】 This Comprehensive Evaluation is S +, you should obtain 40 team Skill( is unable to obtain).】 【本次综合评价为S+,你应获得40点团队技能点(无法获得)。】 Team Skill, Hunter's Society( Passive Lv. EX): When world settlement, may promote 1 ~ 5 body attributes( in Strength, Agility, Intelligence, stamina, Charm, Luck and random promotion Willpower seven species).】 【团队技能,猎团(被动Lv.EX):世界结算时,可提升自身1~5点身体属性(将在力量敏捷智力体力魅力幸运意志力七种属性之一随机提升)。】 This Skill beneficiary is: Hunter oneself, Bubotney, A' Mu, Baja, Bailey.】 【此技能受益者为:猎杀者本人、布布特尼阿姆巴哈贝妮。】 ...... …… Lottery Segment starts, Boubo, A' Mu, Baja and Bailey encircle, Baja and Bailey must start to smile, but bore, the Boubo facial features are serious, the reason is previous time when the Reincarnation Paradise stay time limit, Bailey buys protects the wool luxury goods, draws to select a 158 yards small Giant Race slipper, is wear-resisting, the tough extremely good man-made special grade aerosil material quality. 抽奖环节开始,布布汪阿姆巴哈贝妮都围过来,其中巴哈贝妮已要开始笑了,但忍住了,布布汪则面容严肃,原因是上次在轮回乐园的停留时限内,贝妮买护毛奢侈品时,抽奖抽中了一只158码的小巨人族拖鞋,还是耐磨、韧性极佳的人造特级硅胶材质。 So big slipper while convenient, making one suspect, this thing really draws, which factory will make the slipper with the man-made special grade aerosil material quality of this PNM-5 level, but also coincidence does to the young giant, this thing is drawing complimentary gift ~ 如此趁手的大拖鞋,让人不禁怀疑,这玩意真是抽奖中的吗,哪个厂家会用这种PNM-5级的人造特级硅胶材质做拖鞋,还巧合是给小巨人做的,以及,这玩意是抽奖赠品~ Obviously, Miss Bailey was saying, the silly dog, dares to bully again this meow, next time will draw on titanium alloy small giant slipper. 显然,贝妮大小姐就是在说,傻狗,再敢欺负本喵,下次抽奖就中个钛合金小巨人拖鞋。 Your Charm attribute + 1 points.】 【你的魅力属性点。】 Your Charm attribute + 4 points.】 【你的魅力属性点。】 ...... …… Very good, transporting the potential is normal, after following uses Destiny Controller , this time will open treasure box likely to have the most precious object, particularly, present Destiny Controller includes: 非常好,运势正常,后续使用命运主宰后,这次开宝箱很可能会出至宝,尤其是,现在的命运主宰有:
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